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bjs96January 8, 2010

My husband and I are about to start the hcg diet. I was wondering if anyone here has started the diet with very little to lose. I only have about 10 pounds to lose, but it is stubborn fat areas that I cannot seem to get off with diet and exercise. It just makes me nervous to do this with so little to lose. Any suggestions?

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Also started hcg drops on Monday. Weight loss great at the beginning of the week but up and down the last few days. Only want to lose about 12 lbs which sounds like a joke but I have middle age pudge I never had before and no diet has made a dent in this. I exercise every day and still no luck Frustrated beyond words till I heard about HCG.
Like many of you though I am starving even though I did the loading days.
My naturopath who prescribed this told me I could add a little more protein and also maybe skip the breadsticks for a day.
She also suggested cocoa pure tea which is a chocolate green tea that is supposed to be great. I have ordered it and not tasted it as yet.
I think you should be able to google
Hope that helps

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