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mcpegJanuary 31, 2011

Happy New Week!

I'm holding my weight this week. Quite pleased about that since I'm still working on behaving with friends. Not denying myself good food just not going overboard. Since we get together often twice a week I need to work this into my behaviour. I think it's part of winter blah days.

Today I've spent the morning playing with my seedlings - potting up tomato plants into their own pots now, sown a seed of salad lettuce (should be ready to start cutting in mid-Mar. Have about 30 lupines growing well for spring planting (at $4 per plant it's worth it from seed packets).

It's cold outside today but the sun coming through the windows is heating this place up like summer. The wood stove is on slow burn for the day since the sun does a tremendous job with south facing huge windows. Great for my morale too. I actually use my solar radio in the house on sunny days. Boy does that thing howl!

Gotta go - heading in for my doctors appointment for pill renewal and discussion of starting my diabetic medication. Step two of my health journey. LOL.

Have a wonderful day - I'd love to hear from ya!



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Rabbit, rabbit - Welcome February.
I hope everyone is staying safe in the storm area. We may or may not be hit in Ontario Canada where we live. According to the weather maps we are just under 'the northern line' of this storm. We'll either get it full blast or very little if any. I keep saying we live in the Bermuda triangle for weather systems - 2-3 meet where we are. Arctic pushing down, storms from the west following the Great Lakes/St Lawrence Seaway or stuff moving up the eastern coast sometimes if wide enough.

It's been a mentally hard week so far which affects me not wanting to eat - of all things. We have a lawsuit in progress for our home build and got some bad news yesterday that one of the major folk are no longer worth pursuing - it's their local dealers for the home build we have to pursue. More money, more paperwork. I try not to focus on this but when the purse is starting to empty you can't help but get concerned. We can't let the lawsuit touch our living finances since we are both still looking for work. Early days yet.

I'm still working on mental health with my winter tune-up. Much better at not dwelling on things like a broken record in my head. Lately I've been focusing on starting seeds for the summer gardens. Today I'm getting a large garbage bag of saved 4L water jugs to do winter seed sowing outside. You make them into mini greenhouses with holes top and bottom to let water go through them. The seedlings often start in March in them and are very hardy plants. For me playing with seeds in the winter is like having a day of sunshine or extra prozac.

I am thinking of everyone - sending hugs and prayers in all directions. Gotta get off my but and make some breakfast.

Oh, I almost forgot my good news. Went to the doctor yesterday for prescription renewals - I do not need to take any medication for diabetes nor cholesterol. Saves money and is great news for me. I do have to keep an eye on it all but I'm happy about that.

Be safe over the next few days, check in when you can. I miss everyone!


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Hi, McPegg, and all. I weigh to-morrow. Have been holding my own as well. All kind of cheater things around and I haven't found any pills that stop the temptation.

I'm curious to know where you live in Ontario. I'm in London.

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer - having surgey on the 18th.

Wishing everyone the best.


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Ivamae, my prayers are with you. Stay positive and stay strong.


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Hello everyone from the ice caverns of NJ!

[[[[Ivamae]]]] so sorry about your diagnosis. Praying for the very best outcomes for you. Keep checking in with us and share.

I've been working from home again; he weather is so intense that I dare not get behind the wheel of my car. I'm just not comfortable at all. Many of my colleagues are staying warm at home too. We had 3 teleconferences today that turned out just as successful as they would face-to-face, and I got to keep my slippers on!

DH is doing well after his 2nd surgery...much better than his first surgery in early January. He was not working this week and is busy finishing up some painting jobs for me in the living room, and staircase. He's slow as molasses in my opinion, but I'm not going to open my mouth. LOL!!!

Hope that everyone gets to check in this week. Let's hear from you!

Stay safe and warm.


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Hi Again!

Ivamae I'm north of Kingston near Sharbot Lake area. I'm sending my prayers for a successful surgery. Our new friend here is a breast cancer survivor. It's been 5 years since her first operation. She recently made the decision based upon family history to have the other breast removed as preventative - they found cancer cells under that breast, cleared everything and her chances of having cancer again has now dropped down to almost nil. Everyone is different but I know many breast cancer survivors. Keep your faith and believe in nothing but a positive outcome. This is beatable. Please keep in touch with us - we're your cheerleaders.

Hi Besh!

Deemarie great news on DH. I hope his recovery continues. Crappy weather in NJ - thank heavens you are able to work from home. No sense for anyone to travel unless absolutely necessary.

We won't know until tomorrow night if we are going to get hammered or not. But we are prepared.

Sweet dreams everyone,

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I don't have time to chat right now, but, Ivamae, I wanted to join every one else in sending prayers your way. Take care.

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Ivamae - sending you my prayers and positive thoughts, please keep us updated.

Peg - thanks for the rabbit, rabbit!

Dee - So happy to hear about DH.

I guess we ended up with about 10 inches of fresh snow, better than the 24 inches they were predicting.

SS Day #11 and going strong

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Wodka still sending positive thoughts your way.

Aka Raeanne I'm pleased to hear you are sticking with your SS. I've heard positive outcomes from this plan. I do WW because I'm familiar with it and have all the publications for the now old point system.

We were expecting almost nil to a possible full impact from the storm. There is enough to clear but only about 3 inches. The wind has caused drifting - mainly up the front of our house. The screens let the snow pile up against the windows about 7 inches. Had to get a spatula, bucket and towel to open the windows and clear them. One window near the front door has a snow drift against it about 3 feet high, tomorrow I'll take the shovel and clear that down and my patio doors on the other front side of the house - a good 3 foot drift there. First time this winter we have experienced this at all. I like to keep all exit points clear for safety reasons.

Today has been challenging. I made cornbread to freeze and hubby made 2 loaves of white bread. I had planned dinner to be my veggie soup since I had well rounded meals yesterday....our friends called to drop by at 4pm. We sampled everything. At the end of it I had carbs, butter and jam to the equivalent of a full dinner. So I'm having water this evening. Tomorrow back on my scheduled planned meals. Haven't blown my weekly points over all, very hopeful I should be within my range. Enjoyed this afternoon.

Planted more seeds for indoor starts, including salad lettuce, potted up tomatoes that need deeper planting now. Onion seeds are doing well too. Playing with seeds is mentally satisfying and keeps my hands busy if I'm have a tempting day for too many sweets.

I hope everyone is well, safe and not over doing snow clearance in one go.


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Good Thursday all,

I am coming up for air after digging out of the more than 2 feet of snow that got dumped on us Tuesday and Wednesday. Wow, am I ever tired of moving snow. Where is DH????? stuck in a truck stop in NY most of the day yesterday and was able to leave in the afternoon for Harrisburg, PA. Anywhere but here! LOL I still have alot to move but there is no place left to put it. That was one powerful storm caused a ton of problems all over the country. At least I only have to worry about moving snow and not getting on a plane! Did anyone see the photos on the news of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago? WOWZA that reminds me of the blizzard of 78' here in NE.

Ivamae, I will keep you in my thoughts as you go through this journey. There are so many success stories and I know yours will be one of them.

Jan, please check in when you get a chance. Thinking of you.

This was yesterday:

Alpha mare Casey who won't come in out of the snow! It's her job to watch over the herd. Silly girl:

I took this photo this morning. What a difference a day makes. The clearing sky is just beautiful it's literally pink and blue. This photo was taken from the back of my house where the garage and house meet over at the roof. It's kind of neat:

I am off to move more snow! Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go!

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Hi everybody! Are we all tired of winter or what? Here in the state of Washington our weather is usually not so extreme: we got into the low thirties last night and expect to get up to 40 or so today. Tomorrow the rain comes back and the temps will rise. I weighed in on Monday, lost only .2 pounds last week. It's disappointing, but at least I didn't gain. I answered an ad from a local doc who said he had a natural herbal approach to diabetes, and was invited to a free consult at his office. It turned out to be a chiropractor. His initial "consult" was a group meeting (me and another couple)and we watched a slide show. The gist of it was that continued taking a medicines and insulin can overwork the pancreas to the point that it shuts down completely, thus causing complete insulin dependency. Presumably his natural remedies would allow people to wean off the meds. Not sure I buy that. My A1C has been coming down and my practitioner has hopes it will drop below 6.0 with continued weight loss, allowing me to gradually taper off metformin. I decided to not continue exploring the herbal route.

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Hi all!

Can't stay because of schoolwork, but wanted to say hi!



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It's Friday! Yahoo!

I'm in the same boat as Maddie; up to my eyeballs, can't stay
Ivamae, sending prayers for an easy surgery & recovery for you!

Dee Marie, Thanks for the nudge : ) That's great news about DH!

Jan, keeping you and your DH in my prayers as well.

Hi Mc Peg! Good weight loss news.

Suzanne, BEAUTIFUL pics, as always. What a trooper that Casey is!

Back soon,


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Just a quick check in. Spent the day at the hospital yesterday - husband had his port installed. Went back this a.m. for his first chemo. He did great, actually drove home, changed clothes and went into the office to finish a few reports. The nurse said the next day or two will be the roughest, if he gets sick. Sometimes (wouldn't that be a blessing) the patients don't.

Suzanne, I agree - beautiful pictures! We're shivering at 35 degrees and rain, I can't imagine what some of y'all are experiencing. The pics of Dallas on the weather channel were something else. Of all times, with the Super Bowl. What a mess.

Take care, everyone, especially Ivamae.

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Good afternoon from cold (23F) and very snowy Dallas!

Suzanne, thanks for the message. I had somehow deleted this link from my favorites, and have been too lethargic to add it back, but your email gave me the incentive to 'git 'er done'.

It's been so cold here all week, in the teens! Today is warmer than we've had since Monday. It's been snowing lightly since late last night, and we have about 6 inches of the white stuff. That's a big deal for Dallas! It's also made a mess of the pre-Super Bowl parties and activities as I'm sure you've heard on the news.

Suzanne, those photos are great!

Ivamae, sending good thoughts and prayers for you.

So nice to see everyone checking in this week. It's been so easy to be a slug here this week because I'm keeping the thermostat set low to help with the energy crunch here, and I can't safely leave my apartment and haven't since Monday night because my walkway to the parking lot has been solid ice, so I play on the computer and nap a lot. Can't wait for the warmer weekend temps they're predicting.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Nice to be back.

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Thanks for all the kind words. They mean a lot to me

I weighed Wednesday but had gained 2 pounds. I hope it will be off by next Wednesday, when I weigh again.

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Ivamae, I am keeping you in my prayers....

I am still numb and just finding it so difficult to come to grips with losing my beloved husband.... I have a wonderful suppport system with my church family, but the crying just seems to come and go and I don't know how to get it to stop.

I wrote this tribute to him that a friend of mine will read at the memorial service on Valentine's day..


It seems like such a long time since yesterday
When Bob was right here with us.
Though growing old and sometimes struggling,
He brought us so much cheer with his hugs, and little kisses of love
But now as we stand upon this shore,
We cannot trace the path Christ leads him down,
We only know that since yesterday
He sees his Savior's face.

His first day home since yesterday!
We wonder at that thought!
One day we will know that special joy
That moment must have brought him
No clouds, no mists, no rain since yesterday,
No pain, no questions, "Why?"
Unshadowed now he sees the sun
and time has passed him by.

We miss him so since yesterday,
Each memory rises up in our minds,
And for just a moment he again is here alive.
How we long to share & see his smile,
And feel his special love�..
Yet, could we call him back again,
To leave the delight of his soul??
To leave the gladness of the morning
For one more pain filled night?

Ah, no, we release him to the Lord,
To let him go with joy,
Because we will meet again one day and
We would not want to take away the joy he's known since yesterday.
We cannot deny the special gift the Savior had to give?
For he who struggled so for life, has just begun to live!

I am relieved that he is no longer in pain, but my selfish side wants him home with me again.... but one day we will be together forever...

As for weighing, I have no idea, and I eon't really care right now.... I have no appetite, so my interest isn't on food.. but I eat to stay alive.. anf that's about it...

Maybe I will have more to offer after this is all over and I can get back to som semblance of normalcy again.

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I wish I had words of wisdom, but I don't. Please know that we love you, and we're here for you, and I wish I could give you real hugs. ((((hugs)))))



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CS, what a beautiful, eloquent, loving tribute. Maddie couldn't have said it any better - we are all here for you and will keep both Bob and you in our prayers through this very difficult time.

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Beautiful poem CS. We are here to support you for as long as it takes - right now this is enough to deal with. Please keep posting - we do love you like family because we are all family here. Anytime you want to talk we are here.

I am so sorry about your loss. Grieving takes time to process. Everyone has their own journey. We are here to listen or talk - anything you need or want - we are here.

Love and hugs to you CS.

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CS, I am so sorry for your loss. May you find the strength in the days ahead to get through this difficult time, one step at a time. Cherish the memories and remember to ask for help if you need it, or come here if you need us to just listen.

Beautiful tribute.

[[[[[[special hugs for CS]]]]]]

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((CS)) - I too am sorry to hear of Bob's passing. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Your poem was a wonderful tribute to what must have been a wonderful man.


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CS, I am so very sorry. Please know that you are loved here. My positive thoughts and prayers are with you.


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CS, I am sorry to hear your sad news and that you are hurting. Your tribute is lovely and hopefully therapeutic for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

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So sorry Country Sunshine. It is so hard to lose the ones we love.

I lost my partner, suddenly 11 years ago. It still hurts. Many hugs to you.

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