How much would you like to lose?

Kim68January 30, 2004

For me it's 50lbs :-( I keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race!!!!!


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Hi Kim...
58 pounds here...but one pound at a time! Getting to 199 will be my immediate goal!

I quit smoking in June, I had a herniated disk in Sept. and had cortisone injections. All that led to weight gain and I have NEVER been over 200 before. I'm at 228 now, and I'm gettin' there. I started WW and lost 6 lbs so far.

I changed my lifestyle by not smoking, I can use some of the same tactics and skills for eating. Some of it is just FACING REALITY! Get those blinders off!

I LOVE to eat and must accept the fact that love of food must also include HUNGER PANGS and portion control!

Eventually I hope to use Dolly Parton's words of advice..
She eats anything she wants, but only a little bit of it!
Until then, I have to learn to control portions!
June Lynn

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I would like to lose 10 more pounds. I've lost 14 already.

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Hi Kim,
40 more pounds for me! I WILL lose it, so far I've started cutting back on fats, have almost gotten off regular Pepsi, I try to walk every day about 20 minutes. Some days I don't--boohoo. But, when I eat something that I shouldn't, I try to exercise more or cut back on the next meal.

I agree with you. Slow and steady wins the race. I don't want to endanger myself by starving---I want this to be a lifestyle. But, reading a lot of the food cans and boxes is tough, but I'm getting used to it.

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Hi Kim
My weight ballooned to 160 (too much for me) and I have struggled the last 3 years committed/uncommitted to getting 35-40 pounds off. I get down to about 145 and fall off the wagon. This time feels totally different. Finally really perterbed with myself big time and have set an overall goal that when I go home for a visit at the end of the summer, I want to be in size 12 again. I want to ENJOY my gardening more this summer by being more fit. I do HEAVY gardening - digging, hauling dirt, moving gravel. Basically in our new house I have been landscaping a bit every summer - by myself. Last summer was tough. I was overweight and felt it. Really PO'd with myself.

I have got down now to 148 and I still feel raring to go and I can see the light, finally. Feeling so much more determined. I can do this. I have done it before. Have shed a lot of mental crap that was eating away at me and have decided to get healthier mentally as well. Why I let myself go like I did, I don't know. I don't dwell on the past, I look forward to the future. It is brighter, lighter and I feel better.

Happy to meet new friends here.


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I really like to weight 110-115 since I'm only 5'2". I weigh 140 which is the most I've ever weighed. For a short person, over 40, who sits at a desk all day, it is almost impossible to loose weight.

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I'm just happy that the scale is in the downward trend! I don't have a weight goal or goal clothing size, rather a health goal---I want to be able to exercise and look forward to it and know that my insides are clean and healthy!

I keep a food diary and eat healthy choices.

So, when the scale stabilizes and I plateau, I'll ask the doc if he's happy with my weight. If he is, I am!


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Beverly, it's not impossible to lose! You just need to tell yourself you CAN do it and you will.

I've lost 101 lbs and would still like to lost another 20 lbs. With such a drastic weight loss, everyone keeps telling me that I don't need to lose any more or I'll dry up and blow away. It's hard to convince myself that I should lose another 20 when folks say that. I've met the WW goal, my doctor says I'm fine at my current weight (I'm 5 ft 6 in and 145 lbs) but I still have this psychological block, I don't see myself as thin. I look in the mirror and still see a big round face and an extremely big round butt!

I've come a long way and should be satisfied, but I'm not.


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I would like to lose about 35 but I will settle for anywhere close to 30.......I need to get rid of this because I am short and most of it shows up around my middle section....I'm not obese or even close but just can't take any more weight because I can't walk any distance any more, I even have trouble bending over etc etc

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I weighed 105 lbs. when I got married, but that was many moons ago. I think I'd look like a skeleton weighing that much now. Really, I think body frame---small, medium, and large----means a whole lot. I fall in the medium frame, with wide shoulders. I haven't checked lately, but I'm thinking that my weight, according to charts, should be somewhere in the 125-135 category.

So, I've got a little ways to go---about 40 more lbs. But, I'm hapy with my weight loss so far.

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