Garbage disposal

jmr2mttJanuary 21, 2002

I have a dishrag stuck in my disposal and cannot get it unlodged. Any suggestions?

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We used to have a disposal. I would cut as much away as you can and see what happens.
Ours had a thing on the bottom that you could use an allen wrench and open to get things out of...check that, your dishrag may be able to pull out.
Lots of luck and let us know.

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We were able to dislodge the dishrag and all is well again. Thanks for the help.

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For what it's worth...I bet this may seem strange but a long time ago I was told to put the top end of your wooden broom handle down into the disposal and push (force)the jammed disposal open, and ..., believe it or not I have had to resort to this "old wives tale" a couple times in the worked.

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Glad you got the rag out!

There is an allen wrench provided by the manufacturer. It is a much better alternative to the broom handle idea. You can usually find it buried in your junk drawer or under the sink. Using it will avoid damaging the bearings or putting the rotating head out of allignment.

There is proper tool for a job and an improper tool. In this case the broom handle is the improper tool.

Always make sure the breaker is turned off when you stick your hand in the business end of the disposer.

I have heard ice cubes in your disposer will sharpen it. Thoughts?


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