dead mouse odor

frustrated_2007January 14, 2007

I have a dead mouse in the wall in my bedroom. The smell is really strong. Aside from the odor, can this be harmful to my family? I cant expose the area where I believe it is because I only rent this place. It is a double wide home. Should I have the landlord open the wall to get it out or is it ok to just wait it out. The paneling cant be replaced if it gets messed up, so is it worth it to take that chance.

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The smell should go away in a week or so.

I would not be tearing up irreplaceable paneling in a rental.... But I'd mention it to the landlord so that he can close up exterior holes.

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It will go away, your family will be forever mentally scarred but no health risks.

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Wait til you try to work on the drywall!!

I found a fairly complete bird skeleton in my attic when I was replacing the insulation... complete except for wings and feet.


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