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nhsuzanneJanuary 24, 2011

Good morning lady bugs,

Hope all had a good weekend. It was cold here but sunny and nice. We made a snow maize for the horses and donkeys to walk through in the pasture. There is over three feet of snow on the ground making walking hard going. It was fun. This way the get some exercise walking along and digging for gold, aka nibbles of green grass. Just look how blue the sky was and the sun is getting higher and warmer. Spring is in the air although it doesn't feel like it this morning at -22 with light winds. Burrrr it's cold.

Looks like the Super Bowl is going to be a great one! Marci you must be happy about the Steelers!! Yeah. It's great to see Green Bay in the light again. Sorry Dee.

Hugs to all that need them especially Maddie, CS, and Jan. Check in Jan we are thinking of you.

Marci and Raeanne, I am missing you.

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Posted at last week's thread:

* Posted by country_sunshine (My Page) on
Mon, Jan 24, 11 at 0:41

Hello, and thank you Peggy for letting everyone here know.

He had two pins placed in his leg up near his hip area... the break was clean with no bone smashed or pieces floating around.. so that was good. And at 82 yeara old, he has osteopenia, not osteoporosis, which is another plus. They had him up walking a bit already and has been transferred to a rehab center for a couple of weeks... I have been running back and forth and not eating right... Sandwiches, fries, burgers, sub sandwiches, chips... just whatevr is quick and handy... I long for real food...and now that Bob is in the rehab center I can cook real food again. He is only 30 miles away so lots easier to go every day.

Once bob is home then maybe I can get back on track and eat like a normal human and get some worth while exercise...

It is going to work out just the way God has it all planned... but I am not sure I like this plan thus far.. LOL

I will touch base when I am able...

Hugs to all, and prayers for all that need prayer...


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Good morning!

I love those photos - beautiful. Lovely surprise. Yes, it would be hard walking for the horses. Not owning any I would never think of that. Of course they are your babies.

My love, hugs and continued support to Maddie and Rog, CS and Bob, Jan and Bobby.

Nwroselady congratulations on Sunday's report of 2 pounds gone. Stay the course this week and those cookies won't have a chance to grab. I can't keep any of those things near me right now. It's that darn winter comfort carb thing - I get weak kneed at the sight of them right now. Given a choice between Simon Baker and a box of shortbread - I'm sorry Simon but I'd run you over for the shortbread. By March when I've hopefully slimmed a wee bit I'd take Simon - for now he'll just have to wait.

CS thank you for the update on Bob. Thank heavens it was a clean break. I agree that you will get back on track with yourself as things settle down again. Isn't it funny how the fast food turns you off - too much of it makes me feel sluggish.

Monday's my scale day - I've managed 1 pound down. Water helps me the most. I'm noticing more the difference between being thirsty and being hungry.

It's really cold here again today. It's -27C or -16F. Snow crunches when walking. Good day to do things inside...with the exception of bringing wood in. Tomorrow it's warming up which of course means snow coming in a couple of days.

Tomorrow is garbage so today is clean the fridge out. Good opportunity today to snoop around for meal ideas and do some cooking ahead. Still have good salad fixings - which I'm really enjoying. Trying to grow lettuce indoors but not having a ton of luck. I only have 3 romaine poking their heads up. Next time I'm near a seed stand I'm getting some fresh seeds.

Thanks for kicking this week off Suzanne!

Time to plan ahead, prepare my fridge and check out some more motivation notes on the net.

Fresh week, fresh start - let's just kick the heck out of negative thoughts.

Got any mini goals this week so you can treat yourself? I think today I'm going to give myself a facial with my girly goopy creams.

Or if you are having a weak moment - can you do something else for yourself? Got any sour pickles in the fridge? They have a satisfying crunch and kill sweet cravings real fast.

Hugs to everyone and hugs some more!
Let's have a fantastic week!


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Great photos, Suzanne! Thanks for getting us started.

Agree with Peggy...let's kick the heck out of this week.

Marci, congrats to the Steelers. I'm so proud of the way this season transpired for the JETS; they were in the top 4 out of all NFL teams, so how can I be disappointed? Should be a fun Super Bowl.

Still holding good thoughts and prayers for Jan & Bobby, Maddie & Rog, CS & Bob.

I'm still working from home because I'm under the weather. Too contagious to share this will office colleagues, and the temp is below zero, so not the best time to drive to work and stress out. I'm fine here with a hot cup of tea and a blazing fire that DH started before he left. I've been feeding it lots of wood.

Make this week count. Let's give each other extra support and hugs. No matter what is going on, there is always someone who can use a comforting word or hug.


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Good afternoon.

Suzanne, I love your pictures - so much beauty, from the crystal blue skies to your precious animals!

CS, so glad your husband is on the mend. I understand eating under stress. My neighbor keeps bringing us cakes and cookies, and I end up eating more than Bobby does!

Peggy, I love Simon Baker, too! You have really got your act together with your healthy eating and all. I hope some of your enthusiasm will rub off on me. I'm holding my own, in fact, have lost my appetite from time to time, which rarely happens.

Dee, stay warm by the fire and feel better soon. I didn't watch any of the football all weekend. I think the Steelers are pretty powerful, but Green Bay has come a long way. I agree that the Jets earned a lot of respect this season.

Thanks to all of you for the prayers and hugs. Right back at ya!

We met this morning with Bobby's oncologist to review last Monday's liver CT scan. Although the odds are still against us, the findings from the scan helped define the tumor a little better, so the chemo treatment won't be as broad as initially proposed. He was very understanding about us wanting to do the chemo locally and agreed that it would not be any different or better having it done in New Orleans. So, he has already started the referral process, and in the next few days we will have the consult with the local doctors, hopefully have the port installed and begin chemo. He made the comment once again that Bobby was "special," how impressed he was the first time he met him, with his big smile on his face and being so strong (physically and emotionally.) So, now the fight begins.

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Hello Gang

I am reading Suzanne Somers new book "Sexy Forever" (hate the title. But she raises some good points and she convinced me enough to give SS another try. Some different rules and a 30 day detox program. Day #2 for me and feeling good about it. I forgot how good it feels to be hydrated, even with all the trips to the bathroom LOL.

Suzanne - how beautiful, thanks for posting. I thought about you out in the barn this morning. It was -24 here, ugh.

On Friday we went to a little inn nearby and spent the night there, did some snowshoeing and had a wonderful wine dinner.

Love and hugs to all.

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Hi again!

Wodka - I'm no angel by a long shot. I am using my Weight Watchers to guide me. My winter tune-up has a lot to do with mentally taking better care of myself. It's too easy to beat ourselves up - which I can do when I'm not taking care. And for me it is a daily effort to pay attention to what I am eating that creates a balanced diet. I totally get the not being hungry at times - especially when stressed. You have a lot on your plate to deal with. Giving as much as you do to support your husband takes a lot of energy which is why paying attention to trying to eat on some sort of regular pattern is very important right now. You need to pay attention Wodka to yourself too. Keep your strength up. I trip and fall all over the place on my journey. My help with WW is facing the truth and keeping a journal of my foods. Some days are great, some not too good. It's the overall picture every week I strive for. We all need a piece of cake, cookie (sorry Simon) and some comfort. I'm just trying to pay more attention to portion sizes. And I use lunch plates for dinner because it's more what my Mom used to serve and she kept her weight all her life. Granted she loved and ate many vegetables in her meals. So Hang In There Wodka. Even if one meal a day you can incorporate something for Wodka from your daily goals, I think right now that would be great. You have come such a long, long way from your first post here. I was so happy to see you still here after my coming and going over the last couple of years. Don't ever beat yourself up and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You have been amazing on your journey. I'm so pleased to hear Bob's care can come closer to home. It will be of more comfort for Bob not to travel so much as well as for you. I continue to send positive energy, prayers to you and Bob. Hang in there Wodka. I'm so glad you are here.

Hi Raeanne. I have not done SS but many folk have had lots of success with her diet. Suzanne is a wonderful lady. She is inspirational in so many ways. I remember years ago she published a book of poems. Her tenderness and intimate thoughts came out. Her beauty comes from within more than what we see on covers. I believe you too will have success with her positive energy coaching you along the way.

Dee you are wise to stay home. Too many folk go to work when a few days of rest would get them on the road to recovery so much better. Years ago while serving in the military we had to report on 'sick parade' - medical clinic - where the doctors would decide if you went to work or went home. I hated that. There were so many times I should have been home in bed. Forget the fact I had to bus halfway across town to get to the clinic with a fever, or flu, infecting everything I touched and people I sat next too. Not funny at all. You take good care of yourself Dee. I am glad you can stay home to recover.

My goodness I yap alot, eh?

Hugs to all,

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good morning to all my old friends here... well you're not old, I just haven't been here for at least 4 years!

hello everyone :) i'm guessing this "Daily Support" has replaced the "SS Support" thread. i look forward to catching up with you all and participating again.

i'm back on SS (mostly) and also some fabulous food nutrition and recipes from Maria Emmerich (http://mariahealth.blogspot.com/).

thrilled to be back... chat later...



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Welcome back Myrna!

This is the 'any diet we support everyone' thread. There used to be a separate SS thread when there were a bunch of folk posting there. But we are open arms, the more the merrier gang here.

We are thrilled to have you Myna!

It snowed a few inches last night but at least the weather is breaking for a couple of days, warming up to -6C or 6F. Today we are picking up a few groceries, visiting friends for dinner later. They are healthy eaters so I'm not too worried. It's more important I have lunch before shopping so I don't buy the store out!

What's on your plate today?

Let's have a great day today and shake it while we're at it. I used to pray if I shook everything hard enough things would just shake themselves right off - no joy. Still shaking it though!


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Myrna!!! My NYC friend - I have missed you and so glad you are back. After a long hiatus and attempts at just eating "healthy" I am back to SS. Tell us what is new in your world.

McPeg - I did SS that is what brought me here about 10 years ago. I lost a lot of weight and felt great, but I hit that slippery slope of allowing myself too many cheats. I feel very committed again. Isn't it sad that 6F is warming up LOL.

Jan - we posted about the same time yesterday. Bobby sounds like an extraordinary guy. Glad you can do the chemo locally - you don't need any additional stress right now. Keeping both of you in my prayers.

Dee - Hope you are feeling better today.

BJ - do you still have little visitors?

Tikanis - did you get to go kayaking?

Maddie - Still keeping Roger in my positive thoughts.

Marci - I need an update on the school year. Hope it is going well for you.

I have been on a decluttering binge and today I am tackling my bedroom. I am thinking of taking a week off to tackle the basement and garage and be done with it once and for all, but it is too cold down there right now LOL.

Day #3 for SS and I am feeling strong and healthy.

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Good Morning Ladies!

Seeing Myrna back here made me decide to come back and really post to all of you. Can you believe how long this thread has been going? All of us "old timers" came together because of Suzanne Somers and have come and gone throughout the years. Myrna I can't believe it has been 4 years since you have posted! Time sure flies!

Anyway, I also have been MIA over the last year or two. Last year was a tough year, emotionally. Lots of awful things had happened to my family and friends. I prayed that this year started out better and so far it has been ok. I went back to WW, in fact I am leaving soon to go weigh in. I am down 5#, (was down 9, but the holidays came and the rest is history). I would like to lose 75# but I am not looking at that way. One day at a time as I learned from someone very close to me.

Just an update on everything else (for anyone that may be interested). I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary at my job (Ob/Gyn office). My DS and DIL will be trying to sell their house again in VA to move back up this way (I am keeping my fingers crossed) and DS #2 graduated from college in December and is actively looking for a job. DH is doing well. So, life is good. Just looking forward to spring. We are getting another snow storm tonight. :(

Raeanne, I have been doing a little Feng Shui myself. Isn't it amazing how much stuff you accumulate! I am working on filling box #2 for donation. Good luck. It is so worth it in the end!

Jan, I am keeping you and Bobby in my prayers. Stay strong.

Dee, I hope you are feeling better. It is so great that you can work from home! There is nothing like a warm fire in weather like this.

Maddie, how is Rog doing? I hope things are ok. How much school do you have left? I am so proud of you!

Suzanne, your pictures are beautiful. The sky is soooo blue. I love all the different sizes of animals you have! Too cute!

McPeg, I love your energy and enthusiasm!

It feels good to be back. I will be better about keeping in touch!


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Good morning everyone! er Happy Lunch?

Welcome back oxBesh! Glad to see you today.

Today I'm getting laundry done, put some more clothing in our bedroom closet on hangers - better than piles on the floor...still settling in here. Dug out a lovely bath set with a wire basket to put on the new vanity - piled a few xmas girly bath set stuff I got from folk. Like it alot - says welcome girls to the bathroom (guys never notice these things anyway).

Having a water break right now, going to make some more veggie soup for this week. Recovering from last nights dinner with friends. In the WW old points system I ate and drank 3 days worth of points. I can say my plate was more than half veggies - it was the 4 egg rolls with plum sauce, 3 glasses of really warm mulled wine that did me in and of course - fried rice. All home made. I might have exaggerated some points in my journal to the heavy side but that's fine. I was good the day before and hopefully will 'veg out' more this week. Sorry, couldn't help myself with the pun. At least I have to shovel some snow today, later. My next feat will happen in the spare room. Got the spare bed set up now, sorted through more boxes and have tons of lupins and tomato poking their heads up on my grow stand. Need to actually pot up some tomatoes into deeper pots now. Also want to get my heating mat set up because peppers don't start well in the cold along with some other seedlings I planted - they're being stubborn. I'll wake them up. And of course there is always wood to bring in.

How is your day going so far? C'mon, veg a little with me!

Hugs to everyone,

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I can't see anyone. I don't like being alone in the dark - waaaaaahhhhhhhhh! I want my teddy bear - waaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Did I miss the alien landing and got left behind?

No, I don't have separation issues. I hope everyone is okay though.

Still being an 'angel' (so far) and recovering from over indulging - but it was soooo good. Making sure to drink my water, enjoying my lighter meals. Funny how your tastes can change. I don't like feeling stuffed at all anymore.

Had a great day yesterday - got more boxes unpacked in my craft room (aka spare bedroom). Even got my small fold-up table set up so I can get to doing more seed planting right now instead of the kitchen area - my room, my space! Put up some curtains - starting to feel homey in there. Going to hang a few things on the walls today too. Looked around this morning while getting my coffee. Not too bad. A few major areas that are now down to basic clutter which I'm going to put in a huge tote box for the moment and remove it from living areas. Making progress which is helping to keep my attitude positive. Feeling lighter in here.

My only challenge right now is sleep. DH is having a tough time while waiting to hear back on job applications, progressing our lawsuit against various parties for our home build disaster (first contractor plus other associated idiots) and generally depressed. He wakes up at 4am sharp - you'd think an alarm rings or something. Of course I wake up too. Have to have a loo trip and back to bed but it's not the same. Now I'm having to take a nap. Monday we have doctor's appointments - he's finally caved (Men.). I'm going for my happy pill renewal and I want to start diabetic medication now that we are settled in the house and get a glucose monitor as well. It's time to start taking care of that. I've always been 'just above normal' on my readings since I'm 13. The doctor has been trying to get me on this for years. I did with different medication in my 20's - it was horrid. I struggled for years in fear because I kept getting extremely low blood sugars. Scared me to death. That was 20 years ago - things have changed.

More sorting today, planting seeds and we'll see what other mischief I can get into.

How are you doing today? Have the aliens released anyone? It's dark in here - would someone please turn on the light! And bring my teddy too.


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Dee here (turning on the lights, Peggy)

[[[[Hugs to Peggy and her hubby]]] Glad to hear that your DH is going for some help, and that you are reconsidering meds for your sugar levels. Many people like to knock the healthcare and pharma industries, but they are saving lives. I know that my father would have been saved with some of the meds I am taking now. What is wrong with that? God helps those who help themselves. Good Luck!

Today we have over a foot of snow, so I am again working from home. yesterday I conducted no less than 4 meetings via the phone and Live Meeting, and most of us agree that we would never have accomplished so much in the office...with all the interruptions. We were focused!!

Yesterday I dropped off the sleep apnea equipment that I used on Tuesday evening. It was funny looking but easy to use, and the tech at the cardiologist office told me it 'recorded' OK. I get the results on the 16th. Watch this space.

I have been eating too many carbs over the last few weeks, and I feel blah. Too sick and lazy to get the whole grain/high fiber stuff. The white bread and pasta is just not good for me, because it makes me feel lousy. I hope to get out this weekend for more whole grains.

Raeanne, I've been working from home all week, and when I read yesterday that you were back on SS I looked over at the bookcase in my office at my 3 SS books on the shelf. I may take out #1 and read it, as in 1999 when I met all of you I had lost 42 pounds. Since then, I've gained them all back and then some, but it was still annoying to pull out those carrots from restaurant salads. (I remember BJ and I laughing about those situations back in the day).

Speaking of BJ, I made your BLT salad the other day. It must have been 8 years since I had one of those. Delish!!!

Besh, welcome back! I have missed you, and must apologize for slamming your Pats on FaceBook. I was just so excited about the win...and you can tell by my page that most of my family are Jets fans. LOL!

Marci, looking for you out there.

I hope to register for the Girlfriend Getaway before the 31st. Raeanne, I have a good girlfriend who asked if she could come along, so I may have company.

DH goes into the hospital tomorrow morning for his second (and hopefully last) kidney surgery. Please think about us after 8am and say a prayer for his surgeon that they are successful.

MYRNA! The gal from NYC! I'm waving at you from about 16 miles from midtown Manhattan. Welcome Back!! Share, share, share!

Suzanne, hope all is well with you.

Shout out to Jan, CS, Gretchen, Jen, Amy, all the MIA's.


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Turning on the light for Peg

Dee - borrow SS new book "Sexy Forever", there are a couple new rules and more carbs are involved. Be warned that sometimes the book is like a big infomercial selling her products - but why not? She is heavy into detoxing and removing chemicals and toxins from your life. I am taking from it what works for me right now and enjoying. She has some new recipes in there too. I have to admit I lost the most weight when I followed her diet too. It's not melting off this time like it did back in the day. I didn't weigh myself the first day, but I have lost 4 lbs over the last 4 days. I could go for a pound a day LOL. She does want you to be very strict for the first 30 days. We have a dinner date tonight - should be interesting. I hope you and your friend can make the weekend. Sending DH positive thoughts and prayers (for you too).

Peg - you have an awful lot on your plate right now, but sounds like you are making progress.

Myrna - you better not be a big tease. Get back here and fill us in.

BJ - Are you still employed?

SS Day #5 down at least 4 pounds.

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Good Morning, almost Afternoon

Glad to report that dinner out wasn't a challenge at all and that was with the big old bread basket sitting right in front of me. There were 8 of us and way too much food and drink, but I stuck with my seltzer and wasn't tempted by any funky foods.

Day #6******(wasn't it Jen that started a star system for us a few years back?)

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