All right Diet Pals!

kathy_January 28, 2005

Front and center - how are you and how's the diet going?


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So-so this week, but if taken on average, not bad.
I have been sick since Sunday, and today is really my first day coming out of it.

I stayed home yesterday, hoping that being away from the office remodeling would help, but when I showed up today, they were still painting. (apparently they took the same day off I did!!!)

But now that I'm away from there, my head cleared back up so I feel much better!

Ice storm this weekend, and the steps outside are already freezing over. So tomorrow it may be Spam and Hot Dogs on the grill!!!

Ice storms are diet exceptions.

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Hi Ladies! I'm still here. I've been soooo busy here lately. I thought most weddings were in the summer and fall. Been doing lot's of alterations on wedding gowns and bride's maid's dresses.

I'm still exercising everyday and trying my best to stay on the healthy foods. I'm still at my goal weight so I guess all is well.

I'm certainly ready for spring though. I'm looking forward to participating in a few Walk-A-Thon's and a couple of 5K's.

Hang in there everyone. Make everyday count!


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I've had bronchitis for over 2 weeks and could not exercise.... Not sure what the meds did to my metabolism, but I'm going over to the fitness center here at the office to weigh myself in a bit.

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Holding steady. No recent lose but have had lots of other stuff to deal with. No gain either.

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Still the same here... Not much energy and waiting for the doctor's report. No change in the scale department either! : (

Still at it though!


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Still trying to get completely well, but I feel like I'm coming out of the woods. Sick for 10 days, and cooped up due to bad weather, plus I had TOM.

I weighed today and I have maintained! So I'd say that is something to crow about.

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Looks like many of us are on the same plateau. I've been fighting off the cold virus that has everyone ill around here. So far I've managed to keep it at bay with just a bit of sniffles and scratchy throat.

No loss, no gain. Can't seem to get my head into true "diet" mode. Seems everyone I know is wanting to meet for lunch or dinner lately. I have got to stop socializing over food for a while. I do fine eating out alone but with friends it just seeems more difficult.

I was doing fine at Red Lobster the other night. Salad with dressing on the side, veggie instead of potato, no dessert and then I blow it by eating a SECOND biscuit. Then I get home and start snacking on dry Sugar Pops cereal. Arrgh!

Must journal, must drink water, must not let jeans get tight, must exercise, all these musts are so much easier when the weather is warm. I NEED spring.

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Hi again! I went to the doctor and (hanging and shaking my head) was up 6 pounds!!! Whaaaat? He was not happy. I was not happy. Dumb me ate breakfast (small bagel) and drank tea that morning too in a fit of I don't care it's just weight. When I got on the scales this morning they say I am down 5. Now I have a plan. Strip nekkid in the waiting room - no food or drink for 24 hours.
Poor young girl who weighed me (intern) confessed she weight over 350 pounds and was tired of the lectures too.
So glad not to be suffering with all these illnesses like most of you here. Another reason I hate going to the docs is being exposed to germs but there were no flu patients there this time. Once I went and it was standing room only and I was ready to run out of there.
Diet is going OK - really! Have tweaked it down to close to 1000 calories so I totally screw up my metabolism. Also have quit an experiment in which I had dark chocolate kisses every day when they sang to me in the weekend and I popped too many of those luscious morsels. When I ate them as I should have (measured) I had no cravings though!
I substituted Laughing Cow light cheese. One per day. Too expensive to pop and they are good. I freeze them and let them melt in my mouth. What are you snacking on these days?
This weekend is superbowl Sunday and we are invited to a party. Yikes.
Well better go - glad to see all of you still hanging around. Kathy

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Wow, do you think 1000 is enough to keep your metabolism going strong enough to burn off calories? You don't want to put your body into camel mode, where it's going to try and retain / store instead of burn!

We have a superbowl party and I got a WW wings recipe, so I bought some wings to make. Here is the recipe.

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

Was POINTS® value of : 12
Now POINTS® value of : 6
Servings : 4
Preparation Time : 12 min
Cooking Time : 20 min
Level of Difficulty : Easy

Don't succumb to traditional, artery-clogging wings. Simply bake them in a tangy rub and then dip them in lightened-up dressing.
1 serving olive oil cooking spray (5 one-second sprays per serving), or enough to coat sheet
12 pieces Tyson Chicken Wings, or similar product
1 1/4 oz Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix, or similar product
1/2 cup fat-free sour cream
2 Tbsp blue cheese, or gorgonzola, crumbled
2 Tbsp fat-free skim milk
4 medium stalk celery, cut into 2-inch pieces

Preheat oven to 400ºF. Coat a large baking sheet with cooking spray.

Place chicken wings in a zip-close plastic bag, add taco seasoning, seal bag and shake to coat. Transfer wings to prepared baking sheet and bake until cooked through, about 18 to 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, to prepare dip, whisk together sour cream, cheese and milk.

Serve wings with dip and celery on the side. Yields 3 wings, 3 tablespoons dip and 1 celery stalk per serving.

Chef Tips
We renovated Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip by:
Baking the wings instead of deep frying them in oil.
Using fat-free sour cream and nonfat milk in the dip.
Using Blue or Gorgonzola cheese  packed with flavor, a little goes a long way.

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Hi - I'm so glad this group has been resurrected! I lost 10 pounds with McPeg and ya'll over the summer; gained 5 back; then lost 5 again being sick over the past couple of weeks. When I went to the doctor's, he finally seemed concerned over my blood pressure. So now in addition to counting calories, I'm counting sodium (at his request) and servings in a thing called the DASH diet (on my own). My goal right now is to lose 5 pounds before my next doctor visit on Feb. 24, over and above hoping I can get the BP down somewhat.

I got out a steno pad to keep in the kitchen, as I did last summer, and have been tracking what I eat for two days so far. Have never eaten so many fruits and veggies in my life!


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Good to se you back, Erica.

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Hi Erica and Wildchild.
TREKaren thanks for the recipe - will lose the wings and try it with chicken tenders. 1000 calories quickly turned to 1200 when I started looking at the dogs as food (just kidding). I just get so frustrated with thinking I am doing so well and finding out I am not.
Well the superbowl is over - good. Valentine's day next week and then a birthday party after that! A month of challenges.
The party last night turned out to be healthy food, lots of fruit and veggies. It was a small church group party so no drinking except diet soda. I overate as everyone there did but at least do not have that queasy feeling from the greasy foods.
Beautiful day today and walking is on the menu - hubby and I walked a long way yesterday.
Reading a book called Habits Not Diets and so far have learned:
Make every meal a gourmet occassion - no tv. Eat slowly - chew!
Change your usual sitting place (at the table) to make you more aware of your surroundings and how much you are eating.
Write the mood you were in when you reach for snacks and over time you will see what your triggers are then find a substitute to change that mood.
Don't keep foods you snack on in easy reach. Oh speaking of... WW has a 1 point carrot or chocolate cake that are good. I did not buy them but had one of mom's. If you have the willpower to have them around they are pretty good. They would call me and mom said they call her too.
Erica I keep a running total of calories on scrap paper in the kitchen. It keeps you honest to your plan.
This recipe tastes better than it sounds:
1 cup diet coke or pepsi, mix with 1 cup ketchup. Put boneless chicken breasts (cut into strips) in it and bake. Turn to baste. occassionally. From WW but I don't know the points - sorry. I made this for hubby and he did not complain (but I did not tell him what he was eating). Tastes like barbeque sauce.
Bye, Kathy

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Thanks for the welcome back, Wildchild, and Hi, Kathy.

I've been learning a lot the past few days.

--My day goes better if I start out with a bowl of oatmeal. I get in 2 servings of whole grains, there is no sodium in it, and it keeps me from getting hungry later on. I had other breakfasts over the weekend and felt hungry all day.

--I can have one fast food item (item, not meal) OR one packaged side dish like Stouffer's or Lipton's or Rice a Roni, but not in the same day. "Diet" versions of things aren't much better. Not because of fat or calories, but the sodium. Right now I'm only trying to keep to 2400 mg, as the government recommends for everybody (not just people with hypertension.) And it's not easy. You wouldn't believe the sodium content in practically everything, fat-free salad dressings, whatever.

The most frustrating thing, after the sodium problem, is that I've actually gained a couple of pounds since last Wednesday. I've been good about my calories, and it shouldn't be be water retention! The only thing I can figure is, my weight was artificially lower last week after being sick for 2 weeks. Dehydrated, maybe an empty stomach because I hadn't been eating much?

I'm going to persevere, and try to exercise more--but if I haven't lost anything by next week I'm really going to wonder about this diet. I haven't thought much of Atkins, but people do says it works. And this diet is about as opposite of Atkins as you can get (high carbs, lower protein than I'm used to.)

Off to make my oatmeal--thank goodness for microwaves! :)


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I'm definitely up. I'm gaining because I'm still fighting this sinus stuff, but got a LOT of activity in this weekend.

Went riding Friday night, and did a lot of trotting and posting!!! I was sore when I got off that horse but it was fun!
Saturday put together some furniture, and busted my butt doing that.
Yesterday, had to rake the back yard because it was coated in a blanket of pine straw and leaves, and I had to get the pre-emergent out. Our weeds are going to be popping out any day now.

Eating over the weekend - so-so. Not good but not too awful either. Hope to make some headway this week.

The wings came out VERY good! Everyone loved them at the party last night.

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Good morning!
Erica I hope things straighten out for you. Hubby went through the same thing and ended up on bp meds anyway. I have never had a problem with sodium thank goodness. I can hear your frustration though and understand. At that time I bought some salt free stuff (pretzels, baking powder for example) for him at GNC but don't know if they still carry the stuff. Can't help you with the Atkins - a friend who is diabetic follows it and loses weight quickly but seems to have trouble sticking with it but then, that is all diets!
Take it easy and deep breaths. You will learn what you need to do but it is a lifestyle change for sure.
TREKaren I know you are a good cook (from your recipes) so I know those wings were great. Isn't it funny how slowly the flowers come out but the weeds are already waiting? I saw some yesterday but it is too muddy here to do much except some tree trimming.
Well next Monday Oprah is revealing her diet secrets for this go-round. Sweeps week? Hey I'll be watching.
I read a lot of products are removing hidden trans-fats after the government is making them reveal them on nutrition labels starting next year. Also read that some preschools have decided there might be a link between drinking juice and obesity so some schools are taking them out and the kids do not mind. Never mind that Happy Meal with the Sprite.
Walked the dogs yesterday afternoon and it was almost too warm for a sweatshirt. Tomorrow night we may get a little snow but today will still be nice.
Well better get busy.
Bye, Kathy

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