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nhsuzanneJanuary 5, 2009

Good Monday all,

It was good to see so many posts this weekend! Let's keep the momentum of positive thoughts going. Wishing everyone luck on thier diet comittments!

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Good morning everyone!

Back to work today taking down xmas trees/decorations.
If anyone missed my Sunday post - I'm trying to get into college ... I have to call the registrar's office today about some night courses and ask about next fall's registration into their Technology Web courses. And I'm working on my online business still - my web page is coming along (thanks to online tutorials) and I'm working on my product line.....

Haven't lost any weight since last week - there is still too much junk around this house and my will power is waning ...but once I settle down again into a routine I will be fine....I hope! Na, I'll be fine. I just need to get the heck out of this house. We are STILL having a bus strike and I can't drive alone I'm unable to get to my gym!!!!! Booo! Have not had time to get out walking but I really should push that onto my list - would be good to get away from the computer for a bit since the couch has formed to my butt or my butt has formed to the couch - I'm not too sure which is which!

It's great to hear everyone is back on track with our health lifestyle goals - Yeeeeeeeeeeeee HHHhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's go girls! Whhhhoooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We CAN do this! If we fall over (like I have) - today is a new day and WATER is on my hit list today - one small step forward, one of many LOL

So Let's Go!

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Good morning again! Marci, it's so good to see you here first thing in the morning! Great minds were obviously thinking alike. LOL

Peggy, what is your online business going to be about?

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Good morning, future skinny people!!

I am so excited - I feel like it's the first day of school, getting ready for my first WW meeting. I was up at 5:30, drank coffee, started reading a book, just getting pumped up. I hope this energy lasts, because I've got a 9 ft Christmas tree that has to be taken down sometime today.....also, need to make a run to the grocery store and stock up on good things.

I even poured out an almost full bottle of wine this morning, leftover from the weekend! Think I am going to include sobriety in my diet plan. When I drink, I nibble, so I'm better off without it, for now.

Hope everyone is off to a good start this morning. We've got lots of fog here so will leave in plenty of time to get to WW. No excuses any longer.


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wanted to move Marci's post here since Suzanne beat her by 1 mintue. Sometimes you have to be quick around here.

Posted by marci_pa (My Page) on Mon, Jan 5, 09 at 7:06

New year, new goals!! Let's get started on them.

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I would like to add New ATTITUDES (thanks Dee).

We can do this if we all stick together!

Peg - I am with you on water being on todays hit list. I have been slacking badly in that department. I threw out some funky stuff yesterday. Unfortunately DH has no problem with weight and I don't think it is fair that I deprieve him, but I do normally buy him snacks that I have no interest in (very limited list LOL).

Jan- I am excited for you too. I am also hitting the grocery store to stock up on healthy food. Good luck with WW - I hope it is the answer for you. I took my tree down yesterday and it took me about 3 hours. All that stretching and lifting and up and down stairs has to amount to some exercise.

My goal for today is to drink a lot of water. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise in and to eat much healthier than I have been. I don't want to set myself up for failure by saying I will be 100% legal - but I am attempting it.

Have a successful day!

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Good morning, all! I, too, have a WW weigh-in today. After a month of very nice losses every week, the rate of weight loss has slowed down. This is natural, if a bit disappointing.

I used to have fantasies about meeting a genie who would offer me three wishes. Two were easy: $10 million and world peace. The third was usually that without trying at all, without any change of diet or effort on my part, I would lose five pounds a week until I reached my goal weight. At that point I would stop losing but no matter what I ate or drank, I wouldn't gain the weight back. About ten years ago I finally realized that I could indulge the fantasy for the rest of my life, or I could actually do something about it. I lost about half the weight I needed to lose before dropping out of WW and eventually gaining it all back. Now I've started again, but this time with the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes sitting on my shoulder. This time, I'm going to do it!

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Good morning, lovely ladies! It's cold here (47 F) with only a high of 49 later! We'll get rain with that, but I hope to be back home in my warm house when that hits.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life - again! Hubby and I had our feeding frenzy, and now reality has set in. I still haven't decided whether or not to rejoin WW live, but I'm definitely going back to my Core way of eating which worked well for me - when I gave it a chance, that is! Tonight, we're having vegetable beef soup with barley, perfect for our cold (to us!) temps!

It's exciting to see so many postings already on a Monday. I love it when everyone's fired up and ready to fight the good fight! This is an awesome place to come for inspiration and momentum. You ladies don't realize how important your posts are to me. I get a giggle or a "clue" from everyone of y'all!

Having a (healthy) lunch with 2 friends today, so I need to get ready to leave, but I couldn't resist checking in and getting good vibes from everyone. Wishing everyone a successful day! And, remember that attitude is everything!

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nwroselady, if it makes you feel any better, I had those same fantasies. I lost 47 pounds on WW several years ago and thought I had it all figured out, and was I ever wrong. My head was not on as straight as I thought it was, and I regained all of that and added more in the last 5 or so years. If I can learn just one thing, I hope I learn how to cope and not let my emotions rule my eating (or rather, "ruin" my eating!)

I told myself on the way to the meeting that this will be the fattest I'll ever be (today) and from now on, it's downhill.

Oprah is supposed to be addressing her weight gain, beginning today, so might be worthwhile to watch.

Good luck, everybody!

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Happy New Year!

I've not had a minute to myself today. Everyone was off for the holiday and now they are crabby, like the first day back from summer vacation in school. lol!

SMALL STEPS WITH AN ATTITUDE TODAY: I have managed to stay away from sugar today. Had a 30 minute walk with my neighbor this morning. I deliberately took almost 35 minutes to eat a salad I brought for lunch. Big accomplishment for me, as I inhale food. Followed that up with a large apple and I plan to have a yogurt in a bit before my yoga class at 5pm.

Make today count!

Welcome to nwroselady!


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Reporting in: I have eaten healthy and have taken in a lot of water - 20 minutes of cardio, and thanks to the water my exercise also included several trips to the bathroom LOL. I did have a handful of almonds to hold me over which is not allowed on my WOE but they are just so darn good for you. I have a nice caesar salad planned for dinner. So day 1 went smoother than anticipated, but it ain't over yet...

nwroselady - yes it is just time to eat to be healthy and not worry about the scale.

Wodka - I hope you caught Oprah it was good. She has Dr. Oz on tomorrow and I love listening to him. I don't normally watch Oprah but I have set my DVR to get tomorrow's show.

Dee - you really did have a nice vacation from work. I hate how that can backfire LOL but you do have Yoga to look forward to.

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Fast check in to say happy new year to all!

I'm in for giving and getting support in a healthy WOE. WTG for those of you starting WW today, it's a great program. I'm still doing my own "modified" WW which I started 12/29 and have lost one pound - I'll take it!

Dee, I love your attitude. I'm a slow eater anyway (so theoretically I should't be overweight, right? LOL) but today I packed my lunch along with healthy fruit and veggie snacks to help out during the day. I also drank 2 bottles of 16 oz water which, for me, is a feat. I'm also a very slow drinker (so I shouldn't get buzzed from wine, huh?). I feel good!! I'm seriously looking into a very beginner yoga based on info from you, Raeanne and Patti. I think it's exactly what I need in addition to getting this butt out for a walk. My cardiologist told me just before the holidays that walking in cold weather burns mucho calories. He told me to get started, get new blood work in March and come back and pleasantly surprise him in April. He asked if I wanted to know what my weight was when I started seeing him and I said no, I didn't want to be depressed LOL.

Raeanne, I saw a show with Dr. Oz over the weekend. I always enjoy watching and listening to him. I already know what he's preaching but I still like hearing him say it - it's almost like hearing it for the first time. I confess I have become addicted to shows about obese and morbidly obese people on the Discovery Health channel. What's that about??

Milkdud, I'm with you, everyone's posts mean so much to me in so many ways.

Nwroselady, welcome! This is a great group. I look forward to getting to know you!

Got to run, meeting DM and DS at a local pub where the staff knows me and won't let me order anything too bad or at least without giving me a hard time about it! They do let me have a glass or 2 of wine though :-)

Let's keep up the good work! Take care and will check in later or tomorrow.


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Weighed in today at WW, lost 1.6 pounds last week! Tomorrow I see my doctor for the first time since the diabetes was confirmed, and it will of course included a weigh-in. I look forward to seeing Nurse Cathy's face when she records my 15.6 pound loss since my last visit!

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Nwroselady - you rock! So glad you've joined us.

Today was a physical day and I felt every minute of every extra bite ... yep. Working on the water, had a bowl of chili from a cafeteria today but it had lots and lots of veggies in it - DH doesn't like 'veggie' chili but I ithink from now on I'm going to take my chili out of the main batch and veggie it up for myself. Veggies have become a bit of a craving because I let it all out like many and it's not that appetizing any more.

I don't want to advertise my venture on this board. I've got a lot to do. I would be glad to share more with you if you want to email me separately - in the spirit of the forums I will just say I'm learning so much right now I've had to take tonight 'off' so I'm watching the junior hockey gold game right now......not happy with the Sweden goalie at all. He can't figure out if he wants to be a goalie or forward! And the crap penalties against Canada! AAaaauuuugggggghhhhh!.......

Man I'm tired tonight but happy. Happy to be here in the right frame of mind. Happy to see more faces returning energized.

Okay, I have email the college about my courses before I start screaming at the refs on TV - they really should listen to us yelling here! LOL

Have a terrific evening,

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Day one of no sugar went well. I certainly slept better, for which I am thankful. I came home from work and had a red pear with some natural peanut butter and after dinner I ate some whole wheat pretzels.

So here's to day 2 and another success! We can do this ladies. No matter what your goal, take it one day at a time, one success at a time!

Welcome nwrose! It is always nice to "meet" new people.


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Good TUESDAY Morning!

Reporting in with day 4 of no, zippo, nada white sugar. It feels good too! I notice a lot of changes when I cut out the sugar. Like Marci, I sleep much better. My energy levels don't go up and down either.

My laptop doesn't want to remember my login for here and it is so frustrating because I can never remember my info. Sooo frustrating!

Raeanne; My DD is spending 3 weeks all over Costa Rica for her Winter Term. She is doing all kinds of service work from helping farmers to monitoring the sea turtle hatcheries. I did get a call from her last night and she said they are staying in a place that is basically four wood walls and a tin roof. Plus the mosquitos are bad so they are sleeping with nets at night and lots of bug spray during the day.

Marci: Way to go on the no sugar. It is hard as our children grow up. I haven't seen my son, who lives in CA, since October of 07. We do have video chats but it is not the same. I need a hug from him every so often.

Just a quick note for now but I am checking in as promised. Yesterday was my first day back at work since December 18 so I had a few things to catch up on.

Back later!


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Good morning!

Marci, congrats on day one going so well! Mine went good, too. Looking forward to fixing a healthy breakfast in a few moments.

raeanne, I did catch Oprah yesterday and plan on watching Dr. Oz today. I don't usually watch her show much any more, but yesterday, I imagine like a lot of us, I could relate to her feelings. She seemed genuinely honest and frustrated at letting herself go again. I like her trainer, (Bob?) too. He doesn't shoot the bull, but really seems to address the problem of weight battles.

He said something that hit home. We are never cured or "have it figured out" - it's more that we are always "recovering" - like a recovering alcoholic, only with food. Just can't ever let up. Unfortunately, I not only let up, I laid down and played dead - ha!

On a side note, BJ, I received your Christmas photo and letter yesterday. What a beautiful family you have! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Here's to a good and healthy day for everyone!

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Day 1 was a success and Day 2 is looking good thus far. I still haven't planned dinner, but it will be healthy for me.

nwroselady - congrats. I know your dr. and Nurse Cathy will be surprised and delighted for you.

Wodka - I like Bob too and what he said rang true for me as well.

Gretchen - I forgot about the mosquitos. When I was there they weren't bad but I did pack spray because I heard they are normally a problem.

Marci - I am with you! It actually feels great to be eating healthy. I just went to heck with myself over the Holidays. It was like a binge since I knew it would be over soon.

McPeg - I made chili last Friday and DH has been living on it since - he wouldn't be thrilled with the veggie version either LOL.

Donna - as long as the pound is in the right direction I would take it too. I hope you had fun with DS & DM last night. I used to eat lunch where they knew how I ate and would make these special creations for me. Sometimes that would backfire, but I always appreciated their attempt. It isn't how slow you drink it is how much ROFLMAO.

Suzanne - are you suppose to get the icy/snow mix tonight like us? I hope you are spared. I am really tired of winter.

Gotta run, I wanted to get a quick workout in before I get busy around the house.

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Hi Girls,

Sounds like everyone is still pretty enthusiastic about their food choices. I weighed in tonight after my first full week of WW and am down 3.6 pounds! I am thrilled and am planning on keeping the momentum going.

Raeanne, we are supposed to be getting some snow and ice tonight and tomorrow too. I hope that it is not too bad. These storms have been hitting every Wednesday, which is my day off. I am glad that I don't have to drive to and from work in it, but I really would like to get out and do some errands.

Marci and Gretchen, so great about the sugar. Once you get weaned off it, you will not want it or at least not that often. It is amazing how sugar really runs you down.

Gretchen are you freaked out about your daughter being where she is? Yikes! I am so sorry that it has been so long since you have seen your son. I only see mine about 2 or 3 times a year and I am bummed..I can't imagine going so long. (((HUGS)))

Wodka I am glad that you posted the quote by Bob Green. I have never really thought about food in that way. I will keep that in mind, that I will always be recovering. I have kept in mind this week, that I can not fall off of the wagon because I will stay off and it will take alot of will power to get back I guess in a way that is the same thought pattern. I like all of those little tidbits.

nwroselady, welcome...this is an awesome place. Full of caring and fun people..Alot of us have been here for almost 10 years. Can you believe that ladies??? Marci, Raeanne, BJ, Patti, Amy, Dee, doesn't seem possible does it?

Have a great evening everyone. Keep up the good work.


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Besh - It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since some of us started posting. Some of my favorite memories include the day we rhymed everything we posted, Maddies Sticky Chicken story, and just the fact that we have continued to be there for each other thru thick and thin (pun intended-lol).

Day 2 under my belt and no sugar consumed. But for some reason I couldn't fall asleep. Once I fell asleep, I did sleep well, but the alarm jarred me awake and I feel groggy this morning.

We had some freezing rain yesterday and we are expecting a mix of rain and snow today. I too am sick of winter already and we haven't really had the bad stuff here yet.

I have decided that I will work on my food goals, one bad habit at a time. This week is my sugar habit, so I am listing my snacks, which is where I usually make bad choices. Yesterday I had 1-ounce of sharp provolone with some whole grain crackers in the afternoon. I didn't snack after dinner.

Here's to Day 3!


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Good morning. Just checking in to say "hi" and let you know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (or the wagon!), but I've been sickly for the past couple of days. Today, I woke up feeling normal once again!

It sounds like everyone here is so gungho and motivated. I definitely need that kind of ATTITUDE and energy!

I'll come back later and post more, but I just wanted to say hello.

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Checking in for a bit. I have been sugar free since Monday, and feeling really good. I need more water, but have been drinking lots of cups of weak, decaf tea.

Working from home, as we have ice, ice, ice! YUK! My director is in the US this week (from UK) and we were supposed to meet for my 2008 review. Not sure I'll make it into the office by 2pm, but we will get together before he goes home. I'll bring along my ATTITUDE!

Last night, I watched BIGGEST LOSER for the first time. I hung in there for 2 hours, but other than pushing them a the gym, is there anything else? Just wondering if I should put in the time next week.

OK, got to make some phone calls.

Stay with us, Gretchen...whatever you call yourself! LOL!


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DeeMarie, I did the same thing, watched the Biggest Loser for the first time ever. I've heard so many people say how great a show it is, but it does seem like they would include more on healthier eating lifestyle. Maybe that comes later?

Perhaps it's my hormones, but I actually cried a few times for some of the contestants, especially the grandparents. Or when the young girl started crying on the scales, saying I don't even let my husband see me like this. I know how she feels.

I guess because I'm getting older and after losing my sister, am more aware than ever, how short life is, and I want whatever time left to be feeling good and living it with gusto.



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I am checking in ...

How am I dealing with my sugar addiction?- I am eating a ton of Clementine Oranges.
I only have a second to check in because I am off to bed. I have to work downtown tomorrow and I have to be up early to catch a train.

I am doing well and not sure about the weight. I bought one of those scales that tell you EVERYTHING and it sure ain't pretty!

Besh-I talked to my daughter last night and it is quite an adventure. They have bed bugs to boot. They are walking about 8 miles each day and all she could do was giggle on the phone how crazy it was. Thank goodness she is with friends. She said she and her friend wet their pants yesterday because they were laughing so hard. I cannot wait to see photos.

I wanted to let you ladies in on my blog that I have for my photography. Please take a look and enjoy the photos. I will try to write about a photography workshop that I hosted back in November. It was truly life changing.

Here is a link that might be useful: SnapHappyGirl

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Gretchen - thanks so much for the link - I truly enjoyed it. Looks like you are having a lot of fun snaphappygirl! I don't know if I ever told you that DD#1 moved to San Diego 2+ years ago. She came home for a visit in August and we will be going out to see her in a couple of weeks. We did the webcam thing for Christmas and it was a lot fun as we stayed on for more than 2 hours with her but it's definitelynot the same. It sounds like your DD is making the best of it.

Jan - I have caught a couple other episodes of Biggest Loser but have never watched the show from start to end. I did watch this one and I have to say that it was a very touching episode and my eyes welled up as well. I did catch one episode that was about nutrition. I know we are seeing only little snipets of what goes on all week, but it seemed like the workout could be unsafe for their level of fitness IMHO.

Dee - did you get to meet with your Director and show him your ATTITUDE? I am sure he know's your attitude and that is why they love you.

Milkdud - hope you are back to normal by now.

Marci - Are you back into routine at school?

BJ - is the rock flooded? My DD is heading out your way for a meeting in Tacoma. She arrives on a Wednesday night and will be heading back on Thursday afternoon - she will be lucky if she can grab a cup of Seattle coffee.

Yesterday was one slip slidy mess out there and it was snowing again this morning.

Day 3 was another success and today is off to a good start. I love the feeling of having control over something in my life - it is very empowering to me.

Enjoy your day!

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Good morning.

raeanne, a lot of people are talking about The Biggest Loser's first episode. Even my mother's hairdresser yesterday was saying how he cried! I also agree that it seems really dangerous how quickly they push these morbidly obese people - I thought "grandpa" was dying. He looked so terrible and pale.

I was telling my cousin yesterday how I liked just about all of the contestants, except for the mouthy girlfriends, who say they are testing their friendship. It didn't sound to me like they have much of a friendship to begin with!

Last year when I first "met" y'all, I also joined the sparkpeople (?) website. I started off all excited, like I am now, but got interested in other things and gradually stopped visiting. So, I've decided today to use them as a backup to WW and GW, to keep me motivated and disciplined. Actually, I think I read about them for the first time on this website?

One other "resolution" I hope to keep. Our good friends who we visit with all the time (the ones who were with us New Year's) - the husband always gets his coffee first thing in the morning and quietly reads a passage of his bible and a devotional. He does not wear religion on his sleeve, yet seems to get so much out of this. After his coffee and bible, he and his wife go for a walk. While they were here last weekend, I commented to him how being raised Catholic, as much religion that we were exposed to, we never really learned anything about reading the bible. They went back home on Sunday; on Tuesday UPS delivered a package - and it was a bible and devotional like his, with the inscription - "I hope you get as much out of this as I do." He is Baptist and I am a fallen away Catholic, so I hope the pope is not rolling over at the Vatican because I'm reading a Baptist bible - but I have had my morning readings the last few days, and it's such a nice way to start the day.

Gosh, y'all. I want to stick with all of these good things so badly. If you see me starting to turn into a wuss in the coming months or hosting a a one-woman pity party, please help snap me out of it!

Enjoy your day! I'm headed out for a walk.


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Jan - I bought a Chronological Bible maybe last year and started to read it daily. DH who doesn't read anything but the newspaper and cereal boxes even started to read it. I can't tell you why or when I stopped, but I am now motivated to get back at it. This bible is written so that it is very easy to read. Thanks for the reminder. I don't ever remember you having a pity party - but boy you were entitled to one last year.

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Hi Y'all (Jan I got that from you and I love it!!!)

Jan, how sweet of your friend to send you the bible. I have one that is paraphrased so it is easy to understand and have not touched it for a long time. I may just dust it off now. Raeanne, what is a Chronological Bible?

Gretchen, I so wish I could come to your workshops!!! I have always been interested in photography and have dabbled in it, but never had a good camera. I bought a Nikon D40 last spring and even entered a few pictures in the local fair this fall. I have so many questions and would love to go to a great workshop. Your photography is beautiful...I love the Mom and the baby that you took at the coffee natural. I could easily pick your Mom out in the first look just like her, beautiful!

I also have been eating clementines like crazy. 2 have only 1 point!

DS arrives tomorrow morning from VA for the weekend. Can't wait!


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Besh - A Chronological Bible is also paraphrased but also it merges some of the books, psalms and gospels so that they are in more of an accurate timeline. Does that make sense? You are suppose to be able to read it in one year, if you take out about 15 minutes each day. I am going to dig it out as soon as I send this.

Clementines were probably the only healthy thing I was eating over the Holidays LOL.

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Sounds like everyone is on too!

I also watched the Biggest Loser the other night and was so upset when the man collapsed and had to go out by ambulance. I did not watch the entire show though, I have never gotten through one. Other than their food intake being strictly controlled by others, it appears the key reason for the dramatic losses is the exercise. I heard or read somewhere that they exercise 6-7 hours daily. I struggle with 1 hour, going to the Biggest Loser compound would surely kill me. I wonder how many winners have maintained their loss? It's much different when you get out of that controlled environment and start living in the real world again where you have to control and take responsibility for the choices you make. OK, off my soapbox LOL.

Jan and Raeanne, I don't read the Bible each day but for several years I have started each morning reading a devotional. I would love to read a chronological Bible, I will have to look for one. I echo Raeanne about the pity party...I don't remember you having one either and yes, you were more than entitled to one and no one would have blamed you if you had had one.

Gretchen, I really enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing the link with us. Clementines are a great way to satisfy that sweet craving without caving to the sugar.

I envy all of you going without sugar. I'm not ready to do that yet.

Jan, I signed up with sparkpeople a while ago but I didn't find it real user friendly and it was difficult to make alternate choices. Of course, they could have changed their website and it's all different now, maybe I'll take a look. I did do WW online a year or so ago and found it very easy.

I went to my doc last night to follow up the blood work I had done last week. He said all was fine but my sugar as a little high, but not in "concern" area. We discussed weight loss and I told him I was tired of carrying around an extra 40-45 lbs, it was slowing me down. He thought it was interesting I referred to my weight that way because it truly is like carrying a sack weighing that. He felt lots of people don't look at it that way.

I am proud of all of you and I am glad to see everyone checking in. BJ, I saw all of the flooding in WA on the news this morning. I said a little prayer for you and your family, hope all is well.

I have rattled on long enough. Heading out shortly for dinner with DM, it will be an early night.

Be good and I will check in over the weekend.


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I think I am going to put clementines on my grocery list - I'm not sure if I've ever eaten one. I've had oranges and tangerines, but clementines sound yummy (I googled.) Thanks for mentioning them!

My pre-Katrina neighbor and walking buddy who moved out of state after the storm, called me today to tell me she had joined Weight Watchers. She was the one I exercised with when I lost 47 pounds, (she lost a lot as well.) She was so happy to hear that I had joined, too. We were very competitive with each other when we were neighbors, really pushed each other. (After today's conversation, I went out for another 30 minute walk - ha!)

My new bible is called the Life Application Study Bible. The Devotional Booklet is called Reflections, Adult Devotional Guide, and covers from January - April, 2009. It also came with an instructional CD that I need to take time to listen to, so I get the most out of it.

Donna, I know what you mean about carrying around the extra weight, it has really slowed me down, as well as causing back ache and all. I'm hoping with the first good weight loss it will get easier. Right now, walking is even a challenge! I also agree with you about SP, there's almost too much going on, isn't there? I find the recipes and articles helpful, though, and like the idea that it's free....

Off to go do something healthy with pork chops - have a great night, everyone. I'm kind of excited about Grey's Anatomy starting back tonight.


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Happy Friday!

Sorry I've been MIA this week - it's been extremely hectic dashing around the city taking down xmas stuff and very, very tiring. I am FEELING my extra sack of lard when I stop at night and have noticed a few twinges in the hip/back area. Ouch. This weight has to go.

It's been hard to start my diet with a gusto because of erratic hours/work schedule but God Bless Dave - he's feeling blech after our xmas stuffing (and I'm not talking about the bird....)...he's been helping out with dinner and has been getting ready made salads and veggies for our plates. Normally I balk at the ready made prices but right now I'm so tired and he is making such an effort I am grateful. Have not weighed in at all but one thing at a time. I am taking a big water bottle with me and drink water during the day. Next week we finish on Wed. then I'm done.

Well our fine city transit workers have turned down the latest offer and our city bus strike continues - man o man I have seen people walking to the downtown core and home again, traffic has been a gridlock, we've been parking in loading bays to get to job sites and I cannot even think about looking for work full time until this strike ends as Dave is going back to full time work soon. They only sane thing is working on a few projects at home but instead of getting out on the bus to pick up supplies I'm having to use online ordering with postal charges. I can't wait for the bus strike to end to get on with life. Sprinkle in snow storms that dump a foot of snow and it's been fun.

Please excuse me for being MIA, should be more on track soon. I'm with all of you in spirit! Love to read your posts. Also enjoying the discussion on getting back to reading the bible. I don't do that but I have other inspirational books to finish reading that talk about our relationship with God.

I am missing all of you and send lots and lots of hugs. I too should get back to reading sparkpeople again - online support in any manner helps.

Have a wonderful day and smile! Don't forget to smile!


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TGIF! This week has gone fast, but I am still glad it is Friday.

Day 4 of no sugar under my belt and it is getting easier every day. I only woke up once last night and I fell right back to sleep.

Besh - I just purchased a Nikon D40! I still have it on the factory settings, as I haven't had a chance to explore the manual settings yet. The salesclerk gave me a great website that deals with the D40 in detail. What lenses do you have? I haven't gotten any pictures developed yet, but they look great on the computer.

I too am loving Clementines. I have one packed for my lunch today.

Have a great day!


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Ditto on the Happy Friday! I can't believe it's Friday already, either!

Peggy, I'm sorry you're having to deal with the bus strike, but love reading your emails. You have a way with words that always puts a smile on my face.

I'm so glad you mentioned your back aching (not glad that you have an ache, but still...) Mine hurts just to roll over in bed. Several years ago I had a bone density test and it said I had the beginnings of osteopenia, and of course, I've pretty much ignored the condition. I know the weight, stress, and sedentary lifestyle have probably contributed to it worsening, so it makes it even more critical for me to walk!

Marci, congratulations on not eating sugar. I'm so dumb - I was reading the nutritional label on my skim, fat-free milk and was surprised to see that 1 cup has 12 grams of sugar! Boy, you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't. (I need milk for my bones and coffee and cereal.)

What about recipes? I remember when I first started here, some of you had recipes that looked so good. Can we share here? Let me know if you have any ones that you are crazy about. I will do the same, when that happens - ha.

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Good Friday all,

I too have been MIA. It's been storming here non-stop all week, sleet, freezing rain and snow! Shovel, shovel, shovel morning and night. Today the sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is out. It may be cold but I am going to enjoy it very much in spite of the temps being in the teens!

I have enjoyed reading about everyone's resolve here! Truly inspiring. I have had a very good week myself and have managed to stay very focused. I feel good about that.

My little goat doe, Belle has an infection which is causing her trouble. I have to give her shots of antibiotics everyday. She is doing well but say an extra little prayer for her sweet little goat soul please.

I will check in later. Just needed to say hi and let you all know I am here and thinking of you.

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Okay, I would be really good if there were more hours in the day. I can't fit in work, exercise and painting, not to mention just everyday life. How do we do it all?

I also had a successful yesterday. Today has been a struggle for some reason I am very hungry and there is nothing legal to munch on at work. I am leaving in a few minutes and will have a huge healthy lunch.

Suzanne - I was worried that you lost power again. This weather has been horrid. I too am enjoying a blue sky even though it is 18 degrees out there and I think that will be our high today. I will send some positive vibes to Belle.

This week has gone fast, but I work tomorrow, so no big cheers for Friday from me LOL.

Peg - my goodness, I can't believe how long you have been without the busses. I am sure you will be able to get back on track once things calm down around you a bit.

Marci - I have a Canon that is similar but there are so many buttons that I sometimes accidently hit and don't know how to change it back. It is frustrating to me and I know most of it is my own fault for not reading the manual thoroughly LOL.

Have a wonderful day.

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Happy Friday with an ATTITUDE!

BJ, thanks for the great pic/card. DH and I had a nice talk about your family last evening.

Well, this is day 5 without sweets (does honey count? I have a cup of chai and forgot to add splenda). I'm feeling much better, but really need to do something about the carbs.

My review went very well. I'm going to start to push a lot of my routine stuff onto the administrative support staff and choose someone as my successor. Over the next year or two, training someone to take over for me will either 1) make it easier to promote me higher, or 2) enable the company to get rid of me (at a severance cost that would make me smile in 2 years)! Seems right now like win/win for me, even tho my director is convinced that they want to keep me.

Donna, hope your dinner was fun. I really miss those dinners with my mom; she was so much fun.

Raeanne, I'm working from home today (a benefit I love) because I simply ran out of time to do the things I really need to get done. I promised a friend I would help him out for a party we're invited to on Sunday. He lost his wife recently and insists on having this party anyway. I need to deliver baked goods tomorrow (around the snow storm), because we will be late to his party...promised my sis that I'd pick up my nieces at Cape Liberty when them come home from their cruise. To put a cog in my time wheel, another aunt passed the other day and her wake is tonight. I really need to make that viewing because I most likely cannot get to the church/cemetary tomorrow morning with the storm approaching. Anyway, this morning was the only time I could bake for our friend! WHEW!! I was actually able to log onto my work site in my kitchen and take care of business while baking. lol!

Besh, wodka, Marci, Milkdud,---everyone, you all seem to be getting it together on eating. I overate a bit today but it was all healthy stuff. Not counting my WW points this week, but I will soon. Had a walk this morning with my neighbor, and it was freezing! We kept telling each other that we were burning more calories because the weather was extreme! whatever............haha

Gotta run to the bank to pay the mortgage, using it as a late lunch.

Make today count!

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Good afternoon, ladies!

I FINALLY went to the new gym this morning!!! I had built up such a mental block about going, but I was sick and tired of just sitting here feeling sorry for myself and knoshing on everything in sight. Sure enough when I got there, it was only guys, but they were very nice and helped me understand how to use the equipment. They took turns working with me, so I got to know them a little bit. Two were cops, so I really enjoyed hearing about their jobs once I told them that my son had just started the police academy. One of the cops accidentally called me "Mom" instead of "ma'am" one time because he said I laughed just like his mom did. Cute! I'm going to be very sore in the morning, I know, but I'm so excited that I did it. The equipment from my old place is there and they're getting the room emptied out and ready to move the new stuff in. I'll be very happy once that's done because that's the equipment with which I'm so familiar!

Suzanne, sending a get-well prayer for Belle!

Dee, you're amazing with all the things you're doing right now! And, a bad storm on top of all that. My sympathies on the loss of your aunt. It's hard losing family members. Congrats on your evaluation. You are definitely in a win/win situation now, and good for you!

Marci, I have always enjoyed the sharing of recipes because I'm always open to trying new things. I make Patti's unstuffed pepper soup often, for instance.

Peggy, I don't know how you're not thin as a rail with your activity level! I'm really happy for you that your dh is being so helpful and supportive about getting those healthy foods for y'all.

Jan, get to your dr. and see about going on Fosamax or something similar for your osteopenia. I have severe osteoporosis, and I've been on Fosamax for 6 years. I've had good success with it. I have a bone scan yearly, and I know it's working!

Raeanne, we're now officially out of every kind of tempting food in the fridge, freezers, and pantry, so it's "serious-eating time"! I'm really happy about it.

Tonight, we're meeting our friends for dinner at Peso's, and I'm back to having my Santa Fe salad (grilled chicken breast on lettuce with light honey-mustard dressing - no tortilla shell because I'll eat it!). I lost control between Thanksgiving and Christmas and ordered all kinds of unhealthy-for-me entrees there, and my clothes are a little snug from it.

Donna, I'm so envious of you getting to have a meal with your mom. I miss my mom daily, and she's been gone 9-1/2 years now.

Besh, I still have about 4 Clementines left, and I'll be eating 2 of them this afternoon. One of our little grocery stores has a big supply of them for a dear price, but I don't care how much they cost - they're worth it!

Gretchen, your photos are amazing! I own a camera, but I don't have "the touch".

Time to pop an Aleve and take a nap! I was just so happy to have something positive to say for a change that I had to come here and post.

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milkdud, thanks - I plan to take it up with my doctor - I see him either next month or March for my physical. I took an Aleve this morning and then made myself walk, and it may be all in my head, but I'm not hurting like I was last night? I will definitely talk to him (and also focus more on taking my vitamin and calcium supplements.)

Gretchen, I wanted to add what the others have said, I enjoyed looking at your website and photos - I love your mom! I'm luck to still have mine, too; she will turn 84 in a few weeks. I don't think she can do a snow angel, though - ha!

Dee - I agree, your e-mails are always jam-packed with stuff going on. I don't see how you do it all. I am so sorry about your aunt and hope the weather allows you to pay your respects.

suzanne, I'm also praying that Belle is on the road to recovery soon. Stay warm!

Have a great weekend.

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From the WW website:

Top 10 Attitude Enhancers
Keep your mind focused on your goals. Here's how:

1. Celebrate the here and now.
As long as you're committed to your plan today, you're succeeding because you're taking charge of your life. Focusing on goals that are far in the future can sap motivation.

2. Change your language.
Keller suggests scratching negative phrases from your vocabulary. Instead of saying "No," "I can't" or "I'll try," substitute the positive. Say: "Yes!" "I can" and "I will."

3. Create visual inspiration.
Find a photo of yourself before you started your weight-loss plan. Tack it on the refrigerator, a bedroom or bathroom mirror or inside the food cupboard. As you reach new goals, take new pictures, visually marking your progress.

4. Weigh in.
Weigh in at your weekly meeting, and keep a chart of the results. Look at your overall progress and visualize that chart whenever you're tempted by less-than-healthy choices.

5. Partner up.
Exercising with friends is always more enjoyable. Schedule days to meet with your partner, and if one of you tries to bow out, act as the other's conscience. Find someone to work out with on Weight Watchers Fitness Challenge board.

6. Steer clear of sabotage.
Avoid people who put you down for trying to lose weight, or who encourage you to eat too much. Often these folks feel threatened by your weight loss.

7. Set mini goals.
Start with aiming to lose 10 percent of your body weight. "By setting realistic goals, you're more likely to reach them, feel successful and move on from there," says Keller.

8. Reward yourself.
When you've reached a goal (and remember to keep them small), you deserve a treat. Buy new clothes, a book or CD, or take yourself to a movie or sporting event.

9. Keep reminders in plain sight.
Treadmills, bicycles, weights, even sneakers and exercise outfits should be left where you can see them. Don't store your exercise gear under the bed or in the basement. That will only hide the fact that you need to exercise.

Have a great and focused weekend all.

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Sounds like everyone is in this together! -And doing very well!

*************YOU GO, GIRLFRIENDS!*******************

NWRoseLady: Where are you in Puget Sound? What part? I'm out in the islands off the Anacortes ferry.

NHSuzanne: A little soulful, hopeful light for Belle coming at you from me!

McPeg: How's the college app going????? Good luck!

Wodka: I think eliminating alcohol makes losing easier.
The alcohol calories + snacks calories = LIPS to HIPS!
Jan, you will stay on track and not become a wuss(your words!) here. You see, I have these boots that are very pointy and have really high heels!

Gretchen: Cool deal your daughter's doing. One word: DEET! I used a lot of it in Nicaragua, Alaska, and Aussie Land! Of course, in Alaska, the state bird is the mosquito! But, my gawd, woman, get out to Cali and see your son! Give yourself a reward! Your photo link is COOL! Thanks for sharing!

Dee: I can't tell you if Biggest Loser is worth the time, but I can tell you that I haven't had TV since July, don't miss it, and I really like NetFlix and reading books! Lol! Hugs for your late aunt-hope you made all your travels okay. Great job multi-tasking, BTW!

Raeanne: Lots of FLOODING in the NW--but none on the rock, except for the sheer volume on the roofs. Some roofs are failing--like ours--and water is currently pouring down the walls in our business office! The roofer is in there now, trying to fix it. BTW, we took our house off the market until spring. We're taking a mental vacation! Do you think you could send me the 3 foot tall version of the St. Joseph statue for when we put it back on the market???? LOL! I wish your hubby was here to sell it for us. I'd feel a LOT better! Let me know when you go to S.D. if you go in the summer. My in-laws live right by there; I'll fly down and we could rendezvous for a NON-FAT latte. Definately worth the air fare!

DonnaSNJ: Most of the Biggest Losers DO NOT maintain their weight. I just read an article on them and it was very disappointing (and sad) to me to read about them and their weight creeping back on. It's a lifetime of a lifestyle---it's HARD!

Milkdud- I'd go to the gym if there was a buncha guys there to help me work out!!! I tend to gravitate toward firefighters more than police officers though...(giggle)

Okay, ummmm, things I'm doing for me:

1. My family bought me a light box for Christmas and I'm on my 3rd day of using it. It's so dark in the winter on the rock and I live in porched house with very tall trees all around. I cannot tell if the light box is working for a few more days, but it makes me SIT STILL for about 30-45 minutes a day! I actually look forward to it! The light is VERY bright and I like it.

2. I started using Slim Shots and it seems to help to curb my appetite. You can google them if you're interested but basically, it's a combination of oat oil and palm oil in a little cup the size of coffee creamer and you drink one with brekky and--if you want to--one with lunch. Anyway, it seems to help me a lot, so we'll see how it works when the psychological effect wears off in a week!

3. I am also keeping a food diary. I discovered I eat a lot crunchy food like rye toast w/ butter and veggie bootie when I'm stressed---and I am still snacking on the CRUNCHY FOODS when I'm bored, upset, or feel like I want to be a bad girl. I realized from the diary that I was drinking WAY too many lattes per week. I have stopped going to the latte drive thru---BUT when I have company--not very often--it's sort of a Northwest tradition to have a coffee with friends! I also have a late night eating habit that I need to curb.

Soooooooooo, I've lost a pound since starting all this and hopefully, a downward trend on the scale will continue. I am making small changes and don't want to DIET because I just set myself up for failure. I will add in some exercise next week and continue to reinforce my 3 New Year's habits. I want to add water, but the water here is positively putrid to drink, and I hate buying bottled---ideas?

I watched a great movie last night:

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Frst of all, I had no clue what veggie bootie was, so I hesitated before I googled (Remember when I googled "can I still buy Tang?!!") Anyhow, there were several articles about recalls due to fear of salmonella (sp?) Hopefully, that is old news. Keeping the food diary works for me whenever I take the time to do it - it's a shame I didn't keep up with it last summer, but that's in the past.

Secondly, I wondered about those Slim Shots. There are quite a few positive reviews, but I'm afraid I would gag over the oily taste. Several years ago I had to have like 12 consecutive colon procedures over a 1 1/2 years and prep with that foul-tasting Fleet Soda.....nuff said. I gag thinking about it. I might have a change of heart after I weigh in on Monday, though.

Re: Biggest Losers regaining their weight - I wouldn't doubt it. Anytime someone loses 30 pounds in one week, it almost doesn't seem healthy. I guess neither does weighing 300-400 pounds?! Plus, it does take hours to dedicate to exercise like that. When I lost my 47 pounds, my neighbor and I spent 3 hours several times a week, when we combined weights with our walking routine. That's what I have to work on this coming week. I handled the food and exercise great, but my housekeeping went to heck. Balance, I have to find balance.

Most importantly, I hope the rains and flooding subside in your area and your roof is okay. Your lamp/light sounds great! We had rain here today, but just enough to take long naps. The full moon is shining through the window as I type.

Thank you for keeping me in fear of your pointed heels - I'll think of them and you when I start obsessing about chocolate or that glass of vino.

One last thing: Our friends who just left last Sunday are going to be in New Orleans (an hour away from us) for a conference in early February and my husband told them we would meet them there and spend the weekend with them. I reacted so ugly when my husband told me, and these are my favorite friends. I guess it's because I've screwed around this long to get back on track, and I don't want to blow it. Hopefully, I'll have more discipline by the time February rolls around.....

Have a great night!

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Wodka- Yeah, the Veggie Booty recall was in summer of 2007. The FDA found no contaminents in the plant in the end, but the company offered appologies and compensation through their website. But Veggie Booty is a-ok to eat and very crunchy and satisfying for me!

The Slim Shots taste like Play-Doe smells. That sounds weird, but it really is true. It's a tiny amount to drink-not even a tablespoon-and so I shoot it, then follow with a cranapple juice chaser!

I totally feel for you about the dinner with friends. I am headed to the mainland tomorrow and my friends invited me over for PIZZA. And they call themselves friends? HA! But I will be STRONG.

BTW, I will be without internet until Monday night. No connections while I'm on the road.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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Happy Sunday from icy New Jersey!

Despite the setbacks, I was able to bake for our friend, get to my aunt's wake, deliver the baked goods (late Friday night after the wake), get to the funeral Mass (snow was delayed until about Noon), and now DH is shoveling the walk and cleaning off the cars. The girls just called from the ship....they are due to pick up their luggage at 9:45am. It won't be above freezing to help the drive, but we will miss most of the GIANTS/EAGLES game traffic on the way to the pier.

All in all, not such a bad weekend!

Oh, I was able to burn the rest of the old files I worked on last weekend. It was so chilly yesterday after the Mass, that I spent the afternoon feeding the wood-burning stove in the family room.

Stay warm and safe everyone!

PS: Still no sugar after 6 days, but my carb/salt problem is no where near solved. Tiny steps with ATTITUDE!

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Dee - Try eliminating carbs from one meal a day. Substitute extra veggies or a salad. At the other meal, eye up what your usual portion would be and cut it in half. Half a slice of bread, half a serving of pasta, half a sandwich, etc. I found that trying to eliminate one type of food completely, is a recipe for failure. The Steelers/Chargers game is on at 4:45 today.

It snowed, then sleeted, then rained yesterday. What a mess. It is snowing now, but lightly, so I may try to get out later.

I am allowing myself to indulge in treats on Friday night and Saturdays. I had a glass of wine Friday night, and yesterday I grazed all day, probably out of boredom. So I am back on the wagon today and all set for a good week.


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BJ - That would be one expensive cup of latte - but so worth it LOL. If we were going for more than 4 days I would try to make side trip to visit you. Hopefully the next trip out there is much longer. DD has our itinerary all planned - we are going to Temecula overnight, so we can do some southern CA wine tastings. You were probably smart to take it off the market for a bit. You don't want it to get stale. Nothing is moving too quickly around here either. I will look for an supersized St. Joseph for you.

Marci - be careful out there. We had another 4 inches of snow but it is over a layer of ice, it makes walking a challenge.

Jan - I have turned down invitations lately because I know it will be hard to resist a drink and you know that will lead to some bread, and so on. I think by February you will be fine. I am trying to be extremely good until I go to San Diego, because there is no way I am not having some real Mexican food.

Dee - I am glad you were able to get your list completed. I bet your nieces will have a lot of good stories to share with you on the trip home.

Suzanne - good tips, thanks for sharing.

Milkdud - I sometimes work out with just men. I really didn't find any difference except that the chit chat is a bit different LOL.

I'm on my 3rd load of laundry, gave Barkley a bath, made a run to the grocery store for some fajita fixings. The rest of the day I plan on cleaning out a couple dresser drawers that have gotten too full and hopefully work on a painting and if I am really lucky I will start a book.

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