Rain into Crawl space before it is sealed?

Central79December 5, 2012

Framing is starting. Floor joists are being built and plywood floor has not yet been placed; and it rained.

So crawl space is still open and has foam board insulation on inside of crawl space wall and plastic sheathing is covering ground.

Not a lot of rain, but water is present in crawl space on plastic sheathing.

How does this dry out when the crawl space is being covered with plywood flooring and there are no vents?

Do we need to worry about this?


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Forget the plywood flooring.

Instead, pour a 2"-3" slab on the floor vapour barrier. (The builder should be using at least 20mil material.) Or cover the vapour barrier with a sacrificial 6 mil poly that can be discarded after construction. Excess water should be removed before the space is covered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Unvented Crawl Spaces

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Thanks, worthy.
I am discussing this with the GC.

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