18' dolls

Tamara2001January 18, 2002

i'm looking for some place to buy 18" dolls so i can crochet clothes for them thank you Tammie

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Tammie.......what kind of 18" dolls.......There are many dolls that fall into that catagory....the 18" Barbie type tall and slim with boobs and the american girl type that is shaped like a little girl.....

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They sell 18" dolls that look like the American girl Dolls at JoAnns, TOYS-r-Us, and Ames (here in NY)
The ones in JoAnns are part of the "Springfield" collection and you can buy a "kit" to make them. All it involves is stuffing her body that is attached to plastic arms and legs and head....and it is under $15. There is also a website that sells this collection. www.kbcrafts.com Good Luck!

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