RECIPE: In Search Of: special flavored petits fours recipe

amy_z6_swpaDecember 1, 2006

Two Christmases ago at our company holiday luncheon, they served these wonderful little petits fours that I would DIE to have the recipe for. They were a yellow cake base colored as red/yellow/green (3 stacked layers) and the flavoring inside was some sort of sweet, delicious cherry flavored filling (like maraschino). The icing was chocolate. I have been unsuccessful searching for any info. or similar recipes.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone has a recipe that would allow me to make these, even if I had to tweak the recipe a little!

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sorry, I'd never been here before so I didn't know I had to use the words "looking for" in the title rather than my preferred "in search of".

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I believe this is what you're looking for, here's the link

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Thanks, those look almost right. But mine will need a complete covering of ganache. Also, will the "cookies" in that recipe be hard, or cake-like? I cannot tell.

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There not hard cookie, but somewhat more dense than a regular cake. I would suggest having the 3 pans indicated, and an offset spatula, as it makes this process go much faster. Since there's a small amount of dough of each color & there very thin layers which needs to be spread evenly & the offsite spatulas make easier. Around my house it's not christmas w/o these little treasures. Hope they are what your looking for.

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Thanks, that sounds perfect. I have a small offset spatula in my cake-decorating supplies box. I can't wait to try making these. I'll see if they sell cherry jam anywhere, or else I could add some artifical cherry flavoring.

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