Tips on removing caulk from sand-faced bricks?

threeapplesDecember 4, 2012

Our windows were caulked very poorly and look awful. They need to be redone, which our builder agreed to, but I'm really worried the clad windows or the sand-faced bricks will be ruined.

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Caulking should come off the clad windows no issues, sanded brick I kind of doubt it will come off easily. What kind of caulk?

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i'm not sure, maybe a silicone product:

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i'm really disappointed, especially given how picky everyone working on my house knows i am. this is all at eye-level, so it's pretty obvious. i feel like it looks like my toddler squirted toothpaste in there. i just really worry it will ruin the bricks and mortar to be removed, but i'm so irritated by the sloppiness that i can't possibly leave it like that.

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Considering how thin a strip you're talking about that the current caulk covers + the fact that the new caulk will cover most of it, I don't think it will be a problem. The caulk should peel off just the way it would any other brick. With the experiences you've been having, though, I think I'd be there when they did it. No one likes to be watched while they work, but in your case, I wouldn't care if they liked it or not, I'd just do it. No sense risking further screw ups.

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