RECIPE: fudge with fresh jersey cream; will it curdle?

posyplanterDecember 9, 2009

Hello y'all, our family is gettin' ready for our annual cookie-baking, fudge-making marathon...........except this year we have something available to us that we didn't have in years past; fresh Jersey cream! It's been great, except that I don't know whether it can be used to boil fudge, that is, WILL IT CURDLE??? I have never used it in fudge before and would LOVE to this year, but don't want it to flop; [we need a lot!] I use it in chowders and sauces, and it's been great, but usually have to be careful not to cook it at too high a temp, or it curdles. We do fudge the slow, old fashioned way, and aren't about to change the recipe or the method. [my husband tweaked it till it got just right; darker chocolate, more cream, less sugary, ect.]I will buy cream if I have to, but would rather not......if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. THANKS!

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Not sure what you are asking....
Fresh cream as different from supermarket cream???
If the supermarket cream doesn't curdle, neither will the fresh.
AiYiYi...Another person I need to be friends with...
Fudge with fresh Jersey cream...!

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