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deemarie5500January 31, 2005


Happy Monday...hope today finds everyone well.

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Here's a challenge: let's see if all of us who post here can lose a total of 100 pounds by December 31, 2005!!! We don't have to post weight, but let's vow to keep honest.


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Dee- I'm with you on that challenge and that is a very doable goal!!!

I hate to bring up French Lick one more time, but we are planning an 85th birthday party for my MIL and I really need to firm up dates with a restaurant, etc. Her birthday happens to be May 3rd, but we will need to celebrate on a weekend. So I need to get back to everyone on when I am available.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was nice, nothing special just nice. Didn't do any housework, but got in a good amount of housework.

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Okay that last sentence doesn't make any sense LOL - I meant to say I got in a good amount of exercise - went swimming, yoga, treadmill and weights and a little walk by the lake yesterday.

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Raeanne, I'm good for April 29 - May 1. My round-trip ticket price on Continental is $305; Newark-Louisville.


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Dee - I should've booked last week, my airfare went up $50 from Albany. If my MIL party is going to be on the 1st, then I will leave from Newark - the party will be on Staten Island - I will just have to get an early flight from French Lick.

anyone else?

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I am good for the 29th-1st. More later.

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Hello...... anyone home????

I thought I'd been busy- but there isnt much activity here.

I finally saw the 2nd Harry Potter movie- I had never wanted or had much interest in them, but this sunday afternoon instead of doing laundry and dusting-I plopped right down in front of it- I was really into it- much more than I could have believed. I now know I have to see the 1st movie to understand much of the second but I was really entertained.

Dh didn't win any big money playing poker at the men's club at church Friday night- but next month I am going too- there were 8 women and about 65 men that played in the Texas Hold em style tourney.

My eating is still not legal but I will be for Lent. MY Dh is going to give up his snuff tobacco. He has gobs of suckers, sunflower seeds, jerky, and hard candy in the stock pile already and has been using less each day to ween him down. This will be terrifically hard for us both-cause I'll have to put up with the bear he becomes!

French Lick-I can try to arrive that Friday- I don't have any vacation days so not sure I can be off 2 days- but might could join you all Thrusday night, but I'm really not a factor in that since I dont have to pay for plane travel.

Maddie- how are you?

Patti- I would love an original painting. I have 3 of my Daddy's oil painting in my home and 4 computer generated graphic prints of layers of photos of hills, rivers, paths, the ocean, they are the background for a scripture verse. My son's eyes are actually in one of them. They are really cool.

Nh Suzanne- I hope it warms up some for you.

Besh- Has the snow started to melt yet?

Marci- Last week was the 100th day of school. Did your preschoolers celebrate that too?

BJ- where are you?

Dee- How's the Dh after his surgery?

Is anyone watching the Fox hit "24" ? My Dh is hooked and I've watched it with him so far this season.

bye for now- say Hello today is you can!

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I am here just busy, busy.

The weather has been gorgeous the last few days. On Saturday, the cold, cold snap broke. I went to a sleigh rally and was able to bask in the sun. That was really fun with lots of neat turnouts.

Sunday was primo winter riding weather but I had to work....grrrr Oh well. Today it could get into the high 30's and brilliantly sunny. It's just georgeous.

Been busy at work closing the March issue AND, are you all sitting down????? I made my goal this month! I can't believe it but I did! That feels good for a change.

KYSusie, I have never seen the Harry Potter movies either. I guess I should get with the program and rent them. Winter is a good time to get caught up on movies for me.

Where is everyone today????

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RABBIT, RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I can 't believe it. That is the first time I ever got to do that and it is almost 9:30 at night!

Love, Besh

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I forgot all about Rabbit, Rabbit! ( also forgot to check in..)

Hi EVERYBODY! Still working on French Lick. Hope all is well with you all.

Please send prayers and good thoughts to a very close family friend, Scott, who is in the hospital with near fatal systemic staph infection of the shoulder. The infection has spread to his arm and now into the chest. Surgery is for tomorrow and it could go either way.... He's only 47.

More tomorrow.


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Tikanas - ((hugs)) your way and prayers for your friend Scott. Hope everything turns out alright.

KY susie - My dad has tried to quit smoking several times and one time my mom actually threw a pack of cigarettes at him to start smoking again because of the bear he became. Good Luck and we can check in with you to see how he is doing, or shall we say how you are doing?. LOL.

Just checking in to say hello. Not much new is happening here.

Take care. - Magickitty

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Hugs, Tikanas, I hope things went well today for Scott. How awful. Let us know how you are doing.

SO busy it's crazy. Everyone else must be busy too.


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have not been around because DH is still in the hospital....he's OK, but they won't let him home until the right kidney is healed....took loads and loads of stones.

my chest xray shows pneumonia...gonna take another x-ray in a month, but so far, I'm feeling better.

gotta get a bit of work done, then it's back to the hospital tomorrow at 7am to be with DH

thinking of you all.............



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Hugs DeeMarie, I thought you had gotten a clean bill of health? Guess I missed something. Hope DH is feeling better soon. He certainly has had more than his share of kidney stones. WOW Feel better soon and don't overdue.

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Morning ladybugs-

So sorry about Dh Dee. I hope he gets released soon. And you too- I too still have the "cough" and have been told by friends I could have pnuemonia as well.

But I dont have time for that either.

I went to Aquasize class last night- boy they arent fooling when you lap the pool in a huge oval and have the current really flowing then when you all get down in the 9 ft have the instructor say, " Now turn around and go the other way." Sheesh- it was hard.

Looking forward to my Mary Kay weekend- away from the laundry, whining, carpooling, shopping.I think DH is having a Super bowl party.

Everyone stop in and say Hello!

HUGS to those who need them- KYsusie

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Where is BJ?

DH is released with a tube coming out of his back from his kidney! eeeewww I've got to change the dressings; what a wife, huh? He needs an x-ray next week to see if there are any more stones (only the right side!) and if there are none, they will take out the tube. I've got to arrange someone to take him because I have to go to Philly on business next Tuesday and Wednesday....whew! The surgeon suggested that we take our scheduled vacation to Florida in early March and then take him back for the left kidney stone (about the size of a pecan in the shell.

I'm exhausted and trying to stay well.

Raeanne, I'll wait a bit before I make flight reservations for French Lick. Do you still want to fly into Newark and meet me? Let me know.

I'm also offering ((((((((HUGS))))))))) to those who need them.

Maddie, how are you?

Love to all!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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I wanted to let everyone know that BJ is sending them a big HELLO, her life has been busy as usual but she is thinking of us.

DeeMarie - I am glad DH is home, but yuck for you with that tube - I don't deal well with those things and I know my DH is scared to death of the day I have to take care of him LOL. I hope he heals quickly. If we have my MILs party on 5/1 then I will be driving down to Newark to go to French Lick, so I can head directly to Staten Island upon our return. If we don't have her party - I'm undecided - after looking into flights, there doesn't seem to be any good connecting ones from Albany without a huge layover in Newark. I will let you know asap. But we won't make reservations until everyone is ready to do so. Glad you are feeling better - but be careful.

KY Susie - I do an aquasize class too and they always change direction when I'm in a corner and the current is so strong - at least we know we are getting a good workout.

NH Suzanne - congrats on making goal - that has to feel good.

I have too much work, so I have to run.

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Everyone needs to check in! My eating has been awful; loads of carbs. What a difference having a solid plan and time to pull it off makes! It was obvious that I did not have a plan or time to prepare my meals and shop this week. I'm working from home again and plan to shut down by 4:15 to head off to the grocery store. I think DH's youngest daughter will stop by to spend some time with him. I'm working on a list for healthy food for the both of us! He's into soup for the past day or two, but I'm determined to scramble him a couple of eggs for lunch today. He really needs some protein.

You gals are doing great with your exercise. I hope to get back into it next week.

Sorry I could not address each of you, but it's been hectic.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ BJ ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]; we miss ya!

QOD: Any plans for Super Sunday? We will be staying home; I promised DH I'd fix him some special snacks since he can't go out. If he's up to it, I may ask another couple over. Marci, I am routing for the EAGLES this weekend. I love the underdog, and hey, it could happen!! LOL

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

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QOD - I'm going to a local restaurant to watch the Superbowl. I'm going with my boss from Philadelphia, so you know who I'm routing for LOL.

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Tikanis~I hope that Scott is all right. I'm still pr@ying for Larry.

DeeMarie~I'm up for the challenge. I hope that I lose 125 pounds myself. LOL I'm glad that your DH is getting to go home. QOD: Our 10th anniversary is on the 11th & our friend's anniversary is on the 6th so we are going out to eat & then going to their house to watch the Super Bowl. I never did get to say anything but I miss Johnny Carson, too. And, the QOD: Dave pampers me so much that I don't think it would be fair if I pampered myself. LOL

Besh~I thought about "Rabbit, Rabbit" all day long. I'm glad that you were able to get it for a change. I'll be yelling for the Pats too.

Marci~I'm wanting to either teach myself how to knit or take a class--what do you suggest? I am still battling the CFIDS & FM. Dave hasn't felt well either. Dave & I are looking forward to meeting you though!


Shout out to everyone! We started a new WOE on Monday so I have stars for a change. Patti :) *****

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Good Saturday Morning All,

Boy it's been quiet here this week. Hope everyone is doing well.

It's going to be in the 40's today so I have big plans to spend it outside with my animals and getting some chores done in the barn that I put off due to sub-zero temps.

Tonight I have to attend The Northeast Reining Horse Association's awards banquet. Oh yeah, what a way to spend a Saturday night! This group is an affiliate of Equine Journal and this is something we do for them and all of our affiliates. The reining group is alot friendlier that most of these clubs so it won't be bad, just boring.

Sunday, I am planning a winter ride through the woods. I can't wait it's supposed to be the same nice weather as today. I just love the woods in winter on my trusty steed.

I hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy this glorious day. What a gift! The 40's and brilliant sun in February!!

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Patti - I am posting a link below to Lion Brand yarn - it has knitting instructions. That is how DD learned and then she taught me - maybe it will be helpful to you.

NH Suzanne - hope you are able to stay awake at the banquet tonight. Is this the one that is several hours away. You are very dedicated.

I have to leave for work in 30 minutes and have a load of laundry to put on and some breakfast to eat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitting

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick hello. I am cooking, cooking, cooking. We are having friends over tonight, a Boy Scout banquet tomorrow (pot luck) and ofcourse goodies for tomorrow night.

DS#2 is getting some awards tomorrow at the banquet. He is going up another rank in scouts. He will be at the Star rank. Six more months to his Life rank and then he can start working on his Eagle project. Not bad for 13 years old! (Can you tell I'm just a wee bit proud?)

Tikanis, good thoughts are being sent to your friend Scott. (((HUGS)))

Dee, I hope hubby is doing better, and you as well.

Suzanne, it is 45 degress here. I hope to get out in a little bit. The most I've been outside today is to let the dog in and out! Enjoy, it won't last!

QOD: Quiet. DH does not like to go to Super Bowl parties because he does not want to socialize during the game. He likes to watch the game on his own couch with his own remote and bathroom! So DS #2, DH and I will watch the game but I am making some special munchies. Two mexican dips, marinated mushrooms, shrimp and pork pie. I know it is a weird combo, but DH doesn't do the mexican stuff.

Go Pats!!!!

Love, Besh

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