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nhsuzanneJanuary 18, 2010

Good Monday all,

It's snowy here this morning! I had a great time in Augusta but our drive home in the storm was 5 hours long instead of the 3 1/2 that it should have been. Still, we got home safe and sound and tired! The snow continued through the night leaving a wet heavy mess of 10". It is really stunning outside though. Naturally, DH left yesterday morning for work so snow clean up is on me. Been up since 5 am, back in the house by 7:30 and scrambled to get to work! Whew! I am definitely having a bad hair day but who cares! LOL

I did not take many photos at the trade show, bad lighting, etc. but thought you might enjoy a few pix I took along the way to work this morning. It's so pretty out.

This is my drive to work:

A frozen pond:

Approaching Peterborough:

Almost there:

View from my desk - how lucky am I?

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Suzanne, those are lovely photos. I would have worked from home in half that snow! Guess everyone there has 4-wheel drive and I noticed a plow on a front bumper! Thanks again for sharing your day.

Well, how 'bout those JETS? Surprised everyone but our Coach Rex Ryan. What an inspiration. DH and I decided to have a small party this Sunday when they play the Colts. Not to jinx or anything, but just in case we miss the Super Bowl. hahaa

My day has gotten away from me somehow. Half the staff took MLK day off, but I still managed to get sidetracked by some folks in India who struggle with the English language (can I say that without offending someone?) Hours and hours, all in the name of cost saving...RIGHT!!!

OK, climbing down from the soap box.

QOD: What are you going to do to keep yourself healthy this week? I've written in 2 appointments at our fitness center; starting this evening. Also had 2 crockpots going yesterday with healthy dinners for this week (so that I have no excuse to miss the fitness center class). :0)

Make this week count!

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Good afternoon from embarrassingly warm (67 F.) SE Texas.

Suzanne, after viewing your lovely photos, I feel badly mentioning my weather, but you know that I'm always ready to share or average it out with you! Glad you had a nice weekend, and good luck to you on getting safely home tonight.

Dee, Happy Monday to you, too! You sound positively perky today. Are you getting a lot more done with half your staff gone? LOL

QOD: I'm getting ready for a colonscopy on Friday, so I can't promise anything about healthy eating before Wednesday night. :) I don't have any meals out on the calendar, so it will be just a matter of working through the pantry and freezer. Dee, what do you have going in your 2 crockpots? I'm always interested in what others cook.

I have good news and bad. I reconnected with all 4 of my 'missing cousins' beginning last Thursday night. Thanks to Facebook! One of my boy cousins called me this morning, and we talked forever. It was great as we hadn't seen or talked to each other in 42 years! All my parents' families live/d in VA, and once I got married and began a family, that just wasn't a priority.

My sad news is that a wonderful internet friend, Dave, had bypass surgery last Wednesday, and he had nothing but bad luck afterwards, and now the drs. are telling his sister that he won't make it. He also posts at The Kitchen Table, so Dee may know him, too. He has always been such a lovely man, kind and caring, and very generous with his talent for photography. It's a sad day for many.

Wishing everyone a safe, warm, and good holiday wherever you are!

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Good Tuesday all,

It's snowing again! It's gorgeous still and warmish at 30 degrees which is the perfect temperature for winter! I wish it could stay that way.

Milkdud, I am sorry to hear about Dave. I will send thoughts and prayers his way.

Dee, in NH we are well prepared for the snow. Our roads are always well cleared. Some people make a living plowing driveways in the winter AND there is never any shortage of snow. I am pleased to say that this winter we have not had nearly the snow of the past two winters. But winter is still young!

Hope everyone can get a chance to stop in today.

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Come on, now. Did Suzanne's photos scare you away? They were lovely! Check in and tell Suzanne how great it was to see her pix!

Calling all MIA's!!!!!

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A very MIA here.....can I come in??

Suzanne, beautiful pictures - I especially enjoy when it's not right outside my window. Like you said NH is equipped for snow - most roads are fine here too when it snows but some townships act like it's a surprise every winter. In any event it's hard not to enjoy the beauty and quiet that comes with snow.

Dee, good for you with the fitness center and preparing healthy meals in advance. I think planning is key and preparing ahead is a must. I really have to get my act together. And no, you didn't offend me about the language barrier....it drives me nuts too, especially when you are trying to communicate a concern to a company or have a question about an order or payment and it's difficult to get someone you can easily understand.

Milkdud, prayers for your friend Dave. Like you I'm also always interested what others are cooking. Good thoughts on your colonoscopy - I know it will be fine. This is the year I have to get one, my doc isn't letting me off the hook this time around.

I am charging my camera battery as we speak and will be posting before and after pics of the renovation. To say it exceeds our expectations is an understatement, truly. We bought a new fridge that will be delivered on 1/30 and that will finally complete the kitchen.

Question - how many of you are on Facebook? I got a request from a friend to join but have not yet, I thought it was too public? Of course you control the info you share but I really don't know much about it. I would appreciate any insight.

I promise to be around more - I miss you guys when I disappear!

Take care - be safe and be good - I will check in later (really)!


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Good Wednesday all,

Well the snow has finally stopped and the sky is clearing and there are glimpses of blue and sunshine! It is gorgeous.
I am truly awestruck over what I see. My drive in this morning was like I was driving through some snow castle into a mystical land...absolute splendor.

The temps are hanging around 30 and to me, that is a perfect winter temperature. I really enjoy being outside in the snow in these high temps.

Donna, I received a package from you yesterday. She sent me some lovely things like, a jar of Spring Chicken Muscle Rub!! LOL,that's me a spring chicken!! it's a lovely smelling concoction of herbs and oils for sore muscles - why would I need that? Also jar of Super Duty Hand Cream made for a cranky old Yankee woman who had sore cracked hands!! Sounds like someone I know LOL These products are made at Sweet Grass Farm, right here in NH! She also sent a book, Wisdom of the Heart it's a celebration of timeless lessons about love. It's very sweet. I have a new ornament that I can have picture of my pets in. The card Donna sent is a special paper with wildflower seeds! So I can plant it in the spring and the flowers will grow and Donna's the beautiful words she wrote will be near me always. That's so neat! Thank you for such thoughtful gifts. I am anxious to see your renovation photos!!

Dee, how could such lovely photos scare anyone away? I guess I will have to do it again!!

The common in Hancock, NH

Our post office:

Donna - I am not a FB fan. I find it extremely invasive and took my page down after two weeks.

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Good Morning and happy hump day!

Suzanne, your photos are stunning! What a beautiful place to live! What a wonderful gift to receive from Donna! Can we hope to see those flowers in bloom this Spring?

Milkdud, I am sorry to hear about your friend Dave. My prayers go out to him this morning. Ooh, the dreaded colonoscopy. Icky, but you'll do fine. My turn is coming up too. I love to hear what others are cooking too. I've used a few of your recipes, too. : )

Dee, sounds like you have a plan there! Planning ahead is the ONLY way I do it! I fix lunches the night before and pre prepare a few healthy meals on the weekend for the week ahead. I have a few stand by, healthy/low cal dinners for the crazy days, that can be thrown together in a pinch. All junk food has been banished from the house too! How was the fitness center? I feel the same way in regards to that communication problem you mentioned and I take no offense at all. You didn't disparage anyone's character or belittle anyone, just expressed frustration over unnecessarily wasted time. There has to be a better way.

Donna, nice to "see" you! I like facebook, but I don't spend much time there. I limit who I "friend" (used as a verb here)and live by the rule "never post anything that you wouldn't want the world to know". So, It is superficial, but an easy and fun way to keep in touch. I'd like to see your kitchen pics!

It is cold and rainy here, and except for the mudslides in the local foothills, I am enjoying it. I love weather. DS and I are volunteering temporary shelter to any overflow of displaced pets during the storms. No takers as of yet, as the emergency/evacuation system is running smoothly. I am praying that there are no home losses!

Back later! Check in MIAs!


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I'm in a great mood today!

Tikanis, I started on the bike and set the timer for 30 minutes at level 3. After about 10 minutes I started to feel funny, so I turned down the level to 1 and got up after 15 minutes. The past 2 mornings, my friend and I walked briskly around the lake and I felt fine. Gonna skip the fitness center until next Monday or this cough goes away, because I think my experience was kind of a breathless feeling I get from trying to get rid of the bronchitis (although it was several weeks ago).

Donna, would love to see the photos. My kitchen needs a facelift, but I'm not ready to go drastic. New appliances and a floor will do the job, if I can get DH to get serious.

Gotta run some metrics from my director.......

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Happy Wednesday!

Suzanne, I am so glad you liked the package and card! It didn't make it for Christmas but it is a "New Year" gift. Enjoy!! I love your pictures. I also agree with you about 30 degrees as perfect...you are not freezing but still have a chill in the air.

Tikanis, what a wonderful thing you and your son are doing. I see that you guys are having some very wild weather out there.You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I also hope no homes are lost.

Dee, I hope you feel better soon. I think you are smart taking break from the fitness center until your cough is gone. My kitchen got just that - a facelift. I will try and download the pictures tonight - if not definitely over the weekend. It's not my week for batteries - camera and cell phone going whacky on me.

Thanks for the input on FB - I'm still undecided but am definitely leaning towards not putting up a page.

Milkdud - any news on your friend Dave?

Got to run to the food store and drug store - oh joy.

Have a wonderful night - be good.


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Good Wednesday evening! It's been warm (68 F) and raining all day here. I got drenched from the store to my car this afternoon - dripping wet from head to toe as I hadn't taken an umbrella in with me. UGH!

Suzanne, I've been reading a book about Christmas in Maine, and since you posted your pics this week, that's my visualization when I'm reading. I can almost smell the snow now when I'm reading. Your photos are very energizing yet relaxing at the same time. But, I wouldn't want to drive or walk in it.

Donna, so good to see you posting this week.

Tikanas, what a generous offer you've made for the pets.

My friend Dave isn't doing well. Here's what I wrote on my FB status: "My 'net friend Dave's family received results of his most recent EEG today, and it seems that his progress is at an end. The drs. seem to think that he will not awaken. However, his fight isn't over yet, so his family & friends (both 'real' and internet) continue to pray for a miracle. It's been one week since his quintuple bypass and subsequent heart stoppage of 9 minutes. ++++++++"(these are my 'positive vibes'for Dave)
You know, he's just been a 'net friend for 8 years, we're not super good friends or anything, but you get attached to people on there regardless and develop that family feeling. We just lost a good friend back in early September to ovarian cancer at our board, and that was so painful, too.

Well, I've already messed up my prep it seems. I had red meat and dairy, and I wasn't supposed to have it yesterday or today. I didn't flip over the piece of paper until I accidentally did a minute ago. Now I'm stressed out about things. I hate that I goofed, but I'm hoping it won't negatively affect the outcome. I'm starting the prep now instead of waiting until the morning, so we'll see.

I met with 2 of my sorority sisters this afternoon to plan our Rush Tea in a couple of weeks. My friend had tea for us while we discussed hosting a tea.:) It was just lovely, with real scones, clotted cream, and apricot jam, and finger sandwiches. We tasted several different teas until we settled on one on which we all agreed - Lipton's Blackberry black tea, of all things! It's just the right amount of fruity without being 'too much'.

Well, I'll be busy tomorrow getting ready for Friday, but I'm sure that I won't be able to stay away from the computer, so I'll be checking in.

Oh, and by the way, 3 years from today, my husband will officially retire!!! :)

Y'all be good!

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Good Day!

Milkdud, so sorry to hear about your friend. Cardiac ICU is my specialty when I do hospital work, and these situations are never easy. His family will need lots of prayers and support at this time.

Best to talk to your GI guy about your prep. Please don't stress about it!

Your "pre tea" sounds wonderful. I have a particular fondness for tea sandwiches with cream cheese and cucumber slices... yummm!

Dee, your good mood and determination are contagious! Let's help each other here! You are wise to hold off on the fitness club for now. It's awful how respiratory ailments just hang on and on. Did the doc give you any pulmonary exercises to help you clean up those lungs? They can really help. Good for you getting on that bike!

Went to the first business meeting at my new church last night. When I got home, DS asked "where did you go; have a hot date?" It's been so long since anyone put ME and hot date in the same sentence! ROFL! I have been widowed for four years and I am no longer sure that I want to spend the rest of my life alone. I am starting to think about it...

Busy day ahead here! Our rain has subsided for the moment, but another storm is due in tomorrow.

Have a great day and make it count!


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Good morning.

I'm sitting here, nursing my bruised wrist and bump on my head, after slipping on my morning walk this morning. I think I'll live, hopefully, but it scared both my friend and me, because it happened so fast. Very damp and humid this a.m., we walk on the cart path and sidewalks for most of the way, but was crossing a driveway that was stamped concrete (if they don't have enough sand/grit in the mixture, they can be very treacherous.) Before you knew it, I slipped, used my wrist (and bottom) to buffer the fall, yet still hit my head. I think what hurt the most was my feelings, because not one, but two cars passed by and did not even slow down. We've been walking for over a year now, and most people see and wave to us. I know I would have stopped, at least to ask if everyone was okay, but we live in a different world these days, and sad to say, there are people, if it doesn't affect them personally, they couldn't care less.

Whatever, things can always be worse. Thanks for letting me rant.

Milkdud - how is your prep working? I'll be thinking about you tomorrow! I'm also very sorry about your friend, Dave. When his time comes, I hope he goes peacefully, surrounded by his loved ones.

Suzanne, your pictures were breathtaking! Such a beautiful area.

Donna, can't wait to see your pics of your kitchen renovation. Re: Facebook - I don't do it, either. I spend too much time, as is, on the computer, don't need another diversion, that's for sure.

Tikanis, how is your weather today? I agree, that's nice of you to offer your assistance with the displaced pets. What a nice neighbor you are (wish you were mine - I bet you would have stopped this a.m.!)

Hope everyone has a good day!

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Just popping in to wish milkdud luck with her test tomorrow. I'll be thinking good thoughts!

Have a great Thursday evening; tomorrow is TGIF!

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Hi all!

Suzanne, I am so *not* a snow person, but after seeing your pics, I think I could have a blast playing in it! (I don't think I'd want to drive in it though!) What beautiful views!

Milkdud--good luck tomorrow; they're not bad!

Well, things are about the same around here; just rainy. School is progressing, and things seems to be on an even keel. Which makes me wonder when the next shoe will drop and when. LOL!

Not much to report, just wanted to say hi-



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NHSuzanne - Those are great shots of your snow. If you don't mind, I may "borrow" one for my screen saver. We may need some of your snow next week. We promised the preschoolers we would have an outdoor snow day next week and to come dressed to play in the snow. Guess what? All our snow has melted and it is predicted to be in the 40s next week. We may have to change it to a movie and popcorn day instead.

Wodka - So sorry to hear that you fell. I can sympathize with you...ask me how? Because I fell on my paved driveway on Tuesday morning and sprained my ankle! I thought it was just wet(there must have been a thin layer of ice) and I wasn't being careful enough. My left leg was out from under me before I even knew it was happening. I landed on my knee and my lower leg and ankle twisted out to the left. I thought only my pride was bruised, but as the day wore on, my foot swelled and I could hardly walk on it by the end of the day. It wasn't a bad sprain, so I only have to wear an ankle brace and try to keep it elevated whenever I can. (Try not walking when you are taking care of active preschoolers!)
I hope you heal quickly and are OK otherwise. And shame on those people for not stopping.

Speaking of not stopping, my director was in a car accident last week (the same day someone backed into my NEW car in the parking lot) and the next day one of the preschool dads was telling everyone he saw the accident. The thing is, he hadn't stopped to see if she was alright or needed any assitance. I thought that was low down of him and couldn't believe he was telling everyone.

Milkdud - Hope your procedure went well. I have had two so far, and I don't look forward to them, but I always feel better knowing I have had one. They found pre-cancerous polyps the first time, so I had to have my second one 3 years later. I was polyp free that time, so I get to wait 5 years for the next one.

Maddie - Hope that "shoe" never drops! Glad things are on an even keel.

Donna - I too would love to see those pictures of your renovation.

Speaking of pictures, I no longer have my SS Friends albums at Picture Trail. I was paying $20 a year for the account and hadn't added any new pictures in a long time. I saved some of them in a folder on my computer, and the rest I had to delete. Most people know how to post pictures on this site now, so I hope people don't mind.

I need to hobble on down to the kitchen and finish my dinner. Hope no one else falls!!


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Good Friday all,

(((((Hugs to Jan and Marci)))))

Jan, I am sorry about your fall and more sorry that people were not kind! I am the queen of falls. I fall flat on my back and bump my head no less that 4 times in the course of the winter. I should wear a helmet! LOL Remember last summer after I got back from Acadia? I stepped out of the stall and turned my ankle over into a level three sprain! There is no way to think about each and every step you take. I hope your body is feeling better today!

Marci, Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear about your sprain. You just never know when you take a step how it's going to end! It's so good the see you post. Of course you may use any photo you wish. Do you want me to send them to you? Can you take it right off this site? Are things status quo at work? looked at your photos at Picture trail recently and reminisced! I understand why you took it down.

Maddie, it's not so bad driving most of the time. When there is a big storm alot of people are smart enough not to drive in it. But the State of NH is excellent about getting and keeping our roads clear.

Milkdud, I am thinking of you.

I am lucky to live in a quintessential New England Town. John Hancock lived in my town!

Now I have to share a photo of two unusual eggs that my hens laid yesterday. The bluish egg is two tone and has a fancy calcium deposit. The little white egg is called a wind egg - it has no yolk and is a reproductive blooper. Isn't it cute?

This photo is my barn last Tuesday night. What you see is an avalanche about to happen. The snow is about to unload from the metal roof. It was 9:00 pm and I was just coming home and went to check on the kids. Wowza! The roof is all clear now and it unload with every storm but not quite so dramatically! Bella needs to get out of there. Just so you know, no animals were hurt in this photo. I hit it and shoveled up the snow.

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Good afternoon.....

Suzanne, your pictures are "suitable for framing!" No matter what or who the subject is (of course, Bella is a favorite) - your shots turn out so pretty.

Re: my fall. Thanks for the sympathy and hugs. I knew I would be, but I'm even sorer today than I was yesterday. We still walked this a.m. My neck is stiff and my wrist bruised, and my knot on my head only hurts when I touch it. Thank goodness I'm a big-bottomed girl, the extra cushioning must have helped some.

Marci, hope your sprained ankle is on the mend and you are not in any more pain. Isn't it amazing how fast one can fall - I kept thinking of the actress Natasha Richardson falling on the snow and thinking it wasn't any big deal, at the time. We all know how that ended, sadly.

milkdud, hopefully, your procedure went well and you are busy catching up on your sleep and have had a good meal to make up for your prep/fasting/etc. Check in when you can.

Let's get ready for some FOOTBALL!! I loved Brett Favre's interview where he said some of his teammates are so young, they didn't know he had been to the Super Bowl before! They were like "Really?"

Have a great weekend.

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Jan, glad you were able to walk today, but be careful. When I fell in that stadium, it took weeks to feel 100%. My shin still hurts to the touch. I loved the Favre story! haha (Like the old story from the 70's and 80's where the little girl asks her father "did you know Paul McCartney was in another band?)

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Marci]]]]]]]]]] I really miss you around here. Thought about you last evening; my niece called to let me know that she got a teaching job...sort of. She's been selected to take over maternity-leave teaching of the class where she was a student teacher last fall. She is thrilled because she loved it so much, and it gives her a foot in the door if they need a permanent position next year. The kids are first graders, and I wish I could share her project with you (maybe I'll EM you when I get some time). I'm so proud of her!

Gotta run!

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Marci, I echo what Dee said, I miss you.

Jan, I completely forgot about Natasha! Wow. I really do fall alot on the ice going to the barn. DH worries so much that we have an agreement that if he is on the road and he doesn't hear from me at a certain time (changes seasonally)then he will call a friend to come check on me. I have the same arrangement at work. So at least I have some safety measures.

Let's face it girls we just don't fall as easily as we used to! Seriously, a split second changes everything sometimes.

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Good evening, y'all! It's been warm (up to the mid-70's) and sunny here today. I sat out in it for a few minutes this morning when dh let me off at the front door of the hospital and went to park the car.

My procedure went great. Just the colonscopy, not the top end this time. All was well, no polyps or problems. YEA! Must have been all those good thoughts and prayers from my good friends. :)

Marci and Jan, I'm so sorry to hear about your falls and owies. Bless your hearts. Let others pamper you until you're feeling better!

Suzanne, all your photos this week have been so beautiful. The one of the pending avalanche was amazing. And, after my experience this morning, all I can say about that egg photo is "ouch" for that poor chicken that delivered the really big one! Love your photos always!

Dee, thanks for checking in about Dave on FB. Still no word. I guess that things are still the same, so they don't have the heart to post right now.

DH and I drove straight to Antonio's Italian restaurant from the hospital! LOL The dr. had advised a bland diet: scrambled eggs, pancakes, oatmeal. I just looked at him and said, "WHAT???" He laughed and told me to just go easy at first and to not eat the peppers in the salad when I got there. I ate about 1/4 of the salad and the shrimp & chicken florentine, then boxed up the leftovers for dinner tonight. It was definitely the thought that counted for that meal. :)

I slept great last night and awoke ready to get the show on the road at 9 a.m. I got to the hospital at 10 and was in and out from the procedure at the same time I'd originally been scheduled for it. Home by 1 after lunch. No nap, but I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.

It's great to come here and see Maddie, Donna, and Marci posting, too. It's how it should be! I'll be talking to y'all more this weekend. Time for a bite to eat!

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Good morning!

milkdud, so glad you had good results from your colonoscopy! Your lunch sounds delicious! We were living in New Orleans when I had one of my colonoscopies. We headed straight from the hospital to a restaurant on St. Charles Avenue and I had eggs benedict, coffee, juice - the works! And ate every bite. Have you ever noticed, when you have to fast for medical tests, and you're sitting in the waiting room, hungry and anxious - the nurse's station always has a big old pot of coffee brewing! Talk about torture, (for us coffee lovers!)

Dee, I can't believe your shin still hurts from your fall! I'm afraid you're right, though. Last night when I crawled into bed I noticed new little pings of pain that weren't there the night before! Funny about Paul McCartney - did you see him on the Golden Globes awards? He's still so cute, I think.

suzanne, you're smart to have a plan for when you are out and about on your property. I think we're going to be more cautious, as well, such as taking our cell phones with us. We haven't been, but realized our walking so far, we really do get away from the beaten path. And have already learned that even on the beaten path, you can't rely on people to help.

Did any of you watch the Haiti telethon last night? It was very moving and filled with some unbelievable performances. My favorite of the night was Justin Timberlake's - I'm not really up on a lot of people, so wondered who the guy was who accompanied him on the guitar? Their voices blended so beautifully....

I haven't donated yet, but am leaning towards Red Cross. They were there for us during Katrina, when no one else was, so if ever there was a time for us to pay it forward, it's now. (I'm not preaching, I mean "us", as in my husband and me.)

Have a good weekend. Clouds are moving in for the day.


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Good Saturday morning from very warm (70 F. for goodness's sake!) and cloudy SE Texas! We're due rain sometime today - not that we need more of it.

Jan, your first meal afterwards sounds wonderful to me!!! I finished my lunch last night for dinner, and it was still delish! I also slept like a dream all night long after having not even napped all day.

I enjoyed the telethon last night, too. I've given $$$ to the United Methodist rescue team because they've been onsight since 2 days after the earthquake and are using all the money for relief. It's UMCOR if anyone's interested.

Today is a lazy day for me. I started it off finding an interesting sounding movie, "Autumn", with Susan Sarandon and Christopher Plummer, and that with my first cup of coffee since Wednesday reeled me into pure laziness! :)

We are going out for an early dinner later to celebrate dh's 63rd birthday. We're going to a great seafood restaurant, Pappa's, over in a big town, then we may do some window-shopping.

Tomorrow, we're joining Susanne and a few other close friends to celebrate what would have been Larry's 64th birthday. At least he's with us in spirit!

Wishing everyone a wonderfully relaxing Saturday. Take care!

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Good Saturday afternoon.

It was 50 degrees here today and it felt like Spring to me! It was wonderful to be outside and not have to be bundled up from head to toe.

I am getting around pretty good, as long as I wear the ankle brace. It makes a huge difference. I only have one pair of shoes that the brace fits in, and they are my old boots. Not very glamorous, but they help stabilize my ankle, so that is what I am wearing.

NHSuzanne - I was able to "snag" the picture I wanted right from here and use it as a desktop background. Now I will think of you everytime I get on my computer!

QOD - Anyone read any good books lately? I just finished Half Broke Horses by Jennifer Walls. She wrote The Glass Castle, and this book is about her Grandmother, Lily Casey Smith. I just started Olive Kitteridge, and I am not sure I like it. But I will give it a few more chapters before I decide if I will give up on it.

Also, do we want to do a birthday card exchange again this year? I will organize it if Patti doesn't volunteer. That was a fun and easy way to celebrate our birthdays.

Hi Milkdud and Wodka!! I think you sent some of your southern warmth up our way.

DeeMarie - Email me anytime about your niece. I hope she gets a permanent position next year. I am actually starting to get in a better frame of mind about preschool. The kids lift me up whenever I am down. They are so funny. One little girl told us the other day that she was sick the week before and she had a "poop problem". Classic three year old lingo!! LOL

Hope everyone gets to see and enjoy some sunshine this weekend. I know it did me a world of good today.


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Hi, Marci! Sorry that you're still limping around, but you have a good attitude. I'm also happy to read that you're feeling better about school. We had a waiter tonight at Pappa's who only works there one day a week (Saturday, duh!) because he teaches kindergarten during the week. He was such a personable young man, and I'm sure those kids are thriving under his care. Good preschool teachers aren't all that plentiful, so I hope you choose to continue.

I, for one, would love to do the card exchange again this year. It was a lot of fun last year. I'll help you if I can, too.

That's all for tonight, but I was so excited to see you here that I just had to jump in and 'talk' to you. :)

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Good morning!

I've got to get my housework finished around here before the games start!

It has been a fun, but dreary, wet weekend, so far. My husband, who never wants to do anything on the weekends, decided we'd go look for a water feature to put in our backyard by the courtyard/fireplace. We drove to Ocean Springs (which is a quaint, wonderful little town, lots of shops) and found the perfect fountain. They will deliver and set up, and also will help with any future maintenance/problems that we might have with it. Seemed like a deal to us.

After talking so much about it, when we got home I decided to fix the Captain Rodney's Boucan Glaze cheese bake. OMG. It is sinfully delicious. The good thing is you can't eat too much of it, so we have some left to nibble on during football.

Did any of you watch the SAG awards last night? Betty White is truly one of the wittiest comediennes ever - and to be 88 years old! She had some great lines last night. Also, loved that Jeff Bridges won - his movie looks good.

Have a fun day. Will check in later, maybe after the ballgames. Even though I would love to see the Saints win (ya think? - ha!) I really like and respect all of the teams - the Jets, Colts, and Vikings - so it is going to be such fun watching them all.

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Here is something to make you all smile! Is this precious or what?

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Oh my gosh, suzanne, are those precious animals YOURS? I know I'm being redundant, using precious, but that describes this shot perfectly. Soooo sweet.

Looks like some messages are missing?

Re: Biggest Loser - Miggie and Migalia (sp?) are something else, aren't they? Pretty much the most dispicable contestants they've had on the show in a while.

Better run.....

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