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abbylane8November 14, 2006

I am looking for a dry bread mix for single mini loaves to give as gifts. I am a teacher and I don't have time to bake all of them. I bought the pans last year and got too busy to bake. Go figure! Does anybody have any ideas? I would really like to do some type of banana, but any other yummy ideas would be great!!! Thank you, Abby

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You could do almost any recipe for quick bread and package them without the eggs and water....you would include dry milk in the mix....and oil or butter.
Bananas would not go well, unless you used dried...but mostly any nut bread or bread using dry friut would do..
But...I expect you will find it takes less time to mix up and bake a big batch of individual breads than it will to measure and pack the ingredients. I would make the breads and freeze in the pans, wrapped and then remove from the freezer and hand them out.
Linda C

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Try Recipeusa.org for mix recipes. I think it woulod just be easier to use cake or bread mixes and bake cakes and freeze just like Linda suggested. Or make cookies/fudge, etc. Here's another site for recipe.

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