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eileen_launonenJanuary 9, 2005

How about sharing some good supermarket food finds/or something you do that are great tasting and low in points...this may help during those crisis moments. Although not a secret Im a big fan of the MISSION 98% Fat Free Tortilla...I also will have to get the name of a Vegeterian Chili which is so good and the whole can is 1 point I alaways use to buy this and no the name escapes me...Ill get back to you!

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I count calories but here are some things I like. Sorry I don't have the point counts.
The WW bagels are good and filling with a cup of tea.
SF jellos. Great lunch when topped with ff cottage cheese.
Frozen meals - chicken with peanut sauce.
Stouffers frozen meals have the points printed on the box. There is lots of salt in frozen meals so avoid them if you have problems with that.
Weis market (if you have them) has a low point roll - high fiber.
Smart Squeeze nonfat margarine spread. It's in a white bottle with a green top. 5 calories per TBSP

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Eileen, on CORE, the Hormel Vegetarian Chili is 'free'. I bought 4 cans (on sale at A&P) for $5. I'm going to try it tonight, as I made DH some "real" Chili. LOL

I also took Gretchen's suggestion of adding frozen fruit and Splenda to FF Plain yogurt. What a wonderful (CORE) breakfast!! Great for the office....found the frozen fruit on sale at A&P this weekend.

Still unsure about which soups are OK, but I'm working on it.

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I cannot stree enough my favorite find for WW. 94% FF Jolly Time Kettle Corn. Sweetened with Splenda. I went without popcorn for years because I was low carbing it. I like being able to have a bag if I want! It is Core and you can eat it until you are satisfied not over stuffed! That is a tough skill to learn. One of the things our leader has us thinking about while we are eating is to put the fork down between bites.

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Well I checked out the Core link and the bagels are out as are the rolls - sorry. Are you allowed any breads? Cereals? Just curious.

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You can eat anything you want either Core or Non Core. You can have bread but you must count it with your Weekly Points Allowance. Core gives you 35 weekly points that you can use however you would like.

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Thanks - now I know - makes sense that breads would not be allowed on the eat free plan. One good thing I noticed is that the program asks you to quit ating before you are full - makes sense. Sorry Eileen to hijack your thread.

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Gretchen, the Kettle Corn is not CORE! You must count it. Sorry, but I just found out from my Food Companion. I bought a box of plain Movie 94% and the kettle Corn and must take back the Kettle Corn. :-(

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Actually it is Core. That info has been updated. They were worried about the potential for abuse as we are trying to learn when we are "satisfied". There was a big debate about the popcorn but our leader said she was told it was Core and they would be updating it in future versions of the Food Companion. Don't go to the store.

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Hi, Where's the core link?? Thanks. Need all the help I can get.

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Here's a link to Kippy's site on Core.

Here is a link that might be useful: Core Info

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Thanks, Gretchen. If I'm counting as Flex, is the bag for 2 portions? Not sure the way the box is labeled. I think each bag has 14 cups, and 1 portion is 7 cups. If you don't know, it's OK, I'll measure!

BTW, Kippy's site on Core is wonderful. I got lots of great info on there yesterday.

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Yes then if you are counting points, the bag is two portions.

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