Electrician broke my cooktop but blames me?

Beth ParsonsDecember 18, 2012

The electrical crew started installing lights, outlets, etc. last Friday morning. We told them that the granite company was coming to do a laser template that afternoon but they hooked up my 36" cooktop anyway which I didn't notice until they left for the day. The fabricator needed a clear line of sight for the laser so hubby and I had to unhook the cooktop. We put it back in the original carton and set it aside over the weekend in an out of the way location where it would be safe.

The crew came back this morning to finish installing lights and the electrician was fairly aggravated that we unhooked the cooktop, even though there wasn't really another option. Somehow, the cooktop was broken today while he was reinstalling it (although the granite won't be in until Friday!) and although he is taking responsibility my GC mentioned that he is extremely upset that it was unhooked in the first place.

Mmmkay. And exactly how is a granite counter supposed to be templated with a cooktop sitting on the cabinets but wired in? What do I come back with if he's only willing to cover half the cost of replacement? Is it just me or was this process done incorrectly (cooktop install => granite template => granite install?)

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Unfortunately you disconnected and removed it so......

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Beth Parsons

It was not broken when we disconnected it nor was it broken this morning when the electrician brought it out to reinstall - it happened while he was putting it back in. Is it normal to install a cooktop before the granite templates are made?

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Sophie Wheeler

How exactly is it "broken"? Was it simply plugged in, or was it direct wired?

Unfortunately, you complicated the issue by disconnecting it yourself. And yes, any reputable granite fabricator can template just fine with the cooktop in place. How do you think they do replacement counters? They don't remove cooktops to template. All they really need is to have things on site like the cooktop or any other appliance that will need to touch or be installed into the granite.

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Beth Parsons

The corner is shattered like it was dropped or something fell on it. For new installs the granite place uses laser templating - I've never had granite counters before and haven't a clue as to how it's supposed to work, actually. We were told that the counters needed to be clear and have nothing sitting on top blocking the line of sight - since the cooktop wasn't installed and down *in* the cabinets as it would be in a replacement counter; it was sitting on top of the cabinets cattycorner.

Live and learn - if I was truly in the wrong I'll be happy to go in half on the replacement cooktop. I'm peeved they installed it in the first place when they knew 1. the fabricators were coming that day and 2. they weren't coming out to finih electrical until today anyway. I'll be so glad when this is process is over!

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Beth Parsons

Here's a pic I took just before the granite guy got there last Friday. It was already hardwired in so we disconnected it and put it back into the box so we could do the template. It was in perfect condition this morning when the electrician went to reinstall it and somehow ended up with a broken corner.

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Sophie Wheeler

Do you have any pics of it timestamped after it was uninstalled, or this morning? If so, then he should replace it. That's what he has insurance for.

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Beth Parsons

I do not, but he has already taken responsibility for breaking it though he blames us for having to touch it again. Several people saw it this morning when we brought it back out of its box when he went to reinstall it, as well, including my GC and husband and it was in perfect condition. If I am truly partially to blame then I'll go in half on the replacement. I just don't see the logic in leaving a cooktop hardwired in the way they did when they knew the granite company was coming out.

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He is blaming you for it having to be handled and breaking.

Was there anyone around or anything written telling him NOT to install it?

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Beth Parsons

Unfortunately, no. I ASSumed it was fairly self-explanatory when we & our GC told the electrician the granite company was coming back out later that day to template. Imagine our surprise when we found the cooktop sitting there hardwired in. And yes, we're being blamed because he already installed it once - installing it the 2nd time caused the breakage somehow.

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Just let it go. He is annoyed. And would like to blame someone other than himself. But, he knows he did it--and that is why he is taking responsibility.

Just let it go.

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I can see him wanting to charge you for the extra labor of installing twice; however, he broke it and he should pay for it. I don't understand why any other details are relevant, unless your actions made the install harder/riskier?

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Beth Parsons

Oh, we're not losing sleep over it not do I plan to raise a fuss unless I get pushback tomorrow. I don't personally know anyone building right now and this forum is a great sounding board/touchstone to make sure we're not out of line. I appreciate all the great input!

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