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aka_raeanneJanuary 1, 2007


rabbit, rabbit

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let the diets begin!

Love, Besh

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Happy New Year!!!

Besh is right...diets begin today!!


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Happy New Year, everyone!

Diet begins Tuesday for me, to be honest. :)

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Milkdud~Thanks for posting. I'm glad that you are here. How about you post more often this year too? LOL I'll be there next month? How about you?

Happy New Year, everyone!

This is the year that we get serious about the diets again. Do you want to start posting menus again so that we are more accountable to each other? Patti :)

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Happy New Year everyone.

I started back to Sommersizing on Dec. 28th. It feels great. I can say that now that the Sommersize flu is over. The sugar and caffeine withdrawal was Awful. But, it's over and I can start eating healthy again. I need some recipes, anyone still have them?

Gotta run, Have a great day.


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Happy New Year everyone!!

Besh, you had to say the "D" word! LOL

My diet was supposed to start today but I realized this morning I am not really prepared (food wise) I probably should have spent some time this weekend doing that but I didn't. I got groceries and what I need to succeed this week at lunch today. I hope this is not a bad sign!! LOL

We had some shattering news here in our sleepy little town over the weekend. The guy that does our plowing and is very well known here shot his soon to be ex-wife and her date while they were at her home on Saturday night. They thought she was going to lose her leg but they have managed to save it and should be out of the ICU in a few days, the date is not doing so well as his kidneys are not functioning. If all that wasn't horrific enough - the date is a married man with a family of his own! Can you imagine what his wife and children are thinking today. It's so tragic and sad for everyone. Apparently, the shooter is well known for his bad temper and abuse of his wife. So sad.

On a fun note I got alot of riding in this weekend and even our first snowfall!! A whopping one inch of snow so we went out to make tracks in the woods! It was fun.

I am going to try to set realistic diet goals this time and see if that works better for me. I am starting off with the two-week detox diet from the fat flush plan. I like that plan and the book is interesting because it's written by a nutritionist who explains how are bodies handle things and what our organ functions are. Amazing to learn about my body at this age!!

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Hi guys,

Happy New Year! A blast from the past!

Sorry about being MIA for so long, but my fast life took a major lane change back in September when I traveled to Alaska and then came toa screeching halt. I am now back on track.

Thanks for the emails prompting me to come back. I appreciate the kind words and patience while I found an alternate way to continue to communicate here. Gretchen's was by far the most direct and funniest. I won't repeat it, but thanks, Gretchen, for the JOLT!

I am back to flying forever; it works well for me. I guess it's my destiny, not that I'm complaining! What can I say? I love the smell of 100 Low Lead (avgas) any time and wearing a headset keeps my brains squeezed together!

Anyway, here's to a sexy '007 (2007, that is). I'll have mine stirred, not shaken!

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BJ??? Is that really you?? Welcome back girl! That's all I can say.


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BJ, what a THRILL to log on and see you post. I have missed your wit soooooooo much. I hope you won't stay away. Glad you are up in the air again. Whatever it takes to make it through the day, right?

Well, I went back to school today. It was like I never left. It is funny how you just get right back in to the swing of things. It was busy, but a good busy. The kids were much calmer now that the holidays have passed. ;-)

I had a nice long talk with DS on the phone tonight. God I miss him so much, but he is so happy where he is and doing what he is doing. What more can I say. You want your kids to be happy and that he is.

Not much else to report. I did great eating wise all day and then ate some M&M's when I got home. Why? I'm not beating myself up and not giving myself permission to continue to over eat. It's done and I will move on!

Have a great evening.

Love, Besh

BJ, did I mention how glad I am to see you post?????

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Bj!! It's so great to see you here! I missed you so much! I hope you will catch us up on your ol' self. Watch those fumes. And Happy New Year to you too ; ) I knew it was you...

Jen, way to go getting right back on track.

Suzanne, I don't think it's a bad sign at all! At least you are aware! How awful about that shooter!

Besh, I am wearing my new comfy slippers. I just love them. It seems like just yesterday that your school let out! I am glad that the kids have calmed down. Yes, we do want are kids to grow up and be happy but that doesn't mean that we don't miss them...

Hi Marci, Donna, Milkdud, Patti!

I caught a stomach bug right before New Year and have spent the last 2 days doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So out of character! DS was sick too and this was the first time he's been ill and living on his own. He must have called 4 times a day for advice and cheering up! Goes to show that our kids miss us a bit too. I haven't eaten hardly a thing in three days so I guess I am ahead of the game in the diet department, huh? lol!

Back to work tomorrow and I am all organized. This is going to be a GREAT year!!



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BJ~I'm so happy to see you back here & posting. Flying is in your blood, I think.

Tikanis~I'm sorry that you were ill. Glad that you are feeling better.

Besh~I always miss my DSs too, & DSD. That is why I want to go back to TX. It wouldn't be for the weather. LOL

Hi Marci~Has your school started back? Ours doesn't start back until the 4th.

NH Suzanne~That is such sad news about the shooter. Here they probably wouldn't even charge him with anything. I've never seen anything like it. I'm glad that you were able to get out & ride. We don't have the groceries to start either. I love the "Fat Flush" plan. I have lost so much weight before using it.

Jen~Doesn't it feel good to be over the Detox stage? Ugh. Now you are ready to begin a year of healthy eating. I have some recipes but would have too mail them to you. So, if you don't get them from someone else, let me know.

On my front, my DGD saw the doctor yesterday. She weighs 15 lbs, is 25" long, & is starting on rice cereal. I can hardly wait to see her. We bought a camera yesterday for each other for Christmas so when we go to TX next month for our anniversary we will be able to take pictures. I will also be able to get pics of the 2 DGSs. One is having a birthday & is turning 6, (part of the reason that we are going.) I hope everyone has a great day. Patti :)

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Good Morning!

Our electricity went out last night and I woke up at 4/am to a flashing clock. After I got up to check the time and reset the clock, I was too alert to go back to sleep. I am sure I will pay for it later in the day.

The kids start back today. We had our registration yesterday and it went well, although we didn't fill up any of the classes. We usually fill at least the 2 morning classes on registration day, so hopefully we will get some more registrations this week.

NHSuzanne - That is sad about the shooting. How is the "date" doing? The whole situation is just so tragic on so many levels.

It is balmy here again today. I can't help but feel we will be paying for this nice weather by having cold and snow in April and May.

QOD - Who is interested in doing the Annual Un-Birthday Exchange this year?? I'll be in charge again unless someone else wants to take over.


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I was planning on just lurking and not posting, but how could I?

Planejockey - I love the name although your last one fit very well too LOL. I am so thrilled to have you back with us. Please don't do that again LOL. Let the games begin!

I will post later - have a great day.

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Marci - yes count me in. If you are looking to get rid of the task I would do it for you. You have been great at doing it and we have really appreciated you - so you leave big shoes to fill LOL.

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A great big "hello" to planejockey (aka Amelia E). Very relieved to see you back...please don't stray too far from us.

OK, I'm about to drink 32 oz of water for an ultrasound and then it will be agony until that dumb test is over, but it has to be and not as bad a test as what some have to endure.

Maddie, are you out there? Wanted to know if you enjoyed your package.

Besh/Marci, I was speaking to some parents at the office yesterday who said it was a huge chore to get their youngsters out of bed and off to school. Good luck!

Need to get my act together regarding what I want to do with a WOE. Somersizing worked so well for me in the beginning, but once I hit that summit after 38 lbs, I went no where except back down the mountain. I may just cut down a bit on carbs which I love so much. I'm sure I'm a carb addict....except for the sugar; give me pizza and pasta!!!!

gotta run.

Hope you all have a great day!
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi all!

Marci~Please count me in on the un-birthday exchange for this year. I agree with Raeanne that you have always done such an excellent job.

DeeMarie~I haven't quite figured out what WOE we should do either except that we have to get quite serious about it & that this is going to be the year.

Have a great evening everyone! Patti ;)

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Let's get going all better behave while I'm away. Ship leaves on Saturday and returns on the 17th. I will have my spies out watching all of you.

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Dee - Bon Voyage - just in case I miss you tomorrow! Have a great time - I will miss you. We are heading to Cancun on the 20th, so I may not "talk" to you for a while.

I'm sticking with my Carb Addicts, it has been the easiest for me to see results and stick to. I am also continuing with the trainer 3 times a week and some cardio the other days. February will be a year since I started working with the trainer.

Enjoy the day!

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Good Thursday all,

BJ, great to see you posting again. Please don't stay away like that again and please fill us in when you get the chance!

Marci, count me in on the birthday exchange.

Dee, have a wonderful trip if I don't "see" you tomorrow. I know you will have a great time.

Raeanne, time flies! I can't believe it's been nearly a year. WOW. Good for you.

I am holding steady on my detox diet but all of those great green veggies and crucifers are giving me some very uncomfortable gastric distress! I hope that settles down soon!!

Today it's in the high 50's here!! Can you believe it. we can't even call it a January thaw because we haven't had a deep freeze yet. It's weird but the weather man says it's not the warments December we ever had on record! Still, I am not complaining because I know the hammer will fall sooner or later! We will probably end up with huge Nor'Easters in April and May!

I am pleased to report that I did not gain any weight over the holidays! That's a first for me.

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DeeMarie~Have a great trip. I have book club tomorrow & might not "see" you tomorrow.

Raeanne~You are doing great. When my foot & knee heal, I will be heading out to the pool. I know that it sounds like a cop-out since it has been so long but the dr. even still has me in the boot. Ugh. (scream)

NH Suzanne~WTG on not gaining any weight over the holidays. I don't think that I did either. I seem to be down a size in my clothing. I'm hoping that it is a permanent thing.

Jen~I hope that you post soon. Dave wants me to give you a special message about your 2 sweethearts. He wants you to enter them in the prettiest baby contest on Regis & Kelly. He says that you are ripping the world off of seeing the most beautiful babies in the world & they aren't even "his" grandchildren. Consider yourself told. LOL

Have a good evening everyone. I hope to see some more people posting soon. Patti :)

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Can you believe that the weekend is almost HERE???

Hi all,

Patti, How are your knee and foot? Any report from the Doc yet? I love hearing from you guys...

DeeMarie, Bon Voyage! Have a WONDERFUL trip, take pics for us, please. wish I could stow away in your suitcase!

NHSuzanne, I know how those raw veggies can attack you at first. Good for you that you had no weight gain over the holidays. I am PROUD of you.

Jen, I second Patti and Dave's sentiment on your beautiful girls! I'll bet that they are as sweet on the inside as on the out. I cannot believe how much thay have grown this past year.

"Plane Jockey" where are you, girl??

Raeanne, I admire your perserverance. What else are you up to?

Busy day scheduled for tomorrow. 4 patients, a staff mtg at one agency and I am teaching a class of vocational nurses in the afternoon.

See you tomorrow!


Raeanne, what are you up to?

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It's almost vacation time for me. Had an appointment with my internist today...fasting bloodwork. I was told I lost 2 pounds. How great is that? I'm thinking that my problems with teeth last week may have something to do with it; however, I was very careful to avoid the sugary stuff.

I want everyone to behave themselves. I will be logging on as soon as I get an account on board, so I can check up on you!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Checking in to print and read....back later...!

I am slightly under water right now, catching up for the New Year...with a resolution to check in at least 2 times a week!

Tikanas, this summer is the time for your flying lesson. When did you say you are visiting Portland---2 years ago????? :)

The wind is beginning to blow again.... "OHHHHH, nooooooooo", as Mr. Bill would say! Remember him, from Saturday Night Live?

Last wind storm, we lost power for 6 days and I turned into PIONEER WOMAN!---Chopping wood, keeping the fire stoked, entertaining kids, and sealing off rooms to keep the heat in! Not to mention trying to cook over fire in the dark and losing every bit of food in the fridge and freezer. Yeah---the "Seattle Power Outtage Diet" -- TRY IT---I lost 3 1/2 pounds! As well, a tree fell on our deck, knocking off the upstairs AND downstairs decks! But now we have more firewood for the next storm!

And did I mention my DH moved out three days after Thanksgiving???? He missed all the fun! But we still like when he visits - almost every weekend. He lives on his island now; his dream!

Back later!

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Happy Friday!!!

Fast check in....definitely under the weather this week, have had cold and eye infection since NY Day :-( -- yuck, but am better.

BJ - glad to you see you again and lots of hugs!! Don't stay away - we are all here for you!!

Congrats on all weight losses - Raeanne, can't believe it's a year you have been with your trainer.

Dee - have a mahvelous time on your cruise you lucky girl!!

Will definitely check in over the weekend, will read, catch up and hopefully be more lucid!!

Also - interested in participating in "un-birthday" exchange again.


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I have checked in!

Patti, tell Dave Thanks! I wish the girls could meet you two. I have found my old recipes. If you have any that's Really good, send them to me. I am trying to sift out some of the recipe booklets I have. I think I have every recipe thread we posted on this site. Thanks again.

Thanks Tikanas for your kind remarks. The girls have grown a lot. Tara is finally starting to get a little more outgoing.

So far, I haven't noticed any weight changes. I have been sommersizing now for a whole week. I have put my scales up until February 1st. I hope this works. I have been doing my Firm & Turbo Jam tapes religously. Something better work. We are leaving for Cancun on February 17th. Raeanne, I wish we could have planned that better! Would love to meet you.

Better run, DH is at home with the kids and they were in Rare form today.

See ya Monday.


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Jen~Dave says, "So, is Jen going to enter those beautiful girls or what? They would win hands down!" He is a riot. He loves the girls as much as I do.

Donna~(((Hugs))) Sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Please let me know your address.

BJ~You sound like you have been doing some major camping with little equipment. But, with great results. You are so admirable.

DeeMarie~Cannot wait for you to check in. Have a great time. I will pretend that I am on the boat with all of you "cruisers". LOL We are thinking that we might try to sneak off to NM while we are in TX for our anniversary since that is where we spent our honeymoon.

Tikanis~You had a lot to do today, (or was it yesterday?) We snuck off with some friends & went to Tampa to a craft show. We borrowed a wheelchair & Dave pushed me around. I haven't heard anything so I'm guessing that they didn't find anything wrong. And, I know that I am doing better but I still hurt quite a bit.

Who has Dr. Oz's book? Can anyone explain his theory to me & more or less what the plan calls for you to eat or not eat? I keep thinking that might be the sensible WOE for me, something that I could stick with.

Marci~When are you coming this way?

I keep thinking about Gretchen. Does anyone still keep in touch with her? I miss her a whole bunch. Well, nighty-night for now. Patti :)

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Hey anyone out there doing laundry?

Patti - I have Dr. Oz's book but haven't read it yet. I posted a link below that may help.

Jen - that would've been great if we were there at the same time. Do you know which hotel you are staying at?

Donna - hope you are feeling better.

Planejockey - no one can make losing power as much fun as you. I love your attitude with losing the decks - more firewood LOL. Sorry to hear about you and DH, but I am sure the two of you put a lot of thought into your decision.

Tikanis - I have just been very busy at work and play.

Suzanne - If you are having the same weather as me I know where I can find you - out with SP.

I was actually tempted to put the kayak in the lake today, but if I ever went in the water it wouldn't be pretty.

Marci - how was it for you and the kids getting back into the routine?

I better get the wet clothes into the dryer.


Here is a link that might be useful: You on A Diet

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Hi, it is half time. Pats are winning, so far. Big day here! LOL I cooked a turkey, made spaghetti sauce, chicken salad and am boiling potatoes right now to mash. I am also doing LAUNDRY Raeanne, all this while watching the game. Ask me what the men are doing. DS and DH are laying on the couch!

I also have You on a Diet and have read most of it. I really, really like it. It is not really a diet where he gives you set things to eat or even points or something to count. It is just common sense, most stuff that we already know, just puts it in a fun to read form where everything just makes sense.

BJ, I am sorry about DH. I know that it was an issue in the past. You always make the best out of everything so I am confident that you and the girls will be fine. Is your oldest daughter away at school now?

Hello to everyone else. My potatoes are beeping.

Go Pats!

Love, Besh

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Raeanne~Thanks for the link. :)

Besh~Well, your team won. Congrats. Sounds like you are quite busy.

Just thought I would do my usual popping in here as the last one on Sunday night. LOL It really isn't planned to be that way. Just turns out like that. Patti :)

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