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milkdud_2007January 4, 2010

Wakey, wakey! Time to start a new week in 2010!

Back later!

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Happy New Year!

I rode to work this morning thinking out loud if this is finally the year I take charge of my health. Don't want to disappoint myself again, but life is so much easier when I'm eating healthfully. No time is the wrong time to start.

Good Luck and Good Health!

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Happy New Year!

Suzanne, you should have your package by Saturday.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I hate being behind the eight ball like I was this holiday season. I owe my sister gifts and my very old friend in Vegas. The good news is my home renovations are complete, are better than hoped for and I entertained family and friends both Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. I promise one night this week to go to Photobucket and follow Suzanne's directions to post pictures.

I will try not to be MIA so much this year. I miss everyone when I'm not around!

Have a great evening.


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Happy New Year, Donna, and glad that you have completed renovations to celebrate. Please share the pictures with us!

It was really rough getting back to work, especially in this extreme cold. I waited until the sun came up to leave for the office because they were warning us about black ice on the streets. Cannot ever remember this much ice and low temps this early in the season. Even in NC, everyone was running around looking for heavy coats...the temps went down into the low 20's. YIKES!!!! The residents kept apologizing to us for the weather! LOL!!

Hey, how about my JETS, huh? I'm am so excited that we made the playoffs; don't care how far along they go; the fact that we play past January 3rd is a thrill.

Make this week count, and check in.

First stumble yesterday, a rice crispie treat.....ugh!!!

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Good Morning!

Oh, my gosh, is it ever cold down here on the balmy Mississippi Gulf Coast. I just got in from our morning walk and it is still only 21 degrees. I look like the Michelin Man when I leave the house!

Today marks a year of Weight Watching and Walking. Yesterday I went to my meeting. I had a slight weight gain of 1.2 pounds a few weeks ago, and had skipped the last two meetings, so was happy to see I lost that and was back at 56 pounds lost.

The meeting was exactly what I needed to re-charge my batteries and give me the incentive to go after these last 15 stubborn pounds I want to lose. I know I can do it, just need to get it going.

I am on a pear kick right now. Love them with the Laughing Cow light cheese spread on them. Anyone have any healthy recipes for pears you would like to share?

Donna, can't wait to see your pictures!

Better run. Stay warm and have a good one.


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Happy New Year!!

Yes, it sure was hard to get back in the saddle yesterday!

What a whirlwind couple of weeks it's been. I received a BEAUTIFUL ornament from BJ! Also included were some postcards from "The Rock", a Seattle Escapes tour magazine, an invitation to visit her this summer and a GORGEOUS family photo! (looks like those girls finally agreed on what to wear lol! BJ, your family is adorable! Thank you so much.

I didn't do too badly with my eating this holiday season and managed to lose 2 lbs. 18 more to go... I got a jump on a New Year's resolution to fit in the exercise and have been working out/ walking every day but Sunday since just before Christmas. I am really into it now! They say it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit so I am on my way! I gave up diet coke for new year ( I'm Gonna TRY it for 2 weeks...) and the first day I was just DYING!!! Talk about addiction! Sheesh!

Well, its off to see some patients this morning and then back to my office for the dreaded paperwork. Medicare's gift to me this year was to change all of the paperwork so that I have to actually THINK while filling it out Ha Ha!

Have a great day!


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Sorry I've been MIA. I have NO computer at home until next week (my DD blue-screened my laptop a couple months ago, and it's been in the shop with MEGA problems.) The holidays with the in-laws went well---very well...but I'm glad it's over!

I use the computer at work for checkin in, so over the holidays with work, in-laws, etc, I had no time to pop by and say hi!

I received a wonderful ornament from milkdud! It is a TEXAS ornament shaped like the state. Also received delicious hot cocoa, a "B" picture bookmark (LOVE IT!) and a nail file gift tag! So much fun to open the package. THANKS!

Well, some of my New Year's resolutions are to exercise (I've been doing 30 minutes on my eliptical EVERY night for 4 nights in a row now!), try not to get any more parking tickets (the time limit on street parking here is 2 hours, so I have to go out and move my truck every 2 hours!--PITA!!!!), and I WILL CLEAN OUT MY GARAGE (I have already used my power tools to hang up 2 of our bikes!) Off to a good start!

Wodka & Tikanas~ You are inspirational! Keep posting those successes!

Wodka, I like coring and slicing the pears and putting them in a shallow glass baking dish, adding some cinnamon (& a LITTLE buttah!) and a little apple juice and baking, covered, until pears are soft. My family loves this one on the side of dish of scrambled eggs or as dessert with brie and a couple of crackers.

DeeMarie: Okay, I'll pay attention to YOUR Jets - lol.

DonnaSNJ- Can't wait to see pics! I'll try and post pics of my kitchen soon too. I finally have it all put together and unpacked.

Just to let you guys know, the state (and court) will choose a forever family for Baby V on the 12th of this month, and then the move transition will begin. The exercise I'm doing will likely help relive the stress and anxiety I will experience.

Thanks to all of you for being here and STAYING here! Huggles and love to ALL OF YOU!

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Come out from hiding under your blankies and tell us how you're doing in this cold new year!!!!!

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Good morning!

Another chilly morning down south, but got the walk in, yea! Tomorrow rain, and possibly an "icy mix" are predicted. I feel sorry for all of the snowbirds who came here for our warm climate! Of course, the 20's are probably warm to a lot of you!

BJ, thanks for the kind words, but I'm hardly an inspiration. In fact, I've been so "relaxed" in my eating since November. I could have been through with this journey if I had been more disciplined, but then I don't know if I would have lasted as long, if that makes any sense. Sorry, I think I've got a bit of hypothermia from my walk - ha!

You must have so many emotions stirring with Baby V's joining his "forever family" soon. If they give him half the love and care that you have, he is guaranteed a happy life. You are the one who is an inspiration!

Thanks for the pears recipe. (I sprinkle cinnamon on everything!)

Have a wonderful day.


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I am sitting here under my Slanket drinking my second cup of coffee and looking at the snow coming down. We have no heat at preschool, so we had to cancel. After so many days off for Christmas, I really didn't need another day off, but it was only 53º in our building.

I am going to make some Sloppy Joes and get something ready for the crockpot for tomorrow. If it stops snowing, I may run some errands so I can make good use of the time off.

BJ - I know you must have conflicting feelings about Baby V. Jan is right, if his forever family is 1/2 as caring as you are, he will be lucky. Will you still be able to see him or at least keep track of him?

Anyone have any thoughts on Biggest Loser? Lots of compelling stories, but it's too soon to pick a favorite, although I liked the Italian Mom and son.
I thought it was cruel to send two couples home so soon, even if with the little surprise from Bob and Jillian.

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marci, would you believe I fell asleep during the last 5 minutes of Biggest Loser, so wasn't sure about which one was voted to go home? I kind of like the curly haired young man with his mom, but you're right, it's too early to pick favorites. One of the young women resembled Shay from last season, did you notice?

I had a good day of eating, but during one of the million commercials during The Biggest Loser, I opened a bag of pistachios, because I had read somewhere that they were good for you. NOT the way I eat them - like a squirrel! I couldn't believe I ate them so quickly, and then wanted more. Don't need to buy those anymore....stick to the pears - ha! You would think watching a show about people fighting obesity would make you lose your appetite, but not me. I remember the first time my girlfriends and I watched Jane Fonda's workout (many, many years ago) - we shared a bottle of wine while watching it!!!

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Jan, you are so funny. I remember a joke about eating sandwiches during a viewing of the Richard Simmons' dance fitness tapes! LOL!!!!

I have an old friend who e:mailed me yesterday. She is fighting a losing battle to lose weight, along with me. We had some awesome success in the mid-90's with walking and talking about our lives and letting lots of stuff 'go'. She suggested coming up to my place to walk around the lake this spring during the evenings. I told her "no"; not my place because we would end up sitting in my house and eating and talking (finding excuses not to walk). I did, however, suggest, that we meet at my old condo complex to do the walking and talking, just like we used to. There is nothing to do there but walk. The first warm weather we get, we are going to try it again.

BJ, your 'baby' is still on my prayer list. I've added you and your family.

Please hold some special thoughts for a friend who is going for a biopsy tomorrow. She just discovered that her brother has vocal cord cancer, so it's not a good 2010 for her so far. Thanks!


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BJ - Hugs and prayers to you, your family and Baby V that the "powers that be" make the correct choice. I admire all you have done to give that little fellow a fantastic start.

Tikanis - WTG with your loss at this time of year.

Jan - ROFLMAO with drinking wine to Jane Fonda workout - I wished we were friends back then - I would have joined you.

Donna - I am so happy that your renovations is done! That really didn't take long once it got started.

Dee - great to reconnect with an old walking buddy. I will hold positive thoughts for your other friend.

I thought things would be quieting down about now, but they are just as crazy as ever. I find I have fallen back into the old pattern of saying YES to everything LOL. I broke that habit for a long time, I don't know what happened.

Have a wonderful day!

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Good gloomy afternoon from SE Texas!

Don't you love how I start this thread for the week, then I disappear? LOL I developed a vicious sinus headache Monday evening that hung on until late last night, so I didn't do much of anything except drink lots of liquids, pop sinus pills, and hold my aching head.

Today was our first weekday church women's meeting, and the weather has been freezing cold this week, so we figured that not many women would show up. Plus, it was our official big business meeting, and that rarely draws in the crowds. The president called to warn me not to make much food because we'd be just a skeleton crew, but I chose to make enough for about a hungry dozen, just in case. Good thing I did because we had 18 women show up! We had about 6 new people show up, and the food stretched just enough, thank goodness. I had made pimiento cheese spread, chicken salad spread, and tuna salad, and put them on three yummy, healthy breads, plus baked chips, and grapes.

We're supposed to have very cold temps tonight, down in the low 20's, and tomorrow may bring moisture of some kind, so we're on standby about going to the St. Jude headquarters in Houston to mail out t-shirts that 'partners in hope' earned by donating at least $360 during the last radiothon. If I stay home, I think I'll work on my son's and DDIL's scrapbook before it's time to start their baby's book.

BJ, I will be praying that everything works out perfectly for Baby V this time. I'll also be praying for you and your family as this has to be a difficult time for y'all, too.

I wish everyone here a great 'hump day', and will personalize my message more tomorrow. Right now, a nap is in my near future!

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Move over Milkdud, I need a nap too!
Good thing you made all that food. I have a potluck at my new church tonight too and I am making a Tex-Mex black bean salad.Maybe I should double the recipe...

Bj, you have a heart of gold! How wonderful that you gave this child such a great start! My thoughts and prayers are with you too.

Marci, I hope you are having a TERRIFIC surprise day off! No need to be productive EVERY day off!

Jan, You crack me up!

Dee, how nice to get it in gear with an old buddy! And aren't you smart to take it away from the realm of temptation!

Raeanne, repeat after me (wistful tone in voice) "I'd LOVE to help you out but it just isn't possible at this time...."
I'm not sure if I am telling this to you or to myself! Ha ha!

Well, I have been feeling wiped out all day. And I seriously miss Diet Coke!~ Forget paperwork, I am heading for that nap. I will pay for it tomorrow but, oh well!!


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Geezopete Wodka, I about blew water all over my monitor when I read you felt like the Michelan man when you go walking. Those were the exact same words I told my hubby I felt like walking in this cold weather. I am thinking maybe I should move back to S. Florida. NOT !! I love this cold. It is invigorating and I figure if I am toting all those extra cloths to keep warm, I am toting around extra weight and thus burning more calories. Makes sense to me. LOL

So far I haven't missed a day walking this year. We are supposed to get some snow tonight, but that's okay, I like walking in the snow.


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Good Thursday all,

I have been MIA too. On Dec 28th I started feeling bad and by the 30th I had to leave my office to see my doctor. I have a walking pneumonia. I am feeling quite alot better now but am still home for this week. I was down for the count. There was no New Year celebration at our house. Thank God that DH was home and has been doing most of my outside chores.

Marci, I thought of you under your slanket! I was under my blankie too.

We had a huge storm last week that lasted for three days...this winter so far has been brutal to so many.

Jan, I laughed too about you drinking wine and watching Jane! I have been guilty of the very same thing. LOL

BJ, I am thinking of you and echo what others have said. Baby V is very lucky and I just know things will work out well.

Dee, I am staying under my blankie for now thank you very much!

Milkdud, I hope you are feeling better now.

RE: Biggest Loser. All I can say is WOW - there are alot of pounds to deal with this season. I don't think you stand a chance of getting on that show unless you are 300 +
Makes my weight issues seem samll.

To top the lousy start of this new year for us (me being sick), our son, who has not been clean and sober for God knows how long, has been arrested again for a myriad of offenses. All we can do is say our prayers because he is going to have to figure out what he needs to do now. Somehow he is going to have to pull himself up or... It makes me so sad and my heart breaks for DH.

I hope I don't bring you all down. Just wanted to share.

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Good morning!

My walking buddy and I decided last night not to walk today because of the predicted rain/sleet/freezing temps - would you believe it is sunshining and a forecasted high of 55. There is an 80% chance of rain and plummeting temps, but not yet, apparently. Oh, well. It's kind of nice taking a day off from walking. I might dig out my hula hoop later.

Tikanis - have you ever tried Diet Rite Cola? A friend of mine got me on them a while back - no caffeine, sugar, sodium, but has a good cola taste to them. They also make other flavors (my husband prefers their White Grape.)

Suzanne, I hate that you are going through so much right now. Get well soon. Re: you son -it's so hard to watch someone self-destruct. If it makes you feel any better, I imagine most, if not all of us, have someone in their families who have struggled with their personal demons. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Darn pistachios won again last night. The good thing is the bag is almost empty and I know I will not be restocking them. I don't care how beneficial they are supposed to be. I woke up with a stomach ache this a.m. and know they are the culprit!

Re: Biggest Loser. I can't imagine having the guts to go on national television in a sports bra and exercise shorts, even now, with my weight loss. No way....

I hope today is a good one for all of you.


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[[[[[[[[SUZANNE & Family]]]]]]]] I'm praying for all of you. Feel better soon, sister!

I've got to do an annual review with my staff members this morning. Wish me luck, as I've been out of this for a while. Got some good feedback from folks, so it should not be too painful!

Marci, hope your weather has improved a bit. My car dashboard read "31 degrees" this morning, but the roads and walkways are still icy. Have not walked yet this year with my neighbor. Our colleagues in the UK are working from home for the 2nd day in a row. They have not seen this much snow in decades!!! Also heard that Korea is under snow for the first time in 70 year!

Keep yourselves safe and warm!

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Suzanne, (((HUGS!)))

Hi Helen!

Jan, step away from the pistachios...! How far/long do you walk each day? Do you go 7 days a week or...? I might try diet rite. Read below....

Dee, how did the review go?

Alright BJ! Where are you?? We can't hold you accountable if you don't check in ha ha!

This has been a difficult week for me. I have not felt like myself at all; tired, achy, foggy-brained with poor concentration.I have gotten little to no paperwork done which will translate into no paycheck if I don't play catch up pretty quick.

The one New Year's resolution I made was to quit diet coke and apparently, cold turkey was NOT the way to go for me. I broke down and had one last evening and felt almost instantly better.It's not just the caffeine either, as coffee doesn't seem to even phase me. This is NOT a good thing... So, I am regrouping; "let's review" my friend Rose always said. Ha!
I WILL be quitting the DC but not all at once. I will limit them and taper off over the next 3 weeks. This way I can avoid going to the poor house and still accomplish my goal.
I know this might sound silly to some people, but this is a real problem for me.I am feeling pretty foolish right about now... Apparently, I am not alone either! Any thoughts?

Back later, I have to see patients and figure out how to play catch up with my paperwork. : (

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Good morning!

Tikanis, one of our friends got a GPS thing and measured our walk route, and it is approximately 4.5 miles that we walk. We walk five days a week and take off on weekends (and days like today when it's brutally cold!) I have ordered another pair of long underwear and microfleece pants that should arrive today and help me make it through this arctic blast we are having.

Other ideas for you weaning off of your diet coke, maybe try a little variety until you have accomplished your goal. Crystal Light makes those packets to put in your bottled water - one is Crystal Lite Focus Natural Citrus Splash. On the box it says "Caffeine to enhance mental energy." It's low sodium and has 40 mg Caffeine per serving. I don't know how many Diet Coke has, but it might be worth a shot.

I'm like you re: coffee. I have mine in the morning and then that's it. During this cold weather I've been drinking Alpine Diet Apple Cider (found it at Walmart-comes in packets) in the afternoons and find it filling (sweetened with Splenda) and a nice change.

The pistachios are GONE! I ate the rest of them yesterday afternoon with a can of low-sodium V-8 juice. My husband never even saw the bag. That's really sick, isn't it?

Stay warm and healthy and have a great weekend, everyone!

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Hi all from a cold KY!

Jan, I got a good laugh re: the wine and Jane Fonda. Many years ago, I had a friend that would get off of work, and stop by and have brekky with me before school, and we'd eat biscuits & sausage gravy and watch aerobics on TV.

Suzanne, (((((hugs))))) my friend. You're certainly got a platter full to start the new year.

Hi Helen! I like your theory about the extra clothing! LOL!!

Well, I'm at my lowest weight in well over 10 years. I am trying to get back to eating good, but I've been doing Wii Fit everyday, so at least I'm doing something! It's too cold here to walk, but it's supposed to be 40 next week.



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Good Saturday all,

For all of you in normally warmer climates I feel for you. It's unbelievable how cold it is in the south! Wow. Notice how no one is talking about global warming right now?

Dressing in layers is essential to staying warm for sure.

It's sunny here but cold and windy. I can deal with the cold but the wind just makes it awful.

Milkdud, I hope you are feeling better. Let us know how you are.

Maddie, congrats on your weight! Not a bad position to be in as you approach 40!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.

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Good morning!

suzanne, thanks for the sympathy re: our cold temps in the South! I don't see how y'all do it! It's warmed up to 23 degrees (got down into the teens last night.) Can't wait to get back to our warmer, rainy temps. I promise I'll never complain about rain again (maybe?!)

Maddie, I agree- congratulations on your weight - I would love to be approaching 40 again, and to be at a good weight - how great is that for you? I turn 60 this year and I stutter every time I say it! But I do plan on being at goal by the time my birthday rolls around.

I think I'm going to make some soup today. There's a WW recipe that calls for cabbage and beans and tomato/tomato sauce that's really good and pretty much no points per serving. I need that, since my walking buddy delivered homemade gooey chocolate/walnut cookies last night. Of course, I had to eat one so I could tell her how good they were - that was the neighborly thing to do, right? At least I didn't top off the night with PISTACHIOS!

Have a great weekend. Lots of football on - hope your teams win!

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Good Saturday afternoon from not-so-warm SE Texas. It's only 30 F. right now and the sun is shining brightly. It got down in the low 20's during the night. BRRR! I know it's nothing compared to what most of y'all are experiencing, but I admit it - I'm a weather wimp! ;)

Maddie, congrats, girl, on being your skinniest! Now to modify your food to healthy! I know that you can do it because you've conquereed so many other things.

Jan, that's quite a daily walk, and I'm so impressed. I'd also love that soup recipe. It's actually one I DON'T have. lol

Suzanne, bless your heart - having walking pneumonia is no fun at all. I'm happy that your dh was home to take over though. What a blessing that was! Hope you're feeling much improved by now.

Tikanis, about this time last year, my dh was told to give up caffeine because he was suffering from neuropathy. Well, he had us go cold turkey without telling me about it, and I had sick headaches for 3 days in a row and didn't know why. He had switched out our regular coffee for decaf which he makes every morning. On the 4th day, we had an early lunch where I ordered a Diet Coke, and after the first sip, I felt almost human again, and by the 2nd refill, I felt like a million bucks. Once I understood what was going on, I adjusted my coffee intake with half & half caf/decaf, and my headaches disappeared. I gradually cut out the caffeine slowly, and now I'm fine with decaf. I wish you well in weaning yourself from the cokes!

Donna, I'm excited for you about your renovations. I'd love to see the photos, too. Congrats!

Dee, how did the reviews go? It must be a nerve-wracking thing.

Helen, I like it cooler than the temps we usually get around here - especially in the summer. And I agree that the Michelin man comment was hilarious!

Raeanne, once long ago, my preacher gave an entire sermon on saying "NO". I only remember what I want to about it, but it stuck with me that the kindest thing you can do for yourself and for others sometimes is to turn things down if it can't be done with your whole heart involved. Now, when I try new things around here, I preface it to myself, and to the ones involved if it's necessary, that I want to make sure I'm the right person for the job or if I'd be good at whatever it is.

I'm much improved now. I think it's been the huge change in the weather lately giving my sinuses fits. I don't have a headache today, TG! I'm going over to my friend's house this afternoon for a 'girls' day out' of movie-watching/knoshing/solving world problems. Susanne is hosting us and wants to fill her empty home with laughter and human warmth. It's a beautiful day to get together with all these great women friends I've been blessed with in the past 2 years.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday!

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milkdud, here's the soup recipe. You can add/change the vegetables as you desire, as long as they are somewhat healthy (I've added black beans, squash, etc.) I've even browned ground turkey and added it (just to have the meat - increases in WW points, but sometimes worth it.)

3 cups nonfat beef broth or nonfat vegetable broth or nonfat chicken broth (beef is the best)
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 cups chopped cabbage
1/2 yellow onion
1/2 cup chopped carrot
1/2 cup green beans
1/2 cup chopped zucchini
1/2 teaspoon basil
1/2 teaspoon oregano
salt & pepper

1) Spray pot with non stick cooking spray saute onions carrots and garlic for 5 minutes.
2) Add broth, Tomato paste, cabbage, green beans, basil, oregano and Salt & Pepper to taste.
3) Simmer for a about 5-10 minutes until all vegetables are tender then add the zuccini and simmer for another 5 or so minutes.

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Hi all!

I wish I *was* approaching 40! :) I passed that milestone in '02, and if nursing school doesn't kill me, I'll be 48 in October. This year will be my 30th high school anniversary, and I wonder where the time has gone. In some ways, I am so much happier that I thought I could be, but I'm not where I thought I'd be. Or hoped I'd be. But, the way that I figure it is that if I'm above ground, then life is good! :)

And life is good! And getting better all the time!



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Jan, thanks for the soup recipe. I'll definitely be trying it with the turkey.

My girls' day out was just what I needed. We watched 3 very different kinds of movies, ate lots of fruit, then pizza and brownis for dinner, laughed a lot and talked some.

Bedtime now! Happy Sunday, y'all.

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Good Sunday all,

It's below zero here this morning with light wind (TG). I was thinking about all you in warm climates suffering from this record cold. YHave you all heard of Polar Tec? It's a marvelous fabric for keeping warm.

Maddie, I am sorry I misread your post! Ah 40...such a sweet memory!

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How funny - I misread Maddie's post, too, although 48 sounds good to me, too!

suzanne, thanks for the Polar Tec tip. My neighbor and I really need to work on our walking gear. We bundle up in layers, but some of our stuff, like mufflers/scarves actually get damp/sweaty, even in the frigid temps we're having. It's also difficult to find decent outerwear down here, I guess because there's seldom use for it. Can you recommend any good shopping websites to use? I found some good thermal silk underwear on Overstock.com, will be wearing those tomorrow!

Our water pressure is very low. I filled the bathtub this a.m. just in case we didn't have any (to flush toilets.) Usually, we just go through this drill in hurricane season. This morning my husband asked me to make his coffee (he drinks the instant sugar free Cafe Vienna) with bottled water, because he was concerned about the low pressure. Fine, except I already drank a mug of my brewed stuff with tap water, now my coffee tastes funny (my imagination, I'm sure.)

I know y'all think we are such sissies for complaining about this. I don't know if I would know how to breathe in below zero temps, suzanne. How are you feeling, by the way?

Dee, how about your Jets!!! So glad to see Sanchez have a great game - loved watching his post-game conference!

Have a great Sunday.

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Jan, that's the beauty of polar tech. When you sweat it draws it to the outside of the fabric away from your skin. It is really a miracle man-made material. Invented right here in New England. I use polar tech for my horses too. When they work in cold weather and get sweaty, I put a cooler on them made of polar tech and it draws all the sweat out of their coats and onto the outside of the cooler. Amazing.

I know it's difficult to deal with cold when you are not prepared for it. Why would you be prepared for such bizarre temps?

LL Bean is the best place to buy polar tech garments. They are an EXCELLENT company with a great return/replace policy. I think it's just llbean.com but you can google if that does not work.

I am feeling better each day thanks to good drugs. I finally have some energy again! Thank you for asking.

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