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marci_paJanuary 15, 2007

Good Morning! I have today off too and it is wet and miserable out. I need to run to the grocery store and then I am going to make some wedding soup and read a good book.

Donna - Glad that your Dad's surgery went well.

((Joanne)) - I have been thinking about you and hope that you are able to enjoy your week at the beach and come back refreshed.

I was planning on matching up names for the Un-Birthday exchange this week. So if you haven't signed up and still want to, I will wait until Wednesday.

Here's the list so far:








If you DON'T want to be in the exchange, email me so I know for sure that you saw this post.


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Hi Marci,

Looks like your all alone here. Yesterday was full of rain for us too. Today is freezing! I actually went outside and put a blanket of my dogs. DH wasn't real pleased, but to bad.

Have a great day.


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Where is everybody??

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Here I am! LOL We have been busy getting ready for our month long trip to Texas. We've been changing plans to accomadate DD & DGS#1's birthday party. We won't be there on his actual birthday now b/c his Mom wanted us to change things & be there for the weekend instead. That way we would have more time together. I cannot believe we will be in Texas a whole month & that we are going to be so busy that we won't get to see anybody for more than a couple of days. The only ones that we are going to spend some real time with are my parents b/c they lost out last summer so they are getting a week but we are splitting that up even. Great news! DGD has gotten her first tooth & is trying to crawl! I'm tickled pink. She can teeth on my fingers anytime. We met a couple from close to us in TX & they moved here the same time that we did. We talked for a long time. They even knew some of the same people that Dave knows. We ended up exchanging phone numbers & plan to try to get together. She is like me & cannot stand it here. And, he is like Dave & loves it here. Both men have promised to move us women back to TX as soon as they get the chance. tee hee Thanks for the hugs. I shouldn't have written when I was so upset but I remember when Dave was so sick in 2000 & you let me come here & let it out & you helped me so much. I'm looking forward to finding out who my unbirthday partner is. I've already been looking at things but not buying b/c it all depends on the person. Please, please, please all of you stay safe. The weather here won't be getting that bad but I know that everyone else is having a horrible time & I do worry about you. Night all. Patti :)

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I hope that everybody is doing all right with the bad weather & all. With nobody checking in, it kind of gives me room for pause. Please be careful. Patti :)

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Hello everyone!

Got home late this morning, but I'm online working from home to catch up on e:mails and write a presentation for tomorrow morning. Wish I had won a jackpot so I could leave work behind forever, but it's not to be!! lol

We had a great time in 90 degree weather and came home to temps in NYC of about 18. Can we say layers and layers of clothing? burrrrrrrrrr

Hope everyone has a calmer week...seems like lots of difficulties last week.

Take care!

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(((Big HUGS))))to just about everyone out there!!!!!
Joanne, sorry for your loss. Positive thoughts are being sent your way!!!!

DH and I had guests for a long weekend. It was one of my best friends I have had since High School and her two daughters. One is 8 and the other 13. Quite exhausting!!!

BJ - so glad to hear from you.....big hugs to you too!!!! So I guess your not at the funeral home anymore???

Marci - I am in for the un-birthday exchange. I was in it a couple times and it was fun!!!!

Tikanas - I looked up the Body Worlds link and I remember when it first came out and was so controversial.....I especially liked the comments of the celebrities....LOL!!!
Danny DeVito said it made him hungry....UGH!!!!

I am hoping this new years brings everyone here GOOD LUCK, GOOD HEALTH!!!!!!!

LIVE LOVE AND LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi all, just poking my head in to say hello. Things are OK, still having a lot of issues with friends and family, but am working it out slowly.

I joined a gym close to my house so its convienent, now I need to find the motivation to go and get back on track :/

Work has been busy with flu season but is slowing down a bit, so will be able to check in more.

We are covered with a sheet of ice right now so NHSuz is probably busy chasing chickens and goats around the slippery farm ;) Looks like it will warm up enough tomorow for the icy streets and driveways to melt.

Take care!


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I am checking in! John is right since Monday we have been covered in a literal sheet of ice. Power has been out for alot of people and the last two nights have dipped below zero where I am. Hopefully everyone will have power restored today but they still have to deal with burst pipes.

Tuesday morning I went out at 5:30 to do barn chores. It was below zero and the ice was unbelievable. I had to slid on my butt down to the barn (see padding helps!). I discovered my donkeys stuck in the farthest part of the paddock on the ice unable to move. It was too slippery to even take my tractor out so I started shoveling manure from the poop pile out to them to make a path that had some traction. (This is Yankee ingenuity at it's finest!) Tillie got into the barn quickly but Dominic was terrified and fought me all the way. It took me over an hour in those temps to shovel the poop and get him in!! He was a frozen block of ice and I think he had been out there all night as he was shaking like a leaf! I wrapped him up and locked him in a stall to eat hay and warm up!! What an ordeal. Real life drama!

And wasn't that a perfect time for my tack room door to come off it's slider!! That took me another half hour to fix. I was frozen solid myself when I was done!

John, I don't dare let my chickens out right now!!

This morning we have more below zero temps but it's supposed to get up into the high 20's today which will feel like a heat wave. Tonight, below zero again but that should be it for awhile anyway. UGH

Amazingly, I did not fall on the ice one time thanks to my trusty yak trax. Those are great for winter time traction.

Dee, glad you had a nice time. Welcome back to reality!!

Lynn, good to see you post.

Patti, thanks for worrying about us!

That's what I am up to!! Fun, fun, fun.

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Good THURSDAY morning!

John, I love to see you..your posts always make me smile (or laugh out loud!)

Suzanne, glad you were able to get your extended family members in a warm environment. I remember a time my sister and I shared an apartment in a two-family home. To get to our entrance, the sidewalk took a turn and twist upwards. One night we both arrived home from work at the same time and the sidewalk had froze over. We slipped on our @sses with briefcases and groceries flying all over the road and yard. We laughed so hard and so long that our landlord was ready to call an ambulance because we sounded like we were crying! We still talk about that ice and laugh just as hard!

I'm really busy at the office today and was just informed that tomorrow, I need to reschedule all my projects in order to clean up files to comply with corporate records retention policy. Fun, fun, fun. That makes today even more hectic.

Make today count and stay well!

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Dee~Glad that you made it home but sorry that it was so cold when you got there.

NH Suzanne~Dave laughed when he read your post. He said, "Been there, done that." He was raised on a dairy farm in upstate NY. He has done more than his fair share of shoveling sh!t. I was so sorry to hear that your donkeys were frozen like that.

John~So glad to see you posting. And, glad that you will be able to post more often. I, also, smile when I see you post. We all like having a brother around.

Lynn~I hope that you get rested up soon. I can remember when we had two extra kids that were small & I got so tired. That is when I found out that I had Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

Well, next week I start back with physical therapy on my foot. Dave has some stew ready so I guess that I had better get off of here. Please stay warm & safe. Patti :)

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Hey Gang - just stopping by before I leave for the sunny shores of Cancun (sorry, but I couldn't help myself). We are heading to NYC this afternoon and leave tomorrow morning. Please everyone stay safe and warm.

Suzanne - poor Dominic - he is lucky that such a special person adopted him.

Dee - I can just see you on the sidewalk surrounded by your groceries laughing until tears were coming down your face!

John & Magic Kitty - good to hear from both of you.

Raise your hand if you want me to have a Margarita for you (or 2).

I will miss you - have fun but behave!

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Raeanne~Have fun & have a couple of margaritas for me! The pomegranate ones would be great if you can get one. LOL Patti :)

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Raeanne, Have a great time and have a couple margaritas for me too. I figure that since I am back to Sommersizing, I will have to stick to the bloody mary's. At least there will be no added sugar in them. Just the Funky alcohol.

It's really cold here, but no ice. Keep warm everyone.


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Raeanne, bon voyage. Have a couple for me too!! You are going to be so wasted when you get done with all these margaritas!! LOL

Jen, you can have a pomegrante margarita with no sugar!! Use the POM brand pomegrante juice, fresh lime and you are all set. I suppose there is a little sugar in the triple sec but you use so little........just one or two wouldn't hurt.

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Sorry I missed you Raeanne.......please have a Malibu and Diet Coke for me, then a vodka and tonic, then some Pino Grigio, then a cosmo......and so on, and so on, and so on.

I'm still drying out from last week! LOL!!! Boy, when I go on vacation lately, I have found the true way to relax. I went from maybe 1 drink a month to at least 1 a day. That may not seem like a lot to some, but that was w-a-y too much for me at times....especially when we had cocktails and another drink at dinner. I was flying by 10pm!

well, I'm off to the doctors this afternoon. The rash that I got from the antibiotic reaction has traveled over my entire torso and thighs and it is very unpleasant. Benadryl does not help much at night, and I can't take it during the day. Besides that, it is a streaking red and it's making me nervous. I feel great (no fever or chills) other than the pain and itch from this nasty @ss rash! LOL!

QOD: What's up for the weekend? We have dinner plans tomorrow night with DSIL and DBIL. Sunday afternoon I'm going to--what I anticipate to be---a most boring baby shower. It's DH's niece and I will not know more than 3 people out of 56! Hope to leave before she opens all those gifts!

Hope everyone has a healthy, safe, and fun weekend!

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Raeanne, have a wonderful trip and have a couple for me too!

Dee, glad you had a great time.

Suzanne, your poor babies, especially little Dominic. They sure are lucky to have you.

This has been an endless presently relaxing with a medicinal glass of wine. I will check in tomorrow.

Have a good night!!!


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Hope you enjoyed that wine, Donna.

I'm about to leave for the baby shower/brunch but wanted to stop in to say "Hi"!

It's been bitterly cold here and very windy, but this morning the wind has died down so I'm thankful that there are not too many tree limbs to pick up in the front and back yards. Tonight we are expecting some freezing rain which may go into tomorrow morning....not a big fan of that stuff, so I need to stay tuned to weather reports. I got stuck on an icy hill on Friday morning, with a moron not less than a foot behind me. He was creeping up on my tail the entire time. I was lucky that I only fishtailed and did not slid backwards. UGH!!!! I need a snow-free there an association I can join to actually ENCOURAGE global warming? LMAO!!!!!

Internist prescribed a cream for my rash but was not happy when he saw it. Said I need to get to a dermotologist if it's not better by Tuesday. I think it looks a bit better after 36 hours, but I'll give it another day or so. One good thing....the itching is almost gone.

Have a great weekend...I'm gonna cheer for the Colts this afternoon (sorry Besh, Suzanne and John). It's still that divisional competition in me! :-)

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie~I cheered for the Colts too. I just think that Tony Dungee is such a class act. I hated the way that Tampa Bay treated him. And, I'm glad that he made it to a Super Bowl. I also wanted New Orleans to make it but I will take the Bears. Their coach is one of Tony's best friends & he is a class act too. It should be one of the better Super Bowl games.

Jen~Have a drink for me. Whatever you decide to drink. The pomegranate is very good for you. Even my youngest son said so & he is so tough on his Mom. Have a great time.

Raeanne~Have a great time, too. And, again, imbibe for me.

We think that our DD is engaged. Her DBF asked Dave on Friday & they know that we are calling them tonight to see how her first day of school went so we think that they are waiting to tell us until we call. So their may be a wedding in the future. This kid needs something positive in her life. She is the one who had the 6 mo. old baby & the DSIL killed himself, well he didn't do a good enough job & she had to make the decision a week later to pull the plug. We love the new guy very much. In fact, he is the only one she has ever dated that we have ever approved of. And, Dave was saying that I was going to keep us in TX all year long. LOL Now, he has a reason to want to go back. Well, I had better get back in bed. I start PT on my foot again today. Patti :) Stay warm.

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