bmmaloneJanuary 4, 2009

Not sure what we have! The body is a three inches long with a long tail. I have trapped several (16?)and they were on the outside porch. Then we heard scratching in the ceiling of the porch. I continued to leave out the sticky traps, but they got wise to those, and somehow would eat around the food without standing on the trap. So we resorted to poison. Well, in two weeks, four of the blocks of poison have disappeared, (these are where no other animal could get to them). Now I have that musty dead smell. At least it is winter otherwise I am sure the smell would have been worse. So, How long before the smell goes? Weeks, months? I have not heard any scratching in the past week or so, so I am assuming that they will all die, are all dead, or have moved on.

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sounds like mice. rats would eat just a little of teh poison and if it made them sick not touch it again. the smell will go awayin a week or two, there ain't much to a dead mouse and they dry up pretty quick.

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I used the chocolate bars to kill rats on squirrels in my attic last year. They worked great. Not a sound this year. As for mice, it works on them, too. Traps are OK but the chocolate bait for rats seems to work on all.

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hello everybody!! ive been hearing scratches in my wall for a couple of months, it doesn't happen every night but when it does it drives me nuts cos it's normally at about 4-5 am, so its difficult for me to fall asleep again, thinking that maybe a mouse is going to share the bed with me!!
It normally does the same way, coming like from the ceiling through a column, going down, and then some steps and that's it, only some seconds; it sounds like it was going thru a pipe or sth like that, and i think that my room is just a way, not the nest (hopefully!!)
Upsters there are more rooms but i'm the only one in the house that has heared it, so i don't think it goes into from the roof...i've checked the house but haven't seen any possible entrance...any idea about how i can finish with this??i've been thinking of poison maybe, but dunno where i can put it, and wouldn't like it to die inside.. but i'm afraid it's going to join more friends!!

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