newbie21December 22, 2012

Are nails acceptable for securing subfloor or should i insist on screws?

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Nails meet Code. However, for the tightest, least squeaky floor, I nail, screw and glue.

It's the default system in high-end homes.

Auto-feed screw gun used to screw down decks and subfloors from a standing position.

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Use an appropriate heavy duty construction adhesive. (Sounds basic, but I have seen white glue rolled on.)

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Glue and screw floors and drywall. It's stronger and quieter.

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and drywall

If you're depending on the drywall for the house's structural integrity, you're cutting it too close.

Quieter? Only with "Green Glue".

Cheaper? Maybe, as it reduces the number of screw holes to patch. And you hope that the glue has improved since the 1970s and the drywall doesn't "belly out" over time.

Reduces nail pops?

That's Lstiburek's verdict, as he recommends short screws and glue. (RR-0107)

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