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lunchlady1948January 22, 2007

Good Morning!

Ruthie I was just at our last thread and read your post~~I know what you mean about beinging on the edge of giving up!! BUT If I did that I would have to buy some new pants and I am not going to do that, I love the new ones I have bought so far. I do not know what is wrong with me I just can not get back on track!!

One I have not been taking my lunch to work faithfully and that is a big NONO for me~~I also have not been drinking enough water or eating all of my fruits/veggies. I give myself lectures every morning this is going to be the day Jackie!! So I will try to make today the day!!

I am off to Feed America's Kids and then onto CURVES then to WinCO my new favorite grocery store~~do any of you have them??

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Trying to stop sabotaging myself after my pity party at last WI :-) As luck would have it my co-worker is also rededicating herself.

So I got up at 5 today and did my treadmill, and it feels great. I will strive to hit it again tomorrow.

I told DD of my plans to start hitting treadmill again this week in earnest (since weather too ugly to go outside). So last night I went to bed nice and early, so I could get up. Then I proceeded to have dreams all night where for whatever reason, I was unable to get my workout started. Strange groundhog day experience!

So this morning at 5 when the alarm went off, you bet your sweet patooty I was up and grabbing my sneakers!

It was like I was haunted all night long! LOL

(oh, and eating well today and have done one stairclimb so far).

It's only 1 day - really can't say much till I string a few consecutive days together LOL

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Yes I posted on the wrong thread so I will copy and paste...

Well now we are thinking of a Nordictrack instead of Bowflex...We can buy one right here in our small town and have it delivered and set up and we don't have to mess with doing that...these suckers are very heavy...and my DH has a lot on his plate right now....

I posted this at the KT but I'll post it here too...

I have been walking indoors for the last week since the weather is so nasty...I set up a little routine of walking through the kitchen and dining room and circling the table and the bar...It is actually kind of fun and I put on my ear phones and listen to the tv and I carry 3 pound weights to boost it a bit....I have been doing the 10K steps as a guide...I figure with a 10 K walk and a normal 2 thousand day I am getting some exercise...My Beloved DH is going to buy me a treadmill as I really don't like to get out and walk on our country road...I doubt anything would happen but you never know when some jerk might be desperate enough to want to do an old fat woman...LOL

I am going to concentrate on eating good for the next week...I just have to get some pounds off or I can see myself screwing up big time...I am at a point so close to saying ..who gives a crap that it's not funny...and I know that is the wrong thing to do...I just have to re-commit to getting these last 10 pounds off...my body seems to be fighting it so bad..

I am going to give up bread altogether for a week or so and see if that helps...I only eat whole grain and not that much but I can't think of anything else drastic to do...I hope you all are eating good...there is no excuse for me not following my program...It's a good one and not that strict...

I am feeling pretty good about my plan now so I am not bummed out or anything like that...just got to get past this 150 thing where I seem to be stuck...

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Hi all. It is very quiet here this week. I've been plodding along, trying to journal daily and go to exercise class 4 times a week. My WI was today at noon and I'm done a pound for a total of 8.5 It certainly is going slow. I've also been fighting a cold and have been taking cough syrup and lozenes. I guess I should be thankful that I'm done a pound with all the extra sugar in the cold stuff. Just wish my cough would ease up.

TK, way to go on getting up at 5 a.m. I have a hard time getting up at 7 let alone getting up to exercise. I raise my water bottle to you.

Ruth, have you got your Nodictrak yet? Let us know how you like it.

Well off to do some errands and then get dinner on the table. Talk to you soon.

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Today's WI and I'm feeling fluffy, so I'm really not sure how I'll do. I should follow my own advice, though, and go. I have a lot to be proud of. I have journaled and found a few places I have been exceeding my points, so that was very helpful. Plus I have done the treadmill every day except yesterday, and done stairclimbing at work. Lots of water, too. So it may be one of those things that really won't show up right away on the scale.

Quilterbee, DD's bus comes at 6:55 so I'm up early no matter what :-) However, I have been hittin' the hay earlier, and I have read that a good nights sleep can be good for weight management also.

We'll see how it goes!

I also picked up some of my SIL's favorite WW treats - Publix Alternative Bagels. You get them in the bakery section. They are really tasty bagels, and it's only 1 point per bagel! Yummmm!

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Extreme weight loss...a program that I watched last night and got lots of good info...It basically was bio's of about 5 or 6 people that had lost huge amounts of weight...I was laughing though cause I am fighting 25 pounds or so and they have in some cases lost more than 100 in a years time...I think I lost 25 over that amount of time...anyway it was interesting because everyone did it in a different way and one womans was just to rearrange the amounts of food she ate...dinner the heavy meal became breakfast and for dinner she had cereal or something light...one guy used mostly shakes until he lost a lot ...one woman pretty much just walked hers off....anyway just proved to me everyone has to find their own solution...

Seems every day I am making some kind of adjustment to my plan...but I'm sure not losing at that rate...

Going to be a busy day here but wanted to check in before I got started...hope everyone stays on plan and eats good.

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I think heavier folks lose more, quanity wise, faster, than folks like me who are only trying to lose 30 (and have been stuck at 9 for a while) :-)

Forgot to add a funny.

Yesterday I was working a crossword.
The clue was Fluffy gals.

My first thought immediately went to those of us who are trying not to be fluffy.

Of course, a bit later I realized the answer was 'ewes'. LOL

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Good Morning!

I have not posted for awhile been busy :) I read the posts from work but do not take company time to post. LOL I wanted to yesterday but ran out of time, I have been doing good following the program since Monday, BUT yesterday SHEESH we had chocolate cupcakes for the kids it was awful having to take them out of the cases and get them ready to serve good thing they are pre wrapped:)It was a big challenge for me~~~but I did not eat one YAHOO!!

TK wish I would get up early and go for a walk in my area, but I do not roll out of bed til 7:30 ain't I bad?? Ruthie did you get your new machine yet?? I want one just no place to put it~~if and when my DS moves out then I will have room.

My mom has always called me 'fluffy' she has not once remarked on my weight loss kinda hurts my feelings:(

I have till the end of the month to WI I just need to take off I think 1-2 more pounds to be at goal I can be 2 pounds over and be ok and not have to pay:) I usually go tonight but since my DH has had Fri/Sat off this month I feel bad going he is only home two nights aweek. I will WI at CURVES today and see how that goes, I think I will wait and go WI at a Weds meeeting.

My WW's usually meets at our local senior center starting the 2nd they will be in their own bldg at a local shopping center only a couple of blocks from the senior center. Where are your WW's meetings at??

If I am over my goal by 3+ I have to pay. If I do not WI my the end of the month I think I will have to pay for missing a month so either way I will have to WI my the 31st:(

I just need to drink more water

Have a Great Week End ladies

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POOHIE!!! I WI at CURVES and I am still 3 pounds over and I have been eating so good it is the water I swear it is the water! I find it so hard to drink enough of it in winter what is the trick????

My DH and I are going out to dinner with his bro and his wife tomorrow night~~I am tired of eating out!! I get into too much trouble there! I am falling apart LOL I guess that really means I need to go to a WW's meeting soon!!!

This is just my winter fluff and I should not worry right???? :)

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lunchlady, I'm having the same dilemma with water intake. I started adding flavoring to my water to help me get it all down. So, I bought a lemon and squeezed a little in iced water.
Dunkin Donuts now sells iced tea, so when I'm on the road, I go to the drive-thru and buy a nice cold one with lemon, that helps also.

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