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nhsuzanneJanuary 3, 2011

Rabbit Rabbit and Happy New Year everyone!

Hope everyone can come here to tell us how their holidays were.

We cleared and burned for three days! Yesterday we were too tired to move so laid low. It was a wonderful and productive (and rare) three day weekend with DH. We had fun.

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I am really happy that the Holiday season is totally over with. With all the rich foods that the tables were groaning under and all that sugar.. I am sugared and carbed out !! I gained a few more pounds and this is just not acceptable... My feet are starting to hurt again.. and I know it is my weight.

So, for 2011, my goal is to lose 40 lbs.

Start Date = Jan. 1, 2011

Amount to lose = 40 lbs.
Amount lost = 3.4 lb.
Left to Lose = 36.6 lbs.

I am walking a minimum of 1� miles every day except if it is thundering or if it is very hot and humid..

My eating lifestyle is to eat anything I want, but in total moderation with smaller portions and more excercise to drop the weight and tone my muscles. Potatos, breads, starchy food will be kept to a minimum until I get down to where I want to be, and then I will slowly add them back into the mix. NO empty calories such as liquor, sugar, soda...

Thre you have it..Good luck with whatever y'all are working on..


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Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

It's been a long time since I've posted. It's my winter tune up time again. Since I left here I've been through h@ll and back in life. Won't bore you with the story. It affected both mental and physical health. My actual starting weight this winter in Dec was 147 - I'm now down to 140. A few years ago I started at 164 and then 157 with a target weight of 140. Overall it's been slow and erratic, not steady, during the past 3 years. If you are on the long haul, hang in there. You can do it.

My goal this winter is to focus again on preparing ahead food in the fridge, planning my meals to make sure I cover all nutritional areas. Nutrition focus is one goal I have. My second goal is walking.

I've since moved out to the country on the land we've held for 16 years. Built a house and have just moved in early December. We are still nesting, expect to spend the winter settling into a new lifestyle.

I've come and gone in good and very bad moments in my life. My worst moment a few years ago I was battling alcohol addiction with beer to deal with family issues. It did not work. I've been told off at times for my attitude slips (almost like I was waving the beer bottle saying I was dieting here). I've had many, many highlights here. This year I'm back in a much healthier state of mind. Looking forward to focusing on overall health.

I still remember Wodka's first visit. Sorry to hear of your challenges right now but glad you are still here.

I remember many of you. I hope you don't mind me popping round. It's not so much the weight issue (my life goal is finding my healthy weight between 127-135 lbs) and then maintaining it. It's all about facing my diabetes, accepting the medication (pills), not abusing myself anymore, eating properly like my Mom taught me and taking care of my spiritual self better.

I'm back. My weigh-in today is 140. Previous life goal - now it's finding my health weight with my doctor.


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Good morning,everyone! It's in the mid-30's here right now, but a sunshiny day, so it's all good!

McPeg, it's so good to see you posting here again! I saw you over at the Kitchen Table, and was hoping you'd wander over this way!!!

My friend and I feasted on decadent angus burgers for dinner last night. That was my splurge for 2011, I hope! I couldn't eat all of it - probably because the extra-crispy fries filled me up.

Today I have errands to run: drop off the rent check; donate clothing to Goodwill; unload more things at the storage locker; then back here to warm up and whatever.

Wishing everyone a great Monday!

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Welcome back McPeg!!! Happy New Year. Sounds like you have done a bit of spiritual growing since we heard from you last. I am happy that you are moving in the right direction. Don't stay gone so long - we are all here to support you in any way that we can.

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Carolyn and Suzanne thank you for your kind words. I've been reading some of the older posts and realize I've missed everyone. Silly me.

Yes I am growing. I've had 3 months of group therapy 1 1/2 years ago as an out patient. Still digesting the information gained, working at keeping my feet planted. Learning to let go of toxic issues in my life. Accepting more responsibility for my own actions for a brighter future. Always sounds easy in the movies, but it's a hard journey that just keeps on getting better as I put in practice lessons learned. I've been blessed with a few very close friends who aren't shy to verbally slap me up the side of the head (I've told them too with my blessing). Heaven knows it's done me a world of good.

Yes I am back. With love and not vengeance against myself.

Hugs to all of my friends here,

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Hello Peg...I can relate to some of what you are feeling... especially about relationships that are toxic. Not that the people are toxic on their own, but sometimes it is like when you try to mix bleach with ammonia, it tends to be volatile, although each has their own redeeming qualities..

We all need to be responsible for ourselves, and with the addition of uplifting and loving friends, it gets easier with each passing day.

I just love your attitude... it shows strength, determination and spiritual growth...

May God Bless You,


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Hi all!

Happy New Year! Mine started off not so great, but like everyone else, I have great hope for 2011.

Rog woke me up early NYE with chest pains, and we rushed him to the hospital. His heart rate was 115, and his bp was 178/98. They ran all sorts of tests on him--he's not pregnant, btw--and he did not have a heart attack. He passed the stress test, and he's making an appointment with a cardiologist asap. This scared the holy h3ll out of me--he's a typical guy--won't go to a doctor until he's missing a limb--so for him to say that he needed to go to the hospital was terrifying, especially since his dad died of a massive heart attack in '09. He seems to be OK, and went to work today.

Ladies, I think BJ wrote the nicest thing about us: "These girls know all my secrets, my ups, downs, and everything in my life. They are the sisters you wish you had..." All these years that I've posted, I've tried to express that, and just could never find the words. BJ did. And if I may, I'd like to echo her. :)

Welcome CS! Pull up a chair, and talk to us! Bonus points if you bring low-cal cookies! :)

Hi Peg! I saw you at the KT too, and was hoping you'd come over--how good to see you post! :)

Dee--are you feeling any better? ((((hugs!!))))

BJ--I'd love to! I've never been to the PNW, but have heard that it's beautiful; Seattle in particular. I miss seeing you at Derby; I hope you can come back again. How's your mom?

Hope all is well with everyone, and any MIAs come out--Amy, Jen, John, Happyto--



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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new faces and hello to old friends. Looking forward to sharing our ups and downs this year.

Still not 100%. Went in for the Pre-Admission Testing today for the TEE that is scheduled for Thursday. Tech told me that the EKG did, in fact, show something happened to me. Good news is I'm working towards identifying it getting it fixed. Tonight, I'm heading back out to Zumba for the start of the Jan/Feb session, but plan to take it very slow.

Have a great week!

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Back to work today after 2 weeks off - sick, holidays and vacation. First day is the worst, right?

Welcome back McPeg!! Glad to see you.

CS, glad you are with us.

I am heading back to WW on Thursday. I got week #1 of the new points plus and really liked it but stopped following it after that one week what with holidays and such. Poor excuse but fact.

Today I did pretty good, packed my lunch and watched what I ate --- no candy!!

Maddie, will keep Rog in my prayers.

Dee, you are there too.

Love and hugs to all.

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Happy New Year!

Wodka - sending hugs and prayers.

Maddie - positive vibes and prayers coming to you and Rog too. Thought you would get a kick out of the martini glass.

McPeg - I just thought of you last week when I was reading the posts. Glad you are back.

Country Sunshine Carolyn - welcome too - always nice to have new faces hee to help inspire us.

BJ - you should apply for unemployment haha. Kidding aside, I know you will find something, you always do.

Suzanne - glad you and DH had a productive 3 day weekend. Our 3 inches melted and we have nothing now - it is so strange to have no snow this time of year - I am sure it is coming though. We were in Brooklyn yesterday and the cars are still buried deep.

Dee - keeping you in my thoughts for Thursday. I am glad that you are able to keep going to Zumba.

Donna - sounds like you are feeling better. I didn't enjoy work today either.

Tomorrow I am cleaning out all the gift baskets, pantry, and refrig of funky foods. I am determined to get back on track and get healthy again.

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Hi y'all!

I'm shaking my booty today - are you?

Unpacking boxes, doing laundry, organizing stuff. Feeling Whhhooooooo hoooooooooo today. C'mom shake your booty with me - let's dance!

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Good afternoon, everyone.

Peggy, it's so great to see you here again. I have thought about you often and wondered what you were up to. So glad things are looking up for you.

A week ago today my husband had the CyberKnife procedure on his brain tumor. Amazing technology. No sedation, no side effects. Took about an hour. We will go back for a follow up at the end of February to see how much the treatment shrunk the tumor. The oncologist wanted to go ahead and treat the brain before beginning any chemo/radiation on the liver. Today was spent at the outpatient surgery center, where he had the upper and lower GI. Since he had never had a colonoscopy, they wanted to rule out colon cancer, even though he's had CT scans and a PET scan. Thank God, the gastro did not see any cancer in the colon and removed a few polyps, but said he saw nothing to be concerned about. So we will meet with the oncologist on the 10th to hear how he plans to treat the liver tumor and we can hopefully, get on with our lives.

So, now that I have a few free days before the next medical appointment, I think I will shake my booty like Peggy, or at least get it in gear. I have gained a few pounds, but not as many as I thought. Haven't been able to walk these last few weeks, and ate more than my share over the holidays, plus stress, but considering all that's going on, I'm okay with it, will attack these 6 unwanted pounds and get focused on finally reaching my goal.

Donna, is the new WW plan much different than last year's? I can't join this year, but I plan on dusting off all of my old journals and magazines and notes.

Maddie, hope your husband is doing okay and cardiologist gives him the all clear.

Dee, hope your test on Thursday helps find out what your problem is.

Country Sunshine, welcome. I don't post as often as I used to, but love lurking and keeping up on everyone's lives, whose are much more exciting than mine.

Thanks for everyone's concern and prayers. Hope this week is going well for everyone.

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So glad to see many of you checking in. Right now I'm sitting in my office and looking out my window at a family of deer. Hey, Suzanne, they are actually cute, but I hpe they aren't near my car when I leave for home later. LOL!

The office is incredibly empty today, and a member of my team told me only about 14 out of 500 were in yesterday! Using all that leftover vacation. I suspect it is not more than 50 today, so it's been very easy to catch up on my e:mails. I've been out on 'holiday' since the afternoon of December 23.

[[[[[[[ROG]]]]]]]] I hope you are feel better, and that you learn what caused your problems.

Peggy, I'm glad to see you are back and in good spirits. Keep dancing!!!

Wodka, holding good thoughts for your DH and praying that he recovers quickly.

Make today count!

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Booty girl shook herself into a wee nap at noon. Did get outside today, brought down some wood and kindling. Productive day.

My heartfelt hug goes out to everyone right now. It seems there are difficult days to face. I send my prayers to Wodka and DH, Dee and Rog. Wodka I am hoping you have the energy to also take care of yourself, take a break when you can.

I've missed so much not being here. I am grateful you have opened your arms again to me. I love the reflection on the last thread about being sisters (or family) we wish we had. Hit the nail on the head with that one. Of course if any guys are out there lurking, we welcome you too. There is always room to join in.

And Country Sunshine welcome too!

Still putting one foot in front of the other. Let's keep pulling each other along - LOL.


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Good Wednesday all,

Maddie, I hope Rog is okay.

It's cold and windy here and the vet is due here any minute to see Sweet Pea so I have to run.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Check in!

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Another good day here. Productive. Tonight is spaghetti night. I can only eat a medium bowl and find I struggle through that these days. Fine with me. Not into heavy foods right now. Still have my starter veggie soup in the fridge which helps a great deal from pigging out.

Drinking more water and noticed today I've lost inches. Don't really look that often but did squeeze down a size into my old, old, ancient normal sized pants. Very happy on that front but it's not the focus. Made sure today to get more fruit yogurt to go with my frozen bananas (hard to get decent fresh fruit right now). And I'm making a green salad to go with dinner.

Trying to pay attention. Spent most of the morning walking around - unpacking, repacking and the like. Laundry, putting away xmas decor (I do a small tree). Maybe I did not achieve walking outside but my feet tell me I've done it indoors. Today's treat was a lovely shower with lots of girly smelly stuff. My senses thanked me big time for that!

C'mon - do tell. How are you doing today?


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Happy Hump Day! It's been nice and cool around here (mid-50's) and sunny.

I spent the afternoon out enjoying the weather, then I shopped at Walmart for printer paper. Checked out 1-1/2 hours later to the tune of $176.00!!! It wasn't crowded, I enjoyed just strolling around checking out what was new, and enjoying being totally anonymous in the place. Weird, I know, but it was fun.

Applied for Social Security today. The man advised me to go with my first husband's SS account as it will pay me the most. I couldn't believe that it was so good! Nice to know I'll have enough $$$ to cover my COBRA insurance for the next 20 months!

Hugs and healing prayers for Maddie's Rog and Jan's DH.

I'll be MIA until late this weekend because my computer is trying to die. My son will wipe this notebook clean and try reinstalling the necessary programs. Just letting y'all know where I'll be for a while.

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Quick check in.... hope all are doing well and the hugs and prayers are working.

Jan, it's similar but different. You get MORE points per day and more bonus points per week. The catch is that many foods cost more points than before - example, a glass of wine was 2 points, with points plus it's now 4 points a glass. You also have to reconfigure your points on all foods and WW foods/snacks unless they are labeled points plus. The difference is we no longer use the slide for calories, fat and fiber. We now have a small calculator (not free) to calculate protein, carbs, fat and fiber per serving for points value.

In the long run I think you make better choices. I will go back tomorrow night and get the next step.

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Carolyn that is such good news about your benefits! Happy that you are making progress every day.

Peggy, I wish I could stick to a medium bowl of pasta. This Italian gal loves her pasta, and would eat it for 3 meals a day if it was allowed. Keep up the great work on yourself!

It's a frustrating morning for me, as I need to fast until my procedure at 2pm. No liquids either! I can only swirl some water around in my mouth (no swallowing). Of course, this makes one even more thirsty and hungry, but I'm working from home to keep my mind off of it for a bit.

Suzanne, hope the vet visit went well for Sweet Pea.

Raeanne, I have not forgotten about our Girlfriend Getaway. I hope to register soon after DH and I are finished with our testing and such.

Received my performance review yesterday. I was told I was outstanding, but I'm also charged with training my successor this year so I'm free to do 'other things". That initially spells more stress for me, so the jury is still out. I'm determined to speak up if the job gets too stressful.

Well, I've got to take this call...it's a conference with the UK gang.


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Good morning.

It's a sunny day here, and highs will be in the 60's, today and tomorrow. My yardwork has been pushed to the back burner these last few months, and is crying for me to come out and play, so might just have to do that tomorrow. It's such a good stress reliever.

I decorated but didn't put up our big tree this year, and it still took me hours to get everything put away yesterday. Peg, I'm like you - I made countless trips up the stairs to the attic, so that should count for exercise.

Donna, thanks for the new info on WW. It sounds interesting. I know you will do well. Please share whatever you learn. I can understand why they would up the points on wine. One minor gripe. Although I think Jennifer Hudson looks great and is the perfect spokeswoman for WW, they have run that new commercial to death (the one with her singing?) I can't get that song off of my mind, it's like I've been brainwashed! I used to love that song, but could go another 60 years without ever hearing it again - ha.

Dee, good luck today on your tests, and have a good late lunch/early dinner after it's all over.

Carolyn, thanks for the hugs and prayers. That's great news about your Social Security. I shop at Walmart like you do - I close my eyes when I check out, waiting for the total tally, but it is so convenient to get everything at one place.

Hope it's a good day for everyone.

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Good mid-morning everyone,

Woke up late this morning at 9:30am. Had to take a sedative to sleep last night because I could not shut my head off the last few nights (work in progress) worrying about things I have no control over. It appears I'm fighting a cold - my eye sockets hurt, I'm pushing up the shares in the kleenex corporation. Glad I have my veggie soup made in the fridge. Going to have a very late breakfast - a yogurt banana fruit juice smoothie. And a regular tylenol and then get on with things. If I need a nap later I'll take one.

Has WW reformulated/updated it's program for a cash grab? I still have all of my stuff from the previous points system. It's simple and works for me. Or in the long run is this much better? I'd be very interested to hear more about this. We don't have TV subscriptions, not even an antenna since moving to the countryside, so I'm not being tortured by the new WW commercial. Thank heavens. Don't even miss subscribing to TV since there is so much on the internet. We enjoy purchasing our TV shows on DVD, get the news online. This is a first in our lives. Not missing the commercials. Best of all, DH uses TV for a background when working - I'm not missing that at all since I found the constant drone irritating. Did find a radio station out of Kingston ON that plays softer music from the 60's and 70's. Quite enjoy that during the day. Also enjoy the fact that it's audience is both Canada and US since Kingston is located on the St Lawrence river. Oh yeah, diet stuff - I digress.

Focusing on better food choices, trying to get into the habit of using my older WW tracker. Making better food choices.

Okay, it's almost 11am now - really late for breakfast. Gotta get off my tush.

Have a fabulous day everyone. Take time for yourself even if just a few moments. We are worth it!


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Made a mistake on my single posting - this link also shows the new points calculations as well. I noticed why the change. Makes more sense to me calculating the protein content now. Better nutritional base.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weight Watchers Points Calculator

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Got through the first 5 days of the year and walked every day... surprised that the hill I had to climb was so much easier yesterday than on NY Day... lol I am off to walk a different route today,, same hill, but once we top it, then a different road in the fork...

Carolyn.. glad you will be doing well on your SS.. it is a blessing to be sure. To everyone that are not feeling well, I pray that you all will soon be up and feeling as good as brand spanking new.

Last night we ate at church.. they served up Pork chops with gravy, green beans, mashed potatos, rolls, dessert and drink... I passed on the mashed potatos and rolls and dessert and just got the pork chops and a smidge of the gravy and water to drink. I will add it some of the other stuff in a few weeks, but just getting back on the wagon again after a mega stressful 2010, I am playing it safe to recondition my thought processes...

I am taking some time away from the internet to do some major sweeping out of junk that is interfering with my life. Closets need cleaning, storage area needs purging again..garage needs to be straightened up, and I am already wrapping gifts for next Christmas and working on making some other stuff for giving next Christmas.. And I cleaned up my FB account and got rid of a lot a drama from my life by minimizing the forums I frequent to just my favorites. The less time online, the more time spent with folks that I love.. Plus I have two new classes of study that I am working on for the next few months... and that will be taking up a lot of my time as well. However, I intend to come in here to update and see how everyone is doing each week...

I hope you all are doing well and seeing your goals start to become reality for you..

Enjoy your week everyone..


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Good Friday all,

Jan, I am thinking of you and DH and hoping all is well. Will continue to hold you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Maddie, how is Rog doing? Check in please.

Dee, I have never figured out why they can't schedule people who have to fast for first thing in the morning! Hope all went well.

It's snowing lightly here this morning supposed to snow all day and may get six inches or so by tomorrow.

What are your weekend plans?

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Happy Friday!

My weekend plans are the same all round - continue settling into our new home, unpacking, cleaning and getting my butt outside more during the day.

Today I started a journal. I'm also working on my mental health issues. I'm reading The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra. Making notes of my reflections. My friend is also on a winter tune up with me which includes mental health as well. We are following our own paths on this and bouncing ideas back and forth. So it's like being in group therapy again. Anything I find on the net that helps I'll be making notes from too with the internet site reference. All of this is going to be added to the binder I worked on during my hospital course. I can't lead a healthy lifestyle when my moods go down. Working on my mental health really spurs me forward. My spiritual health is vital - I've been seeking growth in that area for some time. I have other books in my stash to help but they are in a box somewhere.

I also have the Four Agreements, The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz.

So this weekend I am hoping to achieve more fresh air.


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Good morning from sunny north Texas! It's already at 50 F., but next week, we're going to hover around the freezing mark all week. I'm definitely getting out this weekend to get things done!

One of my friends made some suggestions on how to help out my computer, and once I did it, it's now working so much better, so here I am again!

Peggy, I'm doing a lot of self-study myself. I had the best therapist for 8 sessions while going through my divorce, and she helped me pin down the root of all my problems. She also gave me techniques to use to combat those negative thoughts which I use almost unconsciously now.

I realized the other night that I'm eating very poorly since moving here. It really isn't fun to cook for one, so I snack my way through the days, and I've put back on 5 lbs. I fixed a nice brunch this morning which will see me through until dinner, when I'll fix baked chicken breast and fresh veggies. Wintertime is when I gain weight the easiest, so I'm going to have to be more conscientious.

Dee, sending good thoughts for your dh.

Jan, how are y'all?

Raeanne, wish I could join y'all for the girls' weekend. It sounds like so much fun.

Donna, I'm tempted to return to WW, but I don't do well in group activities like that.

Suzanne, how are you and all the fur babies with all the snow you're having?

Maddie, thinking of Rog and you and hoping for the very best!

CS, speaking of purging negative things, I've been going through all the things I HAD to bring with me, and it's amazing how unimportant they now are when I'm faced with where to put them. I refuse to continue paying for a storage locker for things that are owning me instead of the other way around. It's tough to harden my heart to sentimentality, but it's necessary unfortunately. It's like toxic people in your life, you need to just let go!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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McPeg - the 4th Agreement is one of my favorite books. I always have more than 1 on hand to give away. I just got the Fifth Agreement.

Carolyn - If I won the lottery you would have been coming to the Girlfriends weekend along with everyone else.

Suzanne - Our weather is the same.

Jan - continuing to send prayers.

Dee - hope your results give you some answers. We could have told your boss that you are OUTSTANDING. Nice of them to free you up to do other things...

Enjoy your day.

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What a long day, but DH is home and resting. We had to pick up four different prescriptions for him, in case the pain is too intense. The surgeon went into the bladder/kidney and broke up the stone and then put in a stent. He will go back in on the 28th to try to remove all the pieces. It's very complicated because of DHs horseshoe-shaped kidneys, but for now he's calmed down. I had to finish my evening by shoveling 6 inches of snow from our porch and driveway. I am exhausted!

[[[[[[BIG SQUEEZY HUGS]]]]]]] to those who need them.

Good night, and thanks so much for all the well wishes!

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Today was an awesome day. Bob got up early with me and we went out to pick up our order of Tangelos and on to the Mennonite Market... Did a little shopping and then back home again..

I sorted through some old coffee mugs and will be putting them in the spring yard sale for the Hope Fund at church..I know I will have tons more too. Christmas stuff especially.. I have waaaaay too much in the way of Christmas ornies.. I just keep the ones with sentimental value to them like some hand painted ornies my mom did and little gifts of ornies from a lot of really nice online friends I have met over the years..

Carolyn, It is so amazing when you can get more order in your life by purging what is just not working to the good in your life.... Hanging on to what is doing absolutely nothing but draining you either financially or physically or spiritually is not worth it... Kick it to the curb or give it away or sell it or donate it... but yeah.. don't let it drag you down.. sometimes things can act as an albatross around you neck..and will keep you from doing other things that really are worth while... besides, if you give it away or donate or so... then someone else may garner a really great blessing from it.. and guess what... your blessings will increase too..Just because you remove something from your life that is doing you no good, doesn't mean it doesn't have value.. to someone else it may be just fantastic..

It is turning cold for the next week, so walking will be brisk.. and not really long treks.. just a mile and a half.. and that's it.. toes get cold after that.. lol So ar this year I have walked every day.. and still watching my intake of calories.. so it's all good.

Keep on keeping on folks.. and thanks for the squeezy hugs Dee.. we always can use a hug or two..

Stay well everyone..


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Hi, everyone. I posted a little bit two years ago just after I learned I am diabetic. At that time I weighed 293 pounds, a lot for a 5'5.5" woman! I started with WW on 12/1/08. The following June I joined Curves and began exercising 3-4 times per week. In Nov 2010 I also joined a swim club so now I'm doing water aerobics M,W,F and Curves T,Th,S. Sunday is my day of rest! I've lost about 109 pounds so far. Not sure about the ultimate goal, but I thought I'd aim for 150 and reassess at that point. Best of all, my A1C came down from 11.2 to 6.0. I'm 65, and I haven't been at this weight (184) since college.

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NWroselady ~ I bow down to you !! That is a fantastic accomplishment !! As far as an ultimate goal.... well I feel that when you get there, your body will tell you... and numbers really don't mean much... just listening to your body will help you determine where your best body weight is. Mine runs between 135 - 150. Anywhere in there is just terrific for me. Any less and I feel scrawny, wrinkly, and just blah !! Any more than that (like now !!) and I begin to have gastrointestinal issues...so my goal is to drop about 40 lbs. and I will be content as long is I can maintain 135-150. I have a rather ample bosom, and my doctor told me that to take that into consideration.. that they weight probably as much as a young beagle... and 125 may be fine for somebody with less cleavage, but not for me.. I am 67 and hanging in there in spite of health issues.. Arthritis and a damaged heart being the worst..

But God has me here for some reason or other, so here I will stay at least for now.

It is nice to have you here with us.. and I do hope you will continue to post with us..


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Hi Nwroselady!

I join Carolyn in bowing down to you too! You ROCK sister! And glad to see you back - I too have been away. Came to my senses, hence my return. Welcome Back.

Positive day for achieving a number of items on my 'hit list'. Makes me feel mentally better when I can achieve something each day. Increased positive energy affects my overall mood for sticking to my health needs to.

Not much news otherwise, but really wanted to say Hello.

BTW - would you prefer to be called Rose, Rose Lady or NWroselady? Just wondering.


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Peggy, just call me Sally. It's nice to be around people who are going through some of the same issues. BTW, there's a commercial running on TV for another diet program where the 20-something is gloating about her weight loss. She went from a size 8 to a size 0! I'd be delighted to be a size 8!

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Country Sunshine, thank you for making me laugh tonight (referring to your ample bosom(s) as weighing as much as a young beagle!) You are funny!

Sally, congratulations on your weight loss. That's an amazing amount of weight to lose! Weight Watchers is a great motivator. In January, 2009, I joined WW and I weighed 221.6 (funny how I remember the .6 part!) I lost 62 pounds (have recently gained about 6 back, but am working on it.) Our meeting location closed, so I haven't been back. Plus, other stuff happening. I still would like to get to 150, which is not too far off, but apparently need a refresher course on motivation. Welcome, I'm glad you are here.

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Good afternoon from snowy, gloomy north Texas! It's 34F. and has been snowing for hours now, but it's solight that it's not doing any harm. We're due to have temps in the low 30's through this week, so I'm cooking a big pot of WW chili. It makes this place smell wonderful!

Welcome to our new poster! Sally, what an awesome job you have done of losing so well! Jump in and just start posting about any- and everything.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, so I slept really late today and am just now guzzling hot coffee. In my effort to keep my electric bill low, I sleep very cool, so once I finally did fall asleep early this morniong, I didn't want to get out of my cozy, warm bed forever. LOL

Today is a good day for staying in and working on little projects around here. Wishing everyone a wonderful day of rest!

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Wodka, glad I could make you smile.. lol.. but truth be known, I would gladly have a reduction.. but since they don't cause me any kind of health risk, insurance won't pay for it, and that would make it too pricey for me. My DD had it done, and she is sooo happy to be just a nice 36C now.. I would be beyond happy to get down to that.. but alas, I am lucky to get down to 40DD when my weight is down to a size 8/10... right now I am 44DD.. and that's a lotta weight to tote around..

Today was a great day.. I slept really well last night after taking a tylenol pm for the arthritis in my hands.. It was sure hurting last night something fierce... so got up early and got my coffee and just enjoyed the morning until it was time to get dressed for church.. Our worship service was awesome and I came away feeling exceptionally good.. So, after we had dinner, I went out with the pups and walked.. But it was COLD !! I walked a mile and a half anyway, but darn, should have had a scarf.. my nose was so froze.. when we got back, I indulged in some hot cocoa..

I did a little reading and then just took it easy the rest of the day.... no church tonight in anticipation of the snow storm coming.. we have no snow removal out here in the boonies..

Carolyn, I love a cool room to sleep in.. so I usually knock the heat down to about 60 degrees and that is perfect for us..then I crank it up to 68 degrees during the day... and that is comfy for us..

Tomorrow I will weigh in and hopefully I will have lost a bit more... I am shooting for 1 pound a week.. and that will make me happy..

Have a wonderful eveing...


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