HELP! Candlewax all over stone fireplace and wood mantle!

radtek56January 15, 2003

We just moved into a new home a few weeks ago and I was burning some red votive candles in a glass holder on the mantle. I heard a noise during the evening, and thought the kitties were up to "no good" but after looking around, I couldn't find anything....until I was ready to go to bed and went to blow out the candles.

The wax is on the wood mantle and dripped (splashed) onto the stone fireplace and hearth. My question is, How do I successfully remove red candle wax from a stone fireplace and wood mantle?????

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Try hair dryer. Blow on the wax until it melts and wipe it off with rag.


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Try scraping off as much as you can with a PLASTIC putty knife first.

Then put a couple of layers of brown paper over the wax (like paper bags) and go over it with an iron set on the lowest setting. The wax will melt and be absorbed by the paper. Once some wax is absorbed, continue this method with a clean section of the brown paper. This may ruin your iron, so get an old, cheap one if you can. Try to avoid wiping the melted wax, as this will spread it around.

Good Luck!


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Chip of every bit you can with a plastic putty knife. If you heat it you will spread it. If it would wipe off as a liquid, it should chip off as a solid. Toothpicks work well.

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Try goof-off look for it in the paint section fo HD or Lowes

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Rubbing an ice cube over the thinnest drips will harden them and enable you to pick it off. It's a lengthy process but you should be able to get it all off... Let us know how it turned out and what worked best....

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Been there....done that....heard the "trickle" of melted wax running down the mantle, on to the brick, to the tile hearth and splashon the carpet.
What will work best is a combination of all the above methods.
First scraping all you can with a plastic scraper.....then chilling with ice and using a tooth pick.....and finally using an iron and paper towels to absorb the last of the wax....
I had at least a full cup of candle wax ( from a big multi-wick candle) on my Sarouk.....and I got it up! Just takes patience.
Linda C

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