looking for: sil needs help....easy cookie recipe

eileen_launonenNovember 14, 2004

Ok I have a bit of a delema SIL have 2 sickley parent one just fell today and is in the hospital she is really run raggerd...now I am going to make her 9 dozen cookies so she can participate in the cookie exchange I do alot of baking but I really need a nice easy cookie becuase I have my own 9 dozen to make along with a dozen other recipes and pies I make...help please I was think that Gingers Shortbread looked eay and delicious!

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I would go for a bar cookie or some sort.....shortbread in a 9 by 11 and cut into bars would be good...but there are a lot of bar recipes out there.
Linda C

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Have you done a search here, Eileen? There are a number of cookie threads with some excellent cookies offered. My Raspberry Bars are quick and easy and made in a 9x13" pan so you would get a goodly number.

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Yeh im looking into Gingers they look easy and have very good reviews

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