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KYsusieJanuary 24, 2005

Good morning Ladybugs.

Still thinking of Maddie and her family.

Everybody Check in today-ok?

I need to make some legal breakfast- my hardest time right now- cause I take so many supplements for the copper toxicty that I have to keep eating so I won't be sick at my stomach. So I'm reaching for toast!

Full moon was beautiful going down this am....

HUGS- KYsusie

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[[[[[[[[[[[[[Maddie]]]]]]]]]]] I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. He was so fortunate to have you by his side. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

KY Susie, welcome back; it's good to 'see' you again, although I suspected that you were lurking! Glad to her your sister is doing better.

I've been very sick with bronchitis and a uti; working from home, but I'm going back to bed in a bit. I ignored my symptoms for almost 2 weeks before going to the doctor, and I'm suffering now from it. Got to him and got my meds right before the blizzard, so by tomorrow I should feel lots better.

[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]]] to everyone who needs them today.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning:

Still shoveling! Salem got 38" of snow, needless to say, we are not in school today. :-)

Tikanis, I must have been on another planet. I did not realize that is was the one year anniversary of your DH passing. (((HUGS))) to you and your family. It sounds like you did well to keep busy. I am sorry for your friends loss though. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Raeanne would know. Usually when that happens things mechanical go on the fritz. You have had your share.

NH Suzanne, how is our dear Sweet Pea? And how did your other furry friends make out during the storm? I know that they are in good hands.

KY Suzie, when I read your "Hello Ladybugs" welcome the other day it brought such a huge smile to my face. I missed that and I am so glad that you are back.

DeeMarie, feel better. Next time don't wait so long!!!!! (((HUGS))) and some chicken soup!

Maddie, thinking of you.

Hello to everyone else. I am pampering myself a little this morning and I have a mask on my face. The alarm is going off and I'm afraid if I let it stay on I will look like this forever as it has already turned to cement.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning All,

Maddie, I am thinking of you. Please let us know that you are okay when you can.

Can we say COLD?????? 15 below zero with wind. Ugh.

Besh, You beat us by 14"!! Wow, you guys got slammed! We only got 2feet but the snow drifting is incredible. I had to struggle to get out of my front door then there were at least four foot drifts right in front of the barn doors front and back! It's really something. The animals made it through the storm okay. I kept them in the barn until about noon yesterday when we started to see sunshine. When I let them out Casey, my other mare, ran out into the deep snow and put her face under the snow, dropped to her knees and rolled. It was really cute the way she burrowed her face under the snow.

Sweet Pea is doing well. She hates her new supplements so I am continually challenged trying to get them into her. I think she is starting to warm up to them a little. I keep telling myself that I had to aquire a taste for wine! LOL

I am tired from shoveling an running the tractor. DH is on a road trip and I had to clean up the storm alone. He's in Florida right now trying to get home but they keep cancelling his flights! He's been gone two weeks and believe it or not I miss him!!

Tikanas, I didn't know it was the anniversary of your DH passing either. I am sure it was a somewhat painful time. HUGS. I don't know what's up with your equipment either. Maybe Besh has got something with Mercury in retrograde!

If you can imagine anything being beautiful while it's 15 degrees below zero at 5am on your way down to the barn.............picture the nearly full moon lighting up the entire universe with it's soft glowing light and ad to that the newly fallen snow the makes it even brighter and to top it all off everything is sparkling from the cold. It was a sight to behold and I think I could see half a mile it was so light. Hey, this time of year I will take my light any way I can get it!

Speaking of light. Has anyone noticed that it's still light out at 5pm these days?????? Yes, it's true and it's great

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NH Suzanne - YES, I have noticed that it is light out later and I am thrilled. The moon is huge, it really looked full last night, but it's not until Tuesday - I can imagine that is going to create some havoc on the coast line with all this snow.

Besh - You got way more snow than me too. We only ended up with about a foot. It is so pretty and luckily so light - easy to move around LOL. No, we aren't in retrograde until March (I think), but I am sure some of those appliances broke during a retrograde period LOL.

Tikanis - I think you listed all your broken appliances, etc. - I hope you did. At least you are starting the new year with all new equipment and it should be smooth sailing from here. I am glad you faired better last week than you expected to.

KY Susie - thanks for getting us started - you are making quite a comeback LOL.

A group of 14 of us went to dinner last night. We had the entire restaurant and they put all the tables together. It was an authentic northern italian dinner and was served with 4 different wines. The owners would explain the course/wine and history of the region as the night went on. We had so much fun and the food was excellent.

DeeMarie - I hope you feel better real soon. I thought I was getting an UTI this past week, but never turned into that - boy was I relieved. At least the medication works quickly with them.

Marci - are you still shoveling out? was school cancelled?

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Maddie - I hope you are doing ok. Check in if you get the chance. We are here for you.

Tikanas - I too missed the fact that this was the one year anniversary of your DH's passing. I am sorry for that, but I am glad that you found your way to this forum and that the friendships you have formed on here have helped in some way.

Raeanne - We did not receive near the amount of snow that the states north of us did. We got about 5 inches on Saturday and some scattered flurries yesterday and today. Most schools were on a two-hour delay this morning due to the wind chill factor. But.........I already had the day off. It was a clerical day (end of 2nd nine week grading period) for our school district and the preschool follows the pupblic school's schedule. I slept in, then ran errands when the temps got all the way up to 8º!! It is supposed to get into the high 20s or low 30s tomorrow and I expect it will feel like a heat wave.

Besh and NHSuzanne - Our heads are hung low in Pittsburgh today. The Patriots played a better game, but it still hurts to end our 16-1 season that way. At least one team from PA made it to the Super Bowl!

I have the birthday exchange names ready to post. I drew the names once and then redrew a name only to make sure that someone didn't have the exact same partner they had last year or for this year's Christmas exchange. As for the questionaire, I was thinking that each person could submit one question they would like to ask. I'll compile all the questions and then present the questionaire. Be as imaginative as you want.

Here is the Official 2005 Unbirthday Exchange list:

Raeanne sends to Gretchen (February 8th)
Gretchen sends to DeeMarie (February 18th)
Marci sends to Raeanne (March 3rd)
Tikanas sends to Patti (March 20th)
DeeMarie sends to BJ (April 23rd)
NHSuzanne sends to MagicKitty (May 2nd)
KYSusie sends to Besh (July 21st)
Maddie sends to Marci (August 11th)
Jen sends to Tikanas (August 19th)
Lynne(MagicKitty) sends to Jen (August 23rd)
BJ sends to Joanne (September 26th)
Besh sends to Maddie (October 5th)
Patti sends to KYSusie (November 6th)
Joanne sends to NHSuzanne (November 20th)

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Whoo Hoo, Patti! I got your name! Look out, girl!

All of you bombarded by snow, be careful and stay warm. Been there, done that, and wishing you the best.Suzanne, keep that Sweet Pea toasty. And everybody, drive safely!


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Good TUESDAY morning!

[[[[Maddie]]]], still thinking about you and your family. Please check in when you can.

Marci, thanks again for putting the birthday stuff together. Here's a question for the UNBIRTHDAY list.

"What is one thing/product you absolutely detest and would hate to see in a gift package?" LOL! That should help us shop.

So, am I to assume that we can send little gifts all during the year, or send a regular package on the birthday, or any time of the year?

Suzanne, hope all is well up north this morning. I think of you in the very early hours of the morning when Howard first comes on. I imagine that your ahead of me in chores no matter how early I get up! LOL Do we have a final list for French Lick? I'm hoping we can get enough of us; otherwise, we should consider changing it to when most can make it? Just a suggestion....

I've got to get back to the doctor today for a followup. By mid-morning, I'm exhausted, so I'm not back at work yet. Cannot imagine when I'm going to feel better, but I hope it's soon.

DH goes in for surgery on Feb 1 to remove the stones in his right kidney. If all goes well, he'll go back in the following month for the left side. Please hold some good thoughts for him.

Everyone check in and let us know your questions for Marci's list!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning,

Another day off from school! We are supposed to get another storm tonight. :-( I don't know where we are going to put it all.

Marci, since you brought it up - GO PATS! I wasn't going to say a word. LOL

For the gift exchange questions, the only question I can think of right now is "boxers or briefs?" LOL, shows where my mind is at. I'll have to get back to you with a better question.

I made it through one whole day yesterday on Fat Flush. And that is with being stuck inside all day. I'm planning on today going just as well.

Have a great day.

Love, Besh* (more stars to follow!)

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Good Morning All,

DeeMarie, I forgot to tell you yesterday that I hope you feel better! I guess you are going in the right direction. If I am in the barn when Howard comes on I am running late! Usually, I am done with barn chores by 5:30 and he come on at 6am. I love the early part of the show when they are all just talking, goofing, reading emails and taking calls. I love the interaction they have with each other. I generally lose interest when a "hot chick" comes on LOL!

Besh, I wish I were snowbound today! I wasn't going to say anything about the Pats either LOL. The Steelers are a great team though.

Tiakana, Sweet Pea and Casey keep me warm in the barn . When my hands get really cold I put them up under thier manes and they warm back up nicely. That is usually after I have had my bare hands in the water buckets at below zero temps. Brrrrrrrrrr

I will have to get back today with a good question.

How many are going to French Lick, I have lost track.

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Hi Ladybugs

Boy, Suzanne- I cant imagine having my hands in below freezing water buckets- I'm a wimp in the cold, of course screwed up hormones dont help either.

I have go to get the motivation to get legal! Dont have the foods yet I guess.

Besh- congrats on being good *.

Marci- I dont get it- think of a question that will help others figure out our likes/dislikes? I'll have to think on it.

bye for now-Kysusie

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I believe this was the last French Lick count. I believe Jen said she was flexible about the date and I think Gretchen said to pick a date and she will see.

KY Susie - are you in for French Lick?

April 16/17 Dee, Raeanne, Besh

April 30/May 1 Dee, Raeanne, Tikanas, Suzanne, Maddie, Joanne, Marci & BJ (we hope!)

Tikanis - I forgot to answer your question the other day. Yes, I have listened to my CD's LOL. I actually love Dralioln - Cirque du Soleil. There are a couple on Sequentia - Edda that I enjoyed, I am going to bring Something Wonderful - Bryn Terfel to art class and see what they think - we listen to classical music most of the time and thought this might be interesting - it is a different one.

Maddie - thinking of you and hope you are finding some peace each day.

Dee/NH Suzanne - I hardly get to listen to Howard anymore and I miss him. I used to listen to him on my days off, but I go swimming now, which gives me about 5 minutes in the car of listening. My drive to work is only 3 minutes - so I don't catch him then either.

Dee - Hope you get some energy back soon.

Patti - I can vouch for Tikanis - LOOK OUT! LOL

Is anyone else as upset as me about Johnny Carson? I have missed him nearly every night since he went off the air.

I went swimming this morning and then took some photos of the snow and blue blue sky.

Question for survey - How do you pamper yourself?

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Hi ladies--

Thank you all for the hugs and thoughts; as Tikanas said, everything is easier with friends. And she is right. I felt your love and concern, and they gave me confort--

Dad was buried yesterday with full military honors. There was even a bagpiper in full regalia that played Amazing Grace and Taps. I'd never seen a flag folding ceremony before, and it finally broke me. I hadn't cried much up til then, but I let go. Several hundred showed up for the viewing, and most were folks Mom, Rog and I have worked with, and it was almost like a party--and I think dad would have loved it.

Mom is holding her own. One of her friends has taken up residence with her, And mom has good neighbors. It still hasn't really hit yet, and I suspect it will be several days before it does. She is eating and sleeping, though, so that is good.

I am worn out--not physcially, but mentally. I just want to sleep, and I think I'll spend the rest of the week relaxing. I am grateful to not be working at this point. :)

I love you all--


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(((((((( Maddie))))))

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(((Maddie))) Good to hear from you. I am glad you are going to relax this week. You deserve it.

KYSusie - Yes. We usually post a questionaire to help each other for shopping purposes and to get to know each other. I thought we could mix things up this time and use a question from each person.

DeeMarie - I am assuming the same as you. Since we agreed to have an unbirthday exchange this year, we can send little gifts all during the year, or send a regular package on the birthday, or any time of the year. Whatever works for you. Just have fun with it.

Besh - I figured you were bursting at the seams and I had better let you BLOW by mentioning the game first. LOL (I will probably root for the Eagles though.)
Boxers or Briefs!! LOL I love the way you think.

NHSuzanne - I looked like the abominable snowman when I went out to shovel snow on Saturday. I slipped and fell on the ice in our driveway and didn't feel a thing because I was so bundled up. DH must have thought I lost it, because I just laid there and laughed. He kept asking me if I was alright and I wasn't sure if he meant my mental or my physical state! LOL Anyway, your animals are so lucky to have you taking care of them. Warm hugs to Sweet Pea and all.

Raeanne - I cried when I read the news of Johnny Carson's death. And I have teared up at all the tributes to him. I loved his style and his sense of humor. I agree with whoever said that "We will not see the likes of him again." :~(

I took my knitting class last week and I am half way done with my scarf. I think I made it too wide and I think my stitches are too tight, but I am too far along now to undo my work. I guess this will be my "learning" project and I will wear it with pride (maybe). I will post a picture of it when I am done (maybe). LOL

Keep those questions for the exchange questionaire coming. My question is: How would you finish this sentence: If I had a day all to myself, I would_________________________.

Have a good day,

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Good Morning All,

(((((((((Maddie))))))))))) get some rest and let it be. I know you will be feeling better soon.

Marci, I can't picture you as the abominable snowman no matter how hard I try LOL! It is nice to have lots of padding on when working out in the snow and ice.

KY Susie, my screwed up hormones actually help me in the winter. My furnace is so hot that I actually sweat in -20 when I am working in the barn. Of course when I go back into the house it's like walking into an inferno! But it's nice that for once hot flashes have a purpose! My feet and hands still get cold though.

It's snowing again today. Supposed to snow all day with only about six inches of accumulation. Just enough to make the ride in and home messy and slow. Oh well, tis' the season.

Lynn, your birthday is the same day as my younger sisters! Send me your address asap please.

This is a fun question and should generate some interesting and fun answers: If you were a box of ceral what kind would you be and why.

Every one check in today please! BJ, where are you girl??

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Morning ladybugs.
I have a headache-bordering migraine this morning- I had to pull over in Henderson to rest my eyes on the drive in to work- its about 35 minutes to Evansville, IN from my house.

Maddie- so nice to hear an update :)

Marci- i get the idea of the question- im not a good thinker- so give me a few days.

Lot's of changes going on at work, my boss is moving to another dept. the old timers I work wit siad more change is in the wind- I'm a temp. employee trying to get on full time of course.

Raeanne- I would love to join you all in French Lick. It is only about 2 hours from me. Are they going to be through with the major remodel by then? It is going to be spectacular from the pictures I saw when I was last there in October at a Mary Kay retreat.

My DS takes ADHD meds. He is 6. They increased his dose last thrusday. He has been a joy- he has been more fun, he can hold his temper, no lashing out from anger or frustration- could this be the right dose for him- have to wait a couple more days- his teacher is calling him a chatter box and he said he would hold his mouth closed today for me. haha to avoid getting called down.

I guess I should do some work now....

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Good morning all

Another snowy day here, expecting a few inches, not too much.

Besh- I heard Boston is getting anothe foot today YIKES. That's scary. My question for the survey was going to be Leno or Letterman LOL? Tighty Whitey here LOL.

KY Susie - glad you will join us in French Lick. Hope your headache is under control. Glad to hear DS is doing better on the meds.

I just called French Lick and they have plenty of rooms available for the 4/30 weekend. They also are NOT under renovation right now and had no information to share on when that might happen.

Maddie - what a beautiful send off for your dad ((((((HUGS))))))

Marci - I tear up whenever I think of Johnny and I watch whatever I can about him. I wish they would rerun all his episodes. DD was home for our first snow fall and she asked me to go out and make a snow angel with her - of course I did. We just laid there and giggled, until our dog decided to attack us.

Gretchen - Send me your address - I have to get busy LOL.

Any updates to the list below, please let us know, so we can make a decision.

April 16/17 Dee, Raeanne, Besh

April 30/May 1 Dee, Raeanne, Tikanas, Suzanne, Maddie, Joanne, BJ (we hope), KY Susie, (maybe Jen)

Besh - I feel bad that you could make our original date, but not the 4/30 date.

I am wearing a pedometer today, to see how far I walk in a normal day (or don't walk). I did my exercise before I put it on - tomorrow I will wear it while I exercise. I put it on around 8AM and am only up to .48 mile, yet I feel like I walked much further than that.

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Raeanne: 10,000 steps a day is what docs say people should do. That's almost 5 miles.

I gotta read and catch up here.

I am a busy bee; I'm writing papers like crazy.

I will try to write more on Friday mid-morning. That's when I'll be free for a few hours.

(((((MADDIE huggles))))))

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It is 12:50 and I have only walked .7 miles - that is pretty pathetic. Maybe I need a new job that requires more walking.

BJ - I really thought that I walked more than 5 miles a day - but I am beginning to realize that I probably don't come close to it.

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Raeanne, I wore my pedometer for a week at my office and my average per day, just in the office was almost 3 1/2 miles! I thought that was pretty amazing. My copy machine and fax are at the other end of the office which helps I am sure.

BJ, glad you checked in.

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Good Afternoon.

Maddie (((hugs))).

DeeMarie - glad you are better.

Jen - do not worry, if I get the package out tomorrow, you'll get it by August. HAHAHAHA.. just kidding.

QOD - Day to myself -- definately a SPA Day, lunch included. Facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, hair,,,, etc. That would be awesome. Or just sitting back listening to music and/or reading with my cats just hanging out for some quiet time.

QOD: Cereal: Rice Crispies (cause it is DH's favorite) hahahahaha. Has them every morning.....

Tikanas: (((hug))) to you too.... I feel for you.

BJ is missing in action I see. Must be being Wonder Woman again.

Take care - Lynn

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Deemarie- Email me your address!

What in your life now reminds you of when you were growing up?

I have been sick sick sick- similar to what DeeMarie has had. I have asked myself the same question: When am I going to feel better? I lived in the same clothes for three days. I did brush my teeth but that was about it. It kept people away...that is for sure. I was out of work for a few days too.

KY Susie- Good to see you back

Maddie ((((((HUGS)))))))

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Good Morning,

(((((Maddie))))), I just logged on and found out. I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Work is way to busy. Gotta run.

I think anytime at French Lick should be ok with me.


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Good Morning All,

Gretchen, hope you are feeling better soon. (((((((HUGS))))))

It's cold here again today only really windy and we all know what that means! Brrrrrrrrrrrr Was in the barn from 7 - 9 last night with the farrier and I am so tired from the cold. It really sucks the energy out of me. zzzzzzzzzzz

Can hardly believe that January is nearly over.

Where is everyone today? Check in.

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Hi Suzanne - I'm here. I really don't care for how cold it is right now either. The snow is so pretty, but it's way too cold to play in it. We are going down to 25 to 30 below tonight.

Jen - glad you will be joining us in French Lick.

I think I set the pedometer wrong, so I did it over this morning and it seemed to be showing more distance and then it fell off and reset itself OUCH. I went swimming this morning and we got an excellent workout.

Gretchen and Dee - hope you are both feeling like new!

Maddie - let us know how you are doing. I am glad that your mom has a friend staying with her.

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Hello everyone!

Just got the chest x-ray report back and all is OK. Guess I'll be heading back to work tomorrow for half of a day. I'm still beat.

Gretchen, I sent you an e:mail through this site. Hope you got it. Feel better!

I think there's something wrong with this site, as I get tons of spam after using e:mail through here. Anyone else get that?

Jen, keep work and home balanced if you can. It's so easy to burn out. In the meantime, buy a lottery ticket now and again! LOL

Raeanne, I feel so guilty about not exercising over the last several weeks. I just could not do it. Hopefully, I can get back to it next week.

Suzanne, I wish you a warm, cozy evening!

Amy, please check in.

Hello to Patti, Dave, Joanne, Maddie, BJ, Marci, Lynn, Tikanas, and everyone I've forgotten.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi ladies!

Just checking in--I'm sleeping alot, but I think I need to, so things are quiet around here (thank heavens!)

The lady that was staying with mom is 82, and she got sick last night (stomach), and we took her home earlier. She is a retired nurse, and fiesty as h3ll, and I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed her company. Mom is holding up, but as the days progress, her stories of dad's final days keep getting wilder. It's almost like a 4 yo that has been caught lying, and they make up this outrageous story to try to get out of trouble. (I'm not making light of this, but it certainly is interesting to see where this will eventually lead.)

I did go to the gym yesterday, and got picked up!! LOL! (And no--it's wasn't the club stud, darnit!!) This little, balding, mustacheioed, guy gets on the treadmill next to me, and proceeds to yap about himself (until I just had to get to get away from him, and left). He told me he was single (really? now **that's** a surprise), a realtor, had $$$ in the bank, and had a good personality (debatable). Then he asked me to dinner. (My hands are swollen due to lack of water, and my wedding ring is tight and uncomfortable, so it's not on.) I told him as kindly as I could that my hubby didn't like me to go to dinner with other men, and this guy was really embarrassed and kept appologizing. So-- that was my laugh for the day--

I haven't caught up with the posts, so I'm not up-to-date with everyone--

Hope all is well-- and a big hug to John and Amy and Karen if they are reading--



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(((Maddie))) we're keeping the hugs coming! Nothing like a pick up line to well, pick you up!! :)
I was thinking about the service for your Dad. We had the service for our Dad with full military honors. It was quite spectacular.

I hope that all you "sickies" are feeling better today! I have been feeling a bit "icky" myself but it's due to a bit of sadness, being overwhelmed with work and homeschooling etc. Plus, I counted up all of the appliances that have gone kaput and realized that I forgot to mention the demise of the food processor! Ha ha! Coffee maker, water pik and blowdryer are still working, bread maker and dehydrater too! ( say prayers : )

I treated myself to a day off today. I took my friend and her 2 dogs to the beach for the morning. It felt good to get away for a few hours. I am feeling recharged. I know that last week we agreed to get moving but I didn't start till today. Good thing too! I feel SO much better for it....

I just got a pedometer and we'll see how many steps I do tomorrow. I'll have to answer all the questions tomorrow.
This is a great place to hang out. I am so glad to have found you all and to have been accepted by you all.


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Good Morning. ok, sound like I am gonna hop on the pedometer bandwagon. I would love to see how many steps or how far I have walked. I think I saw them at the grocery store....yes???? Where did everyone purchase theirs?

Maddie - ((hugs)) I giggled when I read your story about the pick up in the gym. I got a visual of him. Too funny.

Raeanne - I bet that moment with your DD and the snow angels with the playful dog will be a permanent staple in your year, your DD will come home and say..."hey mom remember when we made snow angels and the dog jumped on us". I love those time when I have them with my mom even now......I love it when I remember those little moments. OK, I getting a bit sentimental......

Jen - please send me your address. I am gonna go back to the x-mas questionnaire to see if you answered it and get some ideas of your likes and dislikes. If not there, I think it was mentioned that a new questionnaire would be coming.

Tikanas - I hope you did not just jinx the rest of your appliances. Did you get the appliances all about the same time and they were just due to go, or were any under warranty?

DeeMarie - how about the hubby? How did the kidney stones go? I know how painful they are.

Take care - Have a great friday..


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Good Morning!

We have a two-hour delay because of the sub-zero weather and wind chill factor, so I have a few extra minutes this morning.

Tikanas - You don't have to answer the questions yet, but you can submit a question for me to use on the questionaire. Once I get a question from each person, I will post the entire list and then we can each post our answers. I always keep a copy of the questionaire answers in Word, so if anyone needs them during the year, they just have to ask.

Speaking of being kids and being sentimental, I find myself crying a lot lately when I think about my DS moving so far away. One minute I am excited that he found a great job and has this great opportunity ahead of him. The next minute I start crying when I think about the fact that I won't be seeing him on a regular basis anymore. Has anyone else experienced a child leaving home and moving far, far away?

Patti - Check in please! Are you and Dave feeling any better.

Maddie - Good to see you haven't lost your charm! LOL And I am glad you are able to relax this week.

Now I have to finish getting ready for school. TGIF!


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morning ladybugs

Gosh I cant wake up! And the yuck cold c*ap that I cant get rid of may be coming on again! So sick of it.

I think I too shall get on the ped wagon. I walk constantly for work- our lab is huge- and plus it takes me 10 minutes to walk in from the parking lot everyday- so I too am anxious to see how much I actually travel.

Dee- hope your husband did fine-My Stepdad has had stones like 3 times- can you say bad diet- and has them lithotrpyes (SP?)

Raeanne- do you drum anymore?

Jen- you must be swamped at work all the time- rest this weekend.

Lynne- nice to meet you

Tikanas- AH the beach- I miss it so much- its peaceful and calming.

BJ- guess she will check in today

Maddie- so good to hear from you- picked up at the gym- too good. I can also picture the little fella in my head.
I have a MK retreat at Butler State Park next weekend.
I saw on the news they had to close Ceasars because all the roads were flooded to it.

Has anyone had Broccolini yet? Rachel Ray cooked with it last night- like broccoli but the stalks are thinner. She roasted it just like I roast my broccoli flowerets.

Im rambling- I better get to work. Hi to all else!

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Good Morning:

We are finally back to school today. We had yesterday off, again. My paycheck will be very pitiful. :-(

I have a pedometer and I think I will use it. I have no idea how much I move in a day, but I'll bet it is not as much as I think. I am on my feet all day, does that count?

Marci, DS#1 is considering a move to Virginia after he gets married. I know how you feel. You want them to be mature and make their own choices, but you also want them to be that little boy that just wants to cuddle up with you and watch Sesame Street! (((HUGS)))

KY Susie, I laughed out loud when you wrote "I can picture the little fella" to Maddie. I'm so glad that you are back.

Maddie, glad you still got it girl! I'm sorry about your Mom. I'm sure she is overwhelmed and her head is spinning. Keep an eye on her though, which I'm sure you will. (((MORE HUGS)))

Tikanis, if I were you, I would unplug the still working appliances, light candles around them and wave some chicken bones over your head. It can't hurt! LOL

I know I am not on for the popular French Lick date, but I may have to pass all together. We just bought a new used boat. It needs some work, so I think our funds will be going toward that. I'm sorry to miss the trip, but I'm very excited about the boat! Do we have any idea of the cost of the trip?

Got to get ready for work. Parking will be at a premium today. There are so many snow banks. We have about 40" of snow right now, and it is 3 degrees out, so no chance of anything melting. At least the sun is shining! :-)

Have a great day!

Love, Besh (who has no stars to post) :-(

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Lynn - I know I will remember playing in the snow for many years. I love it when my adult children still want to play LOL. A few years ago I came home very late from a Christmas party and DD asked if I would go sledding with her, we did and we laughed so hard - they could probably hear us for miles. My pedometer is the cheapest model I could find from Walmart for $3.83 and not worth any penny of it. The buttons are not recessed at all, so it can accidently be reset. I saw a wide range of them, so I would think you could pick a decent one up for about $10. If you want to try out a cheap one, send me your address and I will ship it off to you.

KY Susie - I haven't drummed since last year, but the women's weekend is approaching, so I will be drumming soon.
I love broccolini, but we can't always get it by me - very tender and just cook it like you would broccoli. If Lynn, doesn't want my cheapy pedometer, let me know, you can try it out - I just question the accuracy.

Marci - my oldest DD still says she is heading to San Diego and my DH get's so upset by it. I don't think it will hit me until she actually does it. It's just an adjustment for you and you will snap out of it.

Maddie - that guy knows a good thing when he sees it! I can't remember the last time a guy made a pass at me.

Tikanis - glad you got to spend some time at the beach - sounds like it was just what the Dr. ordered. I feel that the appliance breakdowns are behind you, sort of a metaphor for this past year - but now you have come full circle and a lot of good is in store for you.

DeeMarie - don't feel guilty about not exercising, you had to get your body healthy first. I did what was suppose to be 10 minutes of ab work this morning, OUCH (and I probably only did half of it).

Suzanne - when is this cold spell going to break? I am really beginning to HATE it. I could never do what you do - there is no way I could drag my cold butt out to the barn on these frigid mornings. Is SP taking her supplements any easier?

Besh - are you hanging in there - how much more snow did you get clobbered with?

Gret - hope you are feeling better.

I have a ton of work that is going to keep me in my seat today. Maybe whenever the phone rings, I will walk to another desk to answer it.

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When you go to the French Lick website ( They have an Internet Special rate of $79 per night for 2 double or king or $89 per night which includes breakfast. You also have to pay $8.43 plus 8% tax. Doing a quick search for airfare from Albany, NY (for me) was $190 round trip with 1 stop in Pittsburgh. So figure your meals and DRINKS and any activities you may want to do.

Here is a link that might be useful: French Lick

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(((((Hugs))) Marcie! I have experienced this. It was very tough- my situation was a little bit tougher. My oldest made the decision to finish up his senior year in high school when we moved back here. Hindsight is 20/20. He looks back and wishes he had come with. My DEX ( D@M! ex for the newbies) screwed up that whole thing so I was a parent long distance for a year. I am very close to my oldest and it was one of the toughest years in my life. In fact I cry just thinking about it. Money was tight so we didn't see each other more than 5 times that year. It was hard and it is still hard. He is now 23 and we talk pretty much every day either by phone or instant messaging. Thank God for the internet. I am going out to San Diego for two wonderful events in the next couple of months. He is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him and wants me there so we can all go out to dinner afterwards with her family also. Then in April the whole family will be there for his graduation from the San Diego Police Academy.

It does get easier but stock up in Kleenex is all that I can say and keep coming here to have us help you when you are feeling blue. The risk of having kids...they grow up and leave you..I hate that.

I am feeling better but I think I should have nothing left in my head since I am still blowing my nose and stuff is still coming out ( gross sorry )

Back to work...the boss is lurking...

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I am around. I've been sick still & busy at the drs., etc. I'm excited about the birthday list. KY Susie~Just your luck for me to draw your name, huh? LOL Maybe I'll be painting well enough by then to send you something that I've done myself.

Maddie~I just printed out everything & haven't read any of it but I could tell what was up & want you to know that you are in my pr@yers & [ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] are going out to you.

I'm going to catch up on what has been going on around here & I'll get back. Miss each & every one of you. Shout out to you! Patti :)

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