raggedy ann poem?

skyeJanuary 23, 2002

I am looking for the poem called RAGGEDY ANN. It starts out something like this.

I am raggedy and my dress may be tatterd and torn. My arms are hanging, etc. Will you pick me up?

Can you please help me?


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I found this one, Hope this helps.


Raggedy Ann is my best friend
She's just so relaxed
Just watch her bend
First from the waist
Then from the knee
Her arms are swinging
Oh, so free
Her head rolls around
Like a rubber ball
She hasn't any bones at all
But Raggedy Ann
Can stand up tall.
-Author Unknown

Here is a link that might be useful: Raggedy Ann Poem

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Thank you for the poem. It is really a good one.

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I know that this comes a little late, but I was also recently looking for this poem and found it. I just love this poem. Hopes this helps anyone who is looking.
My Raggedy Ann
We've played a lot together, Raggedy Ann,
As playmates often do
I always shared my dreams
With no one else but you.
Each night my prayers were whispered
As I snuggled with you by my side
On stormy nights, the thunder
Made us cover up and hide.
Now your eyes have both grown weary
And your arm is slightly torn,
Your cuddly body is tattered
And your nose is mashed and worn.
We did so much together, Raggedy Ann
The years, Oh how they flew
And I cherish every memory
Of growing up with you.
Author Unknown

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