Voles in basement

littleriverbbJanuary 12, 2010

My folks thought they were having a problem with mice in their basement so they put out sticky traps with peanut butter. Turns out the problem is voles, not mice. They actually saw one run around the perimeter of the basement and out between a couple of the rocks of our foundation (foundation is over 100 years old, stacked stone in most places with a dirt floor, not concrete or cinder block). They filled the hole with spray foam and have since started trying to fill other potential entry spots, but we think the voles are getting too smart. They have set out additional sticky traps and the critters escaped with the peanut butter (they actually pushed loose rocks onto one of the traps to get at the PB and might have been dusty enough not to get stuck in the glue on the second).

Any thoughts on a different way to get rid of the voles? Any ideas on other things that could be done to keep the voles from getting in in the first place? (Please don't advise getting a cat. It is really not an option for them.) Thanks!

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put out poison bait and seal the entry points. i never had to deal with voles, but from what i understand they are like mice in that they can get thru a small opening, much smaller than you would think.

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A hole about the size of a nickel.

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Take care of it like you would mice.

Spray foam will only slow them down. We live in the country, nothing we did kept them out. A time happened when I thought spray foam fixed it so I scrubbed and bleached the concrete basement. The next day I went down there to get bread out of the freezer, not only was there mouse poop all over but they had chewed up the spray foam. I knew then I was fighting an army.

I went to the store and bought 50 year warranty (thought it would be harder) door and window caulk. I went around the outside of the house looking for and filling every little gap. I used an entire tube on just where the electric comes into the house.

Knock on wood, this is our second winter without mice in the basement.

We have Voles in our front yard. I like them. They eat the 5 bushes the homeowners association said I had to have. The Voles eat them to the nub every winter but never kill them. I can still plant my flowers in the tiny 12" deep by 10' long space AND the 5 required bushes still show signs of life and grow back to about a foot tall before winter comes again. LOL

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