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nhsuzanneJanuary 26, 2009

Good Monday all from frigid NH! Brrrrr

How was your weekend? Did you stay on track?

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Good morning and thanks for the start, Suzanne!

QOD: My weekend was uneventful, but I totally stayed on track. Within WW points and did not even use a flex point. Finally got the tree and ornaments down, Snow Village is down and packed away until November. My house looks somewhat normal again except for lots of little styrefoam dots from all the boxes of ceramic houses. My housekeeper comes tomorrow, so I'm not stressed about it; that's her job! lol! I'm bad.

We are still in a deep freeze, and awaiting a snow/ice storm tomorrow evening into Wednesday. Not looking forward to it.

Hello to everyone and check in with us!

It's MONDAY and time to begin all over again if you slipped.


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Good Monday morning from SE Texas!

Suzanne, sending you warm ((((hugs))).

Dee, that's great that you stayed on track all weekend. I did pretty well, too, because I knew I'd be checking in with y'all today. LOL

Hubby stayed home today because he's running a slight fever and has sniffles. It's completely discombobulated my day so far though. I was hoping to get a call from the community center saying that someone didn't show up for the card stamping class at 10:30. I was the one below the red line when I signed up on Friday, so I was told that I may or may not have been worked in. I guess not by now though, darn it. I really wanted to make Valentine cards, too, using the teacher's Stamp-it-up stamps.

I'll go work out eventually this morning, then have to return books to the library and get some more. I really lucked out on my last visit and got all good books. Ours is a very small library, so it's hit and miss on getting good reads. I love mysteries, and they don't always have the newest books, so I hunt for something in the older books that might pique my interest.

I attended a day long workshop Saturday on how to be a good greeter/usher coordinator. I'd gone in cynically about how you could spend most of the day on that subject, but the leader proved me wrong. I was really inspired by what I heard from him, and from the group discussions. I was able to take that with me to Sunday School and church yesterday and share it with a few people. I recruited about 3 new people, which is a real coup in my small church.

I've got sniffles, too, but I'm taking Vit. C and eating healthy trying to rid myself of it. We're either hosting or going to a Superbowl party on Sunday, and I want to feel like a party. I haven't been to a SB party in a dozen years or more, so I'm really looking forward to it. Whether we have it here or at my friend's house matters not a bit. It just depends on their situation by next weekend.

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful Monday (since almost everybody here is freezing right now but me!)!!!

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I can't believe that I didn't check in since last Tuesday.

NH Suzanne~I'd like a picture of each of you. It just needs to be a picture of yourself that you like. Nothing really fancy or whatever as I'm probably going to use it as a 2" x 2". Rotel is just diced tomatoes with green chilies & onions already in it. Dave has a bone in his nasal passageway that is growing extra big or something that they want to remove. They say that it is keeping the extra infection up in there & that is why he keeps getting sick. I don't really know. I had a surgery like that & hate to think of him going through that but we'll see.

Raeanne~I'm for whatever everybody else wants to do for birthdays. I will gladly organize if you need someone to organize. That isn't a problem. I guess we just need to decide what we are going to do.

Milkdud~You are going to do stamping & scrapbooking classes? I'm so thrilled for you. I'd really love to see what you do in those classes.

BJ~Microwave men!! I love it! What an awesome idea! Can you believe that you are still having to play those kind of games? I'm thinking men will always be men. ;)

Amy~How lovely to read about you. Glad you were here & hope that you will drop by more often.

I know that I didn't say something to everyone but I hope you know that you are each & every one of you special to me & that I am thinking of you & hoping that this will be a good week for you all. Patti :-) Keep losing!

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Hi Guys!

Checkin' in! Stayin' on track, keeping my eye on the ball (healthy food and portion control) and NOT on the scale! (Scale is still hidden in garage.)

24 degrees this morning. Frost everywhere. Blue skies. Wish I was flying today; planes go really fast in these conditions! WAH!

Gotta run out to check on some stain samples for floor and cabinets.

Back later to post! BUH-BYE!

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Sounds like everyone had a good weekend, except poor Dave. I'm with you, Patti, that surgery doesn't sound like much fun. Hope it all goes well and starts feeling better and stays that way.

We had a great weekend. Went to my mother's, who lives about 3 hours away, and helped her celebrate her 84th birthday. She loved her presents, then we took her out to eat - I had a delicious grilled salmon salad. Probably overdid the vinaigrette, but it was too good not to. It is really slow and steady this time, though - lost 1.4 pounds this morning, which makes 7.8 since January 5th. I really would like to hit 10 pounds next week. My mother said she could really tell a difference, but I think she was just being a loving mom. I always lose from top to bottom, (kind of like the shrunken head guy on the couch in Beetlejuice!)

It's 64 degrees here so not an excuse in the world can prevent me from walking.

Did any of you watch the SAG awards last night? How about Meryl Streep winning? I always look forward to her acceptance speeches - she's so clever and gracious.

Milkdud, re: your workshop being a greeter/usher coordinator with your church. What would you do in a situation like we experienced? Saturday night we went to Mass with my mother, and right in the middle pew of the church was this family/group. There were 4 or 5 young teenage boys, who cut up throughout the entire service. They were all chewing gum, (as were their parents!); one actually pulled out a comb and was combing and styling his hair. Another was working on pulling his pants down below his underwear, like the rappers do. They were mocking the priest's when he spoke, and when we were asked to give each other the sign of peace, one of them waved the "V" sign all around. I tried putting my face in my hands and think holy thoughts, but it was impossible for anyone to avoid them. Everyone around us had the same look of shock and disgust that their parents would even allow this to go on. One time the father even joined in the revelry!!! And then, they ALL got up to go to Communion, chewing their gum all the way to the altar.

My mother was very upset and thought about writing a letter. My brother said next time to get an usher, but I've never seen anyone confronted like that. Then again, I've never seen such juvenile, rude, disrespectful actions in a church before, either.

Oh, well, that was just a little bump in the weekend. Hope we all have a great week. I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl, love the commercials and all the interviews and stuff - the game is kind of secondary to me. ha.

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Wodka, I would have guided your mom into another area of the church. No use causing a further disturbance by calling an usher. How rude are those parents!!

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Too bad the father did not respond - presumably he did not see this? Still, I too would have gotten up and moved my seat instead of using all my energy to deal with it! I just cannot believe the lack of poor manners these days and I am really sick to death of people saying "that's just the way it is these days" EXCUSE ME? Okay off my soap box now! LOL

Wodka, congrats on the weight loss! Good for you. I hope you can get out for a walk. It's single digits and windy here today....brrrrr

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Just walked for an hour - it felt really good.

Re: the church incident - Saturday night Mass is always very crowded, and there were four of us, and really not anywhere to move. In fact, there were some people in the back who had to stand. It wasn't just us who were upset with this - everyone around us were shocked and annoyed by this family. There was a husband and wife directly behind them, and when the boy started pulling his pants down, so his underwear could show, I really thought the husband was going to lose it. Definitely, we will move next time, even if it causes a scene.

Suzanne, the father saw some of it and actually laughed at them and with them, then kept hugging his wife and one of the sons, like "aren't they cute?!". It was the weirdest thing. I know I'm telling my age, but if my parents had caught us doing anything like these boys, starting with chewing gum in church and on the way to communion, we couldn't have sat for a week!

Suzanne, how are Rock and Bella? I hate that you are still so cold, but I'll be envying you and your weather around June, I'm sure! Stay warm!

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Jan, I know I feel like an old fogey complaining about bad manners!! Oh well.


and Rock:

The goats are doing fine except they hate this cold. They are real sun lovers and even though the sun is out it's cold!!

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Jan, you've already received good advice. What I learned Saturday was to signal for an usher, if possible, otherwise, try moving yourselves elsewhere. A letter to the priest as a follow-up should definitely be written. I don't believe that's being an old fogey to dislike that type of behavior. It's just disrespectful to act like that or condone it as the parents did in church. Shame on all of them. I'm also sorry that your mom's special time with you was marred in any way.

Suzanne, love the photos of the goats! They have such personable faces.

Patti, I had that kind of surgery about 15 years ago, and it wasn't all that painful during recovery. I'm really glad I had it done. Yes, I still get infections when I catch something, but the infection works its way out during the time I'm sick instead of hanging around up there like in the past. Totally worth the trouble.

Gotta go tweak dinner. I tossed in leftover sliced pork roast to flavor the yellow split peas, so I need to remove the meat and cut it into small pieces for tonight's dinner. After using up that meat tonight, I'll add a package of cubed ham to the leftover pea soup, let it set up in the fridge a couple of nights and have another yummy meal Wednesday or freeze it if something better comes along!

Hope everyone's continuing to have a great day!

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Hi All,

Will have to catch up from the last thread as well.

Patti and Dave, boo on that surgery :-( That does not sound like fun at all.

Suzanne, love the goat pictures..I'm glad they are both doing well. I'm like them, love the sun but hate the cold and we are still in a deep freeze with more snow (nothing like yours) coming tomorrow into Wednesday.

As far as the rudeness Jan experienced in church...I'm with Suzanne, inexcusable. I don't buy it's just the way it is either. Like Dee said, I think I would have just moved. WTG on that weight loss Jan.

Milkdud, shows how much I know, I had no idea you had to be trained to be a church usher. That's great the way you are so involved. I hope you and your DH feel better.

Glad to see Amy...I don't know her well at all but it's been a long time. I hope you check in more often Amy.

Got to run and get lunch ready for tomorrow. I talked with a nurse friend today who shared some insight with me about her 60 lb weight loss...will share tomorrow or Wednesday, it was eye opening and makes perfect sense.

Take good...will check in later.


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I'm getting ready to hit the sack, but just had to comment once more on Belle and Rock. They just make me smile, especially Rock, with his little grin/teeth showing. What a charmer. Good night, ladies.

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We are also getting ready for snow/ice storm late tonight and tomorrow. I've already rescheduled 2 meetings from Wednesday because I'll be working from home!

Suzanne, I'm not feeling the love with the goats (LOL!!!), but I'm glad they are better. Hope you avoid the storm.

Raeanne, are you having fun? I'll bet you are.

Amy, good to see you post.

Donna, I'm looking forward to hearing your colleague's story about the 60lb weight loss.

Dave, feel better!

Great big HELLOs to Marci, Jen, Gretchen, Wodka, McPeg (where are you?), milkdud, BJ, Maddie, Besh, John, lurkers, and all I've missed.


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Good Tuesday all!

Dee, I am going to make an animal lover (or at least appreciator!) out of you someday. Those goats have more charm in the tip of their horns than some humans have in their whole bodies! You would really appreciate their unique intelligence too.

The weatherman predicts 14" of snow for us starting early tomorrow morning and all day long! FOR ONCE DH will be home to help with moving it!! Can you believe it?

Jan, your comments make me proud of my babies!

I am down a pound this week. I was not perfect so I am happy that I at least show a loss. It was that 13 points for the bottle of wine!!! LOL Thanks Besh!

Yeah, where are you Marci, Jen, Gretchen, Wodka, McPeg , BJ, Maddie, Besh, John, lurkers, and all I've missed?

Check in if you can.

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Good morning.

suzanne, that's great about your pound loss, especially after your wine! I can drink a couple of glasses and gain 5 pounds!

Have any of you tried the Alternative Bagel? I might have mentioned them before, but they are so filling and are only 1 ww point, 7 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar and 110 calories. I just had one with fat-free cream cheese and a small glass of 1 point orange juice and am stuffed. They come in several flavors - cinnamon, sweet wheat, onion, blueberry. Great to have on hand. I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but I know I'm always looking for something tasty and new to keep me going on this healthier lifestyle journey.

Gotta run. Some guys are coming to stain some doors for us. I've only been waiting since Thanksgiving. And they never give us a heads-up. Today was to be dedicated to cleaning the house. Hopefully, they'll just take the doors with them, but who knows.....

Stay warm and safe, and off the icy roads if you can. It's going to be 72 here, but if it makes you feel better, rain is on the way.

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Wodka~Congrats on the weight loss! Do you realize that is almost 10 pounds in one month? That is fabulous!!

NH Suzanne~Those pics are super cute. Congrats on your weight loss too.

Milkdud~Glad things seem to be going so well for you.

Donna~Can't wait to hear about how your friend lost her 60 pounds!

DeeMarie~It doesn't sound like you are getting a good kind of cold weather. Yuck! It is finally back to normal around here. It is probably about 82 & is supposed to be 75 tomorrow & then back in the mid 60s by the weekend. Wish you were here to join me for the Super Bowl fun.

BJ~How are things coming with Baby V? I guess he is enjoying his weekends with prospective family?

Missing all of the MIAs! Please come let us know what's going on in your life! Have a good week. Patti :-)

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Good Morning from icy and snowy PA. From what I can see on the weather channel, a lot of us are in the same predicament weatherwise. They cancelled school last night, so at least I was able to sleep in. Hope everyone is safe.

Eating wise I am slowly getting myself back on track. Right now I think boredom is my main problem and I find myself wanting to graze all evening long while I am watching TV. I worked on some school projects last night and kept my hands busy and that helped. Once this weather breaks and I can get out more, I think I will be fine.

NHSuzanne - I love the goats! And I agree with them about this weather. Glad DH will be home to help you with your snow removal. We only have a short driveway and front steps to uncover, but I can't imagine having to do it by myself all the time. Of course the fact that my hubby won't buy a snowblower doesn't help. I noticed that after the last big snow, our neighbors hired someone with a small tractor and plow to clear their driveway. Smart!

Patti - Hope Dave is feeling better. And even though he may be anxious about surgery, he will feel better in the end. My BIL just had surgery on his neck and has to wear a neck brace for a month. He is miserable now, but at least he knows he will be pain free when he is healed. Is Dave still going to be able to work at The Super Bowl? My DS is in Yuma, AZ this week and will be flying home with all the Cardinal fans coming into Tampa. He says he is wearing his Steeler gear though! LOL

wodka - Where do you find the Alternative Bagel? Who makes it? I used to be able to buy a lo-carb bagel that was high in fiber and low in calories, but I can't find them anymore. I used to love having them for breakfast with some natural peanut butter.

I hear DH outside scraping snow and ice. I had better get dressed and go help him.


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marci, The Alternative Bagel is made by Western Bagel. Check out their website and you can enter your location/state to see if any of your stores carry them. If not, you can order them online. Here's the website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Western Bagel

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Happy WEDNESDAY from icy New Jersey!

I'm working from home and watching the ice form on the trees in my yard. Pretty, but dangerous!

Don't have much time, but wanted to say a quick HELLO and tell everyone to stay safe.

Has anyone heard from Peg? This is a long time for her to be away.

Make today count!

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Thanks wodka - They carry them at a health food store in my parent's town! I will pick up some next time I visit my mom and dad.

It is now snowing and just adding more weight to the tree limbs, gutters and roofs. And the wind is picking up. I am bracing myself for something to fall or snap off.

Dee - Glad you also got to stay home. DH and I cleared the driveway and it is now covered again! But I am not going out again until tomorrow.

Off to stir the chili con carne!


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Good Wednesday all,

This is icy - from our December 13th ice storm:

These are taken at my DFIL house the day after the storm! Such beauty, such treachery.

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Hello from the snowy Adirondacks!

I can't believe that just a little over 24 hours ago I was in sunny San Diego. We are expecting about 14 inches and probably have half of that right now.

Suzanne - what awesome photos of the ice. It is amazing that something as beautiful as that can be so dangerous. The goats are looking wonderful. I took a photo of one in San Diego. We went to a dairy farm that makes gouda cheese and they also rescue farm animals. They had a llama that adopted an orpahaned goose. The goose sleeps on top of the llama at night.

Marci - perfect day for chili. I am making a pot roast.

Dee - be safe and stay inside.

Jan - no the rain doesn't even make me feel better LOL, but thanks for trying.

Milkdud - are you having pea soup tonight?

Patti - did Dave schedule his surgery yet?

Peg - where are you?

BJ - I have also been thinking of Baby V and his future family - hope things are continuing to work out.

We had a wonderful time in San Diego. There is just so much to do. This is our 2nd trip in a little over a year and we haven't repeated anything yet. My DD is actually a wonderful tour guide. She kept us entertained the entire time. I just wish it wasn't such a long trip for us to visit.

I need to catch up around here, so I better run.

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Just wanted to say hi!

I promise to share Cathy's secrets with you...actually they aren't secrets but common sense things we all know. I promise to share tomorrow night or over the weekend. I really admire her!

Be good and take care!

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Wow! I came here yesterday & no one had posted so off I went. Now there is so much to say. We had a fire at one of the apartment buildings here. We are in 14 & it was in 36. The fire destroyed the building. There were 6 apartments in that building. Only one was left but it has severe water & smoke damage. I'm told that it had taken the roof in about 5 minutes. That is so frightening. I was so sad last night. I know it could just have easily been us. So, this tiny place was on the news last night. Then we came home from that & we have a water pipe that burst. So we called maintenance. They decided to wait until this morning. It is under the sidewalk so they are having to tear the sidewalk out. Mercy! No water.

Donna~Be sure to come back.

Rae~Dave hasn't scheduled the surgery yet. Well, it was scheduled at one time & that is when the VA took away his pay so he unscheduled it & hasn't rescheduled it. I've had the surgery & it did NOT help me. And it WAS a VERY painful surgery. So, we haven't talked to anyone who has had much luck with that type of surgery in the past.

NH Suzanne~You always get the most beautiful pics. I felt bad saying how pretty they were b/c I realize that there was so much devastation too.

DeeMarie~Glad you were able to check in. I'm actually glad all of you were able to check in. Dave said that 20 states have power out & I was afraid all of my friends would be on that list.

Marci~Dave is still going to work the Super Bowl & is SO excited. He was so disappointed when he was so sick & it wasn't looking good. I don't think DS will feel out of place at all in Tampa. There are tons of people there wearing Steeler stuff. The news yesterday had 3 dogs sniff hats or something with emblems on it & 2 of them picked the Steelers! LOL Did I ever send you any of my scrapbooking stuff? I can send it now if you'd like.

Wodka~Thanks for the link. I'm going to have to come back & check it out.

Hi to all! Hope you are weathering whatever you are having to go through all right. Patti :-)

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Patti - DS is wearing his Steeler gear in ARIZONA this week. He is in Yuma and Phoenix until tomorrow, when he flies back to Tampa. He definitely won't feel out of place in Tampa, as I know tons of Steeler fans went to see the game or just be in Tampa for the festivities.
If you would like to send some scrapbooking info, I would be delighted!! Glad Dave is feeling well enough to still go to the game. Go STEELERS!

School was delayed this morning because of more snow and a low wind chill factor. But I am leaving now to have a Super Bowl party at school! Yeah!


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Good morning!

Gosh, Patti, what a night you had! I know that had to have been so terrible for your neighbors and for you - I hope you have water very soon.

I'm so glad Dave is going to the Super Bowl - what an experience for him! My husband went several years ago when it was in New Orleans. I really would much rather watch it on tv than brave the crowds, so suggested that he ask his best friend, who, of course, was thrilled to go! They had the best time.

Re: the Alternative Bagel. I was flipping through my Weight Watcher magazine last night and noticed that there was an online coupon code that will give you $5 off and is valid through February 8, 2009. Just enter the code FIVEOFF. That will come in handy for those of you who don't have stores that carry it.

Suzanne, I agree with the others - your pictures are absolutely beautiful. They would make beautiful greeting cards....

donna, you're killing us (ha.) Hurry up and share Cathy's secrets. Even if they are common sense, it's always good to refresh our memories!

Did any of you see Oprah this week when she had the guy from "Eat this, Not That" on with the obese kids? So many surprises - like the fact that regular bacon is healthier for you than turkey bacon (less sodium?)

raeanne, I'm jealous of your San Diego trip. I've never been, but have always heard that it is one of the most beautiful cities. How fun for you.

Hope everyone's day is a good one!


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Good Morning!

Only 13" of snow topped with 1/2" of sleet! Last night shoveling the sleet felt like shards of glass landing on our faces! Yes, DH was there to help! It was great! Of course we had to shovel again this morning as we got a few more inches overnight! Today the sky is brilliant blue!

Welcome back Raeanne! I would have loved to see the goose sleeping on the llamas back! How sweet. This old couple in my driving club used to bring their old goose to camp with us because they didn't want to leave him alone at home! It was so funny and he was so cute.

Patti, sorry about the fire but I am glad it wasn't your building. We have been having so many horrible fires here. People use faulty heaters and unsafe woodstoves which is the reason for so many. It's not pretty.

Jan, thanks for the tips on the bagels. That's an amazing amount of fiber! Very good.

Okay Donna, what is Cathy's secrets? Cathy who?

Hope everyone has the chance to check in today.

Marci, go Steelers!!

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We ended up with just under a foot of snow and no ice on top, so I am happy. It is actually beautiful but we have run out places to plow it to.

Suzanne - the owner said they come out with flashlights at night and find the goose on top of the llama. You could see that when you got close to the llama the goose would stand in front of him - too cute.

Jan - San Diego is a beautiful city and there is just so much to do and a lot of it is free. They have the best zoo, beautiful parks, gorgeous sunsets, great hiking spots, and so much more. I can't believe how much we can cram into a few days.

Marci - Enjoy your superbowl party at school LOL.

Patti - you did have news to report. I am so glad that the fire wasn't any closer to you. I was in a fire once so I know how scary that can be. I am so happy that you are safe.

Donna - I must have missed your "Cathy" post but I can't wait for the info.

I had a late start today, so I need to make up for some lost time around the house. How did it get dirty when I wasn't even here? LOL

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Hi Guys!

Just checkin' in. Saw the icy pics (WOW!) but haven't had time to catch up on the reading!

Back tonight after the family settles down and I get the baby to bed. Hopefully, I'll have some ME TIME to read and respond. DH and kids have been VERY needy lately and I'm gettin' grumpy about it!



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Good Morning Everyone!
I've been extremely busy working on my website (completed my first weekend of school). Amazing 2 days last weekend - so much information but loved every second of being back in a classroom. Got home and realized as much as I like my website presently (still not live), a ton of my page coding needs to be rewritten from a blank page. Digesting everything is taking it's time. Actually have spent "entire" days working on my laptop - making footsteps all over the internet researching, trying things out, and working on my website. Then there is the administration of keeping accounts and inventory lists of my supplies I've been ordering and working out unit prices - want to start working on my chokers. Placed another order last night. So many ideas in my head it keeps me awake at night thinking of designs. No school superbowl weekend. Then the next 4 weekends back to school.
On a happier note our 52 day long city bus strike has finally ended. Not funny. The federal government got involved since the buses also travel over the bridge to Quebec they 'finally' got off their butts to act. On Monday we will have 40% of our bus service restored only to the city as the mechanics have to certify that the buses are safe to run....keeping in mind before they went on strike mid-Dec the mechanics started a work slow down. My plans to look for work were put on hold since I don't drive. Lots of stories of people walking 'hours' to work and home - all the time while we have had blizzards, 30-40cm of snow. The city has reaped a fortune on parking tickets, could have opened more restricted areas for parking but no. To say I have cabin fever is an understatement. Honestly though - I've been busy with my little business I'm trying to start. Hoping over the next few days to get started on my products again. It will take time since I have the ideas in my head but as I'm new to doing this I will be checking online some of the reference sites and take my time.
In the meantime there is always snow to shovel.

As for my family issues - they have disappeared. I can speak to my sister without worry but I will always remain 'guarded' dealing with her. I am happy to see her smile more now since we have finished everything for my Mom's estate and have filed the final tax return. We are just waiting for the 'clearance' certificate from the tax office that all is fine with my Mom's taxes and the certificate will release us from future responsibility so we can go ahead and disperse the final funds to everyone. (This can takes months to get.)
Now we have started the process for my Great Aunt who passed away in early Dec. At least we know what to do now and have a lawyer and accountant in place so that should go well now.
I feel relieved not to be fighting anymore and I'm sure my sister feels the same.
Again, sorry I have been MIA.
Congratulations Jan on your success. That is fabulous - you go girl! Whooooo Hooooo!
I've not lost any weight since my initial drop (after xmas indulgence) - we are both focusing on eating better so that is a positive. For now with everything going on at home - that is a blessing.
I am not sure about the bus service - I will wait and see how it goes for rush hour. I want to look for a job and get back to a routine. Even if it means leaving earlier to get 'on' a bus and leaving later to get 'on' a bus to come home.
So that's been my life while I have been MIA. If I get bored there is always snow to shovel - but 'fingers crossed' - nothing so far like last winter.
Stay safe my friends if you are getting hammered with ice storms and horrific weather. I have thought of all of you while seeing some of the US news.
Make today a great day! Love your friends and family ...

Love yourself!

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Happy Friday all!

Where is everyone? Have you all started the weekend early!

Peggy, good to hear from you. Glad things are going so well for you!

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I'm here!

We're heading ot the mainland tomorrow to pick out appliances, so any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! Brands, experiences, etc. I welcome ALL!

Foggy here and it's almost noon.

Baby is gone for the weekend starting tonight; coming "home" Sunday. I'm watching Netflix " The LoveBoat" series (remember that?---my kids LOVE it---isn't that a riot?) tonight. Saturday-mainland. Sunday-candle making on the beach in the morning and picking up baby sometime in the afternoon. I'm taking the ferry to pick him up, so it takes about 3 hours roundtrip...TOTALLY worth it to see his smiling face and hear his silver bell laugh again!

STAY WARM! I'll check back on Sunday!

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BJ - all our appliances are GE Profile except for our dishwasher which is a Bosch. I love all of them, but especially the dishwasher. If you go to the appliance forum on this board you will get a lot of great info. I know at one time GE was getting slammed on that but I guess I have been fortunate. Everything has been in great working order for 9 years now. All mine are stainless and I know people complain about fingerprints, etc. but I love the look of it and I have had no problem except when I have a ton of kids visiting LOL. Love boat, exciting and new.......... glad the kids are getting a kick out of it.

Marci - I'm glad you are getting some time off these days LOL

Peg - good to see you post and great news about the bus strike and your family update.

Enjoy your evening.....

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Hi everyone....I am sick with an awful head cold...haven't been up to much typing lately. Have a good weekend! Enjoy the superbowl.


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[[[[[[[[[Besh, feel better]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Add me with BJ on the list of those looking for appliances. We are currently getting bathroom (main one) redone...what a mess! However, we need all new appliances for the kitchen, and DH said pick them out before we decide on the floor. Keeping cabinets and tiles as is. Any advice appreciated.

We made the decision last week to take money out of savings to keep his nephews' construction business OK over the next several weeks. I was thrilled because it means they have devoted all their time to my project, so it will be finished earlier than later. For some strange reason, I'm not really worried about the economy. Maybe it's because I've always been a saver, and I've lived through really really hard times over my life. I have no problem living with a lot less, so now that I can, I'm employing others. It's very expensive to live where we are now, but between us, we can get by long enough to make it to other side of this downturn (or retirement)!!

Make this cold, cold, cold SATURDAY count!

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Dee - I will tell you the same thing I told BJ. All my appliances are GE Profile except for my dishwasher, which is a Bosch. GE's top of the line is Monogram. I chose to save a few bucks and am glad I did. I don't have a true cook's range - I opted for the glasstop for easy clean-up - my food still tastes fine. I have had these appliances for 8 years (sorry BJ I lied when I said 9). Never have had a problem. Someone did scratch my control panel on the range and when I went to replace it the price was almost $500 - so I have a scratched control panel. I can tell you that I am truly in love with my Bosch dishwasher - it is so quiet and the dishes come out so clean. The only thing I don't like on my refrigerator is that the water dispenses lukewarm water, but I have adjusted to that. You should talk to Gretchen, I think she remodeled her kitchen just a couple years ago. Also check out the Appliance forum, they have a lot of opinions. Most are negative about the GE, but I have been extremely happy.

Besh - I had a cold too, it never got really bad but it did slow me down a bit.

It is so sunny out right now that I just want to go outside, even in 19 degrees. But I am stuck at work, at least I get to look out the window.


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Okay, I got THAT done. I really did read up on the stuff and visited the appliance forum AND took suggestions. So here's what I came up with:

Frigidaire Freezer for the pantry (White)- Manual defrost. I'm either going to go with a 20 cu.ft or a 17. I have to measure the space I have. Right now, I have a small chest (freezer that is!) that I am also going to move into my garage in the new place. We have to buy meat and frozen stuff from the mainland and freeze it to cope with prices here!

Washer and Dryer: Miele with stands (White). The guy sold me on these. They use very little water and soap and they have a honeycomb interior too, which will really save on the wear and tear of clothes. And they have a pretty huge rebate and energy cash back deal going right now on these.

Refrigerator: GE Profile French Door w/ icemaker. (S-Steel) Really nice if you have lots of refer traffic (kids!) like we do. And it's got a nice freezer bottom drawer like my old SubZero, which I loved. (but...I HATE SUBZERO!--arm and a leg to repair! And a ROYAL pain to replace!) I'm also not buying ANYTHING built-in ever again! I got the one with the ice maker in the freezer. They have one with an icemaker and water deal on teh door, but that, for me, is a pain in the neck. The little ones think the water and ice maker are a TOY and I end up cleaning up the mess! No thanks!

Microwave: GE Profile Spacemaker (Blk and Stainless): This is such a honey of a microwave!!! You can stop the turntable on it and it fits a 9X11 casserole dish in it or a 20 oz. cuppa coffee! And takes SO little space! I got 2 of these because we are microwave crazy in our house. I'm putting them on a shelf, side by side.

Range and Oven (S-Steel) Dacor 38" 6-burner propane and electric: This thing really COOKS! And has convection too. I've had JennAir, Hotpoint, Thermador, etc and this tops them all and is SO easy to clean! Thermador and JennAir are the ones I would NEVER buy again---way too many drawbacks and the downdraft system just drives me NUTS--I will never do downdraft again!

Range Hood: 42" Vent-A-Hood (S-Steel): Really SUCKY (and I mean that in a GOOD way!) and QUIET too! Nice design. I got it a little bigger than the stove because that's supposed to keep food smells, etc from wandering out of the kitchen area.

Miele Dishwasher (S-Steel): Very cool. Love that the flatware rack is on the top and has its own spray thingy on top and has the ability to wash at 170 degrees. I got the one with the hidden control panel because the babies LOVE to tap, tap, tap on and buttons within their reach!

So, anyway, that's what I chose. I'm so glad to be done with that part-my most unfavorite so far.

Thanks for the help! It made a difference!

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Good morning.

Are y'all ready for some football?!! My husband went out and picked up the 3D glasses to watch a commercial or something right before half-time.....I guess he's ready - ha! Who should I pull for? I'm thinking the Steelers, since Kurt Warner has already won a ring. I do admire him, though, especially for making a comeback at this stage in his career. My heart's just not into it, since Brett, Eli, Peyton, or Drew Brees (another class act) aren't playing. Hopefully, the commercials and half-time show will be entertaining.

We've been invited to a neighbor's cookout this afternoon, but it wasn't really a formal invitation. He's a friend of our homebuilder, who is going, and out builder said we were invited. May or may not go. I guess I could take a bottle of wine that I'm not drinking for a contribution and we just stay a little while. I will be spending the day cleaning house, because chances are our homebuilder will be dropping by with his wife, and I want it to really look good. That will be my exercise for the day.

Which I need, because I overate last night. I had a pork tenderloin that I cut into medallions and then made like a pork marsala over whole wheat pasta. Gosh, it was good. Too good. I definitely ate more than 4 ounces of pork! My husband can finish the leftovers. You know when you overeat when you are still full the next morning!

wild chicken, we have the same refrigerator and love it. It holds so much and I really like the drawer at the bottom. It's been great so far. My husband picked out all of appliances, he really got into it, checking out different places and reviews, etc. You would think after all that, he would cook every once in a while, ha.

Hope everyone has a fun day and the right team wins!

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Rabbit, Rabbit!

Now I'll go & read. LOL My heart dropped when I saw that there were already posts for today! Ha!

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OK. Back.

BJ~Sounds like you done good. It is interesting to read about what you pick out. Perhaps some day I'll be asking for help in that department.

Peg~It sounds like you have been mega busy. Please stop by as often as you can. We miss ya here.

Wodka~Enjoy the game. DH is having a blast over there. He took pictures yesterday.

Hi to everyone else. Friday we took a trip with the Red Hat ladies to a state park that had a restaurant in it with a griddle in the middle of the tables. You ordered pancakes, French toast, eggs, etc. & then cooked them at your table. It was so much fun. Then we drove another 15 miles to another state park to see the manatees. We only saw 6 but it was a nice day. Can you believe that it is February already? Have a good one! Patti :-)

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Patti, you will have to share Dave's Super Bowl pictures when he gets home!

Mmmmm - French toast, pancakes, eggs - oh, my! What did you eat?

I've been meaning to give you all an update on our nephew, who is quadraplegic and lost his mom, our sister, in November. He is finally home from the hospital. He got home a week ago, after having major surgeries to correct the chronic bed sores. He has been in basically one position since before Christmas. They are allowing him to sit up for small periods of time, while he continues to heal. I think I mentioned that while in the hospital he developed staph and blood infections and was transferred to another hospital.

Since he put the house in his name, Medicaid is soon going to do major renovations to make his house more liveable, at no or minimum cost. His dad, (who'd have "thunk" it?!) has been in town and doing a pretty good job of caregiving, and his older brother is helping, too. The youngest one is useless - he ended up marrying the girl he ran into at the service station back in the fall, when he came down to help out my sister. No one ever sees him or hears from him. Sadly, we've all pretty much written him off until he straightens up.

That's it for now. Later!

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Good morning and Rabbit! Rabbit!!!

I've been under the weather with sniffles and a vicious earache off and on this past week. But, I did manage to make it to the radiothon for St. Jude on Friday. That was an experience! We "manned" the phone at a popular C&W radio station in downtown Houston, and the DJ's worked about 5 feet away from the front tables the whole day. We raised over $500,000 for St. Jude's hospital in 2 days! I kept getting choked up from some of the callers I got. It was just beautiful hearing their reasons for wanting to be a "Partner in Hope". One little 9-yr. old boy called in to donate his allowance. That choked me up right there, then he told me the amount and I just lost it - $200.00. Then his mom got on and said she was going to match his donation. He apologized for only having that amount because he'd already given $456.37 to his school's Empty Stocking fund to buy gifts for poor kids. I was a mess by the end of that call! Then the DJ told the story on the air, and everybody in the room was touched by it. A dad of a cancer survivor came by to talk on the air. He said that his son couldn't come because he had a basketball game. He'd had Hodgkins lymphona 9 years ago, went to a hospital in Houston where he was given the treatments researched at St. Jude's, and now he was in remission and "too busy" to come by for the interview. We all cheered at that comment. I also learned from all the facts they were telling during the day that there is now an 80% cure rate thanks to all the research and treatments available. Isn't that great?

Saturday I worked a Consumer Expo at our high school. Our service sorority had a table there with info about St. Jude and ESA. We also sold used paperbooks with the donations going to St. Jude. We raised $33.00 by charging 50 cents a book. We actually recruited 2 younger women on the spot to join us, too! I did comed home and take a 2 hour nap after that 6-hour stint!

Peggy, I'm happy that you're feeling so happy and content with your life!

BJ, congrats on getting the applicance picking behind you. Hope you're enjoying what's left of your me-time weekend!

Besh, feel better. 'Tis the season, darnit!

Got to get ready for church, so I'll wish everyone a great Sunday and know that I'm thinking of everyone!

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wodka - I am more than ready for some football! I made Black and Gold cupcakes and printed up some Steeler pennants and attached them to toothpicks to stick in the cupcakes. And I made some deviled eggs garnished with black olives as my contributions to the Black and Gold theme. Pittsburgh schools have a 2-hour delay tomorrow morning in the hopes that the absentee rate will be lower. But since we are 28 miles north of Pgh., we will have school on time.

But Tuesday is another ? as far as the weather is concerned. They are watching the storm's approach to see whether we are expected to get a blizzard or just a few inches. I have an appointment to get my highlights redone and I hope I don't have to cancel.

BJ - Sounds like you will have a beautiful kitchen! I would love to cook in a big beautiful kitchen just once! LOL

Patti - Tell Dave to take a picture of any Steelers he might catch a glimpse of! LOL Glad he is having a good time. Did they ever find out how the fire started in the other apartment unit?

Our Super Bowl parties at school were fun. We had the kids make Steeler pennants, tossed around a football, played with paper footballs (remember doing that as a kid?) and threw Nerf footballs into a basket ball hoop. Most kids wore their Steeler shirts, so we got a picture of everyone yelling "Go Steelers!". Can you tell we are gung-ho for our team??

Now I've got to go get some chores done before I head out to the party.


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Good Morning...I am slowly coming back amongst the living..Boy this really did kick the cupcakes out of me!

BJ, I have the same micro, except it goes over my stove. I love it, as much as one can love a microwave I guess. I do use the stop rotation button alot. It does come in handy. My next fridge will be the one that you got. It seems to make sense as far as room goes.

Marci, have fun today. It is so much more fun when your team is playing!

Patti, my Mom is a red hatter and they really have a good time for themselves.

Hello to all....going to put in some laundry. You know my fairy godmother did not show up while I've been down. I am very disappointed.


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BJ - I also have that same exact microwave, but mine is over the stove too. You made a very good choice. All your choices sound great and you did that pretty quickly too. I really didn't research, I went to an appliance store I trust and had them help me with my decisions. A friend of mine was building their house at the same exact time, so we ended up with a lot of the same appliances and finishings.

Milkdud - how touching and what a wonderful cause you donated your time to - you are inspiring.

Jan - I have thought of your nephew recently and I am glad that things are looking up a bit for him.

Patti - good job on the rabbit, rabbit ROFLMAO.

Since there is no NY team in the superbowl I have to go for the underdog - so it's the Cardinals for me. I am heading to a local restaurant that is having a party.

Besh - I am heading to the washer/dryer in a few minutes. I hope you feel better soon.

Enjoy your day.

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Happy SUPER BOWL Sunday!

I think I"m with Raeanne on this game....underdogs all the way. Of course, DH and I are in no less than 4 pools, so the cheering will depend upon the scores we need to win!

We are invited up to a friend's home at 5pm, so I'm bringing along boxes of frozen appys that I never used during the New Year celebrations...need to get that nasty stuff out of this house! LOL!! DH had I had a very substantial (healthy) lunch at about 1:45 so that we don't overdo the junk food at the party.

Well, laundry is finished for this weekend. I'm in the middle of a manicure for myself. Will get into a nice warm bubble bath before we leave.

Have fun, and watch those fatty, salty snacks!


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