RECIPE: question about serving a dessert

kayec28December 14, 2005

Hello all.

I'm hoping someone here has some a good solution to my problem. I'm planning to make a dessert for a Christmas party and it calls for a crumb crust (toasted brown sugar, nuts, flour) as the bottom layer. This dessert is assembled in a cheesecake pan, not because it will be baked, but in order to mold the second and third layers, which are chocolate mousse and whipped cream.

So here's the problem. I don't want to serve the dessert in the cheesecake pan, but this isn't a dessert I can transfer to a more attractive serving dish because the crumb crust will fall apart. I thought of moving the bottom of the cheesecake pan with dessert intact onto the cake plate, but I think that looks strange and unattractive. So now I don't know what to do.


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You could remove the side of the cheesecake pan after placing it on the plate & garnish around the edge with more whipped cream & shaved chocolate to hide the bottom?

If you have one of those very wide spatula things maybe you could get it off the bottom of the springform but I wouldn't risk it because the whole thing might break apart.

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I usually line the bottom of the springform with strips of wax or parchment paper. Then, I can remove the bottom, put it on a serving dish, and pull the parchment out from underneath.

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I use a crumb crust with cheese cakes in a springform pan.....and remove the pan and the crust stays on the cake....most of it.
I also make a ground nut crust....I putter the pan very well, then toss in chopped nuts and tip the pan so all sides are covered....then remove the pan and it's fine.
But I just leave the cake on the pan bottom....because I once got too eager and removen the cake from the pan before it was totally chilled.
I would be very hesitant about moving a cake of chocolate mousse and whipped cream! I might even consider making it in a trifle dish.
Linda C

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I have lined the bottom of my spring form pan with parchment paper and moved "delicate" cakes to a glass raised cake plate. I also have a very wide and long spatula that helps me lift the whole thing (also having someone on hand to swiftly move the bottom of the pan away and the cake plate under me helps)


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Sounds like a yummy recipe. Would you mind posting it? Thanks Debbie

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Wish I'd seen this earlier! I make my gelatin-set mousse cheesecakes upside down! Grease and paper-line the springform tin, bottom and sides. Make the filling and pour it into the tin. Let it set. Make the crumb crust, sprinkle over the "top" of the mousse and gently but firmly press it together with the back of a spoon. Refrigerate. To serve, loosen the sides and remove, then place the serving plate over the crumb crust and flip. Peel off the paper and voila! Garnish.
It travels well this way too, as you can leave it in the pan until you arrive at your destination.

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