RECIPE: Sweetend, unsweetend coconut question..

sapphiresDecember 15, 2003


My cookie recipe calls for unsweetend coconut. Three stores in my area didn't have, so hubby gotten sweetend coconut. Can I use this? What if any difference would it make in the cookies. Help!!!!! Thanks.


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What kind of cookies are you making, Sapphires? It probably won't matter too much, but you may have to reduce the amount of sugar you use.


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I agree with Lori it probably won't make much of a difference. According to the site below they suggest soaking the sweetened coconut in 1/2 water & 1/2 milk in the refrigerator to remove the sugar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll down to Substitutions

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I am just making coconut butter cookies, my recipe calls for 3/4 C sugar. If I have to reduce sugar what would be your or anyone else's suggestions in the reduction? Or would I not need to reduce the sugar amount? The recipe also says (toasted coconut) but I was thinking if I toast the coconut first and then bake the cookies, the coconut would just get darker. What are your thoughts on that? It's been awhile since I made these and can't remember if I toasted the coconut first or not. I would prefer to cut out that step since I have so much to do with other things.

Thanks for the link you provided, I have it bookmarked. If it really matters that the coconut be unsweetend then I will do as your link suggested.

Thanks to both of you, anxiously awaiting your replies.

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I have bought unsweetened coconut at health food stores - don't think regular stores carry it, probably for good reason. Unsweetened coconut tastes terrible, in my opinion. It needs all the sugar, butter and flavorings of a recipe to make it palatable. After trying unsweetened, you will notice that 'regular' coconut is very, very sugary. ~ Suzie

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My guess would be for a cookie or other sweet it probably won't make a lot of difference but in a savory dish using sweetened coconut rather than unsweetened might make the taste come out wrong.

Sapphires, can't you soak the coconut for a while or at least rinse it then dry it? Toasting it only takes a brief time, too.

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Sapphires, I'd go ahead and follow the recipe as written using the sweetened coconut. The sweetened coconut will probably toast a little quicker, so keep an eye on it (the sugar will make it toast quicker - that may be why the recipe recommends unsweetened). I'm sure it will be fine. Let us know!


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