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lunchlady1948January 2, 2007

Good Morning! Back to work for me:) I hope that will help me get back on track. I am also off to CURVES today, I have not worked out but once since I had my horrible head cold:( AKA the whole month of December.

Starting my week out on a Tues always puts me off LOL I usually forget to do something because of getting my days mixed up.

I am excited, my middle DD and I are going with my CURVES pal and some of her gal pals to see the musical of the Lion King this Sat!! At the Pantages Theater~~~we are also going in a limo:) YIPPPEE!! My pal had bought tickets for her family to go and all of her kids SO's but none of the men folk want to go~~seems she did not tell her DH she bought the tickets and he did not tell her he had bought motocross tickets for the same day LOL!!! So lucky for DD and I we get to go instead!

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Hi LunchLady...Glad you made it back...I have had a pretty good week...I am up in weight but stayed below the 150 that I set for myself. I also am going to get back to my exercise today....I watched the Biggest Loser Marathon yesterday and it inspired me...Gosh how great they all looked...Of course we all live in real life and don't have a life of nothing to do but train and workout but I am inspired by their dedication...

Hope everyone is starting the new year with new goals and your own personal dedication to weight loss.

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Now I am done for:( My WW leader sent us all e-mails to get our butts back to meetings no more fooling around:(

I am not sure if I will make it this Friday, it is hard for me when my DH has Friday's and Saturdays off~~he is only home 2 nights a week and for some reason I feel like I should be home with him :) And I am going to the Lion King Sat and will be gone all day.

I will go forsure next Friday OK??? Now I just have to e-mail her and say that:)

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Well I am struggling to get back on track...I haven't faltered just haven't done anything for myself either...I'm hanging in there at 149 but I should be at 140 by now...I am not really happy with myself at the moment...Have to get back with it...

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I hear you Ruthie:( I feel the same way~~~I do not even want to tell you how much I weigh! After Christmas I was maintaining 150~~~then I guess I went beserk~~I am disliking myself alot this week. BUT, I can feel that my bloating tummy is going down and I have eaten on track all week so that is a good start eh??

Today is my Lion King trip, we are bring snacks to have in the limo, I have a big ole apple in my purse I will try to eat slowly, one gal is bringing fresh veggies so I will do that too and carry a 100 snack or two with me. Of course when we get back we are going out to eat and guess where that is MEXICAN!! What is with these gals and Mexican food?
It is all they ever want to eat and it makes me bloat POOH.
I am hoping the place has a grilled chicken salad:)

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