stinky couch

lacyjJanuary 22, 2007


I picked up a double recliner love seat couch that smells like dog. Everything works on the couch, the upholstery is in good shape, and I'd like to keep it. Any suggestions besides recovering. What has worked for you?



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I know you're gonna think I'm nuts...but I took a recliner chair outside in the spring a couple of years ago and sprayed and washed that baby with a hose and a bucket of dawn soap...i then sucked up most of the water with my carpet shampooer...then let it sit outside in the sun for the rest of the came out great...mine was a dog problem as well...If you can you remove the cushion covers you could run them thru the wash on gentle cycle then hang them somewhere to dry!! Good Luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I have it sitting on the porch, now. I'll try a few things, this weekend. It's 20 degrees at night, here....So, no real washing is possible. I wish it was SUMMER.

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Is the stinky part limited to the cushions? Is it in the covers, or has it permeated the foam?

Have you tried Febreeze? I had a nasty spill in my car (Thai takeout soup - heavy on the fish sauce) and that seemed to eliminate the odor pretty well.

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