HELP! Sheetrock mess

spadentrowelJanuary 4, 2008

The sheetrock contractor has just left and said he cleaned up. But, there is a layer of dust everywhere. This is a new home construction. The dust is heavy and resists sweeping and vacuuming. What do I use?

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I have had success with wet rags. Some areas need to get hit twice before all the fine powder is gone. It is very tedious but it works.


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Lots and lots of clean wet rags as batguys suggested. It's a major pain and it'll take several passes to get all the dust cleaned up.

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You say this is new construction. Are you responsible for cleaning during this build?

If so, I would focus my attention on the walls before the painters come in using DAMP rags. Not wet, damp, the walls haven't been primed yet.

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I second what has already been said. Vacuum what you can, then use a damp rag to wipe up the rest.

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