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nhsuzanneJanuary 11, 2010

Good Monday all,

Come out from under your slankets and blankies and tell us how your weekend was.

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Good morning, Suzanne! It's great to see you starting us off this week. Hopefully, it's because you're feeling so much better?

It's a beautifully sunny and cold day here, 37 right now, with a high of 62! I had a hard time sleeping last night, and once while I was up at 1 am, it was 21 F! Brrr! Where my oldest Dson lives in north Texas, it was way down in the mid-teens.

My weekend was topsy-turvy. I felt great Saturday doing the 'girls' day out', but by bedtime that night, I was having allergy problems again. Could have been caused by Susanne's cat who just LOVED me and sat with me most of the time. Anyway, my eyes were swollen almost shut yesterday morning, and I was sneezing like crazy. I spent most of the day in bed and taking allergy pills, and I feel good again today!

That's it for my report. :) I do wish everyone a wonderfully warm and happy week though!

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Good Morning, Tikanis reporting from sunny So. Cal, where the temp here is a chilly 49 F ; )

72 is our predicted high with a chance of rain on Wednesday. I am feeling guilty that so many of you are suffering in the COLD. I am originally from New York and I would need THREE slankies now!

Milkdud, I am sorry to hear about your allergy flare up! Per your advice, I am drinking half regular and half decaf this AM. I will be limiting the D.C too and cutting back gradually. Thank you!

Suzanne, you "sound" better this morning lol! I do hope that is true.

Well, I am here at my desk, looking at a mountain of paperwork that MUST be decimated by day's end. I will check in later when I allow myself a lunch break.

Check in MIAS!


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Happy Monday!

So happy about the JETS, JETS, JETS!!!!! The little team that could. It's been a fun season for me.

OK, there are now Mrs. Fields' cookies in this office. No one in our department knows where these holiday baskets are coming from......enough sugar, already!

My holiday Open House was Saturday, and it went so well that DH was switching the lights on and off and telling people to go home after 8:30pm. Party was sort of scheduled for 2-pm to 8pm. LOL! (it was HIS family, so thankfully they understand his sense of humor). You don't know how many times I've had to apologize for his sense of humor for MY friends and family! haha! For any of you who might meet him in the future, consider this an apology for any of his outlandish behavior. He does not mean it!

My review with my team went well; we got through some of the 'learning/development opportunities" fairly well. My right-hand assistant told me she will never get over her preceived "demotion" from 3 years ago. (She did not report to me at the time and I find no records that it was an actual demotion). I told her that we have to think in terms of 'going forward', but I know it's at the back of her mind. I'll deal with it, as it's my responsibility; however, it's not always easy for a girl who wants everything to be perfect. haha

The cold is just such an annoyance now. If anyone even mentions global warming in front of me, they will get a face full of ice and snow, which is readily available on every surface! LOL! Don't make me go Jersey on ya!

MIA's, check in please!


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Good afternoon!

I just got home from a dental appointment, although I feel more like I've spent the last hour at the spa! I tried out a new dentist, and wow, was it ever the right choice. They have a back massager in your chair, they dim the lights, THEN a young woman comes in and asks would you like a complimentary hand massage while the hygienist cleans your teeth - you betcha I did! I am normally a "white knuckler" when it comes to dentists, but this time I almost hated for my appointment to end.

I asked how did they come up with the hand massage idea and they said that it started after Katrina, when they were trying to think of ways to help their clients deal with their stress and loss and that was one of the ways. Great idea and so calming.

Dee, again congrats on your Jets. Did y'all happen to watch the Green Bay-Arizona game? What a thriller. I think our New Orleans Saints will have a big challenge with Arizona next week - Kurt Warner was amazing last night.

We are warming up - it's almost 47 degrees today! Yea.

Have a good evening.


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Jan, I did see the game, and I told DH that I thought I saw an illegal facemask grab at that last play. He said "no" in his girls-don't-know-anything voice. This morning, they discussed the same thing on sports talk radio. Ha-Ha...called him at work to tell him I was right (of course!). Hoping the Jets face NO in the Super Bowl!

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Hi all!

Go Jets! (Dee, I know you're a fan, so by extension, I am too! :)) Man! GB-AZ was an awesome game! I thought it was a facemask grab, too, and Rog looked at me like I was crazy, too. It's weird; I used to never watch football, but the older I get, the more I watch!

Nothing much going on here, just cold.

Danged phone-be back=


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Good Tuesday all,

Are all you southerners getting any relief from the cold? I am so sad for the poor farmers in Florida and elsewhere that are facing losing their crops. It's really devastating. I hope it warms up before all is lost and I am putting out positive thoughts into the universe to that effect.

Jan, I would love to have that kind of dentist! Wow, it's like a hair salon.

Dee, the cold helps you burn more calories! There's a major plus!

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Still c-o-l-d here, but I also feel so badly for the farmers and those without heat down south. We whine about it up here, but it's so unexpected down there that most people just are not prepared. Uncomfortable and dangerous for some. Thinking warm thoughts for all!

Maddie, I thought you might be a Colts fan, but you are certainly welcome to join Gang Green. It's been so much fun these past 2 weeks; a nice surprise for us.

Make today count!
Dee (who hopes to stay away from 'goodies central' here at the office)

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Good morning!

It's a little warmer here today, already 32 degrees. Today was the first time we've walked in about 5 days, and we felt so sluggish. One more night of freezing weather and we're supposed to warm up just a bit.

Suzanne, it really was like a spa, so quiet and peaceful. Even the dentist spoke in a soft manner, but examined my mouth more thoroughly than anyone I've ever been to. I was really impressed. When I told my husband about it, he said go ahead and make an appointment for me. I was thrilled because he has been putting it off since Katrina, when we lost our dentist (not died, just moved away.) Plus, even though he's a manly man, he will love the hand massage!

Our good friends are coming to see us for the weekend. It's supposed to be rainy weather, so I thought I would fix a bunch of appetizers to watch the football games and stuff. Have any of you ever made Captain Rodney's Cheese Bake before? It is one of the best appetizers I've ever had. You can even cut some of the calories by using the low fat versions of the cheeses and it still is delicious. I bought two bottles yesterday because it's hard to find here (I found it in a gift shop, of all places!) The main ingredient is Captain Rodney's Private Reserve Boucan Glaze - "a grilling and dipping sauce from the Heart of the Caribbean." Mix 1 - 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 cup mayo, 1 cup cheddar cheese, 2 chopped green onions. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes in a dish. The Topping consists of 6 Ritz crackers, crushed, 8 slices cooked bacon-crumbled (I've used the Oscar Meyer Real Bacon Bits in a bag), and 1/2 cup of Boucan Glaze. Yummy.

Okay, now to go fix a healthy breakfast....ha. Have a great day.

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correction - use only 1/2 cup of mayonnaise on the Captain Rodney's recipe. (Sorry, I had to change the subject line because message was rejected?)

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Still cold here, but they are saying high 30's by Thursday and that sounds like a heat wave to me.

Tikanis - My DD from San Diego is delighted to report it has been 70s and sunny everyday since she got back home.

Dee - Rich is like that with his family (and mine too) LOL and I always feel like I have to apologize so I can sympathize. The best is that people that know him well still think he is serious when he's not.

Jan - that dentist sounds like a dream. I hope I see a suggestion box at my dentist office LOL. I would even pay extra.

Milkdud - glad it was just your allergies and you are better.

Suzanne - still sending positive vibes your way.

I have a dinner meeting to get ready for - have a great evening.

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Hi all!

OK, Jan--YUM! As a southern girl, count me in for anything with cheese and bacon! :) If I can find the glaze, I'll make some for Super Bowl.

Dee, I do like the Colts, and (don't throw things) the Giants. (I think the SB game between the Giants and the Pats a couple of years ago was the best game I've ever seen.) I always think of you when the Jets play at home b/c I know you & DH will be there. Rog is a huge San Diego Chargers fan, and I have a dream of taking him to a home game one day. (I'd like to take him to the SB, too, on day, but figure the odds of *that*.)

Speaking of the SuperBowl, we having a Cajun theme this year, and making Gumbo with chicken and andouille sausage, Jambalaya with shrimp, Red beans and rice, Crawfish Etouffee and Bananas Foster Bread Pudding. Or at least, we're attempting it. Needless to say, all sensible eating will go out the window!

Well, my semester started again today, and I am excited, but scared. I've put off chemistry until the bitter end, and I think I may have miscalculated. In retrospect, I think it would have been prudent to have taken it already.



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Maddie, I'm coming to your house for Super Bowl - your menu sounds delicious!!!

The Rodney Boucan Glaze is made in Tennessee (Belt Buckle?), I think. If you have a Kroger's grocery store, you might find it or even ask them to order. Also, it can be ordered online. Here in Mississippi, a lot of the gift shops and gourmet shops have it. Price is around $10 a bottle, but it lasts a while and is soooo good.

I made some of the WW cabbage soup for dinner, but added chopped up chicken, lima beans, squash, green beans for the veggies - I'm not a big zucchini fan. Husband just ate a bowl and loved it.

My football favorites are the Saints, the Giants and the Colts (love the Manning family), Minnesota (Brett makes it fun), and will definitely include Dee's team, the Jets, because they got stronger as the season went on and deserve to be where they are. Plus, their quarterback is so handsome....

There's one team I despise and it's a shame, because Michael Oher ("The Blind Side") plays for them, but the Baltimore Ravens seem so mean and dirty. Just do not care for them, not that y'all asked - ha.

Stay warm and have a good night.

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Good evening all,

The super bowl recipes sound good even though I can feel my arteries clogging already! LOL Especially that dip recipe Jan posted.

I just came from the barn where I tucked my four-legged babies in for the night. It is a cold, cold night and the sky is crystal clear. Stopping to star gaze on my way back to the house I saw a rather vivid shooting star and recalled this rhyme my mother used to recite to us - have you heard it?

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

Good night all.

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Good evening!

We won't talk weather...
Saying my prayers for all of the farmers who are being so hard hit by the cold.

Dee, step AWAY from the goody basket, I repeat: step AWAY from the goodies! It's difficult being in charge, isn't it? You cannot please everyone all of the time. (but they all expect you to!)

Jan, I want your dentist! I gained back 1/2 a lb just reading that recipe, huh?

Hi Raeanne! When are you coming to Ca for a visit? You know, San Diego is just 2 hours down the highway from my house : )

Maddie, I waited to take chem too. Get a tutor at the first sign of difficulty. It will make all the difference in the world. Chances are this is just you being too hard on yourself. You will do fine! And it's like everything else in the program; they scare the daylights out of you with it and you get through it. What else do you have this semester?

Suzanne, my Mom used to recite that too! I am imagining your cold, crisp sky.... How are the critters faring in the cold?

I have never been a big football fan (baseball's my game) but I can see that I had better get on board! This has never stopped me from throwing a Super Bowl party though, lol! I am leaning towards adopting the Jets as I am from NY. And Spring training is right around the corner.

Boy oh boy am I busy this week!

Sweet dreams,


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I just re-read my posts - the Captain Rodney's boucan glaze is made in Bell Buckle, TN, not "Belt Buckle" - ha.

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Darn, and I just booked a flight to Belt Buckle.....

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Good Wednesday all,

Sounds like the weather is improving in the south. I have not heard about crop losses yet but I imagine there are some.

Prayers and positive thoughts go out to those in Haiti. What a disaster.

Last night's stars were truly amazing. This morning Mercury was prominent in the SE sky just before dawn. It was really, really red and quite magnificent. Look SW for Jupiter in the evening sky about an hour after dusk.

Jan, I meant to ask you if you were aware that the beautiful New Year's Eve full moon was actually a blue moon? Well it was. I am watching it's last quarter slowly fade and it will be a mere memory in a few days.

Tikanis, you sound busy as usual. My animals do well in this weather. The only two that shiver a bit are my goats but they have a nice straw lined draft free place to stay when they feel the need. This is how frosty it is every morning....6 degrees about an hour before dawn and it continued to drop until about 8:00 am. Look closely at the ice on her lashes!

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Tikanis, you're so funny (Belt Buckle!)

suzanne, another beautiful picture! Ice on eyelashes - wow! And, yes, I was aware that it was a blue moon New Year's Eve. It was a gorgeous one....

On the cheese bake recipe, I plan to use the low-fat cheeses and mayonnaise - I have before and you couldn't tell. Also, lo fat Wheat Thins are good with it.

I agree, prayers for Haiti. I can't imagine. I haven't had the tv on yet this a.m. but I imagine there will be so much to report, now that it is daylight.

I need to make the most of this beautiful day. Hope y'all are able to do the same.


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Happy Humpday!

Wow, Suzanne, ".....frosting on her nose and eyelashes. These are a few of my favorite things" (singing wildly off key here). What a beautiful picture!

What a horrible situation in Haiti. I pray for those poor people! It's hard to fathom what they must be going through right now.

Jan, I am AFRAID to try that cheese bake! It sounds TOO good! How are you doing on your diet/exercise plan? I don't check in again till the 23rd but I am staying right on track.

It IS a drizzly day here and I LOVE IT! Let's make it a good one!


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Tikanis, I'm doing pretty good, glad you are on staying on track, too. It's so worth it.

I missed my WW meeting Monday because of the dental appointment, but have managed to stay within my points pretty much (except for that pistachio craving last week!) Walking helps so much. Plus, after so much socializing (wine!) over the holidays, I haven't had any alcohol since New Year's Eve. I might this weekend with the company, but they are really good about walking with me and staying busy (shopping, etc.), I'm not too worried.

Any comments about The Biggest Loser last night? When Bob put on the weights to equal the big guy's (can't remember their names yet), I really sympathized. I know how exhausting it was carrying around the extra 56 pounds I had gained.

It's funny the little things you notice when you lose weight. This morning when I was brushing my teeth before going on my walk, I noticed how angular my face had become - when I was overweight, my face (as was the rest of me) so full and round. Baby steps....

Time to get busy around here to prepare for our company.


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Hi all!

Suzanne, I say the rhyme outloud every time I'm out in the evening, and I say it to the first star that I see. I still haven't won the lottery, nor has George Clooney shown up, but hope springs enternal! LOLOL!! I've done it all of my life, and at this age, don't see quitting. And what a beautiful picture; you should be a photographer.

Jan--I was thinking the same thing about my face. I actually have a jawline again, and I'm enjoying it, rather
than looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy!

Tikanis--I'll PM you later. I've wanted to call you, but I didn't realize that you're in CA and 3 hours behind us. I'm glad I haven't called at an ungawdly hour in the morning!

Well, the weather is supposed to be above normal here forthe next week. It's going to be 50 and sunny by Monday, and this darned snow will be history! (I am not a snow fan, but only because I hate to drive in it)

Has anyone heard from Marci? Besh? Amy? Jen? Just wondering how everyone is doing.



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Got into work late today because it took a bit longer for my oil change/tire rotation car service, so I feel a bit overwhelmed.

However, today was the 3rd time in 2 weeks that I took a break for lunch with my department from 1:30 until about 2:15. It was wonderful and I feel refreshed! The look of shock on their faces is priceless tho. I usually have lunch in my office in order to leave here by 5pm, but I find I can get as much work completed, even with the break because my mind is sharper.

I have not been to the fitness center in weeks. Not because I don't want to be there, but because my activeware clothes are too old to put on. I need a good place that sells plus size activeware, so suggestions please.

Suzanne, the red fox is at my office window again. Very strange amid computers and papers! LOL!

Gotta run...

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Dee, if you like the thrill of a deal, a good place to find activewear is Ross' Dress for Less. I didn't have any winter clothes for walking when I started last January, so had to really look for sales to build up a wardrobe. My neighbor and I go about once a month - we have found name-brand (Nike, Reebok, etc.) tees, vests, jackets, pants, and sports bras - for very good prices. I know they have a pretty good plus-sized section. Also, we have a store here (that also has a website) called Avenue that carries stylish activewear. You can order online if you don't have a store in your area.

Good luck!

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One little "funny" for the day. During this cold spell we've been having, my walking buddy and I have really bundled up, most of the time our outfits are dark/black, including our knit caps that we wear. This morning a dad taking his kids to school stopped and said that every morning when his kids see us, they say "There are the walking Ninjas!"

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The Walking Ninjas! I love it! How cute is that?? Out of the mouths of babes.

Good for you, Jan! Yes, it's well worth it.

What a crazy week this is. Looks like I'm going to need another administrative day to manage this paperwork, what with the new medicare forms, payroll deadlines etc. This means I'll have to see patients on Saturday, not my favorite thing. On the bright side, maybe I can take Monday off just for me : )

What's everyone up too?


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Good Thursday all,

It is a beautiful crystal clear day. AND it's warmer than it's been in a while. 21 degrees for morning chores which feels so warm. We too are supposed to get a touch of January thaw here today and tomorrow.

I am watching Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal at the bird feeder outside my office window...love is definitely in the air. I have two male turkeys in the flock that visits me in the winter and they are both fanning and talking. The grey squirrels are cavorting outside now and will be mating soon. I love this confirmation that spring is truly around the corner even when it's snowy, icy and freezing! The days are noticeably a little longer at at both ends now too.

Tikanis you definitely need to schedule a just me day every week!

I am leaving tomorrow morning for Augusta, Maine for a horseman's conference for the weekend. I will be getting a major horse fix AND I have scheduled a massage for myself at the terrific spa that is at my hotel. I want to try to rid my body of the toxins from the pneumonia. I can't wait. I am going with two girlfriends so we should have a good time. I have a feeling there is a lobster or two in my future! When in Maine one simply must indulge in all of the lobster they can possibly eat! It's a well known fact that it is better in Maine than anywhere else!

Dee, why is the fox at your window? Is someone feeding him? Does your fox look like my fox?? What a gift for you. I hope you enjoy watching him/her.

QOD: Did anyone who made the mug cakes for gifts get reviews yet?? I have gotten a rave from each niece/nephew that received them! It was a good one and a keeper to give again.

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In my best Jersey accent Suzanne, "no disrespect intended; not fu nuttin'; I'm just sayin', my fox is prettier than your fox." LOL! My office complex sits on 26 acres in the middle of a heavily populated county, so I've no idea where these creatures come from. If one is anywhere near my car some evening, I'm going to hit the panic siren on my key fab. It will be like the bat-phone for you (or Raeanne) to come and rescue me. LOL!

I had 3 back-to-back meetings today. Brought my laptop to a really early one, and my friend IM'd me from across the room "painful"! It was hilarious because we were on a video conference, and the guy from the UK was droning on and on and on.

Just realized that I was supposed to send Get Well and some other cards to friends and family over the last week or so...completely forgot. That is my mission this evening. Sheesh, I need sticky notes for everything!

QOD: What's up for the weekend? We are taking down decorations Saturday and going to an open house party on Sunday afternoon about 50 miles from us. Told DH we'd better be home by 4:30 to see the JETs' game.

Make this evening count!

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Good morning!

TGIF! I won't linger, because company is coming and I, as usual, have waited until the last minute to get everything together.

I couldn't help it. Yesterday was planned for all my catching up, but the weather was too beautiful to stay inside. So my landscaping friend and I created a dry river bed on a slope that tends to erode. It really turned out pretty. I took advantage of the sunshine and then cut back all of my plants that took a beating during the cold snap and bought a hanging basket of yellow pansies to cheer up the courtyard a bit.

My husband had to fly out and in from New Orleans airport on business yesterday, so when he landed last night he decided to run by a great grocery store, Dorignac's and pick up wine and some great crab and corn bisque that they make. It's delicious as is, but we add another pound of lump crab to make it good and thick. That will take care of tonight's meal. Tomorrow we'll eat out for lunch, shop a little bit and get back in time for the games. After all of that talk about Captain Rodney's cheese bake, not sure if I'll make that or not. (The bisque ain't exactly Weight Watchers!)

Hope everyone's teams win! Go Saints! Go Jets!

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Jan, that dinner sounds delish! Thanks for the suggestion about Ross, but I don't think there are any up here, and they don't have an online store. Maybe I'll try Junonia online.

My staff has been in here 3 times already complaining about their workload. At one point I asked one of them if she wanted me to take on the assignment (an easy one), and she declined. They were whining about a little extra work but I tried to explain it was a "one off" assignment. Please finish it and file away forever. OK, I need some herbal tea now and some meditation. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Hope Suzanne is having fun today.

Where is Marci, Raeanne, Jen, Besh, Gretchen, BJ, Patti, and the rest of our MIAs? Please check in soon


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Good morning! It's warmed up here but rain is the trade-off. *sigh*

It's been a crazy week, so I've been MIA. It's nice to have a 'nothing' day for a change. I do have to get the house straightened out and cleaned because we're hosting cards here tomorrow night - first time since early Fall!

Suzanne, I love those photos! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Jan, have fun with your friends. Your gardening yesterday sounds interesting. Any photos?

Dee, good way to shut up the whiner! Enjoy the fact that it's Friday!

We're meeting friends tonight for dinner. First time in almost a month, so we're looking forward to seeing them and catching up on our lives. Isn't it amazing how quickly you can become good friends with some people?

Tomorrow night, we'll have dinner at Peso's with our oldest friends here (well, a year and a half is 'oldest', right? LOL), and one new friend. We do the best visiting over dinner, then cards, and I'm really looking forward to that, too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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OMG, my husband just came in from shopping. He bought steaks, baking potatoes, boiled shrimp, stuffed crabs, tuna dip and assorted crackers, plus the crab for the soup! Yet he still wants me to make the cheese bake!

milkdud - I didn't think about taking pics. The sun has disappeared, I'm afraid for the next few days, but maybe I'll take some next week. Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with your cards!

To football fans - they just had "breaking news" that Deuce McAllister, a former New Orleans Saint who retired last year or so because of injuries, has re-signed and is on the active roster. What in the world? When he's good, he's hard to beat - a real workhorse on the field - which I guess is what the Saints are counting on. This will make the game tomorrow even MORE exciting. (Unless Arizona runs away with it?!) I hope Deuce has been working out in his retirement - ha!

Back to cleaning....

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I guess I missed dinner, huh Jan? What a feast!

SOMEHOW I managed to get all of my paperwork done, make all of my patient visits and beat payroll deadlines without having to work today! I used this morning to do a cost/time analysis of my business and made what I think will be some VERY beneficial changes that should end up saving me both time and money. I get Monday all to myself as well. Yipee!
Off to do some errands this afternoon then, who knows!

Ok, I need to get a football team here....
QOD: Who's your favorite team and why?

Have a great weekend!


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Good morning.

Company is still sleeping, so I thought I'd come here before the day gets going!

Well, my favorite team(s) for yesterday won - the Saints and the Colts. Today I will be pulling for Dee's team, the Jets, and Brett F. and the Vikings.

The Saints are my favorite team. They have struggled for years, (remember fans putting bags on their heads, calling the team the "Aint's, etc.) I love how Sean Payton, the coach, and Drew Brees, the quarterback, have done so much for the city of New Orleans. When Mike Ditka was the Saints coach, they acted like they hated living in N.O., especially Mrs. Ditka. We lived in New Orleans for nine years and were season ticket holders, so we saw the good and the bad years.

I also love Brett Favre - not because he is a Mississippi native, but because he plays with such passion and joy, takes the hits and keeps getting back up.

I will be pulling for the Jets today because they had a tough go at the beginning, but just kept getting better and better, but Dee can tell you much more than I can!

It's cloudy here but after having rain Friday and Saturday, I hope it's clear enough to walk this a.m. - I really, really need a good walk. (Too much wine, smoked tuna dip, gumbo, boiled shrimp.) Today is the corn and crab bisque for lunch, and steak and baked potatoes tonight, so Tikanis, you're not too late.....come on over!

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I'll be right over Jan! ;)
Thank you for the info on your favorite teams. I am going to learn the game this year and pick a team or two. The game food will do me in though! My mouth is just watering reading that menu.

I am so mad at Mark McGuire for doping while playing baseball that I could spit! This really takes away from my enjoyment of the game, these players who 'roid up. What good is an accomplishment if it isn't really YOURS??
Stepping off my soap box now, Spring training is right around the corner.

The day is chilly and overcast here. The forecast is for a LOT of rain; days and days of it. Although we need the rainfall, my heart goes out to those in and around the burn areas of last Summer. The threat of mudslides is great.

So, besides game watching, what is everyone up to today?
Suzanne, I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend away. I hope you are taking pictures too : )

See ya!


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How 'bout those cowboys?!? They don't get a capital "C" because they don't deserve it tonight! LOL

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