Did anyone see Oprah Friday?

kathy_January 31, 2004

Doctor was on the show saying how we should change our ways. They showed an autopsy on a man to show how fat looks in the body - not a pretty picture but it was fascinating and now I know what's around my heart and belly. Oh dear. They also showed a smoker's lung compared to a regular one, gallstones, a fibroid tumor, 2 arteries one healthy and one not (the doctor had to hunt for a month for a healthy one because everyone usually has plaque in theirs). It was a fascinating show and hopefully I can record the rerun and keep that fat in mind when the chocolate monster calls me...Kathy

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Hi Kathy,
No, I didn't see it, but recently watched a show where a lady had her stomach stapled and they showed those big globs of yellowish fat!! Hasn't left my mind. What an eye opener.

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There is a new quit smoking commercial in the UK being aired. It shows surgically gloved hands handling a rubber tube (mimicking an artery)- they are squeezing out gooey fat - yellowish looking and like chuncky lard - really disgusting. Makes ya think.

I will keep an eye out for the oprah rerun when it is shown here.

Very interesting indeed!


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Kathy, My daughter was home from work and happened to see that program.....gross but interesting and informative.

I've been told that the fat of a human looks just like chicken fat.......not a pretty sight when there's an abundance.

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Yes it was globs of yellowish fat - oh my. Shame no one saw the show but I am going to watch for it in the reruns. Kathy

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I saw it. Raeanne from SS alerted me and I set the Ti-Vo. I Ti-Vo'd it and my teens are going to watch it with me---they missed the first showing. The smokers lungs were most interesting and the uterine fibroids were an eye opener.

I didn't think it was gross. It was presented in a very factual way. The doc was a great speaker and did a nice job with the video and disection presentations.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I watched it and was also impressed. I thought it was handled very well, and I enjoyed his talk. I made my husband watch it. He showed pictures of what a weight gain can do to you spine, and he talked about so many things we hear about. But at least twice he said that men may worry about a heart attack or stroke, but excessive weight can make them impotent. He said that that fact had more effect than any other statistics. Interesting!
I really enjoyed the show.

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