LOOKING for: T&T Regatta and Rum Cake

bob8_gwDecember 28, 2007

Growing up we always purchased this wonderful cake from a local Italian Bakery. It was a three layer sort of sponge cake that was wet with a rum. The layers between the cakes were one of regatta and one of chocolate. The outside of the cake had almond slivers all over it. I've always wanted to make something similar but can't seem to find a good one. Tried the last time on Christmas and it was a flop. Any and all help is welcome and appreciated.


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Did you mean ricotta? This isn't tried & true but sounds similar to what you describe. Check it out. You could use almonds instead of the pistachios to put on the outside of the cake.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cassata

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:-0 Naturally, I meant ricotta. See what happens when one tries to hurry. Sorry about my poor spelling. Well maybe I should just say that this was a scheme to get people to open the post in order to try to find out what I'm talking about :-)

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I remember having that type of cake and always loved it. However, it's more than 20 yrs since I've had it. There doesn't seem to be a bakery around here anymore that makes it. Possible the bakeries down at Arthur Ave would have it.

As I recall the 2 layers one w/vanilla & the other w/chocolate pastry cream, sponge cake moisten w/the rum syrup. Covered w/whipped creamed & almond slivers on the sides. I could go for slice of that about now!


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I did a search & came up with this "Italian Rum Cake" recipe, sounds exactly like I had remembered it. I have to try it myself.

Thanks for bringing up the subject, I had completely forgotten about it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Italian Rum Cake

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