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jannieDecember 14, 2004

Last Friday night, my DH treated me to dinner at a diner. My meal included dessert, and I had my choice of anything in the dessert case. WOWEE!!! I chose a delicious cake. It had three layers: brownie on the bottom, then a layer of cheesecake, and the top was chocolate mousse. What a delight! I would like to replicate this at home. But how can I bake the brownie and cheesecake layers? I would imagine the brownie is cooked but not to the point of dryness, then the cheesecake would have to be poured on top and gently cooked at a low heat, folloowed by the mousse uncooked.Then refrigeratwe. Would anyone have any hints or suggestions?

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Was there a cheesecake crust between the layers of cake and cheesecake?
My first thought is, they are 3 seperatley baked layers, bake the cake, bake the cheesecake, bake the brownies and layer them together, then chill. Was there a filling in between the layers? Just my thoughts.

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No, this dessert has no crusts at all. The bottom was a brownie layer maybe three quarters of an inch, then vanilla cheesecake, then chocolate mousse on top. The whole thing was about two and a half inches high. I particularly liked it because there was no dough or crusts. Just three of my all-time-favorites piled into one.

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Jannie, I do something similar and I make each separate. Cut the brownie to fit a springform pan and press it in the bottom. Then do the same with your cheesecake and top it off with the mousse. Refrigerate for a few hours and remove from spring form pan to serve.


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Check out this one. You can always top it after it's baked with your favorite chocolate mousse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brownie Bottom Cheesecake

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Thanks Ginger, your link works perfectly. And it explains exactly how to cook the brownie and the cheesecake layer. I will definitely try it soon. And yes I do have a springform pan.

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I saw a cake which sounds identical to that on QVC. They had Juniors Cheesecake Company on selling cheesecakes and they had a chocolate brownie cheesecake with chocolate mousse filling. Looked delicious. It was selling for about $25.00. Juniors is in NYC.

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You might also like this recipe for Chocolate Tuxedo Cake, which has a chocolate layer, a cheesecake layer, another chocolate layer and a sour cream chocolate frosting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chocolate Tuxdeo Cake

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This Chocolate Tuxedo Cake looks really good. I like that the cheesecake layer doesn't need to be baked. Now, I just need to use my imagination for garnishing.


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Jannie, If you make the Brownie Bottom Cheesecake would you let us know how it turned out? It sounds great but I wonder about the brownie being cooked that long. Thanks.

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