ball jointed dolls: material +process information needed

noir.roseJanuary 4, 2010

I want to create ball jointed dolls; can someone give me info on materials + process?

IÂve been doing some searching online and have found some info but not enough. IÂm trying to decide on a specific material and process for making ball jointed dolls. please be as detailed as u can (e.g. kiln and material type)

1: what specific ceramics/resins/polyurethanes/epoxies could I consider to use? (which are the best quality (and also some other good quality but more affordable options?)?

2: how many steps are involved when comparing plastic and ceramic material? (and what are those steps)

3: which kiln can fire the doll parts and the china paint? Or which mold rubber/supplies would be good to use?

4: IÂm totally new to this, any other important information/tips would be much appreciated (e.g. good books etc)! Thanks!

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This is a wonderful book that teaches it all

I hope this helps alittle

You can copy and paste these in your browser if they didnt link:)

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you can translate it with google

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