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mrspeteDecember 5, 2012

I was driving home tonight around 5:00-5:30, and I saw a house with much the same shape as the one we're planning: Country house or Cape Cod with dormers on a steep roof. The house was lit up with Christmas lights, and they had a lighted wreath on each of the three dormers.

I LOVED IT, and it made me think, "I've gotta put electrical outlets by those dormers. Here's the thing: Our dormers will face the front of the house, but they'll be in an attic. So, here are my questions:

- To be able to hang a roof or place a candle in a dormer window, can I have outlets in an attic? I have no outlets in my current attic, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

- Or should I have outlets outside, essentially on the roof? This sounds like more trouble, but we'd have to open up the windows to hang a wreath anyway.

And I already know what y'all're gonna say: Install a switch downstairs so we can turn the lights on /off without going upstairs into the attic. Good advice!

And another question: Who else considers the placement of Christmas lights when planning the house or remodel? I do! I have to know that my Christmas tree'll have a good spot, and I will absolutely be planting at least one live Christmas tree outside.

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we have floor outlets in part for christmas trees

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we have floor outlets in part for christmas trees

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we have floor outlets in part for christmas trees

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Mrs. Pete
We are already thinking about outlets for Christmas lights, tree and wreath and the foundation was just poured 2 weeks ago on our new build!
I also want to hang lighted garland on our future lightpost by front walkway so will be planning an outlet there as well.

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You definitely need to think through Christmas! I have my tree where I thought I would put it when we built. It may stay there but it won't be convenient for Christmas morning . . . presents will have to be walked around the sofa. No big deal because the kids presents from Santa are always by the fireplace but the adult presents and any presents to kids not from Santa go under the tree.

The one thing I do LOVE about where my tree is now is it is in our family room, so I can see it from part of the kitchen, but we also have a direct sight line from the front door thru to the family room so you can see the lit up Christmas tree from outside :)

I love seeing trees through windows but I have never had a house where you can see the tree and it can be enjoyed on a daily basis (i.e., not in living room or dining room).

As far as lights go, no idea, but I don't see why you can't put outlets in an attic - you put light switches there.

We considered doing a switch for the Christmas tree plug but I found I like the remote control thing better. Bought one years ago at WalMart and I keep the remote in the kitchen and can turn on the tree from anywhere on the first floor. . .

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I have outlets for my christmas lights presently outside. You place them in the soffit on the underside of the roof. They are up to code. They are connected to a switch in one of my closets. I never go outside to turn on the lights.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I thought of it, and then somehow forgot with everything, and now sorry I did forget, to put an outlet on the side of the fireplace mantel for xmas decor....

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Yes, I also like to see a tree on the front side of the house! I have that in my present house.

In my new house, the family room tree will be visible from the kitchen. I'm going to like that.

I like the idea of putting the "holiday lights outlet" inside a closet. I was thinking of putting it behind the front door (to prevent it from being a nuissance all the time -- "What does this switch do?"), but I like inside a closet better.

A Christmas morning thing I always wanted to do, but have never had the right doorways: I have always wanted to put out the kids' presents, then "wrap" the doorway so they'd have to "break through" the paper to get to their presents. It would also prevent any sneaky-sneaky early wakers. I think it would've been such a neat thing for them to do, but I've always lived in open-floorplan houses without the right kind of doorways.

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I have two outlets in our mantle. Its too bad I was not wise enough to put them on a switch because the mantle is tall! We included many outside receptacles on every side of the house. What we did not include are receptacles in the gables. The result is strategically placed electrical cords from the large wreath down to the outlet.

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We did exterior outlets linked to switches on the inside of the house. Best thing ever! No more going outside late at night in the cold to turn them off!

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