LOOKING for: Rock candy, anyone have a recipe?

judithvaNovember 1, 2006


I want to try to duplicte the dessert layout on the cover of this months Veranda magazine, they give out all the recipies except for the Rock Candy. Has anyone ever made rock candy and have a tryed and true recipe?

Thanks in advance


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I am not at home....so don't have my cookbooks and files....but it is just a sugar syrup poured over strings suspended in the syrup. Yes, I have made it but not since my adult kids were little.
You can usually buy it....and that's easier than making it, unless you are trying to teach kids about saturated solutions and crystal formation.
Linda C

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I hope this isn't too late for you. I read it this morning and thought I'd remembered someone asking for a recipe. Sounds really easy too!! Hope this one helps.

Rock Candy Stir Sticks

2 cups water
5 cups sugar
food coloring
plastic container lid
wooden coffee stir sticks, bamboo skewers or popsicle sticks

In a large saucepan over medium high heat bring water to a boil and sthen stir in sugar. Continue to boil until mixture reaches 260 degrees. Remove from heat and let mixture cook for 5 minutes. Pour sugar mixture into glass jar and add drops of food coloring. MIx lightly. Punch stir sticks through the plastic container lid. Set lid over glass jar so the sticks hang down into the sugar mixture but don not touch the bottmo of the jar. Set the mixture aside for 7 days and you will find magical rock candy stir sticks. Give the sticks as gifts for grown-ups to stir in their coffee or tea or to kids to eat.

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