RECIPE: oven setting for baking cookies???

ruthzDecember 22, 2012

I'm baking cookies today and always have trouble with the oven temps being too hot. I use the regular bake setting.
Wondering what everyone else uses, convection bake or regular bake setting?

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Have you experimented with lowering the temperature? Different cookies require different temperatures, but really a recipe is a guide, not set in stone. See what works for you.

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If too brown & not cooked in center turn down oven by 25 degrees. If cookies are not supposed to brown (sugar cookies) & some others might have to turn down even more to about 325 degrees. If still too brown you need to use different rack setting. Usually closer to top of oven more they brown on top. If too dark on bottom need to move up closer to top of oven. With my oven I start them in middle & turn them around 1/2 through baking& move up 1 rack closer to top of oven. All ovens are different & some don't heat evenly. You have to experiment to see what works for your oven. Also, of course, have to watch them carefully as often if it says 8-10 minutes that is too much. May only need 5-6 minutes.

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