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babynursDecember 9, 2008

how do i thin chocolate bark

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If it's too thick you can add a drop or two of oil (vegetable) but don't add water, etc. or the chocolate may sieze.

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Too thick to spread??? Otherwise if it is thick just spread it out to as thin as you like.I don't have any around to look at ingredients,we added 1 tsp melted Crisco to melted choc at Woolworth's yrs ago(I was 16) to make choc easy to spread & made it shine. My job was to decorate Easter eggs, stuff for xmas etc. So 1 tsp to about 2 cups choc. I've used it for glazes too, don't know about oil. Karo syrup-light is sometimes used to thin candy also about 2 T for the whole package of bark is what I would use. Be sure not to be looking at your water while melting it & don't have heat any higher than you need to just don't let it go crazy & bubble up & let steam ruin your choc.(seizing is what it is called as Ginger mentioned, a time or 2 I've been able to add tabls. of Crisco & get it to work but often not, probably has something to do with the humidity in the air also. Never make candy when rain is coming, easy way to tell is to try to whip up an egg white, if it won't whip, shouldn't make any cooked candy, melting choc bark would be OK. Divinity, all fudges that are cooked to a certain temp, toffee, peanut brittle, real fondant etc require dry weather as do angel food cakes, meringues, meringue cookies, &few other things, so better to try whipping up 1 egg & have it for lunch than ruin a bunch & not know why!! Jan

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If you can get to a store that sells candy supplies ask for paramont crystals (sp?) they are used to thin chocolate.

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