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aka_raeanneJanuary 7, 2008

Come out, come out, wherever you are...

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Raeanne, I will keep you company!

I got the job! It is very exciting and bittersweet at the same time. I love my current job, but it is time to move ahead, work more hours and try something new. Thanks for all of the moral support that I got here. It really meant alot.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is still sticking by their resolutions!


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Good afternoon! I'll keep y'all company, too.

Way to go on getting the job, Besh! What kind of work will you be doing soon? I know it's hard to leave your current position, but job security is so important.

Hi, Raeanne! Come back and tell us about your weekend. You always do interesting things.

I'm back on track with my eating now because the "bad stuff" is gone. Hubby did the grocery shopping this weekend, and he shopped like me - rotisserie chicken instead of fried, fresh veggies instead of chips. I may have finally gotten through to him!

The fridge now contains yogurt, fresh fruit, veggies, skim milk, and the rotisserie chicken. The pantry has low-carb and lower-fat soups, whole wheat pastas, and Kashi cereals. It feels so good to have healthy choices now.

QOD: what new thing/WOE/habit are you trying so far in 2008?

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Besh - CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you, it is so exciting to start a new chapter.

Milkdud - Nothing too exciting to report, we went over to a friends house on Saturday night to watch a football game and have dinner. Last night neighbors stopped by and then we went out to dinner together. Can I send my DH to you, he still doesn't understand what I can and what I can't eat?

Suzanne - are you getting the January thaw? It is warming up around here and is suppose to be near 60 tomorrow. I hope it's not creating too much of a mess by you.

Maddie - still thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

BJ - have you gotten juiced lately?

QOD - I am trying to make sure I have legal foods on hand at all times. When I cook I am making double so that I will have lunches or another dinner out of it. I really run into trouble when I have nothing legal at arms length or prepared.

Enjoy your day.

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Well, I better chime in before they start the site maintenance!

Looks like we're going to get an arctic blast here in the NW! Maybe snow tonight!

BESH!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Congrats! What a great way to start the New Year---of course, we never had a doubt you'd be moving onto bigger and better things!

Milkdud! Good for your DH! I don't think my husband has made a shopping trip for the family in YEARS! But with kids, the snacks keep sneaking in around here!

Raeanne~ I have been juicing something every day!

My favorites are apples, pears, bananas, oranges, and pineapples. I also love making straight carrot and straight grapefruit juice. I use all organic fruit, so every bit goes in. The peel on the organic pineapple is very good for joints and I'm learning all kinds of stuff about the seeds stems, peels etc that I won't bore you guys with! I also throw some Bob's ground flax seed into the juice and that really makes it good for me. AND my grocery receipts look way different now! I'm basically shopping ONLY the perimeter of the store, save for some pasta and a couple of frozen veggie products.

I am finally over my coffee fix. I quit cold turkey because that's the only way I can stop doing anything! (NHSuzanne asked me why I was doing it that way...) But it's brutal, I tell ya. I'm good now--no headaches, no mid-afternoon slump. JUICY!

And Jen....CONGRATS on the success! Hawaii, again? How do you do that????? :-) You'll look great!

I spent the weekend over on the rock, computer-less. I got over there and my power brick broke, so I have to make a run to the computer geeks to get a new one. I got a lot done over there though!

MADDIE? Check in, sistah! We're freaking out, wondering what's going on with you!


QOD: I echo Raeanne's remark about being 'prepared to eat.' I believe if you plan ahead, you plan for success. I'm not doing any WOE, other than lots of fresh fruit, veggies, and juices, of course. The exercise has become pretty important to me, so I go to the walking track at least 3 times a week for 30 to 50 minutes. Staying off the coffee has been pretty rewarding; I feel so much better w/o it.

Have a great day!

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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Sorry, I have been MIA and just finished catching up on the posts. DH and I had a quiet New Years Eve and then on the 2nd we went to meet up with some old friends from Ohio in Cedar Key, FL (5 1/2 Hrs away)for two nights. We had a nice time. I know you will all laugh, but it got really cold down here. Down to 35. But back to 80 today.

Resolutions - I break all and any that I make right away, so I am not making any. DH and I are still trying to eat better.

BESH - congrats on the job!!!!!!!! What a great way to start the new year!

Dee Marie - Have a wonderful trip!

Whenicit - Welcome. I have been with this site for a few years now I beleive. It is a great place to get ideas and vent and just get support and be supportive. I still use sommersizing receipes.....I know it works. I lost 35 lbs on it about 6 yrs ago but has since gained it all plus some more back. I am not a disciplined person. I am 44 and live in the Southwest Florida area. I have been married for 12 yrs and have three furbabies (3 cats).

BJ - Juicing sounds yummy! congrats on giving up coffee cold turkey. You are a strong woman!!!!!

NH Suzanne - I enjoyed your posts about your home during the holidays and all the work and family you had over. DH and I stayed in FL for the holidays and it was sad a bit but I got over it quickly when I got the holiday phone calls from family. That helped.

I'll post again later.

Take Care.


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I suppose NHSuzanne is at the polls today. How exciting! Our primary isn't until the 19th of February and I'm going to be voting absentee ballot since I'll be gone.
Was it Whenicit who was from Iowa? Is voting the big buzz there now?
When I was in Alaska, voting was such a BIG deal (very politically active state, that Alaska) everyone campaigned, talked about the candidates, and was pretty darn knowledgeable about the issues...but in WA, no one really mentions it and great debates are few and far between.....DARN!

Well, we did not get any snow where I live, however, some parts north got a flurry or 2.

I'm down exactly 2 pounds since New Year's Day, when I started drinking juice instead of coffee. I'm just happy that I'm over the caffeine-withdrawal headaches!---but I'll take the loss with pleasure!

I wanna know about Besh's *NEW* job! Fill us in!

And...has anyone heard from Maddie? --- on an outside line?

Back later to read.....

Enjoy the day! It's so dark and cloudy here, it looks like nighttime. Winters in the Northwest are so frickin' fun.

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It's sooooooooooooooooo lonely in this forum........

Someone open a curtain and LET SOME LIGHT IN!!!!

The sun is half-heatedly shining here today. No snow.

How 'bout those presidential candidate primaries? Huh? GUUUUUURL POWER.... and the good ole Mac boy network rides again. NHSuzanne, was your town voting center a madhouse last night?

Back to packing....and juicing! I end all project in "and juicing"

I bought a couple of books on de-cluttering...I tossed my other decluttering books when I was decluttering last I am re-inspired, especially since I am packing for the move NOW. It's time to really assess how much material stuff I need to operate in this life. So far, It's been pretty amazing how many pairs of boots I NEED! And I packed an entire box of books regarding death. I'm wondering how Feng Shui fits into THAT! I feel like I should have put a stick of sage incense or a flute cure in that box or something.

Oh, I heard a funny thing in the island bookstore last weeknend. A lady went to the cash wrap to buy her books and the guy said, "Are you from here...or are you visiting?" She answered, "I'm from HERE, but just" Now I know there are a LOT of hippies on the island, but this sort of took the cake for me.

Whilst I was there, I bought a book called, "GIVING...How Each Of Us Can Change The World." Gonna start reading it tonight.

What's everyone else HERE reading right now????????

I could ramble on quite a bit more, but I feel I should let someone else get a word in, eh?

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I'm here, BJ! It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood today. Cool, once again, and sunny.

I met another neighbor this morning. She built here 21 years ago, and hers was only the 3rd house in this whole area at the time. Things have really changed since then as just about every lot on this long street is now built on. The last house was just put on the market last weekend, and it's the house next door to me. Hope we get wonderful neighbors. Maybe I'll get someone interesting like BJ!

BJ, I have decluttered so many times since our move began last summer, and I still have more to do. Incredible how much stuff possesses me! Share your decluttering tips when you come across an unusual one, please.

I received the link last night to the wedding photos from my oldest Dson's wedding. I stayed up for an hour pouring over them and remembering that special day. It was also an eye-opener for me to see how fat I was in the pictures. I hate it for my son that that's how I was captured. I'm working on improving myself now, too late for the pictures, but not too late for life.

Maddie, I hope things are better for your mom now. Sending good wishes for all of y'all.

Have a good day, everyone!

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BJ - I am reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and I am enjoying it. ROFLMAO about visiting earth. I sent Maddie an email but haven't heard back.

Milkdud - I got more than a glimpse in the mirror last night and I felt ill. I have so much celulite I feel like cancelling my vacation next month. I am certain you will have many more kodak moments in your life with the new and improved you.

Sunny and warm here today and loving it, especially since all of this will be history come this weekend when the temps are going to dip.

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Milkdud - I know how you feel. I actually have gotten to where I ask not to be photographed and some people think they are being CUTE by snapping a picture and laughing. Glad you got to enjoy that special day again while looking at the pictures.

Books - not reading one at the moment but ready to pick one out. I did see one that looked interesting called. reversing diabetes. I want to check it out at the book store before I buy it.

BJ - are you moving permanently to the is;and? Did you sell your house? I must have missed soemthing.

Take Care - enjoy the evening!!


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We got back yesterday. Had a very nice trip. Today the horrible wreck happened on I-4. So sad.

It was very nice to read & catch up with everyone. Glad that almost everyone is doing well.

Maddie ((( ))) ~ Please let someone know that you are doing all right.

We had a package from Maddie when we got home. She sent an ornament of a horse, a horseshoe from Church Hill Downs, & a pin of horses running a race. So very nice & we love it all. Thanks, Maddie. Dave wants to frame the horseshoe. :)

Welcome, Whenicit!

Lynn~I was glad to see that you had posted.

I couldn't believe that we came home to mosquitoes!! I almost believe that I prefer the cold or the snow. Patti :)

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I added a new recipe on the posts. :) P

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Yeah for me - I weighed in at 156.4 today. My start was 158 and my goal was 156.5 so I even beat my goal by a tad. However, tonight I shall splurge as it is my 20th wedding anniversary and I am going out for a special meal. My goal for next Wed. is 155.5.

No time to read all other posts completely, will check in later in the week!!

Thanks for letting me join in - you have all been motivating!

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Congratulations on the weight loss, Whenicit! And, congrats on your anniversary. Twenty years is quite an accomplishment. What has been working for me lately is to let myself have a bite of whatever & then say that it is too sweet & give it to DH. LOL He did manage to lose 3# on our Christmas vacation, so I was thankful that I had not sabatoged him too badly. Have a great day!

Hi to all! Patti :)

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This first full week of work in the new year is excruciatingly looooong!

Whenicit, congratulations on your weight loss.

Patti, glad you didn't sabotage Dave :-) I will have to check out the recipe.

Hi to everyone! Hope Dee is enjoying her cruise. Still thinking of Maddie.

Not much new, glad tomorrow is Friday.

Will check in later.....Donna

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Good Friday morning! Everyone must be busy this week!

I'm down 1.8 lbs. from last week. I'll take any loss at this point. Going grocery shopping this morning with a list of healthy foods to buy. It helps so much to not have temptations in the kitchen. I'm working on portion-control now. I'm always "scared" that I won't get enough to eat. what's up with that???

We've had very warm, and now very cool, weather this week. The mosquitoes are thriving and biting. Incredible!

Patti, glad you made it home safely!

Whenicit, way to go on beating your goal!

Donna, TGIF, huh?

Lynn, the book you mentioned sounds interesting and certainly worth a try. Is it just your DH who has diabetes?

Today, I'm doing laundry and generally picking up around here. Dusting and vacuuming are calling, too!

Hope Deemarie's cruise is going great. I've only been on one cruise, and H and I were both sick with allergies before, during, and after, so it wasn't the greatest experience. I'd love to try it again one day when we're both healthy!

BJ, are you deep into decluttering there? Share your pearls of wisdom with us about how to make things less messy!

Hope everyone is having a successful day whatever you're doing!

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