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marci_paJanuary 10, 2005

Good Morning!

It is time to sign up for the annual birthday/unbirthday exchange. If you want to participate in this year's exchange, sign up now. The concensus so far has been to keep it simple. If you have any other ideas, voice them now and then we can iron out the details later.

We are having a book fair at preschool this week, so I have to go in early and get it set up.

I'll check in later,


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Good Monday morning!

I'm in for the exchange.


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Good Morning,

I am in for the exchange too. I would like to keep it simple although I have no great ideas yet.

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Count me in!

Today is Day 1 of the fat flush plan. Wish me luck. DH is having a colonoscopy tomorrow. I should just follow what he is following today, it should be good for about 10#!

DH and I met with my sons future in-laws last night to discuss wedding plans. It was a very enjoyable evening and we are all on the same page, which is really nice.

Marci, I love the book fair. We have one at school every fall. Have fun!

Have a great day everyone.

Love, Besh

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I'm in the exchange!

Lotsa reading and writing to do for my class today, so I'll be scarce!

Have a great day! Icy here and cold temps.


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I'm in for the exchange too.

Overcast today, but warming up a bit - very gray YUCK.

Marci - Have fun and hope you make a lot of money at the book fair, that used to be our biggest fundraiser at Preschool.

I got a new computer at work and spent about 6 hours Saturday setting up my files, etc. I need to do more today, but it is so much quicker and nicer than my old one.

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Marci, I always buy lots and lots of books at book fairs. Perhaps I should fly out for yours! BTW, I'm looking forward to Saturday's game between the Steelers and the Jets!!

Gretchen, thank you so much for the advice on the yogurt. I bought a large container of Dannon fat-free plain. Then I discovered that our grocery store had all their frozen (no-sugar added) food on sale! Got 3 bags of peaches, strawberries, and mixed fruit. This morning, I took a container of the yogurt, which I sweetened with Splenda; then added frozen peaches. By the time I ate my breakfast, the fruit was almost defrosted, and it was heavenly! My new favorite brekky!

Besh, is it possible that your son is old enough to get married? You look incredibly young to be a MIL!!!

Hope everyone is well.

Maddie, can you let me know the closest airport to French Lick? I'm thinking Louisville, but not sure. Thanks.

Suzanne, thinking of you and SweetPea all weekend. Lots of luck.

Love to all!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie - according to the French Lick website it says Louisville and I think it's about 50 minutes away from the resort. There are no direct flights for me to Louisville, so maybe I can hook up with you at Newark and we can fly in together - if our schedules allow (this way we can share cab fare to the hotel too LOL).

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Dee Marie,

So glad you like the yogurt/frozen fruit! It is my fav also!

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Raeanne, no problem with the Newark hookup thing!

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Yes, 9 days at being good (I feel a BAD coming on!!!)
I have dropped 3 lbs. Yippee!!!

Marci - Count me in for the Birthday exchange and thank you so much for doing this for us.
Besh - I need to hear all the wedding plans info - what things did you discuss with the parents in law to be? It looks like I'm going to be facing this. DD boyfriend has talked to DH about asking her to marry him, so it's just a matter of time I guess.
Question - is sugar free gum Ok on SS diet? Anyone know?

When are we booking this French Lick and how are we doing it?

Just starting to freezing rain again, so grey out, I closed my blinds at work and turned on a great radio station so I don't know what's going on outside. It will be a surprize when I leave to curl at 5:00.
Take care

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I am in for the birthday exchange!

Marci, I LOVE book fairs! I usually leave the wallet at home and limit what I buy, as I cannot be trusted with book sales of ANY kind!

Besh, sounds like you are off to a good start with your son's in-laws-to-be. Isn't it nice when things work out? Just curious...what's the fat flush program like?

Suzanne, You and Sweet Pea are in my thoughts. I'll trade you some California rain for some NH snow!!

Raeanne, I might have to take my computer in for a check up.It seems to be slowing down. ARGHHH!!! Why does everything break at once?? First the washer, then the fridge. Then just after Christmas, the food processor and now this computer!

DeeMarie, I love ff yogurt w/ fruit for breakfast too. Yumm! That WW Core program sounds a lot like phase2 of South Beach.

I am behaving.... Will check in later.


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Just checking in. Went to water aerobics this morning and then took care of a ton of errands - that always feels good.

Jen - are you back yet? let us know how much you loved your trip. I hope you didn't miss the girls too much (I know that is impossible).

Tikanis - I couldn't believe watching that landslide in CA. Mother Nature certainly has been showing her fury lately. I hope your luck with appliances and electronics changes soon - it will have to, they will all be new. Did DS make his dinner last week? I looked on the cooking forum, but didn't see anything, but I may have missed it.

BJ - have things settled down a bit in your world?

Joanne - I am so glad you are joining us for French Lick. It looks like it will be April 30 - May 1, but I don't think this is 100% official. Let us know if it works for you. Drive carefully!

We are in for an ice storm tonight, but should melt by the afternoon with higher temps and they say it could reach 50 on Thursday - CRAZY. Our lake has not frozen yet and no sign of it in the near future. February there is a month long festival on the ice - maybe not this year.

We are having a friend for dinner, his wife isn't here this week - so I thought he would enjoy a homecooked meal.

Patti - where are you?

Besh - I'm so glad you get along with the future in-laws, that makes things so much nicer and easier.

Stay dry, warm and don't slip on that ice!

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Hi goils!

Dee--Raeanne is right; Louisville is the closest airport, and it's about an hour drive to FL. I'm trying to figure out a way to get everyone to/from FL, and I haven't came up with anything yet. **Yet**

Well, I started on Body-for-Life last Monday, and I'm down 4/5 pounds as of yesterday. I realize that it's water weight, but I'll take it how I can get it. I didn't go to the gym today, but I will tomorrow.

I went to a seminar sponsered by the Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Association (SBA) that was on marketing for small businesses, and it was wonderful! i learned so much, and I am going to one tomorrow morning on networking for woman-owned businesses. The SBA offers so many classes at low costs (some free) that I am having a hard time deciding just what to take. I did get some info on international trade, too. Sometimes, I get scared and wonder just what the h3ll I am thinking--having my own company. And at other times, I am soaring so high that I can't see the earth. Ladies, please send me any good vibes you can spare; gawd knows I could use 'em right now. This is a turning point for me. (I'm trying to figure out how not to go back to corporate America.)

I have John's address if anyone wants to drop him a note.

Hope all is well--



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Checking in......nothing new here. We're supposed to get some snow tonight.

I am in the middle of starting to write a paper for my class on something I know a lot about, so I'm kicking around a few topics. I really should write about being on a perpetual diet----LOL!!!!

Tonight, I am headed to the Univeristy of WA to be a participant in juror questioning. The students have to question and choose jurors for the cases they're defending. I have been a juror in the moot court once before and in November, I played a witness and took the stand after rehearsing semi-scripted testimony. It was fun and the University is very nice to volunteers! I get some on and off acting experience out of it as well.

I am also in the middle of setting up a cooking class with a local chef for 5 of my friends and me. This should be fun. The chef will come to my place and teach us how to make a 4-star restaurant appetizer, a nice elegant meal, and some sort of a tart for dessert. This is my holiday present to my pals; it gets us together to spend time and cook with each other.

Tikanas~ the appliance blues! ARG! Don'tcha hate it? My ice machine on my fridge went out just before my holiday company arrived. It would have been more convenient having an ice maker around, but I can't justify the expense of fixing it, so the kids are having fun making what they call 'old fashioned ice'!!!! GAD! I'm aging as I type! Now this morning, my faucet started drip, drip, dripping in the bathroom. That's really bad Feng Shui, so I'll call the plumber now. I need a new sink in the downstairs powder room anyway. This house is a handyman heaven, I tell ya! In spring, I have to have my bay window replaced. It sits on brick and the bottom sill has rotted beyond repair. And the same with the upstairs bath octagonal window - out she comes and ca-ching for the guy who fixes it! Bless them all, though - I love 'em!

Tikanas~ COOKING!-How's DS's cooking coming? Has he been introduced to my idol, Alton Brown yet?

Raeanne, are you computer-current yet? Hope everything works out well. Thanks for the train info. We're trying to make another trip eastbound this spring to scout more towns - never ends.

Besh! Good luck on the fat flush! And the wedding!

Marci! I am DANGEROUS at book fairs! They LOVE to see me coming!

CONGRATS to all the LOSERS!!!!!!!! :)

Cheers, everybody!

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Marci~Count me in. I haven't finished it yet but I was going to recommend "The Kite Runner" too.

Raeanne~Dave & I both have been very, very, very sick & in bed. I just wanted to get on here & catch up before I got so far behind that I would never be able to catch up.

Tikanis~So glad to know that you are safe. That was one of my big concerns to get on here.

Amy~Good to see you posting.

Gretchen~Good to see you posting.

Shout out to everyone! I'll post again when I'm feeling better. Patti :)

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All you book fair fans would have loved our book fair. It was a buy one, get one free book fair! We have so many books at preschool, so we donate our profit in books to the parents and they benefit. If we schedule next year's book fair a year ahead, we get a small percentage of our sales in books. Everyone benefits and everyone is happy. I got the 5th Harry Potter book in paper back for only $4.50.

As of today, here is the role call for the birthday exchange:

Speaking of weather, it is supposed to reach a high of 63 degrees tomorrow. By Sunday, the highs will be in the 20s. We have had so much rain this past week. We should not be dealing with flooding this time of year. I feel so bad for the people who just got back to normal after the floods from the hurricanes and are now being flooded again. I am actually wishing for snow.

DeeMarie - Steeler fans are going CRAZY here. Over half of my preschoolers wore Steeler shirts today. Big Ben has revived Steeler Mania. It should be a great game.


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Why is it that you can do so well on a program one time and then you try to get back to it a second time and you just can't seem to get your engine started? Do you get where I am going with this? I obviously am not doing so well with FF. I do great until around 5:00 and then all the rules just seem to go away. What is wrong with me?

Thanks for all the well wishes on the wedding. It is not until September of 2006. Joanne, we offered to contribute towards the meal part of it because it is just such a huge expense nowadays. We just could not see letting them pay for the whole thing. It is our son that is getting married too. We are also going to pay for the traditional grooms expenses such as the flowers, limo and minister. We will also host the rehersal dinner, which we have already figured out. We are going to have that catered at our house. DS and future DDIL, don't want something really fancy and you don't really get to mingle and talk with everyone if it is in a restaurant. We like casual.

Hey, I am quoted in our local paper tonight. I went to a forum last night on the increased use of Oxycontin in this area. The reporter interviewed me and used my quote. If you want to read the article I'll post the link below. It was pretty interesting because the Superintendents son is a recovered oxycontin addict and he spoke. He is the same age as my oldest son. I think he was pretty brave. Anyway if you want to read the article, click on the link below and in todays paper (Tuesday) click on the article 'Opiates in our towns: hundreds pack forum...'

Have a great night!

Love, Besh

Here is a link that might be useful: Article on drug use

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Marci--OK--I'm a senile idiot--I meant to toss my hat in as well! Thanks for organizing this! :):)

Besh--a GF of mine was on it for a while, and she said her creepy niece wanted to buy it off of her, and then threatened to break in and steal it if friend didn't give in. The last I heard, niecey-pooh was in rehab. Scary stuff!

Good night, ladies! :)

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BJ - I wished I had thought of cooking lessons for my friends - what a GREAT gift. You are the best. I ate at a restaurant over the summer that does cooking classes and thought of getting a group together - but I hate to be in charge LOL.

Besh - I couldn't find your quote, but that is very brave of that kid to come forth like that -I think he is well on his way.

Marci - glad the book fair was a success.

Patti - I am sorry to hear about you and Dave. I haven't forgotten your slippers, just unable to get them, but I will.

Maddie - there is a lot of good information for women to start their own businesses - you go girl!!! My DD went to a seminar a few months ago and her and two other girls are starting up their own event planning business.

I want to hear the applause now, I served pasta and bread with my dinner and easily passed on both!!! Let's hear it for ME LOL. Really it does feel good to be a bit in control of ME (even if it is only an illusion).

On a sad note a friend that was a restaurant owner in our town passed on last night from Breast Cancer, after a very courageous fight. Her family needs some positive thoughts.

Have a great evening.

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I am in for the Birthday exchange! I know I don't post as much as others but I would love to be a part of it!


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Hi Folks
Besh - thanks so much for that - we will be in a very different position. Our future SIL comes from a single parent family and she does not have much. So it will be between the kids and us to fund this wedding. Thankfully, they also want small and casual everything.

Patti - you and Dave get well.
Hi to everyone else.
********** (5 lbs down today) - Have a formal Gala to go to on February 5th - would like 5 more off by then. Good to have short term goals every other month.


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Hi guys!

Well, the weather forecasters are predicting snow by this afternoon, but nothing yet. They predicted snow yesterday also, but none came. It's tough for them here, with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other.

I am dreading wedding planning and am glad it's FAR off (I hope!). A broken -- or blended --family---which ever way you put it, means half-siblings, step-siblings, cousins and step-cousins, 2 dads and 2 mom for our brides and maybe 2 of each for the groom - who knows? Let alone, at LEAST 6 sets of close grandparents-THEY all get along famously, thank heavens!, different budgets, different ideas, and differeant fashion sense! HA! It all brings everyone together, though, and that's the fun part. But, I'll gladly pay for the happy, in-love couple to elope on a grand cruise somewhere! And a party later!

Raeanne, I gotta give you the CLAP for passing on the bread and pasta. asked for applause......! My sympathies to you regarding your restaurant owner friend.....I hope her family finds a wonderful way to cherish her and the memories she left behind. (((((HUGGLES TO YOU))))))

Stay well!

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Good Morning,

Count me in for the exchange too.

As far as the French Lick dates, anything should be ok for me. I shouldn't have any trouble getting off work!

Hawaii was ok, the flight home was heck!!!! One hour out of Hawaii and we hit massive turbulence. I will talk more about it later.

Gotta run. We have auditors here at work. A BIG welcome back for me huh???


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Hi, I'm here....lots of busy work with office and home. DH goes in for CT scans this evening, and he's really unnerved about this whole kidney stone stuff. For him, that's being very quiet and preoccupied. Also, his dad (FIL) was told that the 10 chemo treatments did not work on his lung lesions.

Jen, welcome back! Hope you got some sun and sand and had some fun. Give those girls yet another hug for us!

Patti/Dave, feel better. Hope you are both up and about soon.

Really gotta run; laters......

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Marci~I posted that I wanted to be in the birthday exchange so maybe you overlooked it.

Thanks for all the well-wishers.

Jen~I'm waiting to hear about your trip.

Joanne~You really are doing great on your WOE.

BJ~Was Karen going to come back to this forum? Did you read the message? I didn't take the time.

DeeMarie~Pr@yers for DH.

Gretchen~It has been harder for me to post too. I will see if I can do better when I get well.

Raeanne~Pr@yers on your friend's passing too.

Besh & Maddie~That is just one of the drugs that I take. I am on a low doseage but I worry about if I'm taken off of it what kind of affect it will have with me. I've been on it for about 5 years now. And, it doesn't even begin to touch the pain.

Where's NH Suzanne & Tikanis? Well, shout out to everyone. I'm back off to bed. I want you each to know that I love you like family & that I probably don't express it nearly often enough. But, each of you have a dear & special place in Dave & my hearts! Patti :)

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A qiuck hi to everybody! I am swamped here!

Patti and Dave, you hurry up and get better. Thinking of you guys...


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Good Morning!

Patti - I think you and I were posting/writing at the same time. But I do have your name on the birthday list now.

Here is the list as of today:

Magic Kitty - I hope the Christmas exchange didn't scare you off. I won't finalize the list until I hear from you, one way or the other. Then I will match up names some time next week.

On the home front. DS is moving to St. Pete, Fl. He has officially been offered a job and plans to accept on Monday. I am losing my first born to the sunny south and I am sad. Yet I am excited for him at the same time. That adds up to sleepless nights for me, as I lay thinking of all the changes that lay ahead.

They announced the latest Survivor contestants yesterday and I know one of them. Ian R. graduated with my son from both high school and college. His Dad was my DS's boy scout leader and I taught his sister in preschool, so I know the whole family. I can't wait to see how he does. He is a very personable and charming guy. I hope he goes far.

I need to finish getting ready for school.


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Very busy and fighting a chest cold...keeping it a bay with Zicam and cold-eeze, but it's a big battle.

Hey guys, you won't believe this, but yesterday I got home from the office and DH handed me a package that was received in the mail from BJ!! Details to follow.........

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I'm rooting for the Survivor contestant from Bellevue, WA - where I live! But he IS a LAWYER, so how far will they let him go?????? :)

On a confusing note, my DD (16) came to us and said she was depressed and not doing well in her math class - she is a very good student normally. She's dropping math and wants counseling, so I made an appt for the end of the month. Some positve thoughts for her well-being please. I am sad she's having this happen in her teen years. I'll have a steep learning curve on this one. Luckily, she came home yesterday, had had a good day, and was happy.

On a happier note, has anyone heard the new German hit "Snappy, the Little Crocodile"? -- it was made up and sung by a 4 year old and is #1 on the charts in Germany! My 6 yr old LOVES it and is singing in in as much of an accent as she can muster. Too cute.

DeeMarie~ Glad you got the package. Hope you like it. Just wanted to send you a little something for all the inspiration you do here. BTW, I am going to the 6AM WW meeting this Saturday. I gotta get this weight off and am wondering about the question Besh asked the other day:

Why do we do well in the beginning of the day and then sabotage ourselves by ruining our diets in the afternoon or evening? And why do we cheat ourselves out of health and a point on the self esteem scale? ANYBODY KNOW?

Here is a link that might be useful: Snappy, the Little Crocodile

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Well, it looks like someone HACKED into the German kid's family's website and has ruined it. Don't bother clicking on the link. Bummer. Maybe some good samaritan will fix it for them. What the heck do people get out of this kind of malicious behavior? Bugs me.

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FROM KY SUSIE: (her email addy has been edited out))

Hi- long time I know. I've sent these to the ladies whose emails I "think" I remembered.

I've missed you all so much- and started lurking again around Christmas time after I hung my memory ornmanets from past exchanges.

I'm going to register again from home- I'm at work right now. I'd like to join back in I'm eating low carb- sorta SS- no bread, flour, limit sugars, etc.

****QOD: Could you all ask for me for everyone to list the top 3 things Ive missed in the last 15 months or more.--

Please feel free to add more than 3.

Here are my top 5:

Nov. 2003- lost my job

Feb. 2004- MIL has lung cancer surgery, I start working for her to keep her cleaning jobs and to have some money

Aug 2004- I feel into deep deep deep depression- i was in counseling, ate and slept for about 3 weeks and did nothing else when kids went back to school.

Oct. 2004- started new job at Bristol meyers Squibb- love it, love the people too.

This month a confirmed diagnosis for metal toxicity and am in the sauna, flushing with supplements and back to low carb eating.

Missed you ladies!

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Hi Everyone
KY Susie - missed you girl!
My three things
DH was given the goodbye from his company 13 months - no job yet, but he is starting his own.
DD left home to live with boyfriend looks like a wedding shortly
I have had way too many medical issues to list, but good news is I'm presently pretty healthy and back on SS.

I'm off to have a lovely seafood dinner with DH and go to the movies.

************ - (would really like a glass of wine this weekend though)!!!!!!!
Take care

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Joanne - I'm with you off to dinner and movie (Fockers). Enjoy!

QOD - My 3 things - I can't remember back that far.
1 - I met BJ and her family in September
2 - Went to Cancun in December
3 - My hairdresser left me - don't laugh this is traumatic for me

BJ - my heart aches for DD, but it is so good that she is verbalizing her feelings to you - very hard for a 16 yr old. I know she is in good hand with you watching over her - I will keep some positive thoughts for her.

Jen - tell us about your trip.

Dee - Hope you feel better real soon.

Marci - that is so great that a friend is on Survivor - that will make watching it so much more fun. He is a cutey!

Gotta run.

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Joanne~Have a good time with DH this p.m.

BJ~I was going to say about the same thing that Raeanne said. The teenage years are so hard & they do cause a lot of stress & depression for some teens. The good thing is that you have made certain that you have such a good relationship with her that she felt that she could come & talk to you about it. I know that she will be fine but you can count on us for pr@yers.

Raeanne~The Fockers! Let me know what you think then I will tell you what DS#2 said.

DeeMarie~Get well soon. I still haven't recovered.

Marci~Thanks for adding me to the list.

Tikanis~Thanks. When is a good time to call these days?

KY Susie~Not certain what I can say other than I had the opportunity to meet Joanne. We had the 4 hurricanes & went to TX to DS#1's college graduation. We made it a family reunion since all live fairly close by.

Shout out to everyone. Have a good weekend. Patti :)

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KY Suzie, it was great to hear from you. Here's my list,

1 - DS #1 got engaged, wedding in Sept. 2006
2 - DMIL passed away in August, DFIL (87) went to a nursing home yesterday
3 - Still have not lost any weight. Wait, I take that back. I have gained and lost about 50# on that popular YoYo Diet!

DS#2 went to see Meet the Fockers and loved it, but he is 13 and he loved Anchoman.

Jen, welcome back. I hope you had a great trip. I'm sure you will happy to come back to your little girls.

Tikanis, are you near the mudslides at all. I cringe whenever I see footage of that.

Patti, I am sorry, I didn't know that you were so sick. I must have missed your post. I hope that you are feeling better. Is Dave sick too?

Maddie, good luck with your own business. DH has been self employed for 20 years and would not have it any other way. There are drawbacks, such as no vacation/holiday pay, but in the long run it is worth it.

Dee, feel better. I am sending you some virtual chicken soup! I'll send some to Patti too!

BJ, I am so happy that your DD was able to express her feelings to you and good for you for jumping on it right away. So many kids don't know how to express themselves and many more don't have anyone to express themselves to. It is so hard to grow up these days. So much more pressure.

And BJ, I don't think anyone knows the answer to our question. Why do we sabotage ourselves? I guess if anyone knew, we wouldn't all be dieting all the time.

Raeanne, your hairdresser left you? Just you, or all of his clients? Have you found someone new?

Marci, thanks for coordinating the exchange again.

Got to fly. I am going to watch Napoleon Dynamite with DS.

Have a great weekend.

Love, Besh

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Besh - LOL, my hairdresser left all her clients, but she didn't tell me until the day before she was leaving. She gave me a free cut and color and then sprung it on me - I was one of her first clients (when she moved here) and have followed her around for 7 years. She is taking a year off, but promises to be back. In he meantime, I am looking for someone, and I don't want to get too attached LOL. I got the book yesterday, I forgot all about it too. So sorry to hear about DFIL, but I am sure that it is what is best for all - I will keep him in my thoughts.

Patti - I loved the Focker's we laughed so hard. I can't wait to hear what your DS said.

KY SUsie - I just remembered that I also met Dee in the last 15 months (I think). I believe it was somewhere around February - is that right Dee?, it seems so long ago.
I hope you can meet us at French Lick in April.

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Last 15 months:

Dec 2003- Went ot Alaska for Christmas w/ my family, first time in 15 years. Wonderful.

January 2004 - DH decided he needed to separate and went looking for a place of his own. I received emails, cards and support from my SS sisters and DH & I went to counseling and started some work.

May 2004 - My yearly visit with my Kentucky family and MADDIE! Loved it and LOVE her.

Spring 2004 - Exchanged a series of emails with DeeMarie and we learned a lot about each other. Very fun and lovely conversations. Beautiful person, she is.

June 2004 - Surrendered my dog to keep my husband. Painful but necessary. Again, lots of support from here.

Summer 2004 - Spent living in Alaska. Drove up and down the state and had a killer time. Loved it but was happy when I got home in the fall, then I got homesick for Alaska - lol.

September 2004 - Went to NY and met Raeanne and her DH- visit too short and had TOO much fun! The people are so fantastic that we're thinking of moving to that coast in a few years! Scoping weather and property now. DH started 2nd year of law school - only 1 more to go after this. I started back to college to finish a degree I started many years ago. All children in school.

Dec 2004 - Had DH's family here for holidays. So stressful, DH blew a gasket and almost left again. Back to counseling...and deal making. Lots better now that family's gone.

January - Signed up for another college load; continuing to work toward that piece of paper I want. Becoming aware that time flies when you don't have any. Signed up at WW Core Program. Determined to lose weight and be healthy. Still here, after many years and still checking in really regularly. Planning a trip to east coast in March to scout a place to live when we finally move.

KYSusie~ Good to hear from you. Keep on truckin' toward wellness.

Back to the laundry and paper I'm supposed to be writing!

Check in, everyone!

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Hi all!

For those of you who read the KT, I see that Dottie passed away from renal failure. She was a fun poster who had a wicked sense of humor--a good lady.

QOD---hmmmm.... welll....2004 was an eventful year for me--

May--Got to see my beloved BJ, and see her sweet family
May--abruptly lost my job that I had for 7 years

June--got my dream job working as an auctioneer

October--lost my dream job to owner's nephew (who (and I swear this is true) decided since he was in collge to be an RN and couldn't pass anatomy and physicology, that he'd get his auctioneer's license to build up his confidence)

KYSusieQ---get your behind back here!!! We love and miss you!! And it's so good to hear from you! :):)

Well, I weighed this morning, and can someone PLEASE tell me how I can lose 4-5 pounds one week, do the exact same thing the next week, and gain it all back????????????? Aunt Flo isn't here, so what's up? Scheech! And I've been so good, even going to the gym. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Anyhoo--gotta go--



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It is muscle!


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Maddie: Change the batteries in your scale---or take them out permanently! Just stay on track. Weight in women fluctuates wildly. You'll *see* the results and *feel* the results. Ignore the scale for a couple of weeks. Or...As JerseyKaren would say:

"Who cares about the freakin' scale!!!!!!"

Sorry to hear about Dottie. I don't go to KT, but I know that you're close to the group over there. Peace.

Well, I am off to the fish shop to look at fish with the kids today, then visiting my friend who has twins, then to a Science Club potluck, then out to dinner with an ex who I haven't seen in years. He tells me he's in the best shape he's ever been----I'm 40 pounds heavier than when we were together. Oh joy. Gotta love it.

Back to my paper and more laundry!

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Yesterday while swimming I met 2 women visiting the area for the weekend - one was from Wales. Last night I went to a local restaurant with DH and met up with friends. While there the entire restaurant filled up with all these ladies wearing flapper type outfits - very outrageous accessories, etc. and they had crowns on. One woman was wearing a banner (beauty contestant type) and had a large crown on. The banner read SagNOmore (the hotel they stay at is The Sagamore) Well the women I swam with that morning were amongst this group and they recognized me. They said a family member died several years ago and left them a pot of money, so that all the women could come to my town each year for a weekend reunion. This was thier 7th year. They elect a queen each year and they do different themes. They even have a scavenger hunt - which I went home and got them some of the items LOL. It was so funny and I was envious of their tradition. Maybe French Lick will be the beginning of our own tradition.

BJ - you had quite a year - how did you remember all that LOL. Have fun at the fish market - hope they throw one your way.

Maddie - I didn't know Dottie - but I am sure there is a lot of good support over there ((((HUGS)))).

NH Suzanne - you are among the missing, please check in.

Are we ready to firm up plans for French Lick?

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Raeanne, I am ready to firm up PERIOD!! LOL!

Bj, what a year! I want to hear about the meet up w/ the

Maddie, throw the scale AWAY!! I agree with Besh, it's all muscle.

Welcome back, Jen. Pics? (I still have not learned how to post them...

Patti, I hope you got my e mail. This computer is due for a tune up and some emails are not getting through. Hope you and Dave are better!

DeeMarie, are you getting over that cold?

Lynn, where are ya?? Suzanne??

January 2004 DH suffered a near fatal M.I.leaving him brain dead. Since I had to turn off the life support (in accordance to his wishes) MIL no longer speaks to me or my children. (crying no tears for that one..) We have recovered as well as can be expected.

Feb: started first homebased business. ( Had to throw myself into something.)

April: 1st business started making a profit.

June: Cut ties w/ sister. Relationship too toxic. (I feel much better for it)

Sept: started 2nd business

Nov. - Dec: had a great holiday season despite the year's adversities.

2005: destined to be a GREAT year! So far, so good.... : )


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Raeanne~Remember that my DS#2 is just 22, but he said that he felt like the jokes were forced, that they just didn't seem to flow that easy.

It sounds like everyone is having a busy weekend.

Tikanis~I didn't get your E-mail. Hmmm.....

Shout out to everyone! Patti :)

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