Nonstick skillet for induction needed

stir_fryiJanuary 6, 2014

I need an 8 " and 10" skillet (induction capable). I have a 12" All Clad non -stick -- it has worked great for years but they are super $$$!!!

I had a 10" Ikea 365+ nonstick skillet that looked great but lost its non-stick. Then the handle fell right off the pan.

Anyone have experience with Farberware Millenium Non stick?

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Le Creuset now offers a line of stainless non stick skillets. We've used ours on induction for over a year and I can highly recommend. A less expensive option is Pro Cook, a brand popular in Europe that recently opened an outlet store in our area. We just have an omelet size nonstick pan from them. It works well on induction and is very good quality for the price, IMO.

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I have read good reviews for Tramontina Prima pans, and they are made in Brazil instead of China, if that makes a difference. I don't have them yet, but this is what I was considering.


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I have an induction cooktop. Yes, I have a new-ish farberware millennium non stick interior-stainless exterior and I love it. Just havent used it a lot and so it is pretty babied. I expect it to last a long time and it was $18 or 24 at, the farberware store.

I also love my circulon infinite non stick cookware. I have several pieces. Also currently on sale at Not all circulon is induction capable but infinite and symmetry are.

Every morning I use a nonstick 8 inch Le Crueset, stainless exterior for eggs and love it, but it was $65 at the lc outlet store. Pricey for me, but it is wonderful, also.

Check out or These are related websites and both circulon infinite and farberware millennium are on sale, induction capable, 500 degree ovenproof, dishwasher safe, metal utensil safe, and are 20-25 bucks for 8 and 10 inch sizes. What more could you want?

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I don't have an induction stove, however I wanted to add my endorsement of the Le Creuset nonstick pans. I have a small and large skillet and they are terrific. The small one has been used quite a bit and it's just like new!

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I have the 8, 10 & 12" Millenium They are about 5 or 6 years old, and look practically new despite using them frequently. I am careful, however, to use no metal utensils with them

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I'm another Farberware Millennium user. I've also got the 8, 10, & 12 inch skillets. I use them frequently, and they wear well.

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I am concerned about the weight of the Le Cruseuset pans. I am happy to hear that the Farberware Millennium performs well so I will be ordering the 10" to start!

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The LeCreuset nonstick aren't heavyweights like the enamel pans.

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Yes, the LeCrueset pans are stainless and nonstick, not cast iron and not any heavier than other induction nonsticks.

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Ohhh.... I thought they were those nonstick enameled cast iron pans that I have seen.

I did order the 8 and 10 " Farberware Millennium from Potsand at a good price.

They are kind of high sided so I am hoping the bottom part of the pan is still a normal size.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We had the farberware millennium but the most heavily used ones lost their nonstick in 3 yrs. I am now onto the ikea 365+ and have been happy so far. (I find I need to use less heat than with the farberware.) In between we tried the green earth pans via amazon and they were awful...just putting them in the dish drainer was enough to cause the finish to chip, and they have the dimpled bottom so the best we could do were the ugliest french toast and pancakes I've ever seen. And they required us to turn up the heat a lot to get them to even work. One factor is to never ever let them get too need to err on the cool side to keep them going.

I'm not sure why this should be such a difficult issue in this day and age and hope that with time and increased demand, they find a better solution for us induction users....

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