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quiltingbunnyJanuary 31, 2004

Glad to read good news on the different threads. How has your week been?

Myself, it was pretty good. Settled into my new job. It has the challenge of folk socialising a lot, younger, thin gals eating everything in any quantity and not gaining an ounce, people offering treats, lunches........working dinners, social evenings.

I have started from day one turning everything politely down and telling them I am either allergic (which I am) or extremely pleased with my current diet plan and weight loss. If they want to treat me they can get me a diet coke or if it's a dinner - a lovely light fruit salad dessert.

Daily work treat - fresh fruit salad, it costs a little more but it's wonderful and extremely filling. I enjoy it with different flavoured light yogurts dipping my fruit. Toffee yogurt or vanilla or chocolate makes a wonderful end to my lunch. And I relish every bite.

My other treats of late have been new shirts/tops for work. Buying styles that will fit even when my weight goes down. Having something new to wear, some new earrings helps me perk myself up in the morning and feel good about myself.

With my weight loss and better diet I am also much, much more interested in taking better care of myself overall. I do splurge on diet treats - I go for taste no quantity. I am learning to enjoy my meals for their taste and not wolf down my food and then feel blech because I over ate.

I have promised myself that when I get down to 139 pounds, I am going to put some cash aside for the garden this summer. I think some bags of coloured polished glass to cover some gravel areas where I sit - maybe blue or green. Probably blue.

I am sooooooo looking forward to my garden this summer, being able to run around and show off my butt! Most my neighbours see it all the time because my nose is in the dirt - so I won't feel bad waving it in the air!

What is your next goal?

My favourite lunch salad - (I submitted it to WW)

Tropical Chicken Salad

1 serving of low fat yogurt (pineapple or mandarin or citris mix)

1 fistful of leftover skinless chicken

1 chopped medium apple

1 stick of celery chopped

1 tsp crushed walnut or almonds (optional)

Save the nuts for last, mix everything up and put the nuts on the top. You can dress this up by placing on a bed of lettuce leaves.

Extremely filling. Depending upon your yogurt and whether or not you use the nuts - this lunch is about 5.5 WW points.


Beverly, if you don't like yogurt, you could try putting all in a bowl and pouring a little orange juice on it. In which case, the point value would be more like 3.5 - 4 WW points. Extremely low fat.



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I think socializing and "fitting in" is a big part of some jobs today. A friend told me that when she had her yearly progress report at work------she was told that she didn't socialize ENOUGH!! They told her to take more breaks, walk around to desks and chat! So...

And it's difficult to turn down all of those goodies. I love the idea of your treats. I do this sometimes, but then forget. (Note to self: treat myself MORE--lol)

That recipe looks great and I'm baking a chicken today----will try it. Thanks for sharing it!

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Good Morning, I had a good week except for not drinking my I was +1 pound. I know that's what it was as since weigh-in on Friday, I've guzzled water and I'm down 2 pounds already! Since I have started WW, there are 2 more gals at the office who has started. We are a support for each other. In an office with 15 women and 1 male (who, in the beginning, had a very red face every once in awhile ) everyone tries to support everyone else in whatever they need help on at any given time. I brought in some dill pickles and sat them on the table by me and whoever wanted one, would get one as they walked by. The same goes for veggies or fruit. I keep no-fat pudding cups and fruit cups in my overhead at work. I also sort out a serving of mini pretzels or crackers and put them in a zip-lock bag so I know the points I've had.

McPeg, Your chicken salad recipe looks really good. Will need to try that sometime.

Dip celery sticks in salsa.......not a bad combination and something I'll be doing during the Super Bowl tonight.

Here's to a good week...........


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Hello all-
It's been a pretty good week here in Pennsylvania. The weather is so cold though. I'm definitly ready for spring!

I've been getting into the swing of counting points. I think it gets easier with time, but it's not something I enjoy. :-)

I had an interesting day at work on Friday. I had brought a Smart Ones meal to work for lunch with some fruit, so I was set. Then everyone decided to order Pizza Hut personal pan meals (with salad and bread sticks). Of course I started talking myself into it by thinking how good I had been all week and how I DESERVED this treat... Well I caved in and ordered one. THEN I caculated the points. Let me tell you I went into serious points shock! One guy at work didn't order anything, so when the order arrived I offered him mine and he took it. I ate my Smart Ones and was quite smug the rest of the afternoon. LOL! I really dodged a bullet on that one girls! Whew!!!!

Enough of my rambling. Everyone have a great week ahead, and when you see a pizza think of me!


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Good for you, Kim!!!!! I keep Smart Ones in my freezer for my work lunches when I'm in a hurry. Smart Ones has a pizza, but I've not had it yet. And yes, counting points gets easier. I thought I'd never get the hang of it, but I even take all my paraphernalia to work with me.

Our temp is almost 70º right now, so it's feeling right Spring like. Of course the yard still looks like a ghost cemetary with the plants still covered. @:)


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Wow Kim....congratulations deserve a big time treat...just make it a good points treat....I have had a terrible week...I am up for the week.I have to figure out just how much but truth is I don't want to know....I haven't smoked at all so I am well into that but I was so hoping not to gain any weight...I was down to 142.? from 148.? and I am scared to weight because I know I haven't done well. I keep sticking food in my mouth instead of a cigarette.not good.....I promise I will weigh and admit to you all just how bad because I want to be accountable...

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Big Mama....YOU GO GIRL! Quitting smoking while trying to lose weight is no easy task but you deserve a pat on the back and a big gold star for making the effort and not failing! If you get the urge to put something in your mouth, try carrots and celery. If that doesn't work, fat free pretzel sticks/rods are a great substitute for a ciggie (if you hold it like a cigarette and suck on it, you might be able to fool your cravings!).

Sharon, it really does help to have a buddy to keep you going, doesn't it? Since I've lost my weight, one of my employees and another co-worker have both joined WW. We're always sharing fruits and veggies and it's a lot easier to turn down lunch invitations when you're not alone!

I had a rotten week myself. Being iced in 2.5 days, I ate everything in sight. It's ok now because there's nothing left! I'm an avid baker so when I get trapped indoors, I tend to bake, bake and bake some more. And since I was alone, there was only me to eat it. And I didn't want water at all. Needless to say, I went up almost 6 lbs last week. Sigh...

But, I've jumped back on the wagon and treated myself to a new pair of walking shoes so I have the motivation to get out and walk. Unfortunately, they don't want to be broken in and have instead made my feet hurt something terrible. I decided yesterday that maybe if I wore them shopping that would help, so I spent 4 hours walking around the mall and various stores. It didn't help, but it did keep me from wanting to bake and eat!

Has anyone tried the new Subway wraps? I had one for dinner Friday night and they're pretty good. If the turkey sub with no cheese on regular bread is 5 points, the same in a wrap can't possibly be more than 3 points, right? Does anyone have the point value for them? They could become my new favorite treat!

My Super Bowl treat tonight will be baked fat free tortilla's broken into bite size pieces and some homemade picante (tomatoes, onions, a bit of jalapeno pepper, green peppers, lemon juice and lots of cilantro!). Yummy! To wash it down....a lite beer! If I can stick to 3 tortilla's, it won't be more than 4 points.

Have a good week everyone!


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I've been on this low fat/low cholesterol diet for over a week now and haven't lost a single ounce. I think it is because I am always hungry and have to snack to quell the hunger. What do you snack on that prevents you from feeling hungry?

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Hi Everyone!
Weigh in day for me - I have lost 3 pounds - down to 146. Quite pleased with myself - went out for lunch on Sunday with DH's family and had a chicken caesar salad...I only had a yogurt for late breakfast and then later had an apple when I got home and lots of hot drinks (fight a cobe in the nobe....sniff sniff).

When I feel hungry I try to differentiate between wanting a drink and hunger - many times I am actually thirsty. Failing that I try pickles or apples and wait a bit, if that doesn't work a slice of meat like low fat ham/turkey or chicken and wait....while I am waiting I get up and do something....if I am not thirsty and still hungry - is it just habit? boredom? something on my mind - am I trying to comfort eat?

Don't laugh at this tactic - if I am home - a nice shower or bath with all the smelly stuff I can get my hands on. They say vanilla is great for curbing hunger so I have vanilla bath soak, lotions, body spray and vanilla diet coke. By the time I finish with the water the mood has passed and I am onto something else. I also go online and read more of these posts or my online WW site for inspiration.

Next time ask yourself if you are really hungry, bored or thirsty.

BigMama - don't despair. You keep putting one foot in front of the other and stick with this! Take it from someone who gave up a couple of times and regrets giving up. Whether you go up or down, are you eating better? Wiser choices? It is hard enough to quit smoking and you are doing great! Go out and get yourself a wee treat like a new top, funky socks or something to put a smile on your face.

Beverley, don't worry about the weight at this time. Just enjoy your foods and exploring your new world. If you want to lose weight it will come. You have quite a lot to sort through and I think you are doing just fine.

Glad to read everyone's posts, they make me feel motivated no matter what the situation. We are not alone with this and we will reach our goals.

I have to get my butt back to work and get on with things. I will check back in later!



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Hi there! I am still surving despite the almost 16" of snow last week and 8 more inches possibly coming tonight. Went to a superbowl party last night - thankfully someone brought veggies and fruit. Wish I could post more but am on borrowed time (at the library). Big Mamma - just ease back down into the desired eating and move on with it. As I tell my hubby (who is one of those people always full of regrets), when you find the way to go back let me know and I will go back to being 25! Don't look back and move on....just do better TODAY!!! Well I must go but am enjoying every post. Thanks McPeg for getting it rolling again. Oh almost forgot about the cholesterol issue - my Mom's was 350 and she is on the WW diet so it's not all diet. She is on Lipitor now and doing much better. Kathy_

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Thanks all...everyone is so supportive and it seems like I have made it thorough another day without's a good thing....

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I'm hungry this week - oh slap those hormones! I know why I am eating - new job (nerves - always reaching for either coffee or food) and TOM is upon me. So I am eating the bulk of my meal between breakfast and 3 pm. Light soup and slice of toast or very small bowl of pasta for dinner (usually stuffed). No sauce, 1 tsp light butter, salt and pepper. It might sound kinda sparse but I have been grazing the last couple of days and staying within my points. Not honestly hungry at night either, just tired from this cold. Darn.

Why do you eat? Do you know? Have you thought about it when you are eating? Are you really hungry or just thirsty? Something on your mind?

It's good to be aware of what and why you are doing what you do.

Short lunch today, going back to my WW sight for more reading and sipping of my hot soup (had lovely fruit salad and one slice of bread for lunch).

Do tell - why are you eating when you do????


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I've been very hungry the past few days, too. Nothing has changed in my life to trigger the eating. I have found that I eat when I'm happy, sad, depressed, sick, etc. There is no one thing that I can find that triggers me, except my lack of self control! LOL
I have had the least problems while at work. I eat oatmeal before work, then for coffee break I eat an apple or orange, then a small lunch and that's it till I get off at 4:15. When I want something flavorful during the day I will chew gum. Well...this morning I needed that gum, and I was out! I felt soooo hungry that I got a piece of homemade garlic bread that someone had brought to our office yesterday. I have to get some gum during lunch today!!! I think the Girl Scouts have messed up my diet plans too. I can't resist those cookies!
Tomorrow morning is my weigh-in time. I'm sure I haven't lost any this week. But if I have gained an ounce....I'm going to start counting those WW points!!!

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Well, I continued munching this afternoon - my only saviour is a desk full of low fat munchies which I know the point values of...and I logged everything, honestly. Before I had dinner tonight I double checked the remaining points before serving my plate of stuffed pasta. I automatically knock off 4 points each morning (2 for milk in my coffee and 2 for saving grace later...I know my off moments). So far this is working fine.

Was not 'hungry' at supper but made sure to each a small portion anyway because I do not want to develop any BAD habits of not eating enough and not meeting my point requirement. Sure, you can lose faster but in the long run your body thinks you are starving it and it actually inhibits weight loss. Proper, balanced meals within your healthy and I stress YOUR healthy range is always best.

Don't quit on yourself, I did twice and I am back. Slow and steady, develop good habits and lets keep it off.

MaryAnn I know what you mean about too! I have gum stuffed everywhere. My other thing is sugar free mints but I have to watch those - I have checked them and they are 1 point a pack.

My other trick - do my teeth after eating lunch. I am on a flouride treatment (after nearly brushing my teeth out of their sockets over the years...well duh!) and I have to rinse with a flouride mouthwash and wait 30 minutes - no drinks nor food. Well, it takes the body 20 minutes to register the food in your bloodstream so by the time I can have something else, I realise I am not truly hungry anymore, more often just thirsty.

My tips for today. I have to put my plate away and pack the pasta away in the fridge for tomorrow.

I am now pleasantly full and have used my points for today.

I feel great!


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Hi Everybody,
Well, I've been having some nonstop cravings, too! And I'm getting a little bored with some of my lowfat puddings and a little tired of yogurt.

This morning I had oatmeal, lunch was some leftover chicken and pasta, and supper is probably going to be a small piece of steak and more pasta. I had my last Skinny Cow and have been craving cheese for some reason.

I've been drinking more water----so when I have a craving---I try to drink some water first. That helps, sometimes.

I think it's the idea that I CAN'T have certain foods that makes me want them even more. Probably a psychological thing.

According to my scales this morning---I've lost 3 more lbs.---but, I weighed myself later----and it looked to be only 1-2 lbs. LOL Maybe I'm lighter in the mornings.

It's tough, Ladies! But, nothing we can't handle. I've heard of people putting their "fat photos" on the fridge so they can see themselves before they open the door. I haven't gotten to that point, yet.

And I've got sewing that I'm starting on now-----while watching TV---attempting to keep my mind off food.

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I've done it! I just knew that I had gained this week. I've just been stuffing things in my mouth, and I knew better! I weighed this morning and I'm up 3 pounds! So I'm definitely back to counting points and writing it all down - starting right now!!!

Yellowhair, it's better if you only weigh once a day (or less), and always weigh at the same time of day. That way you get a more accurate account of what your body is doing.
I always weigh on Wednesday morning before I get dressed.

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I always weigh in the morning with a smile on my face, socks and undies. DH always knows when it's weigh day! Good thing the neighbours can't see!

MaryAnn - point your food is right. When I quit and got confident I too gained weight. My other bad habit is letting my portions creep up in size. So now I use my scale and refer to portion sizes whenever possible.

My only wee downer this week is a cold, TOM and feeling really, really tired. Mentally fine. Just pooped! My TOM is extremely heavy, not uncomfortable just annoying. I am thinking of getting pampers if this continues. Might be low on iron - it can cause abnormal cycles, especially when dieting (all the more reason to balance our meals)...I have a tendency all my life for low iron and it shows on my face as well as feeling run down. Gonna have to get my spinach and vitamin/iron pills again. Heading off to bed really early tonight (right after this message). Read a couple of chapters and lights out early.

Its mid-week. Let's pull up our socks, give each other a nice ol' hug ((((((((diet pals unite))))))))) and keep on with this.

Good or bad day/week, let's keep with it. We can do this! Yes we can!!!!!

Keep track of your food. Try something new. Check out low fat meals - do some surfing on the web for new ideas, try one.

Hope to read some more posts tomorrow....I am now off to bed (it's almost 7:30 pm but feels like 11 pm to me!)


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Well....calling all cars, calling all cars! Come in!

How ya doing?

I noticed this morning in the mirror that I am looking smaller on my tummy and my pants are looser. My weight will now probably plateau for a week or two while my body shifts but after looking in the mirror I am just inspired. My usual lunch treat today at work is a gorgeous fruit salad. My hunger pains are more at bay today, now that TOM is settling down. Going to have half my salad at dinner tonight with added celery and chicken with a lovely hot cuppa broth.

Do you like pancakes? Instead of frying them, you could try baking them on a non-stick baking sheet.

Lemon Sauce - guilt free

A nice lemon sauce would go lovely over the top (you can use 1/2 cup water, juice of 1 lemon and 1 tsp of cornstarch - bring to a boil from COLD on the stove, turn down heat and stir slowly until clear and thick. Remove from heat and THEN add sweetener to taste (not during the heating as it makes the sweetner bitter).

This also works making a lovely baked apple dessert...I microwave a chopped apple in a dish and drizzle over the top. You can also use things like 7 UP instead of lemon juice, Apple juice and cinnamon. Just about any juice and sugar free drink would work. Also make great toppings for low fat ice creams, a slice of angel food cake (very low fat and the egg whites are good for you).

Have you tried anything new lately? do tell!

Calling all cars!


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Good morning all! Congrats, McPeg, on those slimmer slacks! Isn't it a great feeling?

I weighed myself this morning. Yes, it appears that I've lost 3 more lbs. I can't believe it. I have been cutting back, but I've also indulged in a few no-nos. It must be switching to the diet drinks. When you thing about, I was consuming about 800 calories a day drinking a 2-ltr Pepsi.

Is there such a thing as losing too fast? I don't want to have all droopy hanging skin------I have been exercising, though---weights and walking. And I have 30-40 more lbs to go.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend and halfway thru my meal noticed that I was already FULL. I couldn't eat another bite.

But, I'm a big snacker. I love to eat a little snack here and there. Another thing I do now is measure out my food------cereal, jelly, snack chips, dips----I haven't deprived myself of anything (except regular Pepsi) but I try to watch the amounts.

So, anyway, that's where I is today---losing and loving it!! Have a great day! It's raining and snowing here, but I got out to walk some this morning.

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I'm still hanging in there, although I haven't started exercising, yet. I went to a club meeting last night which is at a restaurant. I ordered a salad, but when I got home and figured the points I was surprised at how many it was!!! I still stayed under my 20 points for the day.
Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Oh Happy Day! TGIF too!!!!!!

Congrats Yellowhair - you are on track!!! I am going to mention in passing to DH how many calories are in his cola. He is trimming up slowly, in his own way too.

Because I don't have a weigh scale at work, I have taken the small lunch bags and weighed a cereal portion in to them, pointed the bags and put them in my desk drawer. Those crunchy cereals are also nice instead of fatty bags of chips. I have a drawer full of food which lets me 'relax' at work with my diet. IF others are pushing treats/snacks I can politely decline and whip something out of my drawer if I feel the need to participate in the group munching (usually I just go get another coffee/tea).

MaryAnn - glad to see you sticking it out! I too had a chicken caesar salad last weekend and nearly fainted when I saw the points....going forward I either plan for the dressing or have NO dressing (think I will PLAN because I really enjoy it). I too managed to stay in my point range for the day.

Knowledge empowers us. Gives us choices which many in this world do not have the luxury of.

I count my blessings everyday.

Have a fab day everyone! Look forward to checking in later tonight, after work.

And Hello Teressa!


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Hey everyone....good news to report...I was having a terrible time doing the non-smoking thing and the watching the weight thing and I hit a terrible week or so and just shoved everything in my mouth....Believe it or not I gained back all the weight I had lost and then a couple of pounds....I weighed in at 151....the most I have every weighed in my whole life and I was so heavy hearted.I don't want to smoke but I don't want to be any heavier I solved the problem by going back on my wellbutrin and the patch.....I will make an effort to dump them again in a few weeks.....

so I am happy to report...I am back down a few pounds...I weighed in at 146.2 this morning.....that's up from where I was at 142 and change but down from the 151.....gotta stay focused....

Hope you all have a good weekend and eat smart. Thanks to you all for the help and encouragement I get here.

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Good morning, ladies! Good news, BigMama! I went for a walk this morning, have been slipping a little on my workouts though, will have to do extra tonight.

I was reading in a "Fitness" magazine last night about a study of people who ate light yogurt in their diets-----the people who ate the light yogurt lost more body fat, I think it was 60% higher, than those who didn't eat yogurt in their diets. Don't know what yogurt has really that would cause this-------but, hey, I've been eating it! Was getting a little bored with it, but now I'll think of new ways to incorporate it into my snacks.

I think I'm getting to be a fruit junkie now------did you know that eating fruit on an empty stomach is BAD!!!!!!----it causes something like a high and then low blood sugar (I think that was what the ailment was----I read things and then forget some of it--lol)----anyway----it's bad.

Another tip I read is if you're craving a sweet, like chocolate----eat some right after a meal. That way, we'll be less likely to gorge on a whole bunch later.

This is a busy day, housecleaning, a little laundry, possibly a trip to Wal-mart, and then a concert at our church tonight, promoting missionary work to Haiti.

Have a great weekend, stay warm, stay in the dieting mood!

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Hey everyone! Great news - I have lost five pounds and I really didn't think it was possible. I can't tell where I lost it from but the scales say I did.

I won't pretend it isn't difficult to see DH eating everything he wants and not gaining weight and being in excellent health even though he is fourteen years older than I am. I'm proud for him but it doesn't make it easier on me. LOL He is very supportive though so I am a very lucky woman.

What I'm wondering about, as I look for food in this new lifestyle is how much soy product is good for you? I find I'm eating an awful lot of it.

I'm so proud for all of you who are hanging in there with me. McPeg, glad for those slacks getting baggy! I can't wait until I can get back into some of my old clothes! I don't even want new ones. Just want to get in the old ones. LOL

I am trying not to eat so many of those WOW potato chips because they have so much salt but yum yum they are good!

Hugs to all of you my friends!


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Hey! It's Feb. 7...the last day for this thread and I wanted to comment on Yellowhair's post about eating yogurt. I found this article at Prohealth Network that tells about that study. I am not too fond of plain yogurt, but would like to find some that was tasty so I could try eating it every day! I also found a site with smoothy recipes that sounded like they would taste very good. One recipe called for no fat yogurt with 6 fresh strawberries and some crystal light all blended together. It gave the nutritional breakdown and for 1 serving it would be 1 point. I could certainly use the calcium in my body! I should be taking calcium supplements, but I always forget.

Do any of you have ideas for ways to use the yogurt that would make it taste better?

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