LOOKING for: Hershey's kiss pretzels

Dee1December 14, 2004

Does anyone here have the directions for making the Hershey's kiss pretzels? I know how to assemble them (lol) but can't remember what temperature and how long they should bake. Would appreciate if someone could reply. I'm taking my dog in for a blood test tomorrow and want to make up a tray of pretzels and various Hershey's candy. TIA


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Dee, here is the recipe from the Hershey Website:
Candy-KISSED Twists
Print: 3x5 Card : 4x6 Card


1 bag small pretzels (twisted)
HERSHEY'S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates
Decorative garnishes such as: REESE'S PIECES Candies, silver dragees, small holiday themed candies, nut pieces, miniture marshmallows, candied cherry pieces

1. Heat oven to 350 F. Remove wrappers from chocolates.

2. Place pretzels on ungreased cookie sheet. Place 1 unwrapped chocolate on top of each pretzel.

3. Bake 2 to 3 minutes or until the chocolate is soft, but not melting.

4. Remove from oven; gently press decorative garnish on top of the soft chocolate piece. Cool and serve.


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Thanks Ann, that was exactly what I was looking for. I am going to use some milk chocolate and some dark chocolate kisses and the decoration will be red and green m&m's. They look so festive and taste...mmmm mmmmm.

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You're welcome Dee.


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Even I might make these, LOL. You know how I love to bake:(

I love chocolate with pretzels, thanks Ann. I only wish the website had the picture.

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I made these last night, but had to remove them 40 seconds after putting them in the 350 degree oven. I think when I made them before I put them in either a 250 or 300 degree oven. They burn very easily...the chocolate does. Mine were okay, but if I hadn't checked them when I did they would have been burnt beyond hope.

I took them to my animal hospital for the doctors and staff. My dog is diabetic and had to have blood drawn, so I thought I would treat the docs and staff. They were very appreciative!

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I make a similar candy pretzel thing, I use the pretzel and a rolo candy on top bake then put a pecan on top!! YUM YUM

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Dee, thanks for the update. I bought the pretzels and kisses today and some mini-marshmallows, but my market didn't have any other goodies that I was interested in purchasing to decorate these little babies, they only had some sorry looking sprinkles, nothing Christmasy! I'll have to look further tomorrow. I'd like to get some candied cherries or dried cranberries, I think that will look nice with the mini-marshmallows.

Wendy, I don't know what a Rolo is, but it sounds good!

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Rolo's are a chocolate candy, that have caramel in the middle.

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Thanks, Wendy! That sounds wonderful with the pecan on top.

I made the Hersey's Kiss pretzels last night and they look cute and taste good! Mine took the whole 3 minutes in the oven, must be the difference in our ovens.

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I made these with the rollos for the first time this christmas,and they were a huge hit.They're so quick to make,that anyone could whip them up as a last minute hostess gift or a treat for co-workers.

eliza ann

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Since this first post I have since made the pretzels with the plain kisses decorated with candied cherry, mini-marshmallow, green M&Ms, and then the Rolos with pecans! They are so popular, they just diappear! I think its the pretzel (with salt) and the sweet that appeals to people (I know it works for me). Thanks again to Dee, Ann and Wendy!

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Did these with the rolos for my snack day at work on Friday and they were a HUGE hit. Everyone wanted the recipe. Even better, I had my kids make them while I was class that night, so it was one less thing for me to do when I got home. LOL!

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Hi, has anyone tried using mini reeses peanut butter cups instead of kisses?

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No Susie, but I bet they would be delishhhh! Pb cups are my very favorite candy. Now I should try some of those. I have pretzels, but no pb cups. I could run to the store, but no, I just baked a lemon cake yesterday. Better wait until that's gone.

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I made them last night and BURNED them all! What a bummer. 350 is way too hot. I was at 275 and they still burned. Here is a site with a picture, and they say 170 degree oven.
I'm gonna try again tonight. :(


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Hmmm....I made the ones with the pretzels, Rolos and pecans and had to leave them in additional time to have the candy melt enough to press the pecan in. I had the oven at 350 and left them in 4 minutes. Maybe it depends where the rack is. Mine is in the middle.

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Has anyone tried using the round pretzel with the kisses?

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My seven year old GD and I made a bunch of these with the small round pretzel and mini hug. You don't want to bake them. We put them in a 200 degree oven and watched until they just looked shiney - just enough to melt them soft enough to push the M&M in.

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I make both of these every year and use a 250° oven and only 1-2 minutes just to soften. You don't want to melt them and a too hot oven will just "burn" the chocolate.
Merry Christmas all.
Here is a link to the original recipe in Taste of Home and a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chocolate pretzels

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HI I make these with round pretzels that you can find them around the holiday's and I use the caramel filled Hershey kisses oh yes yummy my Granddaughter just helped me make them and she put the mini Christmas M+Ms on top very pretty. I put them in the over at 170 degree for 4 minutes. I will have to try all the different toppings they sound good. Hope you all had a Happy Christmas

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